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Cable Providers

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  1. AVOID optimum Altice services
  2. Activating a Set top Box
  3. SA 8300HD: avoid scaling, determine native resolution of a recording
  4. SA 8300HD component → Hauppauge HD-PVR2: can I capture CC closed-captioning?
  5. New Sony 4K tv and BAD viewing of hd channels with ComCast
  6. new Cisco cable boxes spectrum supplied cards not working
  7. Any Optimum Customers?
  8. FIOS to Spectrum
  9. CBS Now question...
  10. Switching Cable/TV Providers - Negotiating
  11. Comcast 4k?
  12. Buy comcast xfinity cable and get 75 mbps speed internet
  13. Sound quality question.
  14. Bye bye Comcast
  15. Cable Internationals channels?
  16. Use David to file a claim against your internet, cable, or phone provider!
  17. How to set fixed resolution Samsung SMT-C5320
  18. Should I Worry
  19. Comcast vs. Verizon Fios Compression?
  20. Comcast X1 Idiosyncrasies
  21. Bye Bye Cable TV
  22. splitter
  23. Xfinitys New Data Hike!
  24. Loose Sound when Switching from DVR
  25. Xfinity Voice Remote and Onkyo Reciever
  26. 4k cable box. when is it comming from your cable provider
  27. AMC, other channels pixelating despite HD signal
  28. Xfinity (Comcast) question...
  29. Cable-Box Rentals: A Needless $19-Billion Industry
  30. Internet Access From Cable TV?
  31. Comcast DVR loses favorites
  32. What's a good Router-Modem?
  33. 2 TVs
  34. Comcast Xfinity box settings
  35. Comcast Xfinity Pace PR150BNM
  36. dtc3416
  37. New Comcast HD User Questions, Please
  38. Calling ID # in Tv
  39. Magnavox 32MF321D not compatable with Cable Company Upgrade
  40. Moving need help
  41. Explorer 8300HD picture resolution
  42. BIG RAISE from cablevision..
  43. Need help with cable TV
  44. Charter DVR setup
  45. Horrible 480i pic on Mediacom
  46. My experience setting up a cable card with Comcast
  47. Netflix. Or
  48. Have non hd dish will cable hd help
  49. Charter
  50. Can't get time warner to cancel service
  51. undecided interne&Phone Provider help?
  52. unfinished "info"..
