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Direct-View (tube) TVs

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  1. Rca f38310
  2. power problem
  3. Composite not working on Wega Trinitron; Component works
  4. Scratches on screen of Hitachi 46W500
  5. Toshiba 30HF84
  6. Video signal compatibility
  7. Easy way to view and play XDCAM MXF file with Media Player Classic without audio prob
  8. Sony Trinitron kv-dr29m31
  9. I need a Year
  10. Magnavox 30mw5405-17, component troubles.
  11. XBR960 static issue: failing capacitor?
  12. Digital Tuner recommendations for CRTs
  13. Sony kv-34xbr-910-repair question
  14. Sony KV-34XBR910-purchase march 2004
  15. Interesting comment from sales re: tubes
  16. Success on repairing My Sony Kv36HS500 6-7 blinks fault
  17. Where can I buy a CRT?
  18. Sony FD Trinitron Wega component problem
  19. KV-36HS20 Sony - no picture
  20. Degauss Coil Questions
  21. Older Samsung, Halos Around Text
  22. Insignia NS27RTV
  23. Need Help with Loewe Aconda set-up
  24. Color accuracy and high contrast
  25. Samsung TX-R3079WH + Sony BDP-S480 Blu-ray= meh
  26. KV-34XBR910 5 blinks video trouble.
  27. Sony KD-34XBR960 HTPC Windows 7 ultimate help!
  28. 3 blink intermittent fault help?
  29. Suggestions for HD CRT
  30. kv-30hs420 service menu saving settings
  31. How to do a scan on Panasonic HDTV PT-53TW54
  32. SONY KD-34XS955 Problems PLEASE HELP!
  33. 7 flashes red light
  34. Sony tv turned itself off and refuses to come back on
  35. Sony kv-34hs420 no picture
  36. KV-36FS10 -> Useful service-mode settings?
  37. Do you think the older tvs are built better than the new?
  38. Why are so many people selling the Sony KD-34XBR960???
  39. KV-34HS420 hdmi no sound
  40. How to get to auto program
  41. Samsung Series 3 HDTV
  42. Everybody Will Watch TV on the Internet
  43. Loewe 38"Aconda connect to AV receiver...
  44. best tv
  45. Hey guys im new here
  46. Samsung TX-R3079WH
  47. Movielocker Launches State of the Art HD Video Delivery Platform
  48. Help ! KD34 XBR960
  49. How does my Sony 36XS955 Compare?
  50. What does it mean by CRT?
  51. 32" Westinghouse HD LED LD-3255VX
  52. New Sansa Fuze+ V.S. New iPod: simple review and how to enjoy DVD/Video easily
  53. Blurry Samsung
  54. XBR960 for sale in Boston
  55. Issue using 720p+ on Philips 30PW9817
  56. how much is the Samsung TX-P2675WH
  57. KD34XS955 Blinking Code and BUZZing sound from speaker
  58. Sony CRT HDTV #KD-34XBR960 for sale in NC
  59. Anyone able to use PS3 Slim with Sony KV34XBR910?
  60. CT-34WX54 Panasonic 34 tube, power problem
  61. IP TVs
  62. Sony 30HS420 overscan issue
  63. Sony KV-34HS510 Seven blinks
  64. Trying to get HD on a 36" ProScan monitor
  65. Toshiba Regza 40LV733G service code
  66. I have a Samsung TX-R3079WH | Help needed
  67. Adjusting focus of picture tube.
  68. Refurbished (Rebuilt) Picture Tubes ? ?
  69. About Samsung slim fit ws32 range for Europe
  70. What is the best CRT?
  71. Sony KV-40XBR800
  72. What's Wrong With My CRT? [Short Video Inside]
  73. Any thoughts on Panasonic CT-36HX42F?
  74. abaout hdtv sony (wega) crts in europe
  75. Sothis guy wants to sell me a Sony Wega 32" CRT for $180
  76. Which CRT would you choose?
  77. Insignia NS-30HTV I have one, sadly -_- its broken...
  78. Best picture quality and size for under $800?
  79. component video cable connection
  80. Question about blinking light on my KDSR50XBR1
  81. Panasonic CT-34WX54 Blinking Power LED
  82. Sony KV32HS420 wont turn on
  83. Problems with Sony kv-36fs100 and xbox 360
  84. Does anybody know...
  85. Mitshubishi CRT CS-35707 only showing reds and blues
  86. HD tuner box
  87. Buying Sony KV-34hs420 need help ASAP
  88. 2000 era 36 inch Sony XBR TV has D-card problems
  89. sony kv-36xbr800
  90. $19.95 S/H For Replacement Receiver
  91. Magnavox 19in TV
  92. Sony trinitron power supply issue?
  93. any interesest in a xbr36-400?
