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  1. Panasonic's AE 2.1 Writer
  2. Sony Bloggie MHS-CM5
  3. Nikon D40 - Lost my rubber viewfinder surround
  4. kodak m575
  5. Sony HDR-DC3 Tape Lock Sensor Broken? Fix/defeat? (the tape is locked check the tab
  6. Problem with glitchy pixels on my canon hf s200
  7. Kodak Zi8 software bug. Macro mode won't turn off. Any ideas?
  8. lapel microphone recommendations
  9. Sony HDR-XR150 is it worth the $$$
  10. which hd camcorder
  11. Small HD camcorder with good image stabilization?
  12. Please HELP with rendering HD video
  13. Opinions on a Lumix FZ35?
  14. AVCHD to DVD using VEGAS-STEP to STEP
  15. Help !!! Computer won't recognize my HF20
  16. HELP - cannot connect hd camcorder to samsung a650 tv via HDMI
  17. Panasonic HDC-TM700 1080p60 !
  18. Vegas Movie Studio AVCHD Rendering Problems
  19. Samsung HMX-H200 series (203 204 205)?
  20. HD Storage
  21. Help buying camera/camcorder combo
  22. Sony Z1U Question
  23. Just noticed the AVCHD video previewed on PC is remarkably...
  24. Canon VIXIA HFS100 Battery Charge Display Issue
  25. Toast 10 Titanium Pro...any comments?
  26. Best full HD under $1000?
  27. What Digital Camera/ Web-cam fits my needs
  28. Where is the lisence key for traveler hdxi??
  29. How do I get my videos from camcorder to dvd??
  30. Rendering Fast movement videos (sony vegas)
  31. 1080i @ 60FPS ? For the Layman. Sanyo Xacti VPC-GH2?
  32. New HD Cam - Hard drive or Flash?
  33. How to convert AVCHD to AVI, MPG, WMV, MOV , MP4, etc?
  34. need a camera for taking night video
  35. Connecting Camcorder to PC Via HDMI
  36. Canon VIXIA HF S200..Help?
  37. Need Help with HD Cam Selection. Panasonic, JVC, Samsung
  38. Aiptek action hd
  39. New Canon HF21...New to HD, New to Mac...Help!
  40. Sony HDR-XR100 Uploading Problems
  41. Pro-ish Camera Setup
  42. I need to buy a light for my AG-HMC 150 camcorder??help me please???
  43. Canon HG20 Slow Transfer Times to PC
  44. Camcorders with good bokeh?
  45. What is the Workflow for the sony z7 Progressive Format
  46. Recording advice
  47. Best software to download HV10 HD camcorder tapes
  48. Which is better: Sony HDR-HC1 or Canon Vixia HF20?
  49. Camcorder for time lapse?
  50. How to playback Canon Vixia HF 200 files in a basic PC?
  51. SONY HDR-UX3 difficulty loading to Youtube
  52. Sony HDR FX1000 vs Panasonic AG-HVX200a
  53. Advice on HD file formats welcome?
  54. Sony HVR-A1U issue with LCD panel
  55. Need recommendation for HD camera
  56. sony HDR-CX100 (How to make DVD-High Def Quality)
