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SD DVD Players and Discs

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  1. Letterbox vs Widescreen
  2. DENON DVD-1920 - Skipping Problems
  3. Oppo 971H or 970HD new so be easy
  4. Sony vs Panasonic vs Oppo
  5. Sound Problem with my new Sony dvp-n575h
  6. Panasonic (dvds52s) question
  7. What's a descent Portable DVD Player to get ?
  8. Sony DVP-NS75H
  9. How do I know how well my TV upconverts?
  10. Up-conversion (resolution) question
  11. Helios H4000 – Oppo DV-981
  12. upconvert or hdmi?
  13. Upconversion DVD question
  14. Is the problem with my DVD player?
  15. DVD Player for Sony XBR2 LCD TV
  16. can you ever record at best quality, really?
  17. DVD Widescreen Settings
  18. HELP! Phillips DVD 825 with Samsung LNS-4695D HDTV...
  19. Panasonic DVD-S52 Display HELP!
  20. Buy a new player now, or wait?
  21. DVD upconversion thru Component?
  22. Panasonic DVD-S52S
  23. Panasonic DVD-S97
  24. Helios H4000
  25. Help me find a good cheap player
  26. Closed Caption DVD at 1080 with HDMI
  27. What HD format to send to my 1366x768 lcd?
  28. Need Firmware update for LG DVD-Player model: DN191H
  29. Will this DVD player work?
  30. What are the top rated DVD players for upconverting DVD Movies?
  31. Sony vs. Oppo
  32. Help get me off the fence...
  33. Good article on DVD/CD archival media
  34. Up-conversion DVD player?
  35. vhs/dvd combo recorder questions
  36. New HDTV Does All the Upscaling of an Upscaling DVD player?
  37. Oppo Dv- 981hd..................1080p ?
  38. Need recommendation on region free/region hackable upscaling player
  39. 480p vs 1080i vs 1080p dvd player
  40. Grainy picture?
  41. Good 1080p Upscaling DVD Player
  42. oppo or elite?
  43. Hdmi?
  44. Good Place to Get you DVD Player
  45. My review of DVD portion of the NeuNeo Helios X3000 Network Streaming DVD Player
  46. sony DVP-NC675P
  47. movement on DVD looks bad
  48. Opinion on something I heard today...
  49. Up-conversion question
  50. D Skins and Slot Loading Players
  51. more newbie questions...
  52. Advice on HDMI splitter
  53. should I buy a HDMI upconverting dvd player?
  54. Which is worst of the worst
  55. Question - green line
  56. Connecting Oppo with JVCHD-61FH97....
  57. Good upconverter?
  58. Help with DVD player purchase
  59. DVD player upgrade
  60. Need help!
  61. Sony NS75H / KDS-A2000- Connection Question
  62. HD DVD players
  63. which upconverting hdmi dvd player to buy ?
  64. Strange new problem with color
  65. Progressive Scan VS. Upconversion
  66. Upscaling DVDs to .TS
  67. dvd/hard drive vs. dvr
  68. Oppo 971 or denon 1920
  69. Cyberhome DVD player/recorder problem
  70. samsung hddvd869 = horrible!
  71. pioneer dvr-531h question
  72. HD DV Player
  73. Component or HDMI?
  74. Need DVD player for Philips 29pt7325/69
  75. 480p LG Plasma
  76. DVD Recorder and Upconverting DVD player
  77. How do I know if my DVD player...
  78. Upconvert DVD Player & Widescreen DVD
  79. Oppo Dv-970hd
  80. DVR recording to DVD
  81. OK to record HD signal on non-HD DVD recorder?
  82. DVI/HDMI and HDCP issues?
  83. Widescreen DVD's on a PS2
  84. Best hookup for DVD
  85. DVD scrolling lines
  86. Help! My Color Has Gone Askew.
  87. looking for DVD recorder that also records audio format to CD's
  88. EH75V and dish network..
  89. DTS through PCM?
  90. Samsung DVD-HD850???
  91. Just received a Helios x3000 media/DVD player to review.
  92. Panasonic EH75V hard drive question..
  93. how can i make my sony DVP-NS90V region free
  94. Is this a Good Upconversion DVD player?
  95. upconvert modes can 1080i look better on a 720p native?