  94. panasonic CT-32HXC43G hd ready
  95. Loewe DVD picture is red
  96. toshiba cx32g60 question
  97. Panasonic CT36HX41 - Blu Ray
  98. Hdmi input jack replacement
  99. Sony kv-32hs420 input issue
  100. connecting computer to Tube TV?
  101. First Time - 32" HDTV Samsung or Panasonic
  102. LOEWE ACONDA rounded picture
  103. samsung txn3071
  104. put your thinking CAP on for this one!
  105. Need help understanding HD (ready? ) Sony Kv-35KBR48
  106. Sony KD-34XBR970 Menu Problems
  107. Sony KD-34XBR970 Menu Problems
  108. Suggestions needed for HD tuner & Antenna for Sony kv-36xbr800
  109. Sony 34" XMB960 For Sale (Pittsburgh, PA)
  110. Sony KW-3200HD with cablebox hd [email protected]
  111. Help need to add HD to another new tv???
  112. Samsung 55b6000
  113. New Video Clip of ADN CREW (HD) (FROM MONTREAL)
  114. Stupidest Questionn I've Ever Asked
  115. KD-27FS170 HD or NOT?
  116. Led tv
  117. Viewing 1080i (16:9) on RCA MM36110 (4:3) HDTV
  118. Panasonic CT-30Wc15
  119. Sony 34' Wide Flat Screen Trinitron (bad color)
  120. HDMI to old tv
  121. Help finding right tuner / receiver for 30PW850H Philips
  122. HDTV/BD player picture problem
  123. Tandberg 34" HD CRT monitor, any good?
  124. Tandberg 34" HD CRT monitor, any good?
  125. Wireless Display Adapter to hook up projector, any idea?
  126. HDTV reception of local via HD Receiver
  127. Samsung TX-P3075WH Problem
  128. Sony Bravia - no picture
  129. Panasonic CT26WX15
  130. 32" Samsung Tube HDTV Crapped Out... Help!
