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  1. Comcast to Add 20 HD Channels In Illinois
  2. Looks like Comcast is finally adding HD to rural areas....
  3. Shaking Picture?
  4. New cablevision channels in NYC
  5. Time Warner Cable NY/NJ: Using a TV with QAM Tuner
  6. Comcast Adding 11 HD Channels In Washington
  7. MLB on FOX--Is it truly in HD ?
  8. Time Warner Cable Launches More HD Channels In San Diego
  9. Comcast Seattle Program Question
  10. Timing, money among reasons for channels getting HD treatment
  11. Hallmark Movie Channel HD Debuts In San Antonio
  12. Salt Lake City, Utah gets five new HD channels on Comcast
  13. TW in So Cal...No additions..
  14. No sound using HDMI w/ SA 8300HD - Comcast
  15. Time Warner Cable drops HD bombshell on New York / New Jersey
  16. Comcast Debuts ‘Wideband’ in Twin Cities
  17. Comcast Adds Disney HD & ABC Family HD
  18. Hd receiver without HD subscription
  19. Comcast HD Movies not in correct aspect ratio.
  20. Good news
  21. comcast hd adds more in the indianaplois area
  22. New HD Channels for Comcast in Chicago Market
  23. Audio drop-outs on HD channels
  24. Total HD Newbie with RCN Cable
  25. Cox Omaha adds three more HD channels
  26. Charter HD in Northern MI (Current and New)
  27. BLOG:Cable & Satellite Still Lack Space For HD
  28. Buckeye Cable gains History HD, A&E HD and MGM HD
  29. Missing HD Channels
  30. BestBuy compares SD to HD- Lite???
  31. High Def. Cable on my PC?
  32. Is there a fix for these two comcast problems?
  33. espnews hd for hampton rds COX
  34. ESPNews HD Debuts Sunday March 30th
  35. Comcast Will Offer 'Extra Innings' In HD
  36. Help with programing a DVR TVseries timer.
  37. Long pause
  38. Cablevision menu ???
  39. Comcast in Eugene to add 11 HD's
  40. Comcast to Add 9 HD Channels In Sacramento
  41. Slow-motion image on HD
  42. COX HD STB want to hook up extra box
  43. TWC adds Discovery suite to Piedmont Triad region of NC
  44. OTA converter box on cable
  45. cable providers in summit county, Colorado
  46. time warner cable launching 11 new hd's in dallas tomorrow 3/27
  47. optimum on line( hd channels)
  48. Comcast adding HD in Portland,OR
  49. Set-Tops With CableCards Exceed 4 Million
  50. I noticed ESPN News is going HD.....
  51. This is very sad...
  52. Cox Cleveland HD
  53. Must read article on Comcast.........
  54. Cablevision Offers Starz/Encore On-Demand
  55. Study: 71M HD Subscribers By 2012
  56. comcast hdtv ?
  57. Looking for some info.
  58. Comcast Adds SportsNet NY HD In NJ
  59. Time Warner to Add 21 HD Channels In NY
  60. comcast hd picture quality
  61. 8300HD Loses audio setting?
  62. Will I need two cable lines to run 2 HD-DVRs in the same house?
  63. Comcast SA 3250HD & Samsung LN-T4081F
  64. Chicago area Comcast adds AMC HD
  65. COX New Cable Channel 111
  66. Comcast to Add 5 HD Channels In Philly
  67. mediacom.... i don't like them
  68. Inconsistent Caller ID
  69. Setting The Comcast Hd????
  70. a couple of timewarner questions...
  71. Comcast makes room for more HD in Florida....
  72. Comcast vs. RCN-Chicago
  73. equator HD on Cablevision
  74. Cablevision: CableCARD Users Can't Get Voom HD
  75. Time Warner Navigator
  76. SNY-HD & Comcast
  77. Switching from Comcast to Directv?
  78. IO Cable on LI
  79. Comcast-MLB Extra Innings 2008 HD??
  80. multi stream cable card.