  57. Question About Pinnacle Studio
  58. Decision time - Sony HVR-A1N or Panasonic AG-HMC40
  59. Solid-state recording in both NTSC/PAL?
  60. HFS100 optimum quality settings
  61. Cannot transfer DVR-MS to hard drive
  62. looking for best hd camcacorder
  63. recording AVCHD
  64. HDTV won't recognize hdmi from Camcorder
  65. HFS100 - Grainy video
  66. xh a1 vs hvx200
  67. Conversion software
  68. HD Camcorder Setup - Help!!!
  69. Slow motion with Sony HDR FX1 ?!
  70. Canon HD Camcorder
  71. HD Output to SD TV
  72. Can they record while connected to outlet?
  73. Firewire connection for Canon HV10
  74. Computer Requirements.
  75. Fake SD card
  76. help! just got my canon hf20
  77. Samsung HMX-H100 camera
  78. Do I have to load any of the Canon HF20 software?
  79. problems with my panasonic SD20
  80. Problem Recording AVCHD using Pinnacle
  81. Sony Picture Motion Browser + Windows 7
  82. HAD Versus HD and Camera Source?
  83. What format is closest to raw avchd for high definition?
  84. Stills with HD Camcorder
  85. need help selecting a camera
  86. Record to HDD
  87. Help Needed
  88. HFS100 to MBP - Snow Leopard?
  89. AVCHD DVD disc: some play, some don't on Sony BDP-S1.
  90. Anyone AVCHD on Their Toast?
  91. New to camcorders, need advice.
  92. Looking for filter for Canon HF200
  93. Awesome HD Helmet Camera - Vholdr
  94. Any HC Encoder users here?
  95. Simple: some help with resolution of my JVC HD-7
  96. Camcorder system w/ unusual requirements...
  97. I love my Canon HV10 but it has a problem....
  98. hfs100 - how to disconnect?
  99. Need help picking out an HD camera
  100. Placement of camcorder in a camera bag
  101. CANON HF200 equivalent to the SONY HDR-XR520?
  102. HD camera for skydiving
  103. who can share the video for 2009 nfl draf
  104. Flip UltraHD and HD 720p H.264 MP4 video ?????
  105. HD video quality conversion
  106. Overwhelmed and need advice.
  107. Canon HF20 avchd file management - how do I add new files
  108. Sell my HF100 and buy HFS100?
  109. disconnecting HF20 from computer?
  110. Canon HF100 HD output
  111. Canon/Windows Catch 22
  112. Sanyo VPC-CG10 HD or Aiptek Action HD GVS 1080P
  113. 3 nubie questions for more experienced members in this forum
  114. HD on SD Card Or USB
  115. Canon SX1
  116. 16.9 WideScreen
  117. AVCHD on Mac - Newbie and CS4 User
  118. 1080i vs 1080p shutter speed and blurring while panning
  119. Is this a camcorder or lens defect?
  120. Sony HDR XR105 camcorder?
  121. camcorder and computer software advice
  122. Best AVCHD software on a Mac? Please Help!!
  123. Sony Handycam HDR-CX100
  124. AVCHD quality issue
  125. Underwater Filming
  126. Last minute Advice appreciated
  127. does "optical sensor" size matter?
  128. vixia hf s200
  129. Best-Reasonably Priced-HD Camcorder
  130. Should I wait?
  131. best 720 cams
  132. Are we being mislead, deceived and lied to?
  133. Advice on computer power and displaying AVCHD on Viera TV
  134. Online Store Recommendation...
  135. New HD Camcorder - Help!!
  136. HDR-HC7 - Need Lapel Mic Needed
  137. Extraordinarily high transfer times - please help!
  138. Things that make you say Hmmmm...
  139. Cool wide angle HD video camera with a water housing
  140. HD connection
  141. Newbie at HD video processing some general computer help tips please?
  142. Has anybody tried the Panasonic AG-HMC40?
  143. Need help buying a camcorder and external mic
  144. SAMSUNG HMX20c editing software???
  145. Is The Flip HDUltra Going To Be The Hottest Christmas Item This Year?
  146. Task is in Progress. Do not disconnect the data source
  147. Is HD really worth the $$$$$
  148. Rendered AVCHD
  149. I'm new here, more questions than answers
  150. High frequency sound and HD formats
  151. HDMI capture card w/ HD Camcorder
  152. Need advice on shooting format for doc using HF-S100
  153. Canon Vixia HF200 Issues
  154. Indoor sports clips using different camcorders?
  155. HD Camcorder with ext mic
  156. Canon Vixia HF-S11 or Sony HDR-XR520V?
  157. Indoor sports (basketball, badminton, karate etc) in HD?
  158. High definition footage, AV output and SD DVD recording
  159. burn AVCHD (.mt2s) files onto regular DVD
  160. Burn HD files onto DVD and play on blu-ray player?
  161. Watching clips on Canon HG20
  162. any recommendations on a hd camcorder
  163. hf s100 - transferring video files w/o ac adapter?