  131. RCA mm36100
  132. HD automatic switcher ?
  133. Loewe Aconda 38"
  134. RCA Scenium picture cuts in and out -- HELP!
  135. Clipping top and bottom on 34"XBR960
  136. Can someone tell me what the best 36" CRT TV is?
  137. Issue with Toshiba 36HF72 television ...
  138. Samsung Image Is Concave On the Sides
  139. Toshiba Cinema Series model # 36HFX72 HD Ready?
  140. Onkyo TX-875 hook up to Sharp 65SE94U
  141. I have a Sony KD-34XBR960 For Sale
  142. Trouble with RCA 27V514T Television
  143. watching blu-ray disks on my Sony KV-34xbr910
  144. HDTV viewing is wife's nemesis
  145. Used RCA F38310
  146. I have a Panasonic that I am thinking about sell. What might it be worth
  147. SONY kv32fs100
  148. Toshiba cinema series hd compatible tv
  149. Transporting a new TV
  150. Does this indicate my SONY XBR960 is going out?!?!?
  151. Samsung tx-s2782H
  152. Samsung 30" Slimline HD TV
  153. HELP!!! My Vizio P42 just died!
  154. I feel so lucky!!
  155. Problem with ps3 games and 36xs955 cutting sides
  156. lickering thin black and white horizontal lines on Toshiba 34HF85
  157. Flicker on HD CRT
  158. Advice?
  159. JVC TV problem with GuidePlus
  160. looking for a tv
  161. Can't turn on/off Polaroid 4641-TLXB
  162. 3d Problem
  163. Sony HD Ready TV - DTV Transition Ready?
  164. Zenith SE2719P 27" console, no power
  165. Samsung CW29Z338T and 720p/1080i
  166. Toshiba Cinema Series 32" CRT HD ready???
  167. 34hs420: problems with component & HD
  168. To buy now or buy later ... that is the question
  169. Anyone Here Own a Sony KD34XBR970 HDTV?
  170. Problem with Insignia IS-TVHD30
  171. Problem with Mac mini in combination with Panasonic tx32LM70F
  172. Samsung HDTV - picture problems
  173. Wierd trace colors
  174. Have some service settings questions for my kv-30hs420....
  175. Have some service settings questions for my kv-30hs420....
  176. No HDMI banding on my Toshiba 30HF85
  177. XBR960 or HS510 or HS420 service mode help
  178. My picture bends on my HDTV
  179. TV Degauzing
  180. New to HDTVs
  181. SONY Wega Trinitron TV's...WOW!!!
  182. Insignia NS-27HTV Ratio Problem
  183. kv30hs420 service menu setting adjustment help please read......
  184. Sharp 32F540 Need Help
  185. Lost HDMI inputs on Toshiba 30HFX84
  186. KDL40X3100 question about display 1080?
  187. FPS recommendations
  188. Sony KV34XBR800 no picture
  189. I am an HDTV noob. Samsung TX-P3275H 32" HDTV
  190. Why does my Samsung Slimfit TV flicker?
  191. Loud popping sound coming from 32" Toshiba
  192. Help with RCA MM36100 and Directv HD
  193. Insignia 30 inch CRT HDTV display problems. Could source selector be the cause?
  194. dual image when using progressive mode???
  195. Issue with picture, help please
  196. HDTV 3:4 local hd channels sidebars + letterboxing
  197. Samsung Slimfit changing 'source' help!
  198. Samsung TX-R2678 Overscan?
  199. Sony 30HS420 overscan issue
  200. Suggestion for how much to sell a Sony KV30HS420 for
  201. Isignia Model: NS-27HTV
  202. ATSC broadcast may push over the air 1080p broadcast.
  203. Help For Toshiba 29az7 With Component Input
  204. Samsung TX-P3075WH 720p
  205. HDTV Help Please
  206. Newbie needs recommendation for a CRT TV ^^
  207. Toshiba 32inch with Green screen
  208. CT-32HX42 Panasonic 32 inch HDTV
  209. Samsung TXR3265 Problem. Any advice?
  210. Sony KD-34XBR970 Screen Popping Issue
  211. Help! Looking for Sanyo HT30547 Service Manual
  212. Old Toshiba CN36x81 HELP!
  213. Sony To Stop Making Tube TV's
  214. Parting with my Sony 36XBR450 + stand
  215. how much is this tv worth?
  216. Are there any?
  217. 30HFX84 + PS3 Help
  218. Sony kd34xbr970 green spot???
  219. Need some info on Sharp model 36C530
  220. Help with settings
  221. used basement TV
  222. Anyone know the Native for a KV30XBR910???
  223. toshiba 30hf84 display problem
  224. help! dark band moving left to right on screen
  225. Horizontal Line Interference
  226. Should I buy this 20 inch DTV?
  227. Anyone still have an RCA F38310 HDTV?
  228. Samsung TX-P2764 Service Menu Q's
  229. Boxed In
  230. Samsung 30" Slimfit HDTV's native resolution?
  231. insignia tv's and qam
  232. Jvc AV-34WP84
  233. why do i get combing/shimmering on my kv-30hs420..............
  234. HELP, my screen is getting burned?
  235. How bout $350 for an XBR960
  236. Help with Doubled Up Green Screen
  237. Samsung HD 50' DLP. Picture quality question?
  238. After reset of mid nvm I setup defaults but stuck on a few items in service menu...
  239. Interesting thing happen when i called SONY about my kv-30hs420....
  240. VPIN Adjustment Question on SONY KD-30XS955
  241. Accidently reseted the nvm data.........
  242. Help with Phillips HDTV Color Shifting/Scrolling
  243. Problem with SHARP LC-42XD1E???
  244. I see 2 white clouds/spots.........
  245. Whistle sounds coming from tube tv.
  246. left and right side screen a little blurry issue....
