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Flat-Panel TVs

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  1. P50S1 Plasma Glossy/Shiny Frame?
  2. fried my computer video card with TV??
  3. Samsung 55B8000 out of focus
  4. Buy now or wait?
  5. Non-HD video looks terrible
  6. Panny S1 w/ PS3 Question
  7. Are people at walmart and BB idiots? Or am I missing something?
  8. panny 50 inch s2
  9. Best LCD T.V. brands
  10. HDMI to Optic on TV
  11. Removing slight IR from G10?
  12. Ok to switch to Dark Black Level after 120 hours?
  13. Help!!! Used LCD ?'s (Sharp Aquos)
  14. Attn Sony LCD owners
  15. Best Dish Network channel for plasma break-in
  16. 10 Min Trip, Plasma Ok On Side?
  17. A $2000 TV today better than my $4000 TV from four years ago? Sony made me an offer
  18. Anyone have time to help me pick a TV?
  19. Samsung (buzz?) v. Panasonic (black levels?)
  20. Returning LCD for plasma
  21. New 46" Panny S1 on the way...what now?
  22. 26" LCD @ 720p better quality than a 42" Plasma @ 1080p?
  23. Help pick a TV for my bedroom!
  24. g10 break in
  25. Panny V10 or G10
  26. How many waiting for Pany V10?
  27. Break In Necessary or Just Common Sense?
  28. First Flat Panel HDTV - Help me decide between these two.
  29. Hz & Ms - purchasing a 40" LCD TV
  30. quick question on Panny's
  31. Tomorrow is the big day!
  32. Need help/advice on my new lcd
  33. Some help on investing in a new set?
  34. LG 47SL90? LH90? Plasma?
  35. Toshiba 46" Regza sound problem
  36. Panasonic G10 Issue
  37. Sony Style put the prices of their 3D TV's up...
  38. Thinking of going HDTV with LED, should I? Later?
  39. thoughts on what tv to get
  40. I'm stuck between 2 similiar tv's can anyone help please?
  41. TC-P50G10 advice
  42. Plasma Glare.
  43. New to HD
  44. The HDTV I am getting, any thoughts?
  45. Plasma vs LED TV
  46. Plasma sharpness versus LCD
  47. Close to buying the Panasonic TC-P46G15 today
  48. [Help] Best TV as computer monitor [games, HDmovies and show, documents, pdfbooks]
  49. Some questions about Pass-Through
  50. TC-P42G10 for $859?
  51. So I was eyeing a Pano 54" S1 - now GONE!
  52. $900 Budget - First Flat Pannel TV...recommendations?
  53. response timings for LCD
  54. Another newbie looking for 1st HDTV
  55. Can't decide: Sharp vs Sony vs Panny
  56. PN50B860 owners I wanna hear from you!
  57. Panasonic TC-P50G10/TC-P46G10 stand measurements
  58. Picture setting for HDTV after break in period.
  59. Help buying new HDTV
  60. LCD vs Plasma vs LED
  61. First LCD TV, cost/performance ratio
  62. Help me pick my first HDTV!
  63. Optical Out on tv converts to stereo?
  64. First new panasonic pricing announced....
  65. Have any of you ever experienced this anomaly?
  66. Vizio 23 Razor LED/LCD
  67. Variable Audio Out
  68. Newb! Just bought a Sony 40" W-series. Few questions.
  69. Problem with Samsung LE46B550
  70. Pro-101fd open box $2000!?
  71. Need Advice Asap(THANKS!!!)
  72. Power Surge = Dead Pixels?
  73. 600hz?
  74. KDL 46S3000 RGB Color Signal
  75. Plasma Phosphor lag
  76. What do you think of this TV?
  77. outrageous 500m prices....
