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  1. Comcast DVD ?
  2. Question to Nj Comcast Subscribers
  3. HD DVR Terrible
  4. Pixelization
  5. Frustration wtih Time Warner
  6. YES!! Just got the DCT 6412 III HDMI!
  7. Time Warners regular cable channels
  8. Cablevision IO Digital Any new channel on the way?
  9. certain movie channels not quite filling screen!!!!!
  10. Wide Screen Question
  11. descrambler
  12. MN Comcast Local HD Channel Trouble
  13. CableCARD v. HD STB/DVR (Cablevision)
  14. Scientific Atlantic 8300 HD DVR Question
  15. New to HD-Couple of Questions
  16. Cable vs Satellite
  18. HDMI Vs Component on Motorola?
  19. New JD Power and Associates Rankings
  20. my new moto comcast box w/hdmi!!
  21. New customer - some questions
  22. CableCard problem
  23. Cable Card -or- STB & Good Wiring?
  24. I'm getting my HDTV cahnnels through Comcast
  25. Comcast HDTV Adventure
  26. MLB EI in High Def-Anyone??
  27. On Demand doesn't work
  28. What's your cable programming setup?
  29. Is there any way not to show or indicate Not Available channels on guide?
  30. 8300 and no OnDemand now, TWCNYC
  31. Cannot program Onkyo onto Explorer Remote AUX button...
  32. Comcast W/tivo Extra$$$
  33. Comcast PVR1 question
  34. comcast
  35. Charter HD in Pasadena CA
  36. More HD Cable viewers than Satelite
  37. Tivo Quality...WOW
  38. Charter HD
  39. Movin to Vegas
  40. TiVo and Comcast, together at last!
  41. cable card
  42. Alternative to HD Comcast equip?
  43. Compare HD/DVR to TIVO
  44. stupid question???
  45. Breaking News!! Comcast Nashville going all digital in Sept. and adding more HD
  46. I Get Porn!
  47. Hello, I'm new to HD!
  48. Charter Cable, Hickory NC - A New Low
  49. Cox cable card in Phoenix
  50. Local Channels w/ ATSC tuner
  51. Did the DTV to Comcast Switch..Im happy
  52. TWCNYC HD PPV Channel?!?
  53. Cox HD Package
  54. HD-zoom button on motorola 6412 remote
  55. Charter Cable, Hickory NC
  56. Comcast -- Digital Cable & HD what they don tell you
  57. basic cable analog widescreen?
  58. This sux...
  59. Is HD digital?
  60. Cable splitting
  61. Newbie Comcast HD question
  62. WB and UPN in HD on Comcast .
  63. NFL Network HD on Comcast
  64. Rolling left to right interference 'bar' when watching hi def on Comcast
  65. Comcast Problems
  66. Question on Comcast picture quality?
  67. What the crap..?! Why does TWC not have that many HD Channels?
  68. Just got comcast
  69. Comcast Service...yeccchhhh
  70. Adelphia take over.
  71. New Comcast HD user, problems with HD channels
  72. Bright house Networks analog channels will change to digital
  73. Please Help with Moxi
  74. ondemand
  75. Adelphia to Comcast transition?
  76. Who's the goat?
  77. Comcast in Pittsburgh???? HD
  78. 8300HD Issues
  79. Comcast HD Receiver used in Dallas, Texas Market
  80. Time Warner in Albany, New York
  81. Stupid Question - Comcast W/o Box?
  82. Comcast analog on digital TV?
  83. Cable Lines
  84. Comcast - New ATSC/QAM Channels
  85. Comcast HD Service
  86. Positive feedback on Comcast for a change....
  87. Move from Directv to Comcast
  88. sorry guys, but i got a dumb question.
  89. Charter HD DVR
  90. Mediacom no fox HD!!!!
  91. DVI Vs. Component Connections
  92. Anyone know if Time Warner has Showtime HD and Cinemax HD?
  93. does comcast have a bigger hard drive yet?