  96. DVD Player for HD-ready Tv
  97. Bose DVD Home System
  98. Sony KDL46S2000 upconvert question with DVD Player
  99. Help with a Samsung DVD-5221
  100. Toshiba SD-4990
  101. What's your #1 favorite dvd?
  102. Helious 2085 Upconvert Options
  103. PS2 DVD or POS DVD Player
  104. Positive Upconverting DVD Player Experience
  105. Simple ? best dvd player but with.....for a 42" LCD
  106. Sony DVP-NS71HP HDMI DVD player?
  107. Non TV display for Samsung HD850
  108. The VHS vs. Beta still goes on.
  109. DVD recorder, freeview ..... all-in-one
  110. Dual Optical inputs
  111. Anyone have Extended Warranties on players? Any Recommendations?
  112. Need help on deciding on Samsung HD-960 or Oppo 970 or 971
  113. One For All URC 9910
  114. please help with Pioneer DVD player problem
  115. $80 DVD player with $100 cable!
  116. DTS or Dolby 5.1??
  117. should I buy dvd with hdmi
  118. Samsung DVD-R135 with SXRD only so so
  119. Good source of DVD specs?
  120. How do i change my dvd player settings?
  121. Please try to explain ..
  122. Chronicles of Riddick on DVD
  123. What is result is better quality to upscale to or downscale?
  124. Best place to get DVDs for cheap.
  125. Is HDMI required for Upscaling?
  126. type of connection to use
  127. No sound using HDMI cable
  128. Disc Changer
  129. have sony kp51hw40 tv- whats best hd dvd player to get?
  130. Record Dolby 5.1 on DVD?
  131. New DVD Recorder
  132. Pioneer Dvd Players
  133. Odd Grain in DVD Player/Component Cables--
  134. DVI to Component cables for HD DVD upconverters
  135. Are dvds supposed to look worse on hi-def tvs???
  136. HDMI distorts aspect ratio
  137. Sony cant communicate with Sony??!!
  138. dvd player/HD question
  139. Got a old Apex 500 DVD player and....
  140. whats the best dvd player out now under 200 bucks?
  141. Is (Sony's) Precision cinema progressive progressive scan?
  142. Panasonic DMR-ES45V ???
  143. HELP: Cannot upconvert. :(
  144. Best PQ/Zoom: Panny S52S or Sam HD860?
  145. Audio pop/glitch with new Sony dvd carousel
  146. Input Needed on DVD recorders ......
  147. 1.33x Zoom with no icon
  148. Upscaling DVD Player And Aspect Viewing?
  149. I'm going to let the brain trust here pick the DVD player I'm going to buy Saturday.
  150. When is Upconverting necessary???????
  151. HDMI to DVI problem
  152. Anyone Tried The Samsung DVD-HD960?
  153. Is My Onkyo DV-SP800 Junk?
  154. Lucy...Can you 'esplain to me what exactly what upconverting is it and..
  155. Toshiba SD-4990
  156. DVD Recorder question...
  157. Oppo's new 970
  158. Does Syntax OLEVIA LT42HVi need upconverting?
  160. DVD player for HD ready Sony
  161. I am totaly confused, picked up Plasma easy, now I have hard time picking up DVD!!!!
  162. oppo
  163. 720p vs 1080i from upconverting DVD player?
  164. Which DVD player for my Vizio 50" Plasma?
  165. Liteon>Interlaced or Progressive?
  166. Sony DVD NC655P
  167. Non-anamorphic DVDs should be illegal.
  168. Does reverse pull-down actually do anything?
  169. newbie with dvr and dvd recorder
  170. How does My Onkyo SP-800 Stack up?
  171. DVD upconverting worth this hassle?
  172. Will DVD players play music CD's?
  173. Help with Sony NS70H? Please..
  174. comp. vid and compos. vid
  175. Panasonic S97 HDMI Audio Problems - Help
  176. Got a few OPPO Questions...
  177. zenith 216 DVD player modes
  178. DVD/VCR Recorder Combo Unit
  179. Upconverting DVD players
  180. Real Video
  181. Noise with Helios HVD2085
  182. Questions re digital vs analog components
  183. Heres a tough one!!
  184. Sony DVP-NS75H .vs. Toshiba SD 4990
  185. DVD player upconversion via component out
  186. Westinghouse 42" with Helios HVD2085
  187. Upscaled DVD movie vs HD-DVD movie
  188. Anyone!I have DILEMMA...
  189. Dvd player help???
  190. lg dvd vcr recorder mod no lgxbr446
  191. Can I burn HD on a DVD?
  192. Question on the Samsung HD-931 DVD player
  193. Good player for burned DVD's?
  194. New Panasonic DVD Players
  195. DVD hdmi question
  196. Upconverting and CRT's
  197. DVD+R dual layer and Sony DVD player question
  198. Get this DVD player
  199. how many hdmi needed
  200. Need help picking an dvd (Newb warning!)
  201. Upscaling make a difference
  202. To upconvert or not to upconvert
  203. Deal on Toshiba SD-4980 @BB plus free Candy!
  204. Movies that play well Upconverted
  205. Best DVD Player?
  206. Perfect Vision Testing
  207. oppo question............
