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  1. Hdmi Help!
  2. HP PL4200N and SA 8300HD Settings ??
  3. Cableone HD
  4. HDMI Problems?PLEASE HELP!
  5. Channels out on my BOX?
  6. Time Warner DISCOUNT on HD
  7. Directv vs. Time Warner-NYC
  8. 2 TVs and 1 HD DVR?
  9. Help needed re TV Sound
  10. DLP/HD/Houston
  11. SA 8300HD DVR Setup Question
  12. Latest Comcast Cable Box
  13. Motorola 3412: Can Someone Explain This DVR?
  14. Wide Open West
  15. Southern Maryland Metrocast
  16. Tnt Hd
  17. Nashville HDTV and the Olympics on NBC drop outs and static
  18. Explorer 3250's pass-through setting doesn't stick
  19. got uhd today
  20. Olympics and general HD issues
  21. Comcast Digital Toslink splitting problems
  22. NBC's UHD added Good / INHD2 out/ BAD!
  23. Artifacts
  24. UHD on TWC in Central NY
  25. on demand problems - comcast
  26. ESPN2 HDNET for So Cal Adelphia Soon!!!
  27. Quad Tuner DVR?
  28. Will my cable work with hdtv?
  29. Alexandria, VA comcast on demand, available?
  30. the news in HD
  31. Comcast HD broadcast of Survivor (4:3 on HD channel with gray sidebars)
  32. UHD on Comcast
  33. usdtv
  34. Super Bowl with Adelphia.. lousy :(
  35. Free HD Movies On Comcast?
  36. Advice on new TWC HD DVRs in multiple rooms
  37. Use 1 IO Dig. Cbl. Box to 2 TV's using Splitter?
  38. MAJOR love to Comcast--Super Bowl in HD!!!!
  39. WDSU HD in New Orleans problem...
  40. Dct3412i Vs Dct6412
  41. Sound problem
  42. TWC in SA need help
  43. Atlanta NBC affiliate now has HD local news
  44. 6412 Question
  45. No Signal...please Help
  46. Comcast 3412 - NO HDMI SIGNAL
  47. Scientific Atlanta HD-8300DVR
  48. DCT3412I Settings Question
  49. charter moxi hd & dvr
  50. Comcast HD
  51. Comcast HD Noise: What is this?
  52. Moto 6412 Series II Guide Problem
  53. problems with comcast sacramento
  54. How do I get audio?
  55. Comcast On-Demand HD movie
  56. Signal level fluctuation
  57. Attn: TWC subs/NFL fans-- We need the NFL Network!
  58. Downloading recorded material from Comcast's Motorola HD DVR?
  59. 8300HD Problem
  60. YES network in HD?
  61. Comcast Seattle Question
  62. Free HDTV from cable w/out cable box.
  63. Comcast High Definition Channels
  64. Comcast Motorola HD box
  65. Anyone heard of or delt with Cebridge?
  66. Cable providers, telephone companies and ?
  67. Top 3 channels you want in HD?
  68. ESPN2 HD? Cincinnati
  69. Future HDTV Programming, The Big Picture
  70. Comcast - Problems with tiling
  71. Need help with DCT6412 III (maybe)
  73. UPN and WB Merger - 2 HD channels now 1?
  74. Moto 6412 Series II Dual recording Problem
  75. Big problems
  76. mtv high def
  77. Espn Dd5.1
  78. TNT-HD Coming to Wide Open West
  79. Comcast new install 6412 question?
  80. Anyone know of new Comcast HD channels coming for Chatt., TN???
  81. Does Comcast have a new Dig box with HDMI out..
  82. Just switched from Dish To TWC
  83. Digital Simulcast
  84. Comcast install question - HDMI vs Comp.
  85. TNT-HD coming to the Northwest on Monday
  86. Picture Quality
  87. Tip Installers?
  88. HDTV Not Ready for Prime Time? (Click Network, Tacoma)
  89. Lower channels are lousy?
  90. HDSE and other stuff
  91. Local Cable Company Finally Adopts Cable Card, Should I Bite?
  92. Cox Rhode Island - New Channels???
  93. Extra for Cable Card?
  94. Notch Filter Kills HDTV Channels??????
  95. Cable Card not recommended?
  96. Box or Straight From The Tap?
  97. Cable Questions
  98. New HDTV channels on cable?
  99. flickering with adelphia in 1080i mode?
  100. 3412 Picture Problem HELP!