  94. Yes/HD 715/Cablevision
  95. WB11/711HD/Cablevision
  96. Comcast line up
  97. Signal Strength
  98. New Motorola Box?
  99. Sa 8300 Dvr/hd
  100. Contracted Installers? WTF
  101. Comcast or DirecTV?
  102. Setting up the SA 8300HD on Cox
  103. Cable Card or HD Box ? Comcast
  104. Any new HD programing coming to Comcast??
  105. Some Cable Complaints.
  106. Yesterday's Yankee Game (July 4th)
  107. Tnt-hd
  108. ESPN ESPN2 in HD
  109. NASCAR on NBC in HD
  110. Nesn Hd
  111. Need help with programs sent in hd and digital
  112. No guide menu on HD channels? (6412)
  113. PIP help!
  114. carblecard help
  115. Best Config for Cox HD w/ 50 in Akai Plasma
  116. Sa 8300 Hd Dvr
  117. PPV Channels on Comcast
  118. Titan Tv
  119. SA 3250HD errors on one channel
  120. Signal Tester?
  121. Comcast On Screen TV Guide
  122. How to tell if signals too strong/too weak?
  123. Cable Box Set Up Help Needed
  124. Cable split for HD and Standard broadcast
  125. Cablevision Plans to Take Company Private
  126. Cableone HD?
  127. Comcast
  128. Motorola HD and DVR Box problems?
  129. Time Warner (NYC) HD-DVR Box Connection?
  130. why dont locals look as good as inhd1 &2
  131. Comcast comes tomorrow!!
  132. Comcast Cable Card
  133. Possible future INHD channels..
  134. Smart Card? On DCT6200/6142
  135. More SD channels on comcast
  136. Comcast HD Channels
  137. COX HD/SD Quality - New England
  138. Why HDMI for Time Warner Cable.
  139. Component/DVI
  140. DCT6200 Questions...
  141. HDMI to DVI Problem
  142. Breaking News!!! - UPN on COMCAST!!!
  143. Comcast in SLC
  144. damn comcast HD box problems
  145. Comcast STB compatibility question
  146. cable tv and hd receivers.
  147. Comcast Stinks So Far
  148. samsung dlp and moto hd-dvr 6412??
  149. buying your own set to box
  150. More bad news from Comlast
  151. Another reason to hate Comcast
  152. Moto 6412 DVR - Audio Outputs
  153. cablecard and box
  154. HD zoom button on comcast hd-dvr 6412
  155. comcast hd dvr6412 guide in 4:3?????
  156. HDCP Message??
  157. sd channels
  158. Adelphia in N. San Diego County
  159. Comcast HD DVR...
  160. moto6412 split screen?
  161. When is digital cable also analog?
  162. Just got TimeWarner HD PVR
  163. Just got TimeWarner HD PVR
  164. Comcast in South Florida
  165. Comcast Digital Cable Plan ?
  166. Comcast HD versus WOW
  167. will 5x8 switch from DTV dish work with cable tv
  168. tuner onlt working on 480 or 1080?
  169. Comcast Dallas DVR's and HD stuff...
  170. Bright house Dual tuner DVR service started MOT 6412
  171. Comcast letter - some channels going all digital
  172. Channel Logos
  173. Bars on the side???
  174. Slow transition from menu to channel with SA8300hd
  175. Guess it's official, Comcast/TWarner bought Adelphia
  176. Can you get HDTV with Comcast Basic Analog Cable???
  177. Any new HD channels rumored?
  178. Having A Problem
  179. what happened to TNT???
  180. HD Comcast in Baltimore area
  181. explorer 3100hd problem
  182. HD picture so-so
  183. Is this possible???
  184. UPN Hd??
  185. HDMI to DVI conversion
  186. HD Programming
  187. Cable Card Install
  188. Cablevision- Explorer 4200HD & Panasonic TH42PD50U
  189. INHD just picked up a new reality series pilot: MotorSport Ranch
  190. Charter Cable or DirectV - Hickory NC
  191. Picture control: TV or cable box?
  192. comcast problems
  193. What about Local access cable?
  194. Bill reduction for Broadband users (Brighthouse)
  195. High Def ..comcast Or Directv???
  196. hd picture
  197. Cable company locked my outside box...
  198. 6412 remote programing codes?
  199. Any chance Voom channels come to Cable?
  200. Don't split that cable!!!
  201. Time Warner - Houston HD Service, Pixelation
  202. DEtroit Area Comcast HD Channels - Picture Is highly Pixelized
  203. Comcast Channel Changes
  204. Cox New England
  205. should i leave my HD box on 1080i or 720?
  206. sd chanels reception
  207. Comcast HD With Sony KV27HS420
  208. Mute on Moto 6412 in standby.
  209. Sony KDF-55XS955 / Cable Motorola DCT6208 screen slice-and-dice
  210. Emmis Communications Sucks!
  211. My wife finally got excited about our new HD set -- thanks to Comcast
  212. Loosing sound when channels are switched. What could be the problem???
  213. HDCP Question for Brighthouse(Daytona/Orlando)...
  214. comcast ?