  208. HDMI cables, what's the difference?
  209. Interference with Oppo and Monoprice HDMI Switch
  210. Upconversion via Component
  211. Upscaling DVD player
  212. DVD connections
  213. Firmwear
  214. Can someone explain or point me towards..
  215. DVD quality?
  216. Why upconverting DVD players?
  217. Disappointed in my Denon
  218. DVD Lengthy Burning
  219. Worth getting a 1080i HDMI dvd?
  220. Letterboxing
  221. how do you justify paying $2000.00 for the onkyo dvd player dvsp1000?
  222. For Sale Sony 400 dvd carosel local Atlanta pickup.
  223. Toshiba DVD player dying
  224. DVD player for Philips 37" LCD?
  225. Oppo OPDV971H - DVI button doesn't work?
  226. Toshiba Help
  227. Faroudja Macroblocking
  228. Need a 5 disc the upconverts
  229. Question about DVD+R vs +RW
  230. Upconversion difference
  231. Will TV Guide feature on Panasonic DMR-EH50 work with CableCard
  232. DVD output freeze
  233. Which is better, Oppo PDV971 or Helios HVD2085
  234. New Oppo OPDV971H Firmware F-0220
  235. Cyberhome DVD 655
  236. Do upconversion dvd players improve dvd picture?
  237. Newbie here - help please (head hurts)
  238. To upgrade dvd player (Sony 400) or not???
  239. Why am i so confused?
  240. DVD not displaying correctly
  241. firmware update
  242. red picture?
  243. Toshiba Hd Dvd Coming Out Party
  244. SAMSUNG DVD-HD755 - anyone own this/thoughts?
  245. Sony LCD & OPPO 917H help Thx
  246. Record Live TV?
  247. What DVD player should I buy?
  248. Lg Lda-511
  249. digital tos output vs. 5 ch audio out to amp?
  250. Optimizing Connections between DVD Recorder and Home Theater
  251. DVD player help (lexicon,cal, sony,etc)
  252. Need HDMI to upconvert?
  253. Info received this date from OPPO
  254. New 1080p upscaling DVD players
  255. New TV.... No DVD player!
  256. Samsung Home Theater System Model: HT-P38
  257. Trouble with Denon home theater
  258. Do D/A converters Matter today?
  259. Component Video not working!
  260. Are there any True High Definition DVD player
  261. Volume level differences DVD vs Cable
  262. D-Skins and Slot Loading Players
  263. Updgrade to component or HDMI? Please help!!!
  264. recording dvd from tv - HD or SD signal
  265. Best Progressive Scan DVD Player to match Panny TH42PD50
  266. Samsung DVD-R120 HDTV recording
  267. Black bar at top of screen with Sony DVPNS70H
  268. Recording HD TV Shows
  269. MPG Format playable on DVD Player...
  270. DVD Player/Recorder?
  271. Samsung Progressive Scan DVD player
  272. Does anyone know if any DVD players have a vga 15 pin din inputs?
  273. SamSung DVD Recorder question?
  274. Need DVD Plyr selection advice...
  275. Best bang for buck upconverting DVD player....
  276. Any recommendations for a portable DVD player?
  277. Can someone please'splain to me....
  278. Which DVD player for Toshiba 30HF83?
  279. toshiba SD 4980 DVD player
  280. Zenith DVB318 firmware downgrade
  281. DVD Player questions--1080p
  282. Samsung DVD Recorder
  283. 3:2 pulldown
  284. Samsung HD 950
  285. Anyone know about the new OPPO
  286. Need a new DVD player... suggestions required. My setup is...
  287. dvd players, consumer reports
  288. Bought a Sony
  289. 525 Line Digital Progressive Scan ?
