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SD DVD Players and Discs

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  1. Black and white picture
  2. Technical Analysis of DVD Kingsman: The Secret Service
  3. What's the best standard DVD player I can buy?
  4. class 10 SD card verses flash drive
  5. Specially Convert P2 MXF to MPEG2 for Internet Upload with Desirable MXF Converter
  6. Can a DVD deteriorate?
  7. Surround sound configuration
  8. Bluray disc no longer play in Dolby/DTS TruHD
  9. VCR to DVD burner
  10. A Marlowe DVD Review for the SD DVD Section: CONTRABAND (2012; Universal)
  11. A Marlowe DVD Review: IMMORTALS (Universal)
  12. A Marlowe DVD Review: THE THING (2011; Universal)
  13. Toshiba DVD player problems
  14. Best Gauge HDMI Cable to Use From Receiver to Splitter Before 25 foot run
  15. Upscaling difference between 720p or 1080p
  16. Lesser of two evils when upscaling?
  17. Confusion about Upscaling Resolution
  18. Can new DVD players all upscale? CR says yes!
  19. Which upscaling SD DVD player?
  20. A Marlowe DVD Review: HALL PASS (Warner Bros./New Line Cinema)
  21. toshiba tv
  22. A Marlowe DVD Review: I AM NUMBER FOUR (Dreamworks/Touchstone)
  23. 'Modern Family' is the 2010-11 DVR champion
  24. DVD for Sony KV-34XBR910
  25. help with hook up
  26. Pioneer DV-490V won't play any DVDs
  27. dvd player
  28. Samsung DVD Recorder Stuck In "SAFE" Mode!?!
  29. Questions concerning SD DVD player with new HDTV
  30. No sound from some dvd discs
  31. Help with DVD Player (Green Hue?)
  32. Sony DVP-SR500H Upconverting Question
  33. Poor audio
  34. Do All Media Players Have This Bad Rez?
  35. who can give me a Ghost Whisperer DVD cheng1990
  36. No sound with HDMI cable?
  37. Ghost Whisperer DVD
  38. Artifacts from old TV shows on SD DVD
  39. Rookie question about HD windowboxing
  40. magnavox upscaling dvd player settings
  41. DVD problem or TV problem?
  42. Upscaling DVD player on 720 HDTV question.
  43. A Standard DVD Review for the DVD Players Section: EVERYBODY'S FINE (Miramax)
  44. Sony BDP-S300 Bluray - Firmware Update
  45. digital audio out -> dvi audio in?
  46. Phillips DVP5990 freezing during avi playback? But AVI is good?
  47. AV to HDMI Convertors
  48. Do upconverting DVD players really work? (plus BD question)
  49. Better Choice?
  50. Upscaling DVD with new HDTV
  51. Upscale Question??
  52. New HDTV Old SD DVD
  53. what upscaling DVD to buy ?