  81. Comcast HD without the STB
  82. Choosing Cable Box Output Resolutions
  83. Cox Calbe Local Channel Reception
  84. New Wave cable and unscrambled HD Ch?
  85. Comcast FSN HD Channel
  86. cablevision SA 8300 DVR to pioneer HDMI problem
  87. Wide Open West = Crappy tech support!
  88. Time Warner Raleigh HDMI problem
  89. New Comcast Hd In Ct
  90. New HD channels for Time Warner
  91. Will Comcast ever get HDNET?
  92. Finally ended the SA 8300 HDC nightmare!!
  93. Samsung LN-T2642H Cable Box Remote Code???
  94. Where is Disney HD, maybe with ESPNews HD later this month
  95. Possible?
  96. Boston RECEIVED NEW HD Channels
  97. Here's a crazy question in an age of complaining. What do u like about your HD Cable?
  98. Help setting up scientific alanta 4250 hdc box.
  99. comcast moto box????
  100. 6 new HD in Seattle today with Disney and ABCFamily hd this week!
  101. New HD channels for Comcast in Oregon?
  102. Time Warner cable
  103. time warner question
  104. comcast sound and picture problem???
  105. 2 channels of Comcast HDTV not coming in
  106. scientific atlantic 4200hd receiver
  107. The NewTime Warner Western NY HD Lineup
  108. SA 8300HDC Reverts to 480i
  109. External hard drive won't work with 8300 HDC
  110. Does Comcast Triple Play Degrade HD quality?
  111. Upgrading Interactive TV Guide
  112. Comcast beta testing Panasonic and unnamed Tivo before nationwide roll-out
  113. Bypassing splitter gives better HD cable from DVR to modem?
  114. Cablevision new hd channels
  115. Comcast Internet for $19.99 for 6 mons
  116. Comcast internal beta on new Fiber Optic 16:5 in Seattle-watchout Fios
  117. NJ- New HD plus some channel changes coming on March 27
  118. Time warner HDTV Ashland KY
  119. I Hate Charter! A Month For Hd Stb To Come
  120. Disney HD and ABC Family HD on Seattle Comcast in March
  121. tivo, not DVR box and OnDemand....
  122. std hrc or irc on comcast
  123. audio cuts out....comcast
  124. no STb and digital converter ?????
  125. Xbox hookup to Comcast HD box
  126. help using QAM on comcast?
  127. how to use QAM tuner on lcd?
  128. New Technology to Push 40Mbps DSL over Existing Copper Wire
  129. Comcast volume changes during commercials ets
  130. Comcast ATL HBOHD OnDemand
  131. 8.95 for a cable card?????
  132. I Think Time Warner Is Awesome!!!!
  133. Comcast and the infamous Tivo what the #ell?
  134. comcast vs dtv PQ?
  135. Wonder if 8300HD.......?
  136. GOOD INFO on SA's 8300HD-C
  137. What is the newest Comcast HD DVR?
  138. HD Screen Size problem
  139. 8300HDC/Comcast HD problem!
  140. getting PIP to work?
  141. Comcast - History Chl. HD - Wrong Aspect Ratio!
  142. HD Content
  143. Cablevison HD Questions
  144. New bhannels
  145. Comcast Digital Starter Box needed?
  146. Twc Nyc(brooklyn)new Hd
  147. new to hdtv
  148. CABLE CO to DIScontinue analog signals in 2012...
  149. DVR and ON DEMAND noob questions
  150. Incoming Signal Strength Check
  151. on demand with triple play??
  152. Time Warner NYC(box reset)
  153. Strange Problem w/Cablevision HD DVR
  154. Comcast Double play for existing customers. (Cable + internet/Central Penn)
  155. how much dou pay for comcast dig voice?
  156. Does anyone have a Moxi Mate?
  157. digital converter box question...