  290. Oppo OPDV971H's upconversion better than my plasma TV?
  291. Lg Hd Dvd Player With Hdmi Cable
  292. Red-Blue Color Swap in 720p
  293. DVD advice
  294. Will Hd Dvd's Play On 480p Dvd Player?
  295. Fuzzy HDMI image
  296. Zenith DVB318
  297. Upscale without DVI on Oppo?
  298. LDA-531 firmware?
  299. Question about memory play on Samsung HD850
  300. SSD803 Sylvania DVD/VCR audio out
  301. Samsung HD850 "no Codec"
  302. I need some advice
  303. Toshiba SDV592
  304. Problem decoding DTS with HDMI to DVI Connection
  305. help
  306. Toshiba announces HD player...
  307. OPDV971H in UK?
  308. static on DVD playback
  309. Best Dvd Player for a Enhanced Definition Tv?
  310. Any advice re: Panny 50S? HELP!
  311. Is there a thread about upscaling DVD players
  312. samsung HD950
  313. Why is my HDMI crappy?
  314. Best DVD Player For Changing Aspect Ratios?
  315. Question about Upconversion DVD players
  316. Need Help
  317. Dvd-hdmi ?
  318. New Comer
  319. The right DVD player
  320. HDMI input from DVD to HDTV
  321. Black Bars on 16 x 9 ??
  322. How to test Samsung DVD-HD950
  323. Looking to buy DVD
  324. Mega DVD Changer Advice
  325. LPCM out ?
  326. Sony DVPNS50P/S
  327. Sony DVPNS70H vs. Samsung HD850
  328. Oppo ($200) vs. Sam841 ($60) for Tosh57"?
  329. Totally wierd
  330. Static on left side of screen with sony dvpns90v
  331. does this TV have a upscaler
  332. Letterboxed 16:9
  333. Help! Upconvert DVD Player Assistance Needed...
  334. DVD Player Upwardconvertible question
  335. whatdvd player?
  336. DVD player or DVD Recorder?
  337. DVD + LCD TV combination won’t display in full screen.
  338. HDMI with full screen DVD
  339. Oppo 1080i output is flawed
  340. Need DVD Recorder
  341. Best dvd for Phillips 30pw9110d?
  342. Samsung HD845 and HD850 Question???
  343. Sony v. Panny
  344. Samsung HD755
  345. Problem with Sony DVP-NS90V on 42" hd panasonic Plasma
  346. upconversion confusion
  347. AT COSTCO: Philips DivX Upconverting DVD player w HDMI
  348. Is it true or fake
  349. Sony ES DVD player
  350. Macroblocking on Pio 43a5HD??
  351. lg dvb 418 any good? copy protection at hdmi???
  352. Good HDMI DVD Players
  353. No 5.1 audio??
  354. samsung hd845
  355. upconverter dvd player noticeable on a direct view crt?
  356. Suggestions for Progressive Scan DVD - 480p
  357. Please help!!!! DVD advice needed badly
  358. Looking for DVD Changer with HDMI.
  359. sony rdr-gx300 - no system menu ?
  360. Samsung HL-R5688 and Sam dvd hd850
  361. Do I need a upconverting dvd player??? Help
  362. What is a good progressive scan DVD player?
  363. neuneo vs oppo vs PS480P???
  364. [Q] VHS -> DVD (on DVD player or PC ? )
  365. help with dvd player
  366. DVI in only?
  367. vcr video on component video on samsung dvd-V5500 combo?
  368. Anyone Have a Sony DVP-NS90V DVD Player
  369. The Toshiba Rocks!!!
  370. continous play dvd
  371. Scart To Hdtv
  372. DD vs DTS
  373. DVI Connection w/ Samsung HD-841
  374. Which DVD Player?
  375. Wich Upconverting player is Best?
  376. DVD Player Optical In and Hitachi 50VS810 Optical Out
  377. HDMI not fair
  378. WMV on a dvd player
  379. Not all Denon DVD players are really made by Denon...
  380. xbox 360 dvd player
  381. What player to use
  382. Toshiba RD-KX50
  383. Denon dvd 1920 on a sony 30xs955
  384. Looking to buy a new DVD player *typical n00b question, haha*
  385. 16:9 DVD recording or 4:3 DVD???
  386. Sony DVP-NS725P Settings questions
  387. Do You Have The Oppo?
  388. Denon 2910 HDMI compatibilty problem
  389. Which player for new Toshiba?
  390. NeuNeo HVD2085 Upscaling DVD player - In-Depth Review
  391. I bought the Sony instead of the oppo
  392. Costco Toshiba SD-K 850 DVD w HDMI
  393. denon 1910 macroblocking
  394. DVD player that upconverts to HD
  395. DVD Help
  396. Picture problem when using PS2
  397. Zenith DVB318
  398. Looking for a review on the neuneo player
  399. Panasonic AE900 + dvd upscaling
  400. Set DVD Player to 16:9 the DVD does not fill the screen?
  401. DVI to HDMI Adapter
  402. how come on some widescreen dvds the black bars still show on top/bottom?