  78. Panasonic TX-P42G10 vs Sony Vaio VPCCW1Z
  79. Looking into Getting a Plasma HDTV
  80. Hi, is this a good deal for a 60" hdtv? Anyone know of a better tv at that cost?
  81. Samsung LE37B530 or Toshiba 40lv675d for gaming
  82. No Signal! Vizio HDTV/Insignia Blu-ray player
  83. Movie watcher question
  84. Difference between TC-P42X1 and TC-P42X14
  85. New Plasma
  86. 1080p vs 1080i
  87. Laptop hdmi to LDC hdmi 1080p judder!!!!
  88. 1st HDTV - suggestions appreciated
  89. What is a good a TV for Gaming?
  90. Newbie with a question or two
  91. Direct Sun & Glare
  92. Toshiba Regza Cinema 46" - Almost 1/2 Off!
  93. Sony Bravia KDL-32S5100 vs Toshiba 32RV525R
  94. Samsung LN46A950 or LN46A630
  95. Is there more to THX mode than just the basic options?
  96. Panny VS Samsung
  97. Laptop to Plasma problem
  98. Auto programing my new Plasma
  99. Just got my LG 50PQ30!!
  100. new samsung settings
  101. Trying to Make a Choice
  102. New member. HD virgin. Need advice. :)
  103. Vizio L37HDTV & basic comcast cable - help
  104. Perception misguided? (Help me choose)
  105. Got my tc-p54v10
  106. Pixel orbiter
  107. tv screensaver?
  108. V10 vs. G10 vs. G15
  109. Plasma burn in with captions on?
  110. LCD or Plasma?? Researched Out!!!!!
  111. PN58B550 un-even blacks
  112. Finally Pulled The Trigger. TCP54G10 $1299
  113. Help!?
  114. Costo's $1,200 52" Sony
  115. Deal? 42" Panasonic G15 for $799...
  116. Weird pixel problem, not hot or dead.
  117. TCP54G10 for $1299 or wait for 2010 50 inch?
  118. LG 47LH90 vs. Samsung UN46B8500 vs. Sony KDL 46XBR9 vs. Panasonic P46G15
  119. Ghosting on Sharp Aquos LC-40E77UN and other minor problem
  120. What's up with this LCD screen?
  121. New Dynex 42" Looking For Setting Tips
  122. Recommendation for LCD, $700-$1000?
  123. Looking for Help - 1st Time HDTV Buyer
  124. Strange, Random Line on Panny V10
  125. quick pioneer question....
  126. LG 42LH40 pixelation problem
  127. Buying new HDTV, primarily as computer monitor
  128. Picked up 50" G10.... need advice on break in.
  129. ln52b630 Screen Shake
  130. You guys were right, plasma is king. Got my pioneer today
  131. Help me choose. Samsung LN52B630 or samsung PN50B650?
  132. Green Line On Screen in THX Mode...
  133. help-vizio 37" lcd won't play wireless remote speakers
  134. V10 now or wait for VT25
  135. Samsung LCD v. LED
  136. Any Disadvantages Using Slides via Flash Drive? (.jpeg)
  137. Best 32inch LCD with PIP
  138. Is it possible for the G10 to get Netflix streaming?
  139. Panasonic VT25 wins best of show at CES
  140. Made My Final Decision...
  141. Broken Sharp 42" LCD TV
  142. Help a noober out decisions, lots of info w/pics
  143. Stereo Speakers and LCD
  144. Looking for 1st HDTV
  145. Are the Panny S1 and G10 being discontinued coz noone has them around here?
  146. Price trends in 2010
  147. Going from a 9 yr old sony plasma to LED
  148. "snow" in picture Philips 50" 06'
  149. Lots of Questions !!!
  150. Sony XBR7 flashlight question
  151. Which size plasma?
  152. New 50G10
  153. Flickering image on Samsung LED 40" 7020
  154. 3-D Televisions
  155. RCA L46WD22 unusable signal
  156. home theatre in a bedroom?
  157. Please Help Me Decide On A HDTV
  158. 720p problems!
  159. Panny V10
  160. Off Angle Viewing Issue
  161. Samsung lcd AV1 input problem
  162. Samsung LN40B630 blur problem
  163. Panasonic G10 or the V10??
  164. Stand
  165. Canadian Samsung 6000 series LED can only connect to USA Today
  166. It looks like Samsung cannot sell their 240Hz LCDs in the USA after patent dispute
  167. Help What is the "UA" designate in 47LH40 model
  168. Wait for the 2D stuff in TCP58VT25 or buy the TCP58V10?
  169. 3 brands, which to choose?