  54. Sony DVP-NS710H
  55. Connecting home theater to HDTV
  56. US vs Euro DVD Formats?
  57. Best connection for watching DVD's on HDTV
  58. Anyone Purchased This NCIS Seasons 1 - 6 Boxset?
  59. Terminator Salvation Director's Cut DVD ???
  60. Not many like players this!
  61. Accidentally bought a...Ugh...standard DVD movie
  62. ClearPlay introduces first content filtering 1080p upscaling DVD player
  63. A DVD Review: THE TAKING OF PELHAM ONE TWO THREE (1974; MGM/20th Century Fox)
  64. Moonlighting, Bruce Willis, And Sybil Shepard!
  65. Best standard DVD movies to watch on Upconverter?
  66. Whats the most you have paid for a DVD?
  67. Does a DVD recorder need a digital tuner to receive content from a cable company box?
  68. Anyone here have audio sync problems with Transformers 2009?
  69. Anyone know of a DVD recorder with component INPUTS?
  70. Recording from TV
  71. DVD players vs. CD players
  72. A DVD Review for the DVD Players Section: FEAST - UNRATED (Dimension)
  73. Legacy player... Decisions... Decisions...
  74. Dead Snow (Dead Sno)
  75. Toshiba XD-E500 refurbished Woot.com $38 shipped
  76. Burning dvd
  77. Wts : Brand New Apple iPhone 3G S 32GB Unlocked : 300Usd
  78. DVD Recorder went dead
  79. What are some DVDs that are presented in 1.78 1 Aspect Ratio?
  80. Toshiba XD-E600
  81. 1080 Upscale DVD on 720 TV
  82. Reusing "-RW" DVDs With An RCA DVD recorder #DRC8030N.
  83. RCA To S-Video Adapter, For A SD DVD Player
  84. A DVD Review for the DVD Players Section: CONFESSIONS OF A SHOPAHOLIC (Touchstone)
  85. upgrading a divx upconverter, is it possible?
  86. dvd connection problems
  87. No audio from sony DVD to Bravia using HDMI?
  88. Crap! My Luck Strikes Again.
  89. Please help!
  90. Dts ???
  91. Any Feedback on Tosjiba's DR410 or 20 DVD players?
  92. questions about HD player
  93. My Dell Does A Better Job At Upscaling, I May Be Selling My Upscaling DVD Player!
  94. My phillup DVD player has a USB port on the front?
  95. TEST: Philips DVR5520H dvd DVB-T recorder
  96. Kutner in House
  97. List of good quality SD DVD movies?
  98. What about componet to HDMI converters?
  99. Anyone have one of the mega changers?
  100. Difference between strong and weak players?
  101. "Mini" DVD?
  102. The Port or The DVD player, that is the question
  103. PS3 won't upscale my dvd?
  104. PS3 or Xbox 360 for upscaling DVDs?
  105. Oppo Customer Service
  106. USB Port on LG DN798
  107. Progressive Scan vs Upconvert on older HD Ready TV
  108. Open Box Toshiba XD-E500 Amazon.com Warehouse Deals $57 US delivered
  109. noob dvd player question w/new hd tv
  110. Pioneer DV- 490V-S - to Surround System?
  111. Sony DVP-NS601HP Upscaler
  112. Recording from DVD to DVR
  113. Toshiba XDE/Buy now-or wait ?
  114. Samsung DVD-R155 works sporadically
  115. Weird Problems With 360 HD DVD and Transformers??!!
  116. Which DVD recorder will upconvert Live SD signal fed to it on Composite jacks
  117. DVD movies kinda fuzzy
  118. My HD DVD is fuzzy.
  119. Progressive Scan ON or OFF?
  120. HDMI defect?
  121. DVI Woes
  122. dvd/vcr combo's
  123. Sony BDS350
  124. What type of DVD Player to buy..
  125. If you bought a DVD that said 2.35:1 ratio. . . .
  126. DVR to DVD recording questions Have Direct TV
  127. Sony DVP-NC665P to Yamaha RX 663
  128. XBox 360 vs. DVD Upconverter
  129. VCR/DVD deck recommendations?
  130. Upscaling Samsung DVD player
  131. Which Upconvert DVD player should I buy?
  132. Philips 5990 (1080p upconverter) with Optoma H27 projector
  133. Samsung DVD-R135 Will Not Play Region 1
  134. why does 480p look better than 1080i?
  135. Is XDE all hype?
  136. Sony DVP-NS700H
  137. Error: "Video resolution not supported" while playing on 1080i DVD player
  138. upconverting DVD player vs upconverting TV
  139. Sony DVP-NS77H lip sync problems
  140. I decided to NOT get a BLu-ray player, need some DVD player suggestions
  141. 7-Inch Display Car DVD Player - Touchscreen + Blue from Chinaecarts
  142. Upconverting old B/W movies on HDTV
  143. looking for an everything dvd player
  144. Do I really need a Blu-ray player?
  145. Burnt electronic part. (need to replace)
  146. Upconverting Problem
  147. first ever post, an yep, I need help, please.