  53. The switchover is driving me nuts
  54. Comcast HBO on demand audio skips
  55. After power failure TV & DVR turn on themselves
  56. xfinity x1 anyroom dvr
  57. Scentific Atlanta 8300HD Reciever
  58. Comcast Buys Time-Warner Cable
  59. Comcast users: Has the skip length changed on the Comcast remote?
  60. Comcast receiver activation question
  61. Lastest Xfinity DVR
  62. Termination Fee
  63. Does MaxGo have special requirements to work smoothly?
  64. TWC needs help
  65. Flickering picture possible reasons?
  66. View 1080p 24p from Time Warner Cable 1080i
  67. Comcast HD-DTA100u With XR2 R1 Remote.
  68. Free Weekend
  69. Decode Comcast at the junction box
  70. Comcast's Great New Secret Cable Plan: Get Just What You Want (Mostly)
  71. Contour from Cox
  72. Looking For A Source For A User's Manual For A Pace Model PR150BNM HD Cable Box
  73. Question About Comcast's Pace Model PR150BNM HD Cable Box Power Off Problem
  74. Comcast Cable Box as a "Reciever"
  75. SNR and BER measurements-Comcast
  76. LOVE my Optimum
  77. Comcast Outage
  78. Unable to control volume (hdmi) via 8624hdc
  79. Recording starting late and ending early??
  80. Xfinity X1 Thread
  81. Charter Communications
  82. Newer box, worse picture??
  83. What variety of coaxail cable do you use most now?
  84. HD Homerun Prime - Great Price at NewEgg
  85. Consolidated Communications - Fiber (Pittsburgh)
  86. Comcast cable card missing HD channels
  87. Comcast remote interferes with Sony home theater in a box audio
  88. Emerson tv not tuning all channels
  89. Help with Comcast
  90. Comcast local HD - completely confused (what is QAM?)
  91. Cat5e vs Cat6
  92. I Thought Cablevision Was Bad
  93. Comcast (Pittsburgh area) HD box
  94. Difference in COX packages
  95. Splitting my coaxial cable
  96. Viewing encrypted channels without a set top box?
  97. Motorola DCT6412 ( standard def ) make HD
  98. Time Warner
  99. TWC update
  100. As a cablevision subscriber, is it best to watch HDTV with HDMI or Component cables?
  101. Cable Box/DVR Picture Lockup Issues
  102. Cable Compression
  103. Comcast Seasonal Subscription
  104. Very poor HD quality on Motorola DCH3200
  105. Composite to HDMI converter for my cable box?
  106. stop recording COMCAST
  107. Please rank the following: Comcast, WOW, AT&T and Direct Tv for HD Ability
  108. Scientific Atlanta 8240hdc remote code issue
  109. Lost ESPN/ESPN2 HD channels on Comcast/Xfinity
  110. No signal/picture through hdmi/component
  111. Cablevision Samsung Box
  112. What's this scam?
  113. Twc
  114. Cablevision Internet Speed
  115. Anyone been having Comcast internet trouble the past few nights?
  116. Comcast pac12 channel
  117. High Speed Modem
  118. Streaming Video
  119. Whats a Cheap Wireless Router w/ Cable Modem for Time Warner?
  120. Comcast Xfinity -New Wiring
  121. Satvision SM-2002
  122. HELP!!! No audio through HDMI
  123. Questions about moving from Sat. to digital cable.
  124. Cox Cable changing video output problem
  125. Cablevision piggyback
  126. Cablevision all digital options
  127. Can I simulate not having cable service just by unplugging my cable box?
  128. Help with Comcast codes for Westinghouse HDTV
  129. Getting black bars on all sides of pic on all SD channels
  130. TW SA 4250HDC "Not authorized"!
  131. Comcast PQ Issues
  132. Time Warner Canceled Me
  133. Cox and TV issues? or just my tv? help, please ):?
  134. What should my Comcast Motorola be set to?
  135. Where to buy high quality coax splitters
  136. Piggy Back Data Transfer Over Comcast Cable
  137. Time Warners Phone service
  138. Cox Cable HDTV help
  139. xfinity
  140. HD Cable to HDDVR
  141. Moving - Provider Suggestions?
  142. Cox Communications - HDTV goes completely black/blank, what gives?
  143. Anybody work for TWC and give me insight to your tv/internet promotions for July?
  144. Time Warner curiosity question??
  145. Time Warner
  146. dcx3200 and dxc3200-m for retail location
  147. Digital local channels
  148. Time Warner - Texas HD input
  149. Comcast Question About Price
  150. Where can I get the best deal on Comcast?
  151. Comcast Digital Question & Caller ID
  152. 30 Second Skip Button with Moto DCX 3400-M
  153. Plasma TV With HDMI (Monster Cable) Picture Problem.