  215. Comcast / Cable Providers - Will Need To Provide More HD Channels
  216. dct6416 Comcast
  217. Do I need to buy HD from Comcast?
  218. Dish gets Voom HD content
  219. Voom Orphans Switching To Comcast In Miami-dade
  220. UPN HD & WB HD
  221. Yankees in HD!
  222. Cox Cable New England
  223. When will Comcast...
  224. Discovery HD and INHD problems on Comcast
  225. Momentary "freeze frame"--normal?
  226. Questions about Comcast HD in Colorado
  227. Gave Up On TW Digital, After 3 Days!
  228. TNT Currently in HD????
  229. Switching from Comcast to Cox
  230. Digital TV Timeline
  231. Can Cable Card Provide HD services
  232. Comcast cable card didn't work in my KDF-50WE655
  233. new program guide
  234. Comcast and 30pw8420/37
  235. Switching from Dish to ComCast - new wiring
  236. Comcast to Time Warner
  237. Breaking News!!! TNT-HD now on Comcast!!!!!!
  238. What is better?
  239. Mpeg4 and Comcast?
  240. New Comcast Service Today--Questions???
  241. Anyone have Brighthouse DVR?
  242. Replaced My Motorola 6412 w/ new one!!
  243. Love the new HD DVR!!!!!!
  244. WealthTV want's your input
  245. Intermittent Audio Problems with MOTO 6412
  246. audio out of sync with video
  247. Getting new HD DVR from comcast
  248. captions showing on HD channels and can't remove
  249. Comcast DVR Noisy Opinions
  250. How do you get into the OTHER setup menu for 8300?
  251. Knology HD
  252. I need help. thinking of getting comcast.
  253. Comcast has "trapped-out" HD signals!
  254. Why I'll be cancelling Comcast Digital Cable!
  255. Comcast - New HD broadcasts coming?
  256. New box... 2 tunners HD, 160 Gb DVR and cable modem
  257. Comcast - Improving SD in HD environment
  258. Digital channels fuzzy
  259. sitching inputs between SD and HD
  260. Is this possible with HDCP ?
  261. Anyone with Time Warner? Need help today please!
  262. Braves games in HD
  263. Switched out SA8300's...worse picture??
  264. Message light on set top...
  265. Noisy SA8300 DVR?? What the heck?
  266. Transferring recorded movies to a VCR?
  267. Comcast HD channels update...........
  268. Analog Audio on Comcast HD
  269. Standard Cable and HD
  270. Motorola 6412 Hdcp Help
  271. Tvmax
  272. Comcast HD Dallas: Dolby Digital output capable or not?
  273. Is Adelphia Cable STD, IRC or HRC???
  274. HD to SD Switching
  275. Cable vs Satellite
  276. Charter Cable problems?
  277. Sony Xbr950 and Comcast Dct6412 DVI Problems
  278. YES {Yankees} in High Def on Comcast.
  279. Is this because of my TV or cable box?
  280. Does Cable Suck?
  281. Why HD kinda sucks so far.....
  282. Comcast Moto STD HRC or IRC ?
  283. Comcast install, any suggestions??
  284. subscriber counts
  285. HD in wrong Aspect Ratio 4:3!!!Help!
  286. WB-HD and UPN-HD coming to Comcast
  287. QAM channels??
  288. adelphia motorola BMC9012 problems
  289. Discovery HD Theater on Comcast
  290. Must i rent an Explorer HD box or can I buy one - Tampa, FL
  291. Comcast Hd Install Tommorow! Help!
  292. Comcast in Atlanta - Tiling on some channels?
  293. MOXI from Adelphia
  294. 720 or 1080
  295. Time Warner tried to rip me off!!! (Imagine that)
  296. Adelphia, New channels
  297. MO DCT-6412 or SA 8000HD
  298. Comcast & TNT-HD
  299. Hi Def Explosion or am I Dreaming ?
  300. High DEf cutting in and out!!
  301. Anyone have the new Brighthouse HD DVR ?
  302. Comcast and 720P
  303. Comcast / dct6412 / & av inputs
  304. Cable Card, Comcast Toms River NJ, TV Guide
  305. March Madness on CBS HD
  306. Will A Signal Booster Improve Cable Reception?
  307. Anyone else think that FOX is holding out for a good reason??
  308. comcast Hd is in letterbox(how do i change it)