  158. HD channels without box?
  159. Is Comcast Really As Bad As Ya'll***
  160. Cox = No HD for us late bloomers
  161. 5.1 and cdnter audio throughb comcast...,
  162. will comcast dvr bougth off ebay work
  163. comcast story for you
  164. Comcast HD Tier
  165. More Channels with built in ATSC Tuner
  166. comcast double play?
  167. March 4, 6 stations on Comcast
  168. abchd no center audio?
  169. New HD channel in NW Indiana/Chicago
  170. can someone help me compare
  171. Comcast Set Top Box
  172. Comcast's Valentines Gift to me - NO MORE TCM
  173. comcast 3416i audio questions...
  174. Cox High Definition and Digital Tuner Cards (PC)
  175. Comcast to Have 50 to 60 Linear HD Channels By the End of 2008
  176. Animal Planet and SCI-FI In HD in New Hampshire?
  177. TIME Warn_r SUCKS And This Is Why
  178. is it me or...
  179. Comcast in Houston signal HD issue
  180. Comcast comes tomorrow - ANY TIPS?
  181. No Speed HD for Comcast scheduled :(
  182. certain settings for motorola comcast box?
  183. Time Warner in Appleton, Wisconsin - NEW HD Channels??
  184. Downloading DVR saved programs off Comcast Box?
  185. DHC6416 dead or fixable?
  186. Another Reason to hate TWC
  187. dch3416 comcast dvr
  188. Mediacom HD VOD
  189. HDMI problems, Comcast box and Samsung
  190. HDTV vs Digital TV
  191. Motorolla DCH3416 wants external hard disk
  192. Chicago Baseball 100% HD This Season
  193. Comcast Ha Question
  194. Audio/Video Tuning Noise
  195. New hd channels on Cablevision
  196. New HD Channels on Comcast in DC Area
  197. Cox decoder-burned black hole into TV
  198. Issues with Comcast HDTV over HDMI?
  199. New to Comcast HD, questions on DCH3416
  200. Switched to a Scientific Atlanta 8300 HDC from an 8300 HD. What a mistake I think!
  201. green screen when exiting comcast dch 3416 dvr
  202. SD on HD Channels?
  203. Comcast DVR
  204. Comcast SportsNet – Celtics ALL HD! – Finally!!!
  205. Comcast channel question
  206. Time Warner Southern California
  207. Speed Channel In HD?
  208. Scientific Atlanta 8240HDC Help
  209. Maybe A Stupid Question
  210. Made the switch from Directv!
  211. No Super Bowl in HD on Fox Pittsburgh
  212. WWE Raw on USA HD
  213. HBO HD & On Demand
  214. Cable box setting
  215. Can DirecTV & Comcast Internet run over 1 cable?
  216. Comcast Channel Lineup Without HiDef Box
  217. comcast hd sound problem popping crackling
  218. How does modern cable work?
  219. Comcast HD DVR Box : SA 8000
  220. Samsung HDTV noise in image
  221. RCN to get 10-12 new HDD channels
  222. Scientific Atlanta 8300HDC Many Problems
  223. TW - Rochester, NY
  224. Newbie Questions: HD & Comcast-Boston Area
  225. New to all this.. Question about HDTV set & HD box
  226. New LCD 1080 P coming in the mail with no cables yet?! Please Help
  227. SA Explorer 8300HD distorted image
  228. analog and digital channels?
  229. QAM and CableCard question...
  230. 27" image on a 36" tube? Post Feb '09, cable yields a small picture!