  154. Comcast doesn't seem to care about my market..
  155. Scientific atlanta explorer 8240HDC - expanders that work?
  156. Comcast MLB Extra Innings games in HD
  157. Brighthouse from Dish
  158. Splitting Cox digital STB to 2 HDTV's with HDMI splitter?
  159. Comcast Problems
  160. TWC Signature Home- DVD Recording problem
  161. Comcast DTA self-install kit
  162. HDTV box for comcast service
  163. Comcast Whole house DVR
  164. Just got a new HDTV, very disappointed
  165. Home Telecom
  166. Cablevision - New Customer / Equipment ?
  167. Question about HTPC, sort of????
  168. Cox: Does leaving the cable on sap more electricity?
  169. RCN QAM channels Chicago - No Fox, ABC??
  170. Help with Comcast Basic Service
  171. Probably moving, definitely losing my FIOS
  172. Avermedia C281 for copying DVR content
  173. Streaming with comcast help
  174. Can I get HD free?
  175. Comcast cable feed issues with older plasma
  176. Comcast HD DVR Options
  177. Help with TW Problem
  178. sanyo TV with comcast issues
  179. Comcast service start
  180. Set-top DVR Box Recording Limits ?
  181. Hd and HDMI boxes newbie here!!
  182. QAM stations changing channels
  183. Philips Fernseher ohne Suchlauf
  184. Is the usb 3.0 out for public use yet?
  185. How do I recieve QAM with basic cable on an old tv?
  186. MSG pulls channel off TWC systems
  187. signal strength tester>>>>cheap?
  188. comcast video settings
  189. Cablevision of new york did me justice
  190. Comcast Xfinity residental rg11 then to cat 6 issue
  191. Pairing Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8240 HDC to "My book AV DVR Expander"
  192. S/A HDTV Explorer 8240 HDC drops out on HDMI
  193. HDTV and Time Warner Basic Cable Questions
  194. Dish to Bright House
  195. Cable Modem Question.
  196. Good Buy SA 8300
  197. COMCAST and 3D ACER monitor
  198. scientific atlanta 8240 Changed Internal HD Service Menu Question
  199. blank channels on cablevision
  200. Time Warner and last nights hockey game
  201. Comcast box RNG150N
  202. HD with comcast DTA box
  203. Aaron Gonzalez
  204. Comcast Resolution Settings
  205. Thanksgiving night NFL on NFL Network (come on TWC!!)
  206. Rogues Can Pick Locks to Make Gold
  207. What Is SBS 3D?
  208. Internet Cable
  209. Cablevision in Brookhaven NY
  210. HDTV from cable box on all-in-one pc?
  211. Comcast SA 8300HD problem
  212. cable or satellite h.d signal
  213. motorola box and rng110 box
  214. New to Comcast DCX 3400
  215. Why is Cable so expensive?
  216. Question about moving Comcast boxes around
  217. Time-warner box question
  218. [HELP] Connecting cable box to 2 TV
  219. Low volume on non-HD channels
  220. Comcast HD - FOX Deportes, ESPN Deportes, GolTV
  221. SA 8300HD Time Warner auto adjust picture size
  222. COX or Uverse or Dishnetwork
  223. uverse lineuup
  224. Help!! Plasma TV's HDMI2 port not working after power outage..
  225. Please Verify
  226. Some Questions
  227. Comcast Users
  228. Scientific Atlanta 8300 hd dvr POS
  229. Comparison between Dish Network and Direct TV
  230. Sabres HD Channel 700 on TWC Buffalo - Basic*??
  231. HDMI cable only transmits non-HD signal
  232. Time-warner problems
  233. Warning: NewUser w/ generic questions
  234. Motorola color space settings?
  235. Can see video through composite but not through hdmi (was working before)
  236. Problem w/ resolution changes
  237. Comcast Cable Box to Zenith TV
  238. Are Today's CableCARDs Obsolete?
  239. Intermittent loss of signal?
  240. Does anyone have the TIVO/Charter package yet?
  241. Does anyone have charter whole house DVR?
  242. Is there anyway to tell what new HD channels charter may be adding in the near future
  243. SA : 8300HD signal
  244. Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8300HD DVR problem
  245. looking to access the OTA signals comcast sends
  246. 8240hdc
  247. New Samsung Cable HD box .....Problems setting up ..HELP !
  248. Anyone have charter basic internet package?
  249. NHL Center Ice On Comcast
  250. Question about Charter Cable
  251. Sudden Link in Truckee Customer
  252. Thinking about switching to Comcast
  253. Comcast-Adding HD to another TV options
  254. Comcast alternative DVR?
  255. messed up channels..