  309. NCAA Tourney in Analog on Comcast in SE Michigan!
  310. Comcast HD on Cape Cod with 6412 STB
  311. Comcast - I got a new channel!!
  312. Just got Comcast HD DVR installed!!!!!!!!!!!
  313. need help with Time Warner HD box
  314. Tivo Cuts Deal with Comcast
  315. Comcast DCT6200 and Samsung HLP5063W
  316. Who is responsible for problems on NBC HD
  317. Comcast HDTV with Pioneer Elite 530 HD- Screen Settings Help!?!?!
  318. [B]CableCard & DVR???[/B]
  319. TineWarner Cable HDTV.
  320. Letter I submitted to Cox about HD advertising.
  321. Charter cable card
  322. Audio Delay with COMCAST in CT
  323. Comcast/Adelphia Switchover in MA
  324. Anyone have Cox Cable in CT?
  325. How do I get into the setup of my SA8300
  326. Does Adelphia Stay On When It Rains?
  327. espn2hd and espnu
  328. Comcast DCT-6412 No Optical Audio
  329. STB converting to analog
  330. Charter HD & DVR Installation Tomorrow - Any Tips?
  331. SA 8300 DVR issue
  332. Does anyone else have to pay extra for Discovery HD?
  333. Cant get Fox on Time Warner NY
  334. Verizon Cable Service
  335. Newnan Utilities
  336. SA8300 problem with recording to VCR
  337. time warner & abc
  338. Cable box descrambler???????????
  339. Cable Box input method???
  340. TV Does Not Support HDCP---COMPONENT Connection?
  341. Cablevision NJ -- SA 8300 HD DVR hardware problem FIXED
  342. CBS HD on Sacramento Comcast?
  343. comcast hd box
  344. Adelphia Cables Prices Are still Higher Than Dish Network..WHY?
  345. SA 8300 HD setup
  346. ESPN2HD in Cleveland Adelphia
  347. Cox New England. A quick email I shot out to them
  348. COX in Northern Virginia
  349. Fox HD is No Longer Available in Nashville
  350. Cablevision NJ HDTV
  351. SA 8300 HDMI Issue
  352. Comcast (NJ) Question
  353. Surewest hd?
  354. DCT 6412 Recording Problem
  355. Comcast HD ????
  356. PBS713/HD CC problem
  357. HI DEF Broadcasters World Wide
  358. FYI :S.A DVR and American Idol this week.
  359. Espn And Cbs Hd
  360. Espn And Cbs Hd
  361. Can anyone tell me what type of connection Adelphia uses?
  362. Why don't HDTV broadcasts fill the screen?
  363. Comcast and TNT-HD
  364. Comcast HD/DVR Dual Tuner (Motorola DCT 6412) & OPTICAL PROBLEMS?
  365. INHD on Comcast
  366. Help me understand HD channels more.
  367. Anybody Have info on Cox Ct?
  368. Charter Cable in TN---No Fox HD
  369. comcast hdtv
  370. Cable Card
  371. OnDemand in Chicago
  372. PIP question
  373. NBC ER broadcast HD or Not Cablevision NJ ?
  374. MSG and FSNY on Time Warner?
  375. Comcast 6412 DVI/HDMI Help
  376. 8300HD HDMI Audio problem
  377. Red Sox away games in HD
  378. My Comcast Lineup
  379. Comcast & DLP Issues (Southern NJ)
  380. MLB Extra Innings
  381. Open Letter to Sinclair Broadcasting - Boycott
  382. Open Letter to Sinclair Broadcasting - Boycott
  383. comcast dvr problem
  384. Can't Use Comcast HD Receiver On Panasonic
  385. Newbie to CableCard/HD Setup box
  386. Need Some Help, Please
  387. No VOD on 6200
  388. HD picture Great/ Regular channels terrible!
  389. Trouble with Adelphia Digital Box
  390. Comcast HDTV - DVI Hookup Question
  391. Nbc Hd Problem On Cablevision
  392. CBS/WOIO now in HD on Ashtabula Adelphia
  393. Comcast Installation Question
  394. Comcast Audio Dropout - DFW
  395. Firewire & recording with JVC HD VCR?
  396. Comcast Motorola DCT6412 - 30sec FF
  397. Anyone have COX HD in the greater Cleveland area?
  398. Cox HD/DVR Question
  399. Does Cox Cable even know??
  400. Comcast Dct-6412 and DVI - black screen problem
  401. Why does Comcast do this to their customers??
  402. Inputs and Outputs
  403. Cox Cable in HD, Hampton Roads, VA
  404. Help choosing a provider