  231. I'm confused about Comcast
  232. Comcast Grand Rapids Michigan- CW in HD?
  233. TW columbus OH
  234. lip sync with suround sound Pioneer/Samsung TV
  235. Missing 4 HD channels intermittently
  236. Comcast Sports Net Chicago HD in Fort Wayne
  237. HDMI and composite audio/S-Video concurrent outputs?
  238. Channel numbers vs. names.
  239. Sony cable box with cablevision?
  240. Comcast Houston Encrypting Some HD digitals
  241. Weird DVR problem
  242. Looking at Time Warner Bundling Cincy area
  243. Comcast Not Carrying Local HD Channels
  244. Problem with HD
  245. Anyone here switch back to Cable from DirecTV?
  246. Am I getting Ripped off?
  247. Huntsville AL. Knology 1080i looks like a mosaic
  248. Comcast SA Box and Samsung 4669F TV Codes
  249. Testing HD Channels on Cable
  250. RCN: USA-HD & SciFi-HD?
  251. Available in HD?
  252. Missing 2 Comcast HD Channels
  253. Cox Hampton Roads will add 10 HD channels
  254. Do not trust the TV guide.
  255. Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8300 HD TWC hdmi audio issues
  256. USA HD Audio Problems
  257. Comcast HD cable box questions
  258. Comcast Billing Problem for Boxes - What is Correct?
  259. Dch3416
  260. Comcast and QAM Tuner
  261. Charter Michigan Motorola IR issue
  262. Sanyo DP32746 ... stupid question, any help?
  263. Motorola DCT 6416 III question
  264. Cox and new Sony 40"
  265. Cox Cable - USA HD?
  266. Cable Box Question
  267. Comcast Cable
  268. Cisco reveals 8500HDC DVR set-top-box series
  269. Comcast Question
  270. Why is my picture so grainy/pixelated?
  271. Technical Question regarding Comcast Cable Signal
  272. Free HD?
  273. Can't get analog and HD at the same time
  274. Comcast - "Ask Rick" messages
  275. "We do not support HDMI"