  164. Canon HF S100 - number of .mts files created
  165. Tips on how to convert Sony MTS on mac
  166. Should I buy an HF200?
  167. Final Cut Pro Camera Settings with my HDV cameras
  168. Panasonic HDC-HS300 For Sale
  169. 10 second gaps capturing 24P?
  170. Connecting an HF200 to a MAC to see live images?
  171. Burning MTS to a DVD in HD Format
  172. get rid of the NOISE! (HELP PLEASE!)
  173. Canon HF20 - what computer & software to use.
  174. Sony HDR-UX10 AVCHD Camcorder
  175. need help for canon hf200
  176. Perfect HD Camera Website
  177. making the best of low light
  178. JVC gz-hm200 help with converting .mts
  179. HF S11 or HDC-TM300K? Also, Canon price increase 10/1?
  180. Dumb Girl Question... HF11
  181. Dumb Girl Question... HF11
  182. AVCHD file mgmt app
  183. Memory Compatable With Canon HF200
  184. how to turn focus assist on the canon hf200
  185. Kingston Memory Memory
  186. Flip Mino HD HELP REQUIRED
  187. When do new camcorder models come out?
  188. Overheating issue on Canon HF200
  189. Canon HG20 to Panasonic G Series Plasma 54" - need cable recommendation
  190. JVC GZ-X900 opinions?
  191. Decent video camera
  192. Sony Repair Service suggestion?
  193. Video quality...60i vs 60p
  194. Hi need some help
  195. Sony HVRA1U Video Problem
  196. MTS Editing Software with Conversion...help
  197. 1080p vs. 1080/30p or 24p or 60i confusion!
  198. Interested in buying a HVR-Z7J but have some questions
  199. How to tell how much memory you have on the camera left????????
  200. Ready to buy..but lost!!
  201. Canon HF200
  202. Sanyo FH1 / HD playback
  203. Camcorder LCD (pal-ntsc) differences
  204. HD setting for High School Football?
  205. older Sony HDR-SR1 versus newer Sony or newer JVC
  206. 24fps or 30ps? - cineframe24 or not?
  207. A doozie of a question
  208. HELP Cannon Vixia HF20- Burning to DVD
  209. Newbie with HD problem!!!
  210. Dumb Question:Canon HG10 24p mode
  211. HFS 100 Scenes
  212. Broken Lcd screen on jvc everio gz-hd3
  213. Camera HD Confusion :)
  214. Canon HF S10
  215. JVC Everio GZ-HD30U, where are my files?
  216. JVC GY-HM100U - The real story??
  217. Aiptek 720P HD Camcorder
  218. Can't connect Sony Camcorder to Pioneer TV
  219. Canon Vixia HF S100 Photo Noise Issue
  220. I think we're really stupid !
  221. Canon Vixia HG10, playing videos on computer??
  222. Canon hf11
  223. please help! connecting hd cam to samsung lcd
  224. Problems with transferring footage w/ i.Link Cable
  225. HFS 100 Workflow
  226. canon hg20
  227. which recording mode for HF200
  228. beyond frustrated!
  229. Canon Vivia HF S100: Frame rate versus recording mode
  230. need help using card reader
  231. Looking for a laptop to edit vid with...
  232. lowest price canon vixia hg20 camcoder
  233. what's the best HD HDD camcorder
  234. Performance Vrs Value
  235. For HD vidoe editing -- more video memory or faster processor?
  236. HD video cameras for time-lapse?
  237. *.mov video Windows XP needs 2.8GHz ?