  170. Think we'll get any good sales closer to tax return time?
  171. Which TV has auto source switching?
  172. LG SL90/LH90 vs Samsung B6000/B7000?
  173. 52" Sony XBR4 + Theaterlink Question
  174. Samsung LNT-405hax lcd question
  175. Sony has New 3D tv's and bluray players on SonyStyle site...
  176. Panasonic LCD has dark "blotches" on the screen...
  177. New Panasonic G10 owner - well almost
  178. Westinghouse 32" LCD HDTV Speaker Blown?
  179. New To HD
  180. Small-sized plasma for a computer display
  181. Can I Get The Quick ABC's Of Plasma Break In?
  182. plasma $$ advice
  183. Samsung LCD 4665 Power issues.
  184. Burn in vs. Image Retention....Black vs. White?
  185. Need panel help quick
  186. Panasonic U1 vs S1?
  187. Wanted a Samsung, Bought a Toshiba, Think I Made a Mistake!
  188. A Whole New Issue just need some quick input
  189. Why does my T.V. have a Dolby Digital sticker?
  190. which wireless bridge for Vieracast
  191. New TV, please help
  192. Samsung PN 50A650 Should I update firmware? Tv is a Year old.
  193. Settings question for panasonic S1 50
  194. pixel shift...
  195. Noob Buying New TV - Need Info
  196. Its Crazy that we have this technology
  197. Panasonic and Sears / Best Buy Issues
  198. Breaking in new Panasonic Plasma
  199. Noob needs you expertise
  200. Visio 42" VO420E
  201. Please help! Which TV is best for me?
  202. HDMI Sound Issues
  203. Store Display: Panasonic TC-46U1
  204. Poll: If money was no object would you buy:
  205. panasonic v10
  206. The panasonic model for me
  207. Not getting audio on my Sony LCD TV after using DVI to HDMI cable
  208. Where to Buy V10 in Canada
  209. Extended warranty?
  210. Simple Quick Question..LCD/PLASMA?
  211. vizio panel problem
  212. Need help choosing new set
  213. philips tv issues
  214. Problem with Mitsubushi PD4225s
  215. Noob with Samsung 8500.. Advice Requested
  216. Why does every Panasonic Plasma have bad PQ in store?
  217. 6 to 8 Feet from TV, 50 inch too big?
  218. Panny 50s1 - few questions
  219. Right Angle HDMI Adapter for Panny G10 / G15
  220. humming noise sylvania 42" lcd lc420ss8
  221. why do some tvs move faster?