  101. No FOX HD through Time Warner
  102. Tivo and My Cable Box
  103. Got an HD Box... Surprise When I Got Home
  104. Comcast HD-DVR type?
  105. New Comcast/ex-Dish subscriber sounding off!!!
  106. HD out of the wall??
  107. Scientific Atlanta VOD
  108. Cable not true HD?
  109. External QAM tuner
  110. Could it be this simple
  111. No Video or Audio on Moto6412
  112. New to Cable...Is there a way to delete channels from my cable Box?
  113. Comcast HD sports on vacant channels?
  114. time warner nyc customers... wb11 or YES HD (yankees)
  115. Cable box & 5.1 audio
  116. SA8300 from Adelphia
  117. New To HD
  118. Cable News Radio
  119. Video, but no Audio on HD for Comcast?
  120. Setting up a new Sony 60" SXRD
  121. Motorola HD Recorder Remote question
  122. Multiple High Definition Televisions
  123. Cable service provides HD but no box
  124. Cable Card
  125. SF Comcast: Digital + Analog?
  126. Picture Worse After Installing Comcast HDTV Cable Card
  127. Digital Cable question?
  128. Comcast HD cable question?
  129. HDMI Question
  130. Time Warner Cable Card
  131. will cablevision ever add more HD??
  132. iO SA4200HD and KV30HS420 woes.
  133. Am Getting Pixelation On Some cable Channels
  134. Odd Cable Problem...Anyone Heard Of This?
  135. Rewiring Home for Cable
  136. not recieving certain HD channels from Comcast
  137. Scientific-Atlanta unveils streaming HD STB, DVD-R
  138. HD picture problem
  139. Newbie info HDTV Options
  140. New DVR Box and lousy picture.
  141. Hi Def In G-ville, Fl?
  142. Comcast Motorola 3412 ...?
  143. grainy ABC HD feed?
  144. On Comcast, cablecard and PDP-5060
  145. DVD recorder and Comcast
  146. Comcast join Sprint NEXTEL
  147. Data Entry
  148. Scientific Atlantic 8300
  149. Any plans for Time Warner adding new HD channels any time soon?
  150. New HD channels
  151. cable horror stories!
  152. CABLE SUCKS !!!!!!!! And this is why...........................
  153. If I go with the cablecard...then what?
  154. In need of help..
  155. Can I recieve network channels thru basic broadcast cable ?
  156. Any standalone HD-DVR's?
  157. Charter Reply Regarding Activating DVI
  158. horror story
  159. Time Warner settings
  160. Comcast Analog Cable and HDTV
  161. settings for 8300HD DVR + Aquos 32" LCD?
  162. Cable Gets Installed Tomorrow
  163. A few questions...
  164. Will a cox hd box work on comcast
  165. Comcast Problem with new 3412 box...
  166. motorola dct6200 + pioneer plasma pdp-502mx
  167. LG line
  168. Glitches on Insight Bowl on ESPN
  169. Motorala 6412 III DVR
  170. Scientifc atlanta's MCP-100 DVR
  171. HDMI and Digital Audio Output
  172. HD for Olevia LT37HVS - Why No HD Channels?
  173. new user ?? about receiving HD programming signals
  174. Time Warner cable boxes, input format
  175. PLEASE give me some help!
  176. Can you hook up HDMI and Componet
  177. How do I find out what series Moto 6412 I have?
  178. FOX in TampaBay Area
  179. Male DVI - Female HDMI
  180. Motorola DCT 6412 Phase III Video on Demand problems
  181. Comcast Jerky Picture
  182. Just got Comcast HD, and have audio noise
  183. Which cable provides my area?
  184. What Comcast HD channels would i get
  185. I Just Got Adelphia HD And HD DVR And Cinemax.Also Who's Buying Adelphia?
  186. Comcast Cable DVR Info
  187. Advantage with 3G Comcast Box???
  188. Getting a new box(cablevision)
  189. how do i get HD with my new TV - newbie
  190. Cable Or Satelite ?
  191. How do i get VooM if its not thru Dish Network
  192. Receive HD without STB
  193. Just signed up for Brighthouse HD in Tampa. Anyone else?
  194. HD Sound Levels Inconsitent
  195. What Comcast HD/DVR Reciever has HDMI inputs?
  196. Cablecards
  197. My gosh Comcast is GREAT!
  198. Newbie to HD, PLEASE help me out w/ a few specific questions
  199. comcast HD - please help!