  148. DVD REVIEW: THE STRANGERS (Universal)
  149. the Sony str-k502
  150. TEST: Pioneer dv-410 & pioneer dv-310
  151. Phillps DVP5990K is a good player?
  152. 1st Post: 1080 upconverter only coverts to 480
  153. I have a perfect picture but no sound
  154. Help please
  155. XD-E500 + new Tosh TV's w/ SRT = redundant?
  156. Magnavox player automatically powers off
  157. September News: A Completely Free DVD to FLV Converter
  158. Legal DVD ripping now available from Real
  159. Do I have Progressive scan?
  160. 1080i... 50hz vs 60 hz?
  161. Samsung HD dvd recorder questions
  162. LG DVS450H (DviX HD playback)
  163. Toshiba ED DVD Player!
  164. Connection lost periodically
  165. Upconversion Question: PS3, Sony DVD, and Phillips
  166. DVD viewing on PS3 vs Toshiba
  167. DVD Will Not Load
  168. Thinking of a Oppo 980h
  169. Looking at getting a DVD Recorder , looking for some suggestions
  170. Sony DVP-NS700H/B vs Philips DVDR3576H/37
  171. Phillips DVDR 3475 audio output low
  172. Philips DVP5992 upconversion question
  173. Nooby & Upconverting DVD Player Question
  174. Does the PS3 upscale to 1080p???
  175. Toshiba Holding Off on Blu-ray, Looking to Upscaling DVD Players
  176. Newbie HD Question
  177. How do DVD's get scratched?
  178. Good/cheap up-converting DVD player
  179. Need help with brand new hdmi dvd
  180. New HDTV, DVD player wont work except on channel 3
  181. DvD PLayer Help !!
  182. Exclusive First Look: Kaleidescape 1080p DVD Player ($4,295)
  183. Does anyone know a good DVD to PSP converter???
  184. PS3 as DVD player or seperate one?
  185. HDMI to DVI with audio??
  186. Upconversion and aspect ratio
  187. New to BluRay question
  188. Progressive through Scart?
  189. hd dvd vcr player
  190. On the market for a dvd recorder: price not in issue: any suggestions?
  191. Do I need an upconverter player?
  192. Hello need some help
  193. Help selecting best upcaling DVD Player
  194. Which dvd player should I buy?
  195. Panasonic S52 Grainy Output?
  196. Looking for funds for my studio!!!
  197. purple blocking?
  198. can dvd recorders pass hd signals?
  199. Getting Cable receiver, DVD player and TV to work
  200. XBOX 360 for DVD
  201. Adding An Additional DVD Player or Recorder to Existing Surround Sound System
  202. Upconvert Sony dvp ns700
  203. My take on upconverting DVD player--what are your thoughts?
  204. DVD Player with volume output adjustment
  205. Effective software for CD's n DVD's replication
  206. HDMI and Sound qual for pre-rec discs
  207. Does Price Matter?
  208. 480p DVD player to 1080p TV
  209. Recommend a Upconversion dvd for under 100?
  210. Help me convert videos in 3GP!!!
  211. Help with no audio trouble
  212. Witch dvd's read .mkv files?
  213. Which DVD player to buy?
  214. Bought an upconverting dvd player...
  215. Anyone knows any DVD Ripper?
  216. Toshiba HDMI error message received
  217. Oppo 981 vs Sony NS75H
  218. Couple of problems with a wharfedale DVDr24HD
  219. Help with LG 37LC7D remote code for Magnavox dvd
  220. Creating DVDs of home movies?
  221. Aspect Ratio Help
  222. Audio breakup
  223. DVD player
  224. yamaha C961 DVD Changer
  225. Choosing new DVD recorder
  226. Oppo DV-983H Secrets benchmark video score 100/100
  227. samsung upconverter and HDMI audio not supported
  228. Is there firmware for the OPPO OPDV971H?
  229. PAL/NTSC DVD player
  230. Upconversion DVD Player Vs Progressive Scan
  231. Samsung combo DVD/VCR
  232. worth the money?
  233. Jumpy and bad picture
  234. Toshiba DVD to Philips LCD problems
  235. ps3 1080p-Progressive or Interlaced
  236. dvd recorder to upscale sd?
  237. please explain this, DVD question?