  256. Comcast so called "Worry free move"
  257. Time Warner Offer....Legit??
  258. Comcast in SLC question
  259. question..
  260. Use Verizon FIOS MI424WR as a Router in Comcast Xfinity?
  261. A question that needs answering
  262. Scientific Atlanta 8300HDC Guide Shrinking Problem
  263. Cox: Can my security deposit be used to pay a bill?
  264. Scientific Atlantic Explorer 8300HD Aux Input Record
  265. Cable signal and interference
  266. Hello
  267. Black bars on side of screen, help!
  268. Lost picture when changing output on cable box
  269. My computers video card...help
  270. Comcast's Next Generation Xfinity Spectrum DVR
  271. Charter HBO HD On Demand
  272. Cox release IPhone App that is crap
  273. Guide Alterations
  274. How many know that TWC's standard analog tier w/ a STB or CC is actually digital?
  275. Problem with External Drive (SATA) and Comcast
  276. Motorola DCX 3400 setup menu reverts to 720P
  277. Upgrading to Time Warner digital cable
  278. I'm Lost Now, Need Help!
  279. Running Two TVs on One Cable Box
  280. SA Explorer 8300HDC - make USB power on/off with unit?
  281. Gilbert Locking Terminators -- TR75GATL
  282. Time Warner cable Internet question
  283. IO Cablevision of Long Island Ipad app
  284. Website that lists some Comcast managers?
  285. Manger of Comcast Ann Arbor Michigan location for small claims lawsuit?
  286. is it pigtail cable & tv cable both are same?
  287. Making Comcast HDTV box and AOC LCD HDTV play nice
  288. MLB package
  289. New Comcast program guide......yuck!
  290. Comcast Xfinity vs. AT&T U-Verse
  291. SA CISCO Explorer 8300HDC DVR Video pass-through
  292. Comcast via TVs ATSC questions
  293. Time- Warner quality and such ?
  294. Comcast On Demand problems
  295. Charter HD Service
  296. Can only get digital OR regular basic cable channels but not both?
  297. Been caught stealin...
  298. Dish to comcast??
  299. My iO DVR Plus Review
  300. Multi room dvr
  301. Going with Doomcast Internet
  302. Latest DVR from TWC in NYC?
  303. Intermittent HD reception
  304. Picture Freezes
  305. streaming wireless HD problems
  306. Comcast--Picture not HD
  307. Cable box doesn't have an HDMI port.
  308. Seeking advice: Changing ISPs for a co-op/apt?
  309. Vizio Internet TV & Scientific Atlanta 8300
  310. Comcast cable feed issue
  311. Cable amplifier question
  312. Komkast data Kaps
  313. Anybody get KCAL in San Diego area?
  314. 4200hd stb
  315. How does HDTV Go from Coax to HDMI to TV?
  316. Samsung STM-H3260?
  317. Qam problem? Suddenly can't get HD channels
  318. Samsung TV, Samsung HDDVR HDMI error
  319. QAM Channel Help
  320. HD Content Protection of your display...
  321. TV Tuner Configuration Question
  322. Comcast - Can duplicate SD channels be hidden?
  323. New hd DVr box TWC
  324. Samsung HD Box Set Up ? Output Resolution
  325. Cable Box Fried-Surge Protection for Coax?
  326. Intermittent pixelation bar across screen on OTA HD Channels - STL Area
  327. Setup LAN on cable modem or purchase separate wireless modem?
  328. Can't get Direct TV. Make me feel better about Comcast
  329. thinking of getting comcast cable...?
  330. is it possible to mix comcast and dish signals in one coax cable?