  238. Sony CX105 artifacts?
  239. HF-S100 or HF20 ???
  240. Sony CX100 Video Editing
  241. flash card advice please
  242. Tripod question
  243. Canon XHA1 Shutter speed & sound
  244. Sports VideoCam
  245. Your help choosing a HD camcorder
  246. Canon HF100 or Nikon D90 ?
  247. delete
  248. Panasonic HDC-SD1 question...
  249. Basic How to Instructions - 101
  250. Good HD export option in Final Cut?
  251. Help with Canon VIXIA HF S100
  252. Sony Vegas Movie Studio & Playstation 3
  253. Trouble uploading HD (.mts) files to YouTube
  254. Film Trailer shot with the canon xh-a1 and hv20
  255. VH30 recording an iPhone/iPod Touch = No clear video
  256. Do I ned a viewfinder?
  257. Feedback on Sony HDR-CX12
  258. Kodak Easyshare questions Sony Vegas related
  259. Is it possible to shoot HD on a DV Tape
  260. What is the most efficient way to get HD files back home from across the world?
  261. Please suggest budget video cameras for professional work
  262. HDX900ex
  263. Canon Vixia HF20 or Sony HDRX-R200V?
  264. How many hours is too many hours on a used Sony HVR-A1U?
  265. Batteries for my kodak...
  266. Headphones question for the Canon HF 20
  267. panasonic hdc-sd20 camcorder - sd card compatibility issues?
  268. What to look for when buying an HD camera?
  269. Sony SR10 picture (rec/playback) poor
  270. Samsung R10 - Thoughts? Comparisons?
  271. Canon Vixia HF200
  272. Canon right for me? Need suggestions
  273. I need some help with my Panasonic HDC-HS9!
  274. Canon AVCHD clips with info
  275. Thoughts on JVC GY-hm100 Flash Memory HD Video Camera
  276. Canon Vixia HF100 Newbie Question
  277. After market lens for Sony handycam help
  278. What's MTS file? How to Burn MTS from HD Camera to DVD on Mac
  279. Canon HF10 compatible battery
  280. Hd Video Too Soft with Sony HDR SR-11
  281. Low light with Canon HF100
  282. Flip Video Ultra HD
  283. Canon HF200 or HF10? (low light issues?)
  284. Canon HF S100,, clear filters?
  285. Canon VIXIA HF-S100 or S10 ????
  286. XH-G1 or XH A1?
  287. Return Canon HX A1 to Factory Settings?
  288. How to get the most out of HF200
  289. I'm looking for an excellent HD Camcorder and your advice is very much appreciated
  290. Burning HD into normal DVDs.
  291. problems w/ video recording
  292. Please help me to decide!
  293. Canon Vixia HF10 vs Canon Vixia HV30
  294. Panasonic HDC-HS300 (3CMOS 1/4.1")
  295. JVC Everio GZ-HD6 using i-Link to output DV WHILE filming
  296. Canon XH-A1 HD/Red Rock Adapter - FANTASTIC!
  297. What HD camera fits my needs ????
  298. Aperture(F-number), Lens construction, Focal Length, etc
  299. New Canon HF S100 to be delivered tomorrow!
  300. Panasonic & Grass Valley partnership
  301. AVCHD conversion
  302. Looking for HD Camcorder'
  303. AVCHD Storage Folder Help
  304. JVC Everio GZ-MG670BU (Was I duped?)
  305. Pinnacle Studio Ultimate & XHA1
  306. Hard disk camcorder or memory card camcorder?
  307. Hf100 and hf10 flash size and price?
  308. Panasonic developing 1080p twin-lens P2 camcorder for native 3D captures
  309. 35mm adapter
  310. HD Camcorder between $450-550 - Suggestions?
  311. HD Camera - to multiple plasmas in venue
  312. avchd editing
  313. Exmor vs Exmor R sensor
  314. recording options - "cinematic"?
  315. Where do you guys get free and legal music for your video clips?
  316. Canon Vixia HG20 or 21 - Image effects
  317. Time to replace Sony Digital 8
  318. Sony Debuts New 1080p Camcorder
  319. Play Hi-Def Camcorder Clips at best possible quality (Help Please).
  320. Pinnacle 11 help please
  321. Issues capturing 24p in cineform and editing in premiere cs2
  322. Low light issues
  323. Question about importing via firewire
  324. hi def to vimeo or youtube hd
  325. Video Editing Software Under $100
  326. Panasonic HDC-SD9 Video Recording Mode?
  327. Standard Def on Sony HDR-SR12?
  328. Splash - next free AVCHD h.264 PC player from mirillis
  329. hd camcorder help plzzz
  330. NEWBEI Questions
  331. Canon EOS 500D DSLR camera with HD capabilities
  332. Time to replace Sony HDR-HC1?
  333. how to save videos from hrd-sr11to my PC
  334. Looking to buy Sony Movie Studio 9 Platnium Is this a good thing to have
  335. To playback my HD camcorder vids that I have burned on DVD
  336. Canon HG 20 please help
  337. Which is more important in a camcorder?
  338. Difference in sony studio platnium 9 and the Pro Pack
  339. New Member questions about Canon xh a1
  340. anyone using the DW 100 dvd burner
  341. whats the best camcorder today?