  238. DVD-R HD Signal Problem
  239. My DVD player has a BLE option (black level expansion) how does it help?
  240. HDMI switch boxes
  241. Sam dvd-1080p7 review?
  242. HDMI audio not supported...
  243. 720p vs 1080p comparison and help
  244. Electrohome EH8181
  245. My Sony DVPNS77H/B shows scattered red dots
  246. Oppo 980H vs 981HD?
  247. xvid videos stretching past tv screen
  248. Better prices for DVD players than CC and Best Buy
  249. Trouble with widescreen bars fading
  250. Best DVD player for my application?
  251. HDDVD through receiver or direct to TV
  252. Region free DVD player locally?
  253. will 1080i component signal over a/v receiver remain the same or is it downgraded?
  254. Slide show of MSword document with DVD player?
  255. 720p upconverter without HDMI?
  256. VHS/DVD dubbing
  257. Oppo DV-980H or Sony DVP-NS77H
  258. Upconverting DVD players with 5.1 Analog Out?
  259. Lines in a Oppo 971 player
  261. S-video vs componant for SD DVD
  262. The choice for an upconverting, divx playing DVD player (with 720p divx support?)
  263. Any Difference On The Sony DVP-NS72HP and Sony DVP-NS77H
  264. Black Bars and dolby pro-logic
  265. Which DVD recorders to avoid?
  266. Can you control the record volume on Philips DVDR3475/37
  267. No improvment with upconvert DVD player
  268. aspect ratio:?
  269. Panasonic S53 not outputting 1080P Upconverted
  270. HDMI Audio Question
  271. upscale of DVD's compared to HD programming
  272. Dvd Movies Problem
  273. Upconversion Prohibited?
  274. Oppo 980H or Harman Kardon DVD 48?
  275. Ratio Wrong on Playback
  276. Buy One TV DVD, Get One Free On Amazon
  277. Bad DVD Movie result on Sony Bravia LCD?
  278. RCA rtd206 need help!!!
  279. Wrong Expectations?
  280. Progressive 480 vs Upconvert (I'm a rookie---need help)
  281. Upconverting DVD Player for Older VHS content
  282. DVD player quality on LCD TV
  283. Problem with upscaling DVD player
  284. The Big Problem...
  285. upconverting SD DVD to 768 !!!
  286. Pioneer DV-400 External Hard Drive Question
  287. Upconverting thought HDMI and aspect ratio on the tv question
  288. My dvd's play in 480. can't figure out how to change that.
  289. upscale dvd player defaults to 480p
  290. Blue sparkle against black background
  291. Questions on Sony MultiFormat DVD-R Upscaler?
  292. UpConvert DVD - Componant- Truth Please
  293. Oppo Dv-980h
  294. What should I be expecting
  295. Help with getting my Sony DVP-NS77H to output Dolby Digital
  297. standalone dvd recorder w/NTSC tuner
  298. Upconversion Question ...
  299. Best under $100
  300. Upconverting DVD player does not look very different from Xbox360 component image 480
  301. DVD VCR combo
  302. anasonic DVD-S53K Up Converting DVD player NEED Help
  303. Thinking about returning a DVD player.
  304. Looking for a very good CD player.
  305. Multiple upconversion platforms
  306. Upconversion
  307. Playing the home Jeopardy game on the Sony DVP-CX870D
  308. So, Oppo looks to be the way to go for upconverting DVD players rite?
  309. Lousy color watching my DVD's
  310. Region 4 DVD Player
  311. HDMI vs. component upconverstion (HDCP issue)
  312. xbox 360?
  313. Help on DVD aspect ratio!
  314. Casino Royal, Upconverted to 1080i
  315. Pan EZ47VK vs EZ475BK ?
  316. Xbox 360 upscaling, Samsung HD860 and hdmi switching
  317. DVD burner
  318. Vizio and Sony DVD problem...HELP
  319. Samsung upconvert problem
  320. Copy Protection w/ Sony DVD Recorder
  321. Upscaling bad on DLP?
  322. Philips Dvdr3475/37
  323. Upconversion picture problem
  324. upscaler dvd players
  325. Newbie help with DVD player/aspect ratio settings...
  326. Upscaled dvd and hd dvd spoils your eyes!
  327. Toshiba HD-A2 Code
  328. LNT4042H dvd playback issue
  329. Cant get DVD player to work on HDTV
  330. hd dvd blu ray sound question
  331. can I record over-the-air high-def signals...