  405. SuperBowl HD signal for Comcast bad!
  406. HDTV on Time Warner
  407. Upconverting with the SA 8300 HD
  408. Cox HD Questions
  409. FOX HD SA8300-DVR problem
  410. Superbowl not in HD on Adelphia Fox Wutv 29
  411. San Diego Adelphia Reception Problem
  412. Has Anyone In The SF Bay Area Experienced Problems With Fox-HD??
  413. Help in Atl. Comcast HDTV members
  414. HD newbie with questions on HD service.
  415. Question about FOX HD
  416. Superbowl HD in Central Illinois??
  417. Wide Open West HD
  418. Moxi vs. Tivo
  419. time warner dvi
  420. Comcast w/ SA8300-Need FoxHD
  421. Recording Superbowl in HD
  422. Comcast, Time Warner Said to Want Adelphia
  423. grainy/painted picture quality on Panasonic dlp tv
  424. Cable vs. DTV For Multiple TV's?
  425. 8000HD Audio Dropping on Live Programming Only
  426. Motorola 6200 issues with Hitachi 50VS810
  427. Super Bowl in HD for comcast bay area!!
  428. NYPD Blue GOOF on HDTV station
  429. UPN and WB
  430. Sony w/ CABLECard and HDantenna
  431. My NEW setup - My new PROBLEM! Help...?
  432. Set keeps dying with Comcast
  433. Comcast Issues
  434. time warner 3250hd set up
  435. Wave BroadBand HDTV Quality
  436. Joey on NBC not in HD tonight??
  437. Audio Delay on HD Channels - SA 8300
  438. Built in HD Tuner Vs. HD ready + cable box??
  439. effect of must-carry HDTV on private cable operators
  440. SA8300 HD DVR networking Capability
  441. Can't display picture in 480i
  442. Motorola DCT 6200
  443. comcast says the fox feed is bad
  444. Rick Eckert
  445. DVI Alert on SA 8300 HD Box
  446. 8000HD Re-boot
  447. CBS HD Steelers Game problems
  448. Double image with Sony tv and comcast box
  449. SA8300HD Broadcast Delay
  450. Cox Cable HD/DVR Question???
  451. Do certain providers give better HD Pic Quality?
  452. hidden service menu...???
  453. Scientific Atlanta Explorer 4200HD DVI Problems
  454. Cox HDTV Questions
  455. ?? Is there a built in HDTV tuner for CATV
  456. Still learning..Question about Charter HDTV..
  457. Does Comcast in King County (Seattle) carry local HDTV Broadcast?
  458. Comcast ESPN2 & TNT
  459. Motorola 6412 Setup Question
  460. Comcast Cable - San Francisco
  461. New to HDTV and Haven't a Clue!!!
  462. Comcast HDTV - HDTV Newbie
  463. Problem with cable card on my sony
  464. Explorer 8000HD not Zooming
  465. dual tuner pvr/hdtv moto box off center picture?
  466. Home Theater Setup Help
  467. West wing half screen
  468. ABC horizontal split in picture
  469. Network access with the 6412?
  470. HDMI Cable help analog channels??
  471. Volume Fluctuates on ABC HD and Comcast
  472. Comcast Denver - 1080I vs 720P --> Proscan LCD 27" and Color Balance
  473. DVI to HDMI question
  474. 6412 Moto DVR noise??
  475. VCR and DVD Recorders reception
  476. My fix for pixelation/poor signal
  477. tv screen goes black for 5 seconds
  478. Charter Moxi DVR
  479. Comcast Moto box, HDMI-DVI and no sound
  480. Comcast Motorola 6200 and Sony KDF XBR 950
  481. Charter & ABC - Just in Time
  482. Comcast HD box and toshiba 32hf73
  483. Sa 3250hd
  484. newer cable boxes
  485. Comcast in Atlanta Georgia: Local HD Availability?
  486. HDMI/Component problem
  487. Hdmi to DVI on SA8300DVR box
  488. The cables that comcast provides with HD service...
  489. I hate my Cable Co. SECTV
  490. New Comcast Customer
  491. Cable-Provider HD Quality vs. OTA
  492. Signal Quality - Comcast
  493. Motorola dvi not working
  494. New to Time Warner Cable HD
  495. Patriot Media Channel Lineup
  496. Problems with SA8000HD Box
  497. Comcast 6208 Signal Strength
  498. Comcast and Sunday Ticket??
  499. Comcast ready to rumble
  500. Fox/Cowboys Game Pixelation