  342. Yet another 'which camcorder to buy' post. Need your help!
  343. What kind dvd player do I need to play HD camcorder videos
  344. HD camcorder usage for Dummies
  345. AVCHD to DVD conversion challenge
  346. Insignia HD Cam - Very Grainy HD Film?
  347. Whats best sdhc card to use with a HF100 camcorder
  348. URGENT help needed
  349. Camcorders: HD Pocket Camcorder with Image Stabilizer
  350. AVCHD to SD AVI - unuseable pixelation
  351. Just bought a Sony HDR-SR10 need help
  352. Help! picking camcorder :D
  353. SONY HDR-FX1 issue with transfer
  354. HELP! Need a TRUE 24p 1080p Cam ASAP
  355. Just got a Cannon HF100 Camcorder whats the best software to use with this camcorder
  356. JVC Everio X GZ-X900 HD Camcorder
  357. camcorder for mac
  358. will SSD cameras be worth the price?
  359. AVCHD editing in OS X - Apple intermediate quality?
  360. Looking for a new Camera
  361. JVC Everio gz-hd5u
  362. no in-camera playback??
  363. Archiving AVCHD - iMovie or Toast?
  364. SDHC card vs. Hi Speed-SD and Hi Density SD
  365. can my computer handle the hd transfer
  366. NTSC or PAL HDV camera
  367. Depth of Field
  368. Copy HD movie from internal memory to SDHC card
  369. Are there any avchd gurus around?
  370. Is there such a thing as Hi-Def PAL?
  371. Sony Vegas Question
  372. mts editing(not converting) software
  373. Looking for Browser vs. Editor
  374. Basic HD Camcorder w/ underwater
  375. Help with new camera.
  376. I need advice
  377. Best High Definition Camera
  378. Will the New Mac Pro be able to handle Native AVCHD
  379. Canon HG20 and Media Center
  380. Opinions of this camera
  381. First time HD cam Owner. A few quick Questions
  382. Please help me make the right choice!
  383. PC or Mac for AVCHD
  384. Sony HDR-SR10
  385. Quick Question
  386. Mini HD Video Camera---Recommendations?
  387. Can't download footage from my SR1 to my PC
  388. image stabilization
  389. Amazon has Creative Labs Vado HD 720p Pocket Video Camcorder $129.99 + Free shipping!
  390. How to get HD from vegas?
  391. Canon HF10
  392. Canon HV30 - can't capture in Hi-def mode
  393. effective pixel count
  394. Viewing video
  395. Do any of these new Canons trump Sony SR11 ?
  396. Panaonic SD9 wont play via HDMI
  397. I'm lost making a simple DVD with H.264 files
  398. Question on tranfering video through HDMI
  399. Thanks acgold7....
  400. New HF100 owner, HD questions
  401. Do 32GB flash cards work in Canon HF100 ?
  402. SONY HDV record greeny in dark areas
  403. How can i shoot in PAL system with Sony V1U or FX1?
  404. HD Cam on a budget
  405. Panasonic confirms that AG-HMC150 supports PAL system ? help me?
  406. Picture Quality of Different Video Modes in High Def Camcorder CANON HG 20
  407. Whats with Canons Prices?
  408. Does Sony HVR-V1U support PAL system ??
  409. Apple says Final Cut Software supports AVCHD
  410. 2T storage possible on SDXC cards
  411. which is better Sony 3-CMOS or Panasonic 3CCD???
  412. please i need exact answers for these questions???please help help ?????
  413. New Canon Vixia Models (2009)
  414. How do you see Panasonic AG-HMC150 ???help me??
  415. which is better Canon XH A1 or Sony HVR-V1U ????