  200. Help w/ Comcast Motorola HD cable box
  201. Basic Question here...
  202. connection question
  203. PLease somebody help me.
  204. Charter HD boxes/DVI??
  205. dct 6412 problem
  206. Time Warner digital box installed but.......
  207. HD receiver help
  208. Brighthouse for Tampa Market
  209. Crackling noise on CBS HD
  210. A New Time Warner Cable Card Version?
  211. Cox HD in the New Orleans metro area.
  212. Explorer 8300 hd cable box hooked up to Gefen hdmi switcher
  213. Comcast Hd in Mobile,Al
  214. I hate the Motorola Moxi Box
  215. Why would TW.....
  216. I Have Cox in Pensacola
  217. Charter "digital" vs. Dish Network?
  218. Modding a cable box??
  219. Can you please help me understand the ramifications of this setup w/Comcast?
  220. Cox new england
  221. New Comcast HD channels
  222. FYI: Comcast PACE DC551 Digital Box Problems
  223. SA8300HD DVR BOX...6 month lifespan!!!!!
  224. HD channels for ComcastHD in NorCal
  225. Comcast Cable Box = Crackling Speakers ... Help!
  226. Comcast and new 3412 box problem..
  227. Time Warner cable, Question?
  228. Need help with a Cable Problem
  229. Comcast Motorola 3412 cable issues
  230. Comcast, component cable, close-caption
  231. Question ?
  232. Receiving off air HD
  233. Sony KDF-55WE655 PIP and Cable Card
  234. Has anyone tried the Sony HD DVR?
  235. VOD problem and FDC signal strength
  236. NY Rangers on NTSC MSG vx. CC's INHD2
  237. Missing Menus
  238. Cox is 1080i...Sony KDLV40XBR1 is 720p??
  239. No NFL Doublheader?????
  240. Problems with Comcast HD DVR ( Motorola 6412)
  241. Motorola 3412
  242. espnhd for cox, cleveland
  244. Will TV's currently supporting Cable Card be able to support CableCard 2.0
  245. Cox is confusing
  246. Can you own your own SA 8300 with cable?
  247. Help with HDTV box purchase
  248. Cablevision Signal Dropouts
  249. Just got my cable card
  250. HD PBS in Atlanta
  251. Medium in HD and 3D
  252. Question about artifacts
  253. newbie question? samsung/comcast
  254. Problem with Cox DVR/HD Digital Box and Sony HDTV connections:
  255. Comcast Take over
  256. Fiesta Bowl - ABC - HD????
  257. SA 8300HD reboot
  258. Question about Comcast going to two buildings on the same property....
  259. Explorer 8300 hd multi room
  260. Box not doing 720p
  261. Comcast bill to increase
  262. Help with Samsung DLP/Moto 5100/Comcast please!
  263. Digital Box for Time Warner
  264. Charter HD--new channels?
  265. Different Audio Levels on HD Channels?
  266. Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in HD!
  267. Twc / Local Hd Problem
  268. does anyone have info on more HD channels?
  269. Update on DVI fix?
  270. samsung dlp issue/comcast
  271. Time Warner/ lcoal channels is HD
  272. How come Cablevision won't give out the phone #s to Walk-in centers? (Optimum stores)
  273. HD always 16x9
  274. MSG-HD (Knicks vs. Blazers) last night
  275. Wave Cable Port Orchard WA
  276. Cisco Bought Scientic-Atlanta
  277. switching to cable
  278. ComCast Availability
  279. Comcast customer retention number?
  280. What does Comcast start thier techs out at?
  281. Multiple Rooms from a single DVR?
  282. INHD - NBA - What gives?
  283. COMCAST - PACE HDTV Problem
  284. Audio Cutout on CBSHD
  285. Time Warner, Comcast, Charter, Who has..
  286. The Way We Watch HDTV??
  287. Cable Card and TV Sony Grand Wega KDF-50WE655
  288. VOOM Monsters HD!!!!
  289. watch those sub-contractors & comcast
  290. Comcast DVR - A couple questions
  291. New Sony Xbr50/cable Card?
  292. Comcast HD and Amplifier
  293. Newbie CableCard Question
  294. i want functionality like my Dish DVR with comcast
  295. Time Warnerin El Paso, Tx
  296. how do you get the video input to work on front of the comcast box
  297. comcast hd-dvr:lose recorded shows
  298. Recording off Charter Moxi DVR to VHS
  299. hdtv cable card slot
  300. HDTV is nothing more than a gimmick
  301. ? about how cable companies decide which HD to broadcast ...