  331. Explorer 8300HD(Comcast)-No 5.1 Audio Signal when using HDMI video and Optical
  332. Cable box that uses tvs HD Tuner
  333. How to work a dvr with comcast?
  334. Is there a cable signal decrypter without tuner/converter?
  335. Comcast cut local HD channels
  336. comcast service help
  337. Anyone with Time warner and TIVO premier
  338. comcast -stuck on 480i
  339. Time Warner guide question
  340. Time Warner HDMI not working?
  341. Insight raises prices - no improvement
  342. best value for money
  343. Comcast Signal Lost
  344. Comcast and Signal Loss / Speed Loss issues
  345. Samsung HD receiver from TWC
  346. Please help - quick question for school project
  347. Comcast - Nothing Changes - Same Crap
  348. Comcast Sports Question (Should I Switch?)
  349. Can't get display through HDMI, comcast
  350. Great News: Fox Programming has returned! NEWS CORP Settled.
  351. comcast user all i get is 720p? wtf?
  352. Comcast and 120hz scan rate?
  353. Some Questions Wasn't Sure Which Forum to Post in
  354. Comcast DCT3416 i terminally ill -can I pull the shows off the HD?
  355. Fox & My9 Dropped from Optimum
  356. Time Warner Los Angeles...a few questions.
  357. Comcast upgrade lost Advanced Settings Scientific Atlanta 4250 HDC Box Help!!!!!!!!!
  358. Harmony one remote now lags on comcast dvr
  359. New Here: Question About HD and Time Warner
  360. Time Warner HD Service - Looks Like Standard Def
  361. Motorola DCH3200 HD Box
  362. 5.1 surround issue with Comcast
  363. Need honest opinion of Comcast HD PQ
  364. Comcast software update
  365. Charter dropped the ball!
  366. Emergency Alert System, EAS
  367. STB vs Internal tuner
  368. Setting up SA 8300 HDC to pass through??
  369. Missing/Non-Working HD Channels
  370. Comcast and tv tuner
  371. Latest HD-DVR for Time Warner?
  372. 3D Sports channels on TWC?
  373. Vertical jitter: is it my TV, or is it my HD signal?
  374. Need Suggestions of choosing which service provider
  375. HD Tuner with projector
  376. Optical Out on DCX3200 (Time Warner)
  377. Optical audio output does not work on S.A. 8300HDC + Wide open West
  378. Time Warner adds lots more porn but no NFL Network
  379. Time Warner HD DVR Problem
  380. Comcast RNG110 transportability?
  381. Problem with ESPN HD
  382. I have a weak signal--Help!! Need Booster???
  383. Brief Static when changing from SD to HD Channels (SA8300HD)
  384. Charter Box wont work, need help!!
  385. My Comcast and why I like them
  386. Cox Hi Def Cable Box activation problems
  387. Comcast 720p or 1080i for Panny X24 720p plasma
  388. charter cable hd
  389. Anyone have one of the newer boxes...
  390. Multipl Audio Output Issue (SA 8300HD)
  391. TWC HD DVR no picture but sound
  392. Comcast/Motorola losing 4:3 settings
  393. Wireless Cable Extender's
  394. A Comparison of Comcast and Directv
  395. Almost had it out with a DirectTV technician
  396. Shock...My Cable Came!!!
  397. Samsung Boxes Break In at Cablevision
  398. DVR Transportability
  399. Comcast subscribers in Houston how has your experience been?
  400. Channel numbers
  401. dish tv vs directv
  402. Time Warner Cable - 27106 Area - Local Digital Channels
  403. Moving to Southport, NC - help please...
  404. Bright House Networks and HD
  405. Power Strips
  406. Comcast digital change over question
  407. Pixelation - Glad I stuck with it, not really the splitter, not really the STB
  408. Can't receive stable QAM signals
  409. Time Warner Dispute with ESPN Networks
  410. Available Comcast HD STBs
  411. Cox Information Pls
  412. TW and Toshiba TV
  413. 1080i tv showing in 480i
  414. Cable box for bulk account?
  415. Fox Soccer Network HD on Comcast any time soon
  416. Looking for Opinions
  417. hdmi
  418. Glee
  419. Splitter looks like it was the problem
  420. Comcast - HD DVR options?
  421. Confused About Comcast Options
  422. Comcast - Seattle Losing Local Digital Signals
  423. Comcast adding a lot of HD channels in Chicago market finally!!
  424. TWC Question?
  425. SA 8240 Box - Time Warner - blacking out
  426. Pixelation when changing HD channels
  427. your hdtv does not support hdcp????