  247. vertical warp on XBR960
  248. left and right side screen a little blurry, anyone know a fix....
  249. Got my dreamcast hooked up to my kv-30hs420 calibrating question...
  250. I have avia dvd and got questions....
  251. question about ps3 gaming on my kv-30hs420...
  252. service settings back to default now A new fresh question please read.....
  253. Need help in adjusting service settings for another input please read....
  254. help and questions on calibrating different video modes please read.......
  255. Couple questions about calbrating my kv-30hs420....
  256. Please read and help about service menu adjusting kv-30hs420...
  257. help need test pattern to adjust overscanning....
  258. Correct CT34WX54 settings
  259. I also need help with 1080i overscan with my new used kv-30hs420....
  260. Just bought a used off craiglist kv-30hs420 and.....
  261. JVC I'ART 36 inch and ps3 question....
  262. Sony KV36xbr450 1080i Overscan
  263. Xbr101
  264. What is the best antenna to buy?
  265. Too much red!
  266. help with getting a sony hdtv....
  267. Power up issue on 42" xbr400
  268. Panasonic CT-34WX50 (16x9 1080i) shuts down in 10-15 mins
  269. Toshiba MD30H82 questions.. Service screen help
  270. Closed Captions Not Showing
  271. I see a KV34XBR910 for sale with stand for $300
  272. Image Shifted Upwards on HD Channels
  273. KD34XBR960 HDMI Red Noise
  274. Insignia IS-TVHD40 Remote Issues
  275. Wavy lines on new tv
  276. vga to rgbhv adaptor question
  277. Geometry issues with tx-s3080whx
  278. What do I use to clean my xbr960 screen?
  279. Sony KD-34XBR970 picture goes blank
  280. My KV36HS420 just died, 3 years old
  281. Rca Mm36110 Tv
  282. LG 32FZ4D-UA -- PCB Dead
  283. newbie
  284. Toshba 30HFX84 Overscan.. Help!?
  285. RCA MM61110 TV Monitor
  286. Sanyo Vizon - Integrated HDTV not showing digital(HD) channels
  287. Problem with Sony KD-34XBR970
  288. Anyway to disable auto enhancement?
  289. Help with HD Adapter
  290. wheres the good crt tv's?
  291. My 30' insignia hdtv is stuck on "PLEASE WAIT"
  292. Sony XBR970 : Color problem
  293. Sony HD CRT to DVD upscale? No picture New & Clueless
  294. Difference between Sony XBR and WEGA CRTs?
  295. Are CRT's out?
  296. HD breakup on my Toshiba 34hf83
  297. Help with used ED/HDTV purchase
  298. Best 32 inch Sony CRT TV?
  299. info on the 57HC85 Toshiba
  300. Energy Usage??
  301. JVC AV-27S776 Linearity
  302. KD34XBR970 Poor color/tint
  303. Looking for KD34XBR960
  304. KV32HS420 Red color disappears in 480p!!
  305. Sanyo HT32744 green picture
  306. Estimate to get TV fixed?
  307. Best online place to buy Projection TVs Lamps?
  308. Black lines in HD
  309. Sony TV ?
  310. 30" Widescreen CRT HDTV $269.00 shipped free
  311. Now that I have an awesome XBR970...
  312. Computer DVI Out to HDTV HDMI In? Help?
  313. Need help with Sanyo please
  314. Linux Info for a 34VBR970 TV via HDMI
  315. Need opinions on the Samsung "SlimFit" 30" HDTV
  316. Anti-Glare Screen
  317. crt tv's discontinued at wally
  318. 1080i over component work, over DVI blinks!?
  319. Insignia IS-TVHD30 Service Menu?
  320. need some help
  321. Looking for advice about Loewe Aventos TV
  322. Help with my Samsung, please?
  323. Aww. . . the Sony XBR970. . . is so HEAVY! (Broken Entertainment Center)
  324. why do most CRT's have overscan?