  302. New Channel On Comcast?
  303. DVR probs with Prison Break
  304. should i run component or hdmi from my cable box
  305. Problem with Explorer 8300 hd and optical audio selector
  306. Digital cable, Analog only?
  307. Three Wishes With Amy Grant
  308. Missing ABC and CBS HD in CT?
  309. Hitachi 50VS810 Viewing Sports Programs in HD
  310. Do cable hards require programming by.....
  311. Just got SA8300HD DVR and now #@!$!%..
  312. Scientific Atlanta 8300HD Receiver - update
  313. Anyone have HD service through Wide Open West... WE NEED TNT-HD!
  314. BREAKING NEWS!! Holy F#$%!ng S#!^
  315. Using 2 cable boxes on tv
  316. Locals in HD
  317. Splitter
  318. Motorola High-Definition Cable Receiver DCT6200
  319. All this for $95 a month???
  320. Comcast DVR problems
  321. Comcast and tivo
  322. is it possible to do this?
  323. Adding a hardrive to my dvr explorer 8300 hd cable box
  324. My Charter Moxi unit is having some lip synching issues.
  325. HD Distortion
  326. Comcast DVR
  327. Finally
  328. Just hooked up to comcast
  329. Aspect views
  330. cox RI
  331. Why is the Discovery HD picture better?
  332. Scientific Atlanta 8300HD Receiver
  333. Cox Phoenix now offers TNT HD
  334. Digital Cable -> HD Cable - what should I know beforehand?
  335. Pistons/Heat on WDWB HD in Detroit...
  336. adelphia motorola hd boxes
  337. Comcast HD duel DVR stb ?? how to add Hard Disk space
  338. cable box question
  339. Only allowed to have one dvr
  340. Tivo
  341. Cable Card Video Quality - Comcast
  342. Cable Card, This is not what I expected.....
  343. Comcast Hd Box
  344. Espn hd looks horrible
  345. I'v got a question.....
  346. former dtv/hd new to comcast in sf bay area
  347. ABC and NBC HighDefinition Channels
  348. New HD Channels from Charter coming to W Michigan?
  349. Comcast CableCard Problems w/ VCR
  350. Comcast in MA
  351. HD Channel Problems - Help!!
  352. RCN Hdtv color fades out alot.
  353. Fox HD is in 720 p?
  354. CBS HD football on TWC tickin me OFF!!!
  355. Tiling and lots of cabling
  356. Cable Card install - Charter
  357. Why no Ravens HD?
  358. Whats The Secret?
  359. Hampton Roads, Va
  360. Record from a Motorola DVR?
  361. Comcast MSGHD?
  362. Closed Captioning on DVR programs
  363. Comcast, Time Warner, Adelphia, etc ....
  364. Charter cable card and Panasonic TH50PX500
  365. Comcast in Colorado
  366. Comcast CableCARD
  367. Blackouts for local games on HDnet
  368. Thinking of switching to Comcast from DTV
  369. Cable Card Update *GOOD*
  370. NBA TV in HD
  371. Comcast ESPN2HD and NBAHD
  372. Should I defect from DirecTV to Adelphia?
  373. Comcast Providing 480P Digital Stations
  374. Comcast Cable - MSG Network
  375. espn2
  376. Charter Artifacts
  377. Out of Sync sound and Pixelation
  378. How do u watch WB and Discovery in HD?
  379. Just have to get this off my back
  380. Comcast in Colorado
  381. Any one dealing with Patriot Media in NJ
  382. What's So GREAT About Adelphia HD?
  383. Motorola Hi-def cable box Trouble
  384. HDMI Cable with SA8300HD Cable Box
  385. Dvr Sux
  386. Adelphia & Motorola 5100
  387. Purchase my own cable box ???
  388. Cable company areas?
  389. What are the economics of HD?
  390. Satelite hd better than digital cable hd signal?
  391. Direct Sunlight To DLP Set
  392. HDTV Video Capture / Transfer
  393. ComCast HD without STB
  394. Attention cable Techs...
  395. I need help!!!! Question regarding cable and Hi Def
  396. INHD's Twilight Zone
  397. INHD and INHD2 Problems.
  398. Jones Tarver Fight
  399. Cable Future HDTV/16:9
  400. New HD channel on TWC in nyc??
  401. I give up OTA, Adelphia got me for 7.95 month
  402. Digital cable on an HDTV set PM from pedrohead