  276. Absolute Beginner/Goofus
  277. Being Billed after my son moved
  278. TWC HD Line up more than lacking
  279. Cable TV
  280. Northland Cable HD vs. Sat HD issue
  281. cable provider doesnt offer HD signal
  282. Comcast's HD VOD Problem
  283. Question on transferring DVR data
  284. SA 4250HDC box- Problem
  285. Time Warner Video on Demand fails
  286. Motorola HD-dvr How to Hook up and External HD
  287. 2 HD Channels not working on TWC 8300HD box
  288. Charter Tech Question
  289. New Comcast channels................
  290. Comcast's CEO Talk About The Company's Future
  291. Comcast with Tivo available
  292. fees for additional cable outlets
  293. 3 button command to enter admin function
  294. Comcast & Panasonic Unveil Portable HD DVR
  295. HD channels good, Standard Real Bad!
  296. Cablevision NY HD Cable Box Set-Up Question
  297. Cox Cable driving me nuts...
  298. Comcast HD Box to VGA-only Monitor?
  299. Sound issue, only 1 station
  300. Legally remove cable line from house?
  301. Digital Switch Over Question
  302. NOobie Question please help!
  303. Just got a New Sony 46v2500 need help!
  304. Point of hdmi with comcast cable box?
  305. Does Mediacom compress the signals too?
  306. SA setup question
  307. Comcast in Rockford, IL
  308. Cox cable phoenix az question
  309. Hook up my vcr to cable box..HELP!!!
  310. Softwere update for Scientific-Atlanta Explorer 8300
  311. comcast setup
  312. I picked up about 20 new channels.
  313. pixialization with comcast
  314. Question regarding MSG-HD
  315. Comcast HD in Boulder, Co- how to get Discovery in HD
  316. Direct TV or Cable?
  317. Can I measure signal strength? – How?
  318. My QAM Experience
  319. No audio with Comcast DVI / HDMI...
  320. Question about Component
  321. Comcast DVR Upconverting?
  322. Grainy image with Time Warner.
  323. Weird Line on top of HD Channels/Movies
  324. off center pic
  325. Anyone from iowa use Mediacom?
  326. HD Programming for Charter in Hoover, AL?
  327. Quick Help With Comcast 8300
  328. Entouch vs. Comcast
  329. When! Time Warner?(So Cal)
  330. Comast DVR
  331. Comcast HD Card
  332. SA 8300hdc & Mits HC6000 HDMI problem
  333. No Sound on ESPN HD and ESPN2 HD
  334. BOSE 321 remote code for Tivo
  335. Cable HD and DVR
  336. New user to HD and all the "extra" channels
  337. Comcast FSN Detroit.
  338. Twc High Def In Los Angeles
  339. DCT-3412 STB component setting?
  340. ESPN2 HD on Cablevision
  341. No picture or sound
  342. 8300HDC issue
  343. Question about a new HD channel
  344. receiving channels w/no subscription
  345. Basic Cable and unencrypted "in the clear" local HD question
  346. Comcast - Green Screen
  347. Experiencing degraded HDTV image with HD-DVR
  348. Go Wireless from one DCT box to another TV
  349. Comcast Packages
  350. Scientific Atlanta 8300HDC
  351. Comcast Digital
  352. Heard From Comcast Rep
  353. Checking for cablevison signal strengh
  354. DCT-6412 box questions
  355. Helpppp!!!
  356. explorer 8300 reset
  357. New channels
  358. Cable TV Question
  359. Time warner NYC New Hd Channels
  360. More Comcast HD... Finally
  361. Martin’s FCC Ready To Impose 30% Cable Ownership Cap
  362. Scientific-Atlanta Explorer 8300 DVR
  363. Using Comcast/4250HD Remote vs. Samsung 5087s Remote?
  364. Comcast hookup question
  365. [Off Topic?] iTV in the Cox OKC market
  366. Comcast has MORE HD than satellite?
  367. Comcast HD Channel Lineup: Trenton, NJ (Mercer)
  368. FCC Ruling on Consumer Purchased DVR
  369. Comcast Central PA..new channels?
  370. Is This Box Newer Than I Think?
  371. Choppy HD picture to often with mediacomcc
  372. Cable Box Issues....
  373. HDHomerun, BeyondTV, & Comcast in Solebury, Pa.
  374. TWC - Maine...........any HD updates coming??
  375. Comcast Music
  376. Local HDTV better from antenna?
  377. Comcast In Baltimore
  378. New DVR Question
  379. Comcast HD in Mobile, AL.
  380. Comcast and Discovery HD
  381. Toshiba HD-A30 and Comcast Digital Cable Remote Controller not talking!
  382. comcast hd distortion.