  325. feedback on Philips Outlet HDTV(s)
  326. Uneven sidebars?
  327. Wonderful Sony XBR KV-30XBR910 goes dead after 3 years
  328. Sanyo HT30744
  329. Help with XBR/Wii
  330. HDTV for under $2,000
  331. Phillips 30PW9110D/37B
  332. Help with Panasonic CT-34WX50
  333. sony KD-34XBR960 VS Sony KD-34XBR970
  334. Samsung 27" and 30" SlimFit questions
  335. DVD viewing question
  336. Geometry issues with a sanyo 30" ht03746
  337. plazma or lcd
  338. Spotted glass on my Panasonic 34WX50
  339. Insignia NS-27HTV questions
  340. Sony CRT... no audio outputs?
  341. samsung 26 premier dyna flat hdtv monitor txn2570 whf
  342. conversion help
  343. Specific question about my Sony XBR 800
  344. Help!!!!!!!!!!!
  345. Lines on televsion
  346. Thoughts on Sony KV-32HS420
  347. Size of letterbox pic on 32" TV.
  348. Sanyo CRT HDTV - spots forming
  349. Best place online to buy a TV
  350. Cleaning Screen?
  351. Going from old fashion TV to Upscale, which to pick
  352. help please
  353. ? about black bars on xbr800 while watching a dvd
  354. Tx-s3080whx
  355. PQ samsung tx-s2782h
  356. integrated tuner
  357. I'm gonna go back to direct-view!
  358. HD30W854T and R52WH77
  359. Sony KD-34XBR970 Screen Corner Bends
  360. 34XBR910 question...
  361. Jvc 36' Av-36d201
  362. KD-34XBR970 and true HD (1080i etc.)
  363. KD34XBR970 HDCP and The PC
  364. Toshiba 26HF15/85 HD problem
  365. Can anyone clarify what these specs mean?
  366. Toshiba 30HF66 versus Sanyo HT30746
  367. No reviews/analysis on Toshiba 26DF56?
  368. RCA 38 HDTV Help
  369. Toshiba 26HF84 ColorStream (component) problem
  370. HD issues, please help
  371. I Got The Samsung Tx-3082wh
  372. 1999-2000 Sony-Pic now has purple in it??
  373. DVI to HDMI, Sony Wega, No Audio?
  374. Can RCA D34W135D be used with ps3/hdmi
  375. 4:3 Burn in ?
  376. Sony KV-30HS420 Service Adjustments
  377. any suggestions on how to move a big tube tv?
  378. Red screen when ps3 connected to DVI
  379. Insignia IS-TVHD30
  380. what displays the better picture? LCD or CRT?
  381. SONY 34" HS420 or XBR 970
  382. Philips 27pt8302 problem
  383. Insignia IS-TVHD30 Wont Cut On!!!!
  384. Question about screen aging...
  385. Samsung TXM2796HF...HDTV for my Xbox 360...need some advice.
  386. Strange Monitor Problem
  387. SU32XBR9 stand?
  388. What does the Sony XBR970 do to incoming signal from DVD player?
  389. For CRT is Component better than HDMI Connections?
  390. First time HDTV
  391. Sony KD-34XBR970 Problems
  392. Why is 'digital cable ready' so rare?
  393. Advice on open item: Sony KV30HS420
  394. Would this HDTV work with 360?
  395. WEGA - Used TV Purchase Advice
  396. advent hdtv help
  397. Returning LCD-Looking for a Tube TV
  398. Sony 32" XBR
  399. Phillips
  400. Insignia IS-TVHD30 displays 1080p?
  401. Litlle help for my first HDTV
  402. ticking coming from my HD CRT. Is this the end of it?
  403. What HDTV for Xbox 360?
  404. Sony KD-34XBR970 picture bent
  405. Picture doesnt look right on my 34HFX84
  406. philips 32" 16:9 HD and Sony DVD with progressive scan
  407. 38" RCA CRT HDTV experiencing banding on screen
  408. CRT's Native Res
  409. wtb: xbr960. Upgrading for xmas? Sell me yours :)
  410. I need help with the Samsung 2678WH
  411. HDTV problem
  412. Resolution on a CRT HDTV
  413. Any thoughts about this TV?
  414. black friday
  415. problem w/ tv or cables
  416. Mid-Size CRT HDTV Recommendations?
  417. 30xs955 Crt Owner In Need Of Help!