  222. Plasma Questions
  223. Panasonic TC-P58V10 (Computer Display Problem)
  224. Panasonic does it again, introduces 152-inch 3D 4k HDTV
  225. Plasma is best...but opinion needed please...
  226. New Sony Bravia 3D HDTVs coming this Summer with WiFi and local dimming
  227. Live from Panasonic's CES press event
  228. CES: Samsung unveils 3D hardware
  229. Samsung 850 series settings
  230. Finally Fadi got his new tv :)
  231. Pioneer PRO-1150HD Problem with remote
  232. Sharp LC42D65U Setting
  233. Live from Sharp's CES press event
  234. Need help!!! Best plasma to buy?
  235. UPS shipping experiences with plasma or LCD?
  236. Live from Toshiba's CES press event
  237. LG's Infinia LE9500 Is a 3D-Ready LED TV With Picture-Frame Depth
  238. TCP50S1 for $899 or TCP54G10 for $1299?
  239. problems with Vizio V0400E
  240. Sansui plasma fades to white
  241. Sony 46XBR4 LCD TV vertical lines across entire screen no image no sound
  242. Vizio 55 LCD LED HDTV: Questions from a new owner
  243. Magnavox 50MF231D will not power up!
  244. Help with choosing a TV
  245. Looking For A New Gaming TV
  246. Any news or speculation on 2010 Panny plasmas?
  247. I need expert advice on my KRP500M
  248. A funny thing happened today
  249. Sony 46V4100 too dark
  250. New Samsung and 2:3 pulldown (and other)
  251. Panasonic G15 or Samsung PNB850
  252. VIZIO's 2010 XVT LCDs go up to 72-inches with 3D, LED, WiFi & WirelessHD
  253. New member lotsa questions on 50 inch Plasma.
  254. Are non HD broadcast always blurry on HDTV's
  255. 65" V10 Screenshots
  256. Will my plasma freeze if I leave it unplugged..
  257. Info on TV types
  258. hdtv zoom glitch
  259. Philips 32pfl3504 questions
  260. Panasonic Professional Series Plasma Display
  261. Panny THX Mode
  262. Samsung TX-3071
  263. Can't adjust color saturation with HDMI input
  264. I have just completed a 200 hour break-in on my Panasonic G10! Is it ok to game now?
  265. Samsung "Mode Not Supported"
  266. P42X1 or PN42B450???
  267. My 18 month old Samsung lcd keep clicking
  268. G10--looking for flicker but can't find
  269. Problem with my Vizio 37 inch. PLEASE HELP!!!!!
  270. samsung slimfit tx-r3079wh no power
  271. 60hz vs 120hz (I'm worried about game lag.)
  272. How bad were the first generations of plasma and lcd?
  273. quick ? on Panny s1 vs. g10..
  274. Panny 42 G10 info.
  275. Thanks
  276. Plasma and cold
  277. Will Panasonic enter the OLED markey anytime soon?
  278. What tv to get :D 23-28" range
  279. New TV buyer
  280. Can you adjust You Tube on a Panny G15
  281. Just bought a Samsung 46" LED...
  282. Plasma Questions Before Purchase
  283. Need Reccomendation for 23/24 inch 1080p HDTV's
  284. Panasonic viera p42s1 or Vizio sv420m
  285. 47" LG LCD HD issues
  286. Need help between TC-P50V10, TC-P46G15, and UN46B8500
  287. Question on 720p TV, please...
  288. Opinion about Panasonic 46" Class Viera 1080p Plasma HDTV, TC-P46U1 Panasonic 46"
  289. A question I never thought to ask..distance?
  290. What Kind of Cleaner?
  291. Sony TV problem - anyone know what is wrong?
  292. Stuck Buying at Walmart please help with choice
  293. Sony Bravia to AV Receiver
  294. when watching commercials and switching between HD/SD channels, aspect ratio changes
  295. Help! My Magnavox 42MF431D won't detect my new HD channels
  296. TweakMyTV settings for 50" G15
  297. Our two HD TVs are off by a fraction of a second on the same channel
  298. Break in slides and actually using TV
  299. G10 50Inch or 54Inch S1? Im Confused
  300. Sony 52" KDL 52W4100 Blurry Movies Help
  301. panasonic tcp58v10 review.
  302. ADC calibration.....
  303. 52" Sony Bravia xbr9 vs 52" Vizio xvt 552 LED
  304. Black bars
  305. Bestbuy Not Selling Panny V10 54" anymore
  306. HDMI inputs going out on my philips
  307. sony 40"xbr9 or mits lt 40151
  308. Noob here: Panasonic Hiearchy
  309. Best way to hook up to a computer
  310. channel changer from comcast and new digital box
  311. New HDTV
  312. Playback Problem
  313. What am I missing without 1080p???
  314. 1080p necessary for HDTV for use as monitor?