  403. No sound during an HDTV broadcast?
  404. Dct 6412 Iii
  405. California Comcast Users
  406. Whats with?
  407. Cable Card issue with Comcast
  408. Will digital cable look worse than my analog cable on 34" HDTV?
  409. Closed Captions w/ Explorer8300HD/Cablevision
  410. Where did Letterman HD go?
  411. Who to contact?
  412. Will Comcast IL ever put SciFi in HD??
  413. Any new channels in line for Adelphia?
  414. Cox HD Hampton Roads
  415. ABC's broncos vs chiefs hd problems
  416. new to Comcast...issues with reception??
  417. Mpls.-- Comcast user---- So my question is about ABC
  418. Comcast Dallas
  419. Comcast DVR - Sony Receiver Issue - HELP!!!
  420. New to HDTV, have COX limited Basic
  421. Rome
  422. Best HD NFL coverage?
  423. Horizontal Bars on Comcast HD
  424. Does COX encrypt there HD broadcast channels?
  425. Time Warner in Albany?
  426. Added Amplifier and no more OnDemand!
  427. Charter ?'s
  428. Charter HD signal?
  429. Looks like this forum is gonna need a new section
  430. anyone have rcn hdtv?
  431. Comcast new Menu.
  432. About the remote port on back of STB
  433. ComCast Cable Box Settings Question
  434. TV turns on by itself
  435. Comcast Going to catch me?
  436. COMCAST SD CHANNELS 480i OR 480P?
  437. Mulitple Markets Through Comcast
  438. Baltimore not HD today?
  439. Few Questions about Moto DVR
  440. Confused Comcaster From CT
  441. TWC cut my D*TV line!
  442. I Guess We'll Never Get IFC At Comcast...
  443. Installed signal amp and now HD channels are digitized
  444. High Definition Receiver
  445. Cable Card vs. STB
  446. The N.H.L
  447. OOL Cablemodem, Sony KDF55WF655 -- Questions
  448. Comcast analog channels switching to digital?
  449. WQEDHD coming in at 480i as of yesterday?
  450. Brighthouse HD
  451. User-Recommended Comcast HD Programming
  452. New Channel on Comcast in PA
  453. Cable High Def .... is it possible?
  454. Comcast SD format. 480i, 480p,???
  455. ESPN HD not in 5.1
  456. HD signal goes in and out
  457. JVC & Comcast (Motorola) Cable Card Question
  458. Charter Cable in Michigan getting local networks. Help! Newbie
  459. Baltimore Ravens not in HD???
  460. nfl packages
  461. Cable and HD Hookup Question
  462. Infrared Code for Motorola DCT6200
  463. Comcast Deleting Channels
  464. OUTPUT SETTINGS for moto comcast dctIII
  465. Can I record true HD on the TWC dvr?
  466. pixelation or not ?
  467. every spec I wanted to know about digital cable
  468. Charter and HDTV?
  469. Confused about Channel line up
  470. Cox Hampton Roads to get TNT 9/22/05
  471. audio video out of sync
  472. Motorola DCT6400 Ethernet Port??
  473. My Cable Card Story
  474. David Letterman in HD
  475. Brighthouse 8300HD DVR: 1080i or 720P
  476. i HAVE to ask!
  477. TV turns on by itself
  478. Comcast: Motorola or Scientific Atlanta
  479. 720p Setting on Time Warner?
  480. HELP! Trying to gain clearer quality for SD channels!
  481. I have a Motora Comcast box model DCT2244
  482. Comcast jerking me around...again
  483. WB in HD. What channel?
  484. Cricket like noise from Comcast HDTV/DVR Motorola Box
  485. hockey packages
  486. Can we Expect More HD Channels in the Near Future?
  487. HDMI vs Component on Time Warner NYC
  488. ABC HD was offline from 8/23 to 8/26
  489. 720 LCD TV and COMCAST HD???
  490. motorola 6412 and firewire
  491. SA HD / DVR Cable box - HELP!
  492. 49er game tonight
  493. Anyone else take the survey?
  494. BIG difference in 2 NFL games in HD tonite
  495. Comcast HD DVR recording wrong channel?
  496. Has anyone else had problems setting up TV guide with Comcast?
  497. DVR Season's Pass
  498. New Comcast Menus?
  499. OTA HDTV in Vermont
  500. Comcast and CableCard problems