  416. How do you see this HD camera.. JVC's GY-HD110U ???help
  417. What format does not need converting for standard DVD?
  418. Which is Better to film onto SDHC Flash Memory Card or onto Mini DV tape???help
  419. audio problem after conversion - help !!
  420. I need to buy a professional digital video camera ? within 3000$ help me plz help me?
  421. Why go with AVCHD?
  422. New to forum-HD Camcorder which one?
  423. final cut or avid
  424. Make HD dvds from Canon HV10 tapes
  425. Video Converter from Extensoft
  426. pentax zoom
  427. Which is most economical for low budget HD camera buyer?
  428. Hmm...disappointed with full HD camcorder footage quality on plasma TV. Please help!
  429. Which camcorder do i need?
  430. Dust under lens?
  431. in the market for a hd camcorder
  432. What's the fastest way to transfer video from a Canon HG20 to an Apple Macbook?
  433. MXP/FXP movies. Will I be able to preserve quality on my DVD disk?
  434. New Canon SX1 IS HD camera - HD mov. issues in Vista
  435. HD Camcorder Question
  436. HD Camera for racing
  437. Bad Sellers
  438. Canon GH20-what High Def software to use?
  439. 1080i PAL or NTSC is it an issue?
  440. Sony HDR-FX1 HD video transfer problem
  441. Have you forgotten lots of things in your mind?
  442. HV30 for 250. Is this store legit?
  443. Sound quality of HV30, hv20, and HC9
  444. Problem capturing HDV
  445. hg20 video light
  446. Sony Vegas 8 help...
  447. Nero 9 at BB for $50.....
  448. SD Card Vs. HHD
  449. Picture Profile in Panasonic P2
  450. Vado HD 720p pocket camcorder
  451. Geez...I just want a simple camcorder
  452. $199 10x otical zoom 720P video Cam Traveler HD 10x from Aldi groceries
  453. Couple of questions
  454. Anybody Own Canon VIXIA HG20?
  455. Possible Option for Sony Mem stick replacement....
  456. Should I buy High-Def for mac with no intel chip?
  457. Capturing footage-problems with HV30 ...
  458. Transferring video from HV10 to PC
  459. MAGIX Video Pro X editing software for HD content
  460. JVC HD-7 for professional looking music videos???
  461. Camcorder Suggestion-Urgent-
  462. Quad Core faster than Dual Core in Video editing?
  463. Looking at Panasonic HDC-HS9
  464. +100fps with 5-10 mp stills
  465. Lens adapter for the HVX
  466. Can Someone with an HF10 or HF100 Help me out?
  467. Cannon HF10 vs HF100
  468. Sony movie studio editing problem
  469. Canon HF11 or Sony SR11?
  470. new mini hd camera from flip
  471. Thoughts on Aiptek 720p? 169$
  472. Panasonic HDC-SD9 question
  473. sony hdr s10 or jvc gz hd7?
  474. Recorded HDV 1080i on to DVCam tape
  475. Sony or Cannon
  476. looking to by a HD camcorder whats a good buy out there now!!!
  477. hd camcorder with manual focus?
  478. now that I've got a HD camcorder.... what do I do?!
  479. Bitrates
  480. Sony HDR-HC5 playback issue
  481. Hf-10 Easy mode
  482. Sony Z1U camera doesn't display time code on field monitor
  483. Question about editing AVCHD Files
  484. Good program for converting DVD files to MP3 or AVI
  485. HD Camcorder for Webcam?
  486. Canon Hf-100 owners...What editing software?
  487. Can Sub-$1,500 HD Cams Capture Action Sports Clearly?
  488. what is HD
  489. Nero 8 and Canon HV10
  490. Hi-Def Camcorder for shooting music vids
  491. Sony HC7E and Canon XHA1
  492. Need your help.
  493. Does anyone know about corded mics for HD cameras
  494. Writing back files to camcorder
  495. Canon 5D Mark II, captures HD video
  496. disappointed in this forum
  497. HiDef Capture Canon HF100 to Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 12
  498. Sony UX5 HD camcorder ...
  499. HG10 or HF100?
  500. High definition editing - vegas prices?