  315. Newbie Help
  316. from high end plasma to DLP TV-tough transition
  317. Improving PQ on the Samsung LN46B550
  318. LG Plasma
  319. Samsung PN50B650 service menu.....
  320. Plasma shipping
  321. 120 HZ or 60 Hz
  322. LG turns off and on with blue ray player
  323. Largest LCD with matte screen
  324. Where to buy HDMI Cable
  325. Large LCD Vizio....wait or now?
  326. Problems with a new LCD's picture when it comes to games
  327. need help
  328. Question for the PDP-6020FD
  329. Samsung LCD
  330. New HDTV
  331. I've been holding out for the new Vizio 55 LED, should I....?
  332. help problems with bravia 32s400a
  333. no sound from RCA cable
  334. Panasonic V10 series getting hard to find?
  335. Is any manufacturer going to make 40" plasma?
  336. Need Help Purchasing a HDTV - Just needs some guidance!
  337. RCA equipment and HDMI audio issues.
  338. Talk me into buying a plasma
  339. new to HD want a recomendation
  340. New LCD TV gives me a headache
  341. Blu-ray movie showing black bars?
  342. Akai LCT3201TD shadow
  343. VIZIO w/ bright white screen. Sound & remote both work
  344. HDMI inputs
  345. Am I taking too big of a risk?
  346. New HDTV
  347. Samsung Plasma - playing ipod through it
  348. Panasonic Opens New Plasma Panel Plant
  349. LCD's that have USB 2.0 video capability...
  350. HDMI Problems with Panasonic Plasma
  351. Auria EQ2688 HDTV 249.95?
  352. Recommend a TV
  353. Newbie Looking for Help Wiring to the Cable Box
  354. Sound issues with Dynex LCD TV
  355. How deep should plasma blacks be?
  356. Trouble with panasonic 65 inch S series plasma
  357. Panasonic TCP50G10 1Q Pricing
  358. Please help me decide.
  359. Noob who needs help with first purchase
  360. Dark spots appearing on my JVC HDTV
  361. TV "resets" (off/on)?
  362. 3d help needed
  363. Break In Period
  364. Panasonic TC-P42S1 HDMI inputs not working, what gives?
  365. No Audio through HDMI from V+ to Samsung
  366. Panasonic 58S1 Pictures Modes
  367. Intermittent Black Screen - Need Help
  368. LG42PC1DA hdmi video no audio
  369. Seeking info regarding Toshiba32RV525R
  370. Sony 46" LCD extra features - was it a bad idea?
  371. Budget 50+ buying advice
  372. Samsung not playing Blu Ray movies??
  373. Looking for a new HDTV
  374. opinions on Sony KDL46s5100 and KDL46s504
  375. Sony KDL-32S5100 vs. Sony KDL-32XBR9
  376. Can any G10 owners help me please.
  377. Noob buying HDTV
  378. Having Problem changing Source mode on my Soyo
  379. TV would not turn on!!!!
  380. Panny TC-P50G15 THX Mode Problems???
  381. HDTV Cabinet Demension Help
  382. Budget 37" HDTV SUggestions
  383. Sony Bravia Screen Reset with Cable?
  384. any opinions on tv/dvd combos and wat brands
  385. wich plasma is better and which DVD player?
  386. Samsung led b6000 or b8000
  387. Two TV's and a 1080p question for 360
  388. Pixelation issues
  389. anyone have the VIZIO VX240M 24-inch 1080p LCD HDTV?
  390. Stumbled upon a Hitachi
  391. 22" 1080p or 26" 720p for comp monitor & xbox 360?
  392. Just set up 50" plasma and I'm experiencing headaches
  393. Need some help with my Samsung plasma's
  394. Looking for Advise or Ideas
  395. DTV Express Extended Warranty - Feedback Requested
  396. 26" Dynex - AVOID!!!
  397. Samsung LE40R74BD and PS3 HSMI problem!
  398. Need help - Please Share your thoughts
  399. Panasonic TC-P58V10: Directv not coming through
  400. n00b BB question...
  401. wher can I buy a Panny TC-P50G10 online?