  418. Help Me Choose
  419. What is VirtualHD 1080p II?
  420. smokin' 20 inch apex
  421. Looking at a certain tv..
  422. Help, HD channels wiggle/jump on Toshiba TV
  423. samsung slimfit
  424. 36" sony wega (broken)
  425. Whats the biggest monitor you've ever seen or heard of?
  426. What tv can take 2048 by 1536 resolution?
  427. Sony KD-34XBR970 RF connections
  428. Sony KV30HS420
  429. XBR970 and HDMI question
  430. Advent HT3061A picture problems
  431. Looking for cheaper hdtv
  432. Looks like a got a SWEET deal
  433. Samsung SlimFit bright areas deformation
  434. Im new and looking for HDTV...
  435. 1080i Black bar?
  436. Buying new TV, need advice
  437. Help with Insignia IS-TVHD30
  438. Samsung tx3082wh Slimfit
  439. Magnavox 30MW5405/17 30" CRT HDTV
  440. How to access service menu on Samsung TX-P2764
  441. ony 34XBR970 (crt) or Vizio P42 (plasma)
  442. Hd is blacked out
  443. Comcast or Dish\Plasma or CRT
  444. Samsung HDTV problem. help!
  445. Plasma Burn In and Samsung HP-S5350 Settings
  446. Setting up the Denon S-101 to my HDTV
  447. Letter Boxing (black bars) Questions
  448. Question about this TV (has to do with PS3 as well) help!
  449. Samsung 30'' TX-P3075WH + Headphones ?
  450. 30" Wide Screen 16:9 Integrated Digital HDTV (1080i) - Sound Problem
  451. What channels come in on this frequency?
  452. Sanyo Vizon 30" resolution???
  453. Question about resolution...
  454. Sony KV30hS420 Tuner Help Please
  455. Samsung TX-S3082WH Issue
  456. Samsung TX-S3082WH For sale on eBay No Reserve, located in CT
  457. Samsung TXR3079WHX - I need an expert witness!
  458. Black on HD Tube TV
  459. Older Sony Trintron Problem
  460. 30in Sony HDTV Possible Problem
  461. CRT TV keeps getting magnetized
  462. CRT vs new stuff
  463. Panasonic CT-30wx54 Remote Issues
  464. Sony KV-36XBR400 Picture Stretching in 4:3
  465. Samsung TX-S3082WH and PS2 and GC and PS3...
  466. Toshiba MD30H82 at Costco $499
  467. Philips 30PW9110D/37B service menu
  468. picking up more channels than I probably should be
  469. question for sony hdtv owners
  470. GForce 6500 + Samsung 30" Slimfit = blurry // please help.
  471. How can i fix this?
  472. My New BABY.
  473. Widescreen TV, Letterbox on DVD
  474. Xbox 360 and Samsung tx-s3082wh
  475. Is this tv good?
  476. Need help with Philips 30PW8420
  477. Toshiba 30" HD - user adjust
  478. ARGH...Dark scenes suck! Is this "black crush?"
  479. New Sony XBR960 still available
  480. Toshiba 34HF85 - HD picture ripples
  481. 500-700$ Budge-Can't find anything
  482. Is my tv breaking already?
  483. Need help with Sony kv-34XBR910
  484. Does the Sony 34" KD-34XBR970 support 720p?
  485. Insignia (NS-30HTV) 30" at BB open box for 425.00
  486. TV suggestions
  487. New Philips 30PW9110D/37 for $300.00
  488. Seeking resources for a 10" flat screen
  489. 30 philips ws hdtv
  490. Sony XBR-960 Picture Settings
  491. Super deal on sony 34xbr960 tv and 34xbr3 stand
  492. witch one?
  493. Toshiba 26HF15 settings
  494. Just Bought Sony KD-34XBR970
  495. Which 30" to buy???
  496. Toshiba 34HF85 Color Settings??
  497. 1080i native never to see a true 720p?? :(
  498. Help learning
  499. Samsung 27" Slimfit (TXS2782H)
  500. XBR960 question from new member