  428. It's that slow in a consistent basis?
  429. KomKast
  430. SA8300 DVR question
  431. Local HD Stations Gone from Comcast Basic Feed
  432. Time Warner problems
  433. HD 3D channels
  434. Questions regarding Comcast HDTV picture
  435. Digital HD TV available but not Internet
  436. Armstrong Cable Box?
  437. How come my old tv tunes all channels but my hdtv tunes none.
  438. TWC Samsung 3260 STB
  439. Hows your Comacst Data usage running
  440. Pros and Cons of Moto DCX 3400
  441. Picture Format
  442. Comcast synchronized with Panny g20
  443. Can't get Dolby Digital with Navigator
  444. Moving to NC how is ...?
  445. A bit of employee knoledge
  446. Comcast box buzzing, not from speakers
  447. Options for Comcast box outputting HDMI
  448. HORRIBLE Comcast Cust Service
  449. Need information on HD DVR's
  450. Internal Hard Drive Format
  451. Just curious about my Comcast useage compared to others
  452. External Hard Drive
  453. Anyone having this issue with Comcast HD Channels?
  454. TWC Cisco 4640HDC with Sony Bravia LCD TV
  455. HDCP Error with Motorola DCX3400 HD DVR
  456. Would my box work elsewhere?
  457. New Cable TN Taxrs Fo Us Rich People
  458. lost comcast channels since 2 days ago
  459. Comcast standardizing channel numbers nationally
  460. Scientific Atlant 8300HD DVR (Comcast) playing wrong show
  461. Who is your provider and how much do you pay monthly?
  462. Comcast Question
  463. Thinking about getting a Moxi HD DVR
  464. Charter cable reception
  465. Cable box or TV?
  466. Who would you say is the best Cable provider in Burbank, CA?
  467. Need Help with Comcast Remote Cisco DVR codes
  468. Comcast 'wins' Consumerist worst-company tournament
  469. Cox vs Direct TV in San Diego CA
  470. Digital conversion PQ ?s
  471. Who decides the resoultion?
  472. Comcast missing HD channels.
  473. A 2-year contract letter?
  474. Moving to WA (From New York); Comcast or different?
  475. question about digital tuner and cable tv
  476. Save recorded programs from Comcast DVR
  477. Sa 4250
  478. Question about cable boxes
  479. comcast lost channels 2-216
  480. Do you have Time Warner Cable?
  481. Comcast wins
  482. Funky TWC problem with a funky solution
  483. DCT2000 and HD question
  484. After install of Cable Box/HD DVR not all channels coming in
  485. another baseball season and still no hd games with comcast extra innings package
  486. HDCP "Handshake" preventing HDMI auto-switch from working?
  487. Upgrading to HD cable again - ESPN HD without STB?
  488. External HD goes to sleep on 8300HD...
  489. TWC SA8300= junk? or is there a way to make this thing actually do something useful?
  490. Comcast RNG110 HD Problem
  491. Explorer 8240HDC Guide
  492. Need help
  493. comcasts latest outrage!
  494. Run TW dvr through computer?
  495. Settings for SA8300Hd
  496. Any chance for NFL Network and Cablevision?
  497. Comcast Remotes Overlap & Cause Problems
  498. What will an hd terminal do to my 720p tv?
  499. FREE Showtime..
  500. WEll Well... I see where Comcast is starting a useage monitor..