  402. led break in
  403. Cables for new HDTV
  404. Contrast
  405. DVI alert
  406. Soap Opera Effect
  407. Another Break-In Question
  408. Can't activate Auto-zoom on Dynex 26"
  409. TC-P50U1 or TC-P50S1 ???
  410. Sony Bravia 52" No Sound on Power On thru HDMI
  411. Panasonic TC-P46S1 Settings
  412. New tv / break in / quick questions
  413. So I heard Panasonic plasmas are the best for gaming?
  414. Have an LCD Thinking about getting a Plasma
  415. Need advise
  416. Which tv is compatible with Sony BDP-S560?
  417. Not happy with Panny G15's on 480i setting..
  418. Phillips 32PFL HDTV with Blu Ray problem
  419. question about motion blur
  420. Shopping for a new HDTV
  421. Looking at Buying a New TV...
  422. Mailorder??
  423. Playing dvd on new Plasma
  424. Sony KDL 52w5100 1080p help
  425. 42' Vizio Plasma came with no cables :(
  426. 40" HDTV Full Motion Wall Mounts ( Please Help! )
  427. Plasma fans please enlighten me!
  428. Toshiba Remote Issues
  429. Image shifting/sliding?
  430. Is that new Vizio LED really all that?
  431. New Panasonic 50g15
  432. Wch LCD would you buy today?
  433. What is this THX fix I am hearing of for the Panasonic G10?
  434. Is it safe to put a BD player next to a plasma TV?
  435. 100 Hours in Full Contrast... and No Problems...What Next?
  436. which panasonic plasma deal is better ?
  437. New hdtv/cable should there be a lag time when changing channels ?
  438. HDMI (DVI) confused
  439. G10 AND G 15 42" Plasma
  440. G10
  441. Panasonic tc-p50S1 buyers, I have an odd request...
  442. Samsung 46a750 Series
  443. First IBM VGA Monitor?
  444. Questions about my new Samsung LCD
  445. Help with Existing and Buying New HDTVs
  446. Panasonic G15
  447. Station logos during break-in
  448. Ok...I'm convinced, its a Plasma, but...
  449. Finally got the G10 in. Update.
  450. Panny tcp58v10 worth the wait?
  451. Normal noise? New 50" Panny plasma
  452. Do any of the plasma TVs have hour meters on them?
  453. Looking for recommendations
  454. Using a external usb hard drive with HDTV
  455. Quick question about auto-scaling on the PS3
  456. best tv for under 1500.
  457. Anti-Image Retention on G15: Periodic vs Automatic
  458. What does the crossover adjustment on my sub do?
  459. Zenith plasma?
  460. HDMI Audio In to Optical Audio out
  461. Where to buy Panasonic TC-P54V10?
  462. Picture Settings
  463. Should I replace my 34" CRT HDTV
  464. Element any Good?
  465. No audio via HDMI on my UN55B6000
  466. For those still concerned about Burn-In
  467. Sony KDL 46W 5100 software update question ?
  468. g10 Vieracast question
  469. opinion on sony xbr package
  470. Wait for 50G15 or B860 Now
  471. The Best LED Backlighting TV with Local Dimming In The 52-55 Inch Range
  472. Toshiba advice
  473. I just got my sd card, can anyone give me a link for plasma break in slides please?
  474. How Do I Avoid Needing A Cable Box?
  475. 120hz/240hz for video gaming
  476. Decent price? Panasonic..
  477. Can't get cable channels on Haier HLT71
  478. 50PG15 Wait or Floor Model
  479. HDCP issue?
  480. Problem powering on
  481. Break-in may begin soon!
  482. Samsung Un55b8000
  483. If a Blu Ray movie says it has DTS HD MA 6.1, can I still get HD with a 5.1 system?
  484. Gaming ? on V10 image blur
  485. New G10, Blu Ray, Reciever help
  486. V10 and ps3
  487. Quik break in question. please respond
  488. Anyone have experience with Home Theater Store?
  489. How to connect standard devices to HD recievers
  490. P50G10 1299 and 20% cash back (bing)
  491. Sony KDL-52XBR9 or the LG 55LH90?
  492. Samsung LN40B500 40" 1080p LCD HDTV - $479
  493. S1: green tint?
  494. Is calibration permanant?
  495. Have a Samsung B450 Plasma? Looks like it is 3D Ready
  496. Coworker Selling Sony KDL-32XBR4 ???
  497. 42" LG LCD flickers
  498. How do I set my HD Yamaha reciever to Dolby True HD or DTS-HD Master Audio?
  499. Lost the Image on my Pioneer
  500. Cable Channels are now unwatchable.