  383. Need advice w/analog cable
  384. Time Warner Cable - Raleigh?? HDTV Stations?
  385. New TV, new to HD
  386. Discovery HD coming to Chicago!!
  387. QAM Orlando, FL
  388. New Comcast HD Channels
  389. Comcast Cable FL Updates
  390. Time Warner HD programming
  391. Bad HD reception with Comcast in Seattle
  392. New Cox Fairfax HD Channels?
  393. Broncos-Raiders not in HD???
  394. Problems with TW SA8300 box
  395. Purchase Cable Boxes
  396. Help...Programming Comcast Remote
  397. Time Warner Sound and Picture Problems
  398. Don't Get the NFL Network...Watch the game live Online!!
  399. Cox New Orleans NFL Network help!!
  400. Comcast Cut Me A Deal
  401. Pass-through issues with SA 8300HD
  402. Hey NFL, greed isn't good
  403. Getting screwed by Time Warner?
  404. Question about Comcast's Sports Entertainment package
  405. Cablevision adds 2 HD Channels
  406. indianapolis hd locals and comcast cable
  407. New Here... Comcast Hdbox On Ebay?
  408. Comcast in marin CA, what can I expect to get on HTPC?
  409. TWC, Is this the best picture quality?r
  410. Comcast and Westinghouse TV
  411. Channel reception issues from Time Warner
  412. Bears vs. Bills sound?
  413. Comcast adds History HD in Chicago
  414. Free OnDemand for me... Kinda
  415. Do I have a 750MHz or better system?
  416. bill is getting out of hand
  417. Cablevision: Does the "Broadcast Basic" package really need a cable box?
  418. Comcast HD channel displays
  419. Switched video on cable coming to TiVo in 2008
  420. Potentially stupid question from a novice
  421. How about 50-100MB internet speeds?
  422. Comcast Hd Channels & Receiver
  423. HD cable to Projector w/ no tv tuner
  424. Cox - Northwest Arkansas - horrible PQ
  425. Comcast DCH 3416 and Polaroid 4011-TLXB
  426. I just bought my first HDTV - what else do I need?
  427. SA8300HD DVR hooked up to DVD recorder--bad audio
  428. Anyone know how to skip channels?
  429. Back to Component Cables with my 8300HDC.
  430. Comcast 3412 HD/DVR loses all settings?
  431. NFL Network HD picture quality
  432. Time Warner and the Big Ten Network
  433. Losing voice track????
  434. ComcasT DCH-3416 issues
  435. newbie question - HDTV w/ Cox but w/out HD service
  436. "Protection" message and shuts off (Urgent help needed!)
  437. Time warner NYC thanksgiving free previews
  438. Charter in Georgia...............
  439. Scientific Atlanta 4300 box is so slooooow?
  440. Big Pause When Changing Channels Question
  441. Srry for the Noob question, but im very confused.
  442. HDTV on Cox With Grey Bars
  443. Comcast Bay area new HD channels
  444. Cox OKC/Tulsa - HGTV HD & Food Network HD coming soon
  445. Can some one confirm my knowledge?
  446. Cox Cable (Okla.) looks like SD...
  447. My latest problem with my Scientific Atlanta 8300HD
  448. Does Time warner cable use fiber optic line?
  449. 1080i not being displayed.
  450. Charter in St. Louis
  451. NYC Time Warner Question
  452. Direct TV 85 Comcast- NOT ENOUGH
  453. Comcast TiVo -- Nov. 26
  454. Charter out of HD Boxes
  455. Should I be paying extra digital services cost 14.95) for each HD TV with Comcast?
  456. Comcast Adds 3 HD Channels In New England
  457. FCC looks to deregulate cable companies further
  458. "Also Available in HD"...
  459. DVR suddenly not playing recorded shows
  460. Owning 8300HD and Cox Communications
  461. Any New HD for Comcast Chicago??
  462. Time Warner of NYC new HD Channels comig
  463. New Cable Card from Comcast
  464. Any Word On MGM-HD Hitting Comcast?
  465. Olevia 32" 232T - Crackling noises after changing channels
  466. Comcast Cable Questions (SW Michigan)
  467. HDMI & Component At Same Time?
  468. Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8300 HDC questions
  469. Problem getting Hi-def to work on my bigscreen
  470. Cox in Tulsa Ok adding 20 new HD channels
  471. Comcast DVR
  472. Cox New Orleans - NBA League Pass HD?
  473. Cox Cable sound hiccups...
  474. Ready to Give Up On Time Warner HD / DVR
  475. Anyone else seeing these Cox ads??
  476. Help w/ Time Warner San Diego!
  477. Usa Hd
  478. surround sound.........
  479. Comcast and Big Ten Network update
  480. comcast sound hiccups
  481. hi def NHL football
  482. COX in SB CA and 720p
  483. 1394 Port Enabled
  484. Comcast DVR
  485. HD MSG on time warner
  486. Can I get HD channels with basic Comcast Cable?
  487. PLEASE help! DVR on SA 8300 100% full????
  488. Sa 8300hdc & Hdmi ?
  489. Comcast Delema / Navagition
  490. Is this a Time Warner or Network Issue?
  491. Cablevision to add CNN-HD
  492. New Comcast channels for Winthrop, MA
  493. WAvy lines scrollup up my tv screen
  494. More HD on Comcast Little Rock?
  495. Charter Cable Moxi box??
  496. Picture in Picture
  497. SA 8300HDC Wizard?
  498. Comcast digital converter box
  499. Rcn Hd
  500. My cable box

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