  332. Sony Dvpns9100es at 1080i...
  333. sound with the Pioneer DV-400V-K
  334. HELP,DVD hookup
  335. 48 bucks for a Philips
  336. Some DVDs don't upscale well?
  337. Help with upconverters
  338. windows player 9
  339. Thinking about a cheap upconverter for new 23 inch 720p LCD?
  340. Can a DVD player be left on 24/7 without dying...just lost 2nd one in 3months
  341. Playing a samsung r135 recorded disc
  342. DVD's look bad when upconverted to 1080P
  343. Upscaling to 1080i vs 1080p DVD for 1080p LCD
  344. Is it worth it to get a DVD player that upscales to 1080p?
  345. Upconvert DVD/R Player -- Any Recommendations?
  346. Upscaling question
  347. Noob question involving Upconversion and problems...
  348. Comparison Several Type of DVD Ripper Software
  349. DVD recorder/VCR combo player?
  350. Not sure what to do, please help...
  351. How much better
  352. "Upgrade" to a progressive scan?
  353. Help with DVD picture
  354. Sony DVP-NS90V
  355. Why does a $200 upconverting DVD player...
  356. Under $100 Up-Converter even worth it?
  357. Pioneer DV-46AV?
  358. DVD Up conversion fully achieved!!!
  359. why can't i receive HD signal?
  360. Progressive Scan Problem
  361. Very odd occurrence at Wal Mart
  362. whats best?
  363. Upconverting DVD for my HTIB
  364. help pls
  365. Well I got my new DVD with upscaling
  366. New Oppo Universal Player DV-980H
  367. wont fill the screen?????