  403. VGA conversion
  404. Panasonic s77s Macroblocking??
  405. Upscaling via DVI/HDMI only?
  406. DVD Recorder with HDMI outputs?
  407. samsung 850 upconvert non copyrighted dvds?
  408. DVD Player won't read disc!
  409. Will You Buy An HD Player in 2006...
  410. DVD upconverter question
  411. Oppo DVD player for EDTV?
  412. Will upscaling result in a better pic...
  413. LG's new HD DVD Player upconverts DVDs to a true 720p/1080i
  414. Sony DVP-NS70H
  415. Samsung's DVD-HD950
  416. advice please
  417. Upscaling DVD player with Panasonic 34" HDTV?
  418. upconverting a noncopyrighted dvd will oppo?
  419. Replacement DVD Player for ED Plasma
  420. Dvd Quality
  421. Help for a HDTV noob - will upscale dvd player be better?
  422. Recommend Good Quality DVD Recorder
  423. DVD Recorder with tuner
  424. New DVD player for 1080i CRT TV
  425. hdmi to dvi cables
  426. Oppo dvd player help
  427. Denon 2910 VS OPPO & NEUNEO
  428. i have a samy 5085 dlp looking for a good dvdplayer?
  429. Sit tight and wait?
  430. Video Problem with Panasonic DVD-S77
  431. New HDTV, need new DVD player
  432. DVD Player Output: 420p vs 720p
  433. Looking for a Combo VHS/DVD Recorder with Firewire
  434. Looking for a basic DVD player of high quality
  435. Oppo dvd player help please
  436. New TV...Old DVD Player
  437. samsung 8250 upscaling question
  438. a question about GIEC GK-3500
  439. Sony DVPNS70H with a WEGA KD34XS955?
  440. lg dvd players
  441. Samsung HD850 and heat problem
  442. top of the line hd dvd player
  443. Samsung HD-850 And Component Cables (Again)
  444. DVD quality question...
  445. Suggestions for DVD recorder with HDMI.
  446. NeuNeo HVD2085 Vs Oppo OPDV971H
  447. Time to buy a newer dvd player?
  448. Oppo player and HDCP compliance?
  449. Need Recommendation for Panasonic TH-42PX50U plasma
  450. Newbie Question
  451. Movie Pic size puzzle
  452. Movie Pic size puzzle
  453. Looking for... DVD Recorder w/ HDD
  454. A true HD Player?
  455. Ntsc/pal Question
  456. LG High-Definition DVD Player
  457. Harman/Kardon dvd 22
  458. Need imput RE: HD DVD Players
  459. Quick question about the OPPO dvd player
  460. Panasonic S77 vs S97 is the extra $50 worth it for the S97?
  461. Not much difference between having progressive on or off?
  462. Stupid Question from a Newbie
  463. Upscaling DVD?
  464. Does DVD player's "blacker-than-black" or black level rating matter if I have LCD TV?
  465. PS2 as primary DVD player
  466. looking for a new dvd player
  467. Toshiba Plasma Picture Help w/ DVD Player
  468. Pioneer dvr-810H
  469. Best DVD for Panasonic TH-50PX50U Plasma TV
  470. What are you useing with your XBR960??
  471. Toshiba and Oppo compatability?
  472. Opinions of the Samsung HD-841 dvd player?
  473. NeuNeo HVD2085
  474. New HDTV/Toshiba 5970 owner needs help...
  475. Need Suggestions: Player with Component 1080i Upscale
  476. JVC SRDVD-100U Networked WMV9 DVDplayer
  477. New to HDTV and Lots of Questions.
  478. Stalled
  479. DVD Players have video pass through?
  480. Upscaling DVD and HD LCD monitor, resolutions?
  481. Samsung DVD-HD950 + tv
  482. Cross Posting/HD DVD: Samsung HD850 and set-up
  483. DVD/CD player
  484. Just bought a new 42" HDTV. Now I need a DVD Player *Help*
  485. 480I vs 480P?
  486. Need help with New HDTV Connection
  487. Upscaling
  488. Denon and Upscaling
  489. Component to DVI Upscale???
  490. PC Article: OPDV971H - A Winning Digital DVD Player
  491. KDF55WE655 doesnt recognize 16:9 from DAVFR10W
  492. Connection questions
  493. DVD Upscale (Progressive or Interlace Setting)
  494. Whats the difference between a samsung 841 and 850?
  495. Toshiba 5980, Samsung 850, Denon 755s, or LG DVB418
  496. Cyberhome
  497. Oppo 91H and dual layer DVD
  498. Panny DVD s77 vs s97
  499. oppo dvd problem
  500. Need Recommendation for Portable DVD Player