  368. How good is the upscaler on the Phillips DVDR3575H DVD/HDD Recorder?
  369. What does "no tuner" on a DVD/VCR combo mean?
  370. Question For You High Def Player Owners
  371. dvd players not working right on my plasma
  372. Problems with HDMI video
  373. Recommended calibration settings for Sony DVP-NS75H?
  374. Still Unclear??
  375. progressive scan on an upscaling dvd player
  376. DVD-No Remote
  377. Help Me My LG DV 298 H Can't play 1080i with component connection
  378. Please Help THe New Guy Out..DVD Player Advice
  379. Toshiba SD-4990
  380. dvd not working
  381. Visible Compression via HDMI
  382. Does the Oppo DV970HD have a problem on Samsung DLPs?
  383. Panasonic S53K - Question
  384. Onkyo DV-CP704
  385. No picture with Samsung Upscailer useing HDMI
  386. DVD picture not up to par with HDTV
  387. Need help deciding on a DVD upconvert recorder.
  388. Don't even buy an Upscaler
  389. Need help deciding on what player to buy
  390. Upscaling on a 42" or 48" HDTV set
  391. new oppo981 vs.old denon2800
  392. Upscaling using the component output of the OPPO DV-970HD
  393. Can Component be converted to S-video?
  394. Help please!
  395. Purchasing a DVD Player/Recorder (for a newbie)
  396. Needing help on HDMI/DVI for dad.
  397. DVD player cannnot read discs
  398. Sylvania picture dark
  399. Audio Problem When Using Hdmi
  400. DVD player vs PC DVD & 1.85 vs. 2.35/2.40
  401. Please Help! DVD recording problem
  402. firmware update for the hd- a2
  403. 1080p/24 Hz
  404. DSD over HDMI
  405. RCA DRC285 1080P Upconverting DVD Player
  406. Newbie need a lot of help plz !!!!!
  407. Should I go Oppo?
  408. HDD DVD with WiFi
  409. Samsung BD-P1200 DVD performance is top notch
  410. Panasonic DMR-EZ47K
  411. upconverting players and DIVX
  412. DVD player supports USB drive & Mpeg4
  413. Upconvert DVD player with HDMI looks worse than normal DVD player
  414. Does the DVD player really make a difference?
  415. Toshiba Portable DVD Player
  416. Helios?
  417. OPPO Vs Philips
  418. component cables vs HDMI vs composit
  419. DVD players and home theaters for dummies?
  420. DVD Video Removing Program
  421. TrueLife setting on Oppo DV970HD
  422. Problem playing HD DVD's
  423. Playing burned .avi files on Philips DVP642 DivX DVD Playe
  424. Hack for Newest Oppo 970 Firmware
  425. Panasonic Plasma Upconverting
  426. Upconverting dvd player with Pioneer pdp-5070
  427. Toshiba HD A2 region free hack?
  428. Audio & Video Don't Match? Quiet?
  429. denon 2800 playback problem
  430. Upscaling DVD player on a Plasma with XD Engine
  431. Upscaling DVD player on a Plasma with XD Engine
  432. Oppo 970 and Panasonic Plasma
  433. My marantz DV3100 went dead so I purchased
  434. Mastered and shot in HD DVD's!
  435. Oppo 970HD hack
  436. Will Sony 400 dvd upconvert via componet?
  437. Oppo 970 or 981
  438. HDTV w/upconverting DVD player producing poor image quality
  439. Simple question... is upscaling worth it?
  440. DLP samsung HL-S6187W - what dvd player?
  441. Need help with an interesting problem!
  442. Not getting wide screen on some DVD's????
  443. 480i or 480p?
  444. Display setting for HDMI DVD player
  445. Green picture on Sony DVD recorder
  446. Do I need a new DVD player?
  447. OT- Simpsons season 9 Disc Problem
  448. Major Issue With DVD Hard Disk Recorder
  449. scaling question
  450. Sony DVP-NS75H
  451. SACD Player
  452. no sound fm HDMI
  453. Advantage of Swapping Sony 777ES Carousel to Oppo Upconverting Player?
  454. Samsung DVD-HD860 and 32" LCD HDTV INSIGNIA NS-32LCD
  455. upconversion through TV
  456. Pioneer SD DVD player
  457. Need quick clarification on Upscaling....
  458. Having Problems W/ Oppo 971 Help Please
  459. anyone tried this game yet?
  460. HDMI Connection Issue
  461. Why is it necessary to "upscale" DVD?
  462. Sony DVP-NS75H vs DVP-NS55P
  463. Having LG probelms, should I trade out for Samsung ? Help please...
  464. Record shows from cable DVR box to DVD????
  465. Panasonic DMR-ES15S DVD Recorder
  466. Tevion DVD 8000, need firmware upgrade
  467. Denon 1930ci and Pioneer 5070hd
  468. does anyone own this player
  469. DVD Movies Too Green
  470. HDMI Audio Not Supported
  471. So i just bought a Pioneer 5070..
  472. Between the Two?
  473. oppo vs other dvd players
  474. Hdd Dvd Recorders
  475. DVD upconverter is it worth it?
  476. Can anyone recommend a dvd player?
  477. Ps2 dvd player play 16:9 ?
  478. truth on upconvert
  479. Toshiba has no remoes
  480. Unpconverting Question
  481. Please help me hook up my DVD recorder...
  482. oppo750 vs Sony ns75h vs Panasonic s97
  483. Samsung HD-DVD960
  484. It's OppO-mazing!
  485. Dont buy hd dvd or blue ray yet
  486. Oppo 971 vs. PS3
  487. Aspect ratio problem
  488. Grainy DVD Playback
  489. Sony Upconvert or Oppo??
  490. Whats better?
  491. Best Way to Store DVD'S
  492. Upconverting Sony DVD/VCR and Samsung question
  493. Upconvert to 720p/1080i?
  494. Hack for Oppo 970 Component
  495. missing a piece I believe came with my DVD player
  496. DVD with component and HDMI options
  497. BluRay or HDDVD what's better?
  498. Oppo 971H- Am I missing something?
  499. Help Please with macroblocking from Sony DVD to Samsung LCD
  500. Need quick Opinions on Replacement Upconversion Player