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Cable Providers

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  1. WEll Well... I see where Comcast is starting a useage monitor..
  2. A bunch of problems with SA 8300 cablebox & Time warner
  3. What output setting do I configure Scientific-Atlantic Explorer 8300 for?
  4. IO Cablevision
  5. Mediacom+High Def Reception Problem
  6. HD picture quality question Cable vs Satellite
  7. Same Program: 720p vs 1080i
  8. TWC in NYC, deals for old customers?
  9. Tired of renting
  10. Green bar on side of tv with comcast
  11. ABC pulling programing off Cablevision??
  12. Scientific Atlanta 8300HDC Audio
  13. Comcast blocks hdmi splitter?
  14. Proper settings
  15. Channel Vision Video Modulator with Comcast Cable Box
  16. Controlling High Def Insight Box From Remote Location
  17. Comcast Atlanta: HD DVR: Pixelation and HDMI
  18. Comcast HD DVR Question
  19. ques
  20. Brand New Toshiba HDTV only displaying in 480i???
  21. Part of one HD Channel remain on another; Comcast and Bravia
  22. Finding Comcast channel line-up without STB
  23. Repair dead SA Explorer 8300 HD?
  24. Channel not available
  25. Pixelation during fast scenes and bright scenes with my panny
  26. comcast motorola dcx-3200 hdmi volume control
  27. Time warner internet speed versus verizon internet speed
  28. Channel Question?
  29. Really bad signal with new Cablevision/IO TV install
  30. Sylvania DVD/VCR player (DV220-SL8)
  31. Sylvania DVD/VCR player
  32. HD DVR + LCD TV = cropped image?
  33. Cablevision HD Channel Mapping
  34. recording times
  35. Scientific Atlanta Program guides
  36. Universal Remote and DCX3200 Problem
  37. Cablevision/Optimum...zoom options?
  38. Cablevison Guide Question
  39. I HATE Comcast!
  40. Comcast in Danbury, CT
  41. Using a 3rd pary cable box with Comcast
  42. Time Warner Reception Problems - DVR
  43. Viewing the full TV show description on Comcast's info button?
  44. Double-dip for HD?
  45. Available Comcast HD STBs
  46. CableLabs starts testing 3D, determines existing set-tops are compatible
  47. 8300HD Power Consumption?
  48. dct6416 III HDMI with comcast trouble
  49. A little of topic
  50. DCT6412III and DCT5100 together
  51. Brighthouse Central FL HD
  52. Can you have TV from one provider and internet from another?
  53. Cable TV Turner
  54. The Model LPF-750 Low-Pass Filter
  55. TimeWarner Movies On Demand HD??????
  56. Cox Hampton Roads, VA
  57. Cox Hampton Roads
  58. SA Cable Box with Tivo
  59. Comcast and optical audio hookup
  60. DVR on SA8300 box
  61. Horrible Picture with WOW!
  62. Considering Comcast?
  63. FCC Grants Waiver On Encryption Rule For Cablevision
  64. i got an e-mail from time warner corporate
  65. Which cable company?
  66. Are rate increases causing you to consider looking elswhere for TV?
  67. hypothetical time warner cable box ?
  68. Comcast fancast
  69. new comcast remote 30 sec skip???
  70. question for those with external hd expertise
  71. Comcast: How is HD PQ for everyone else?
  72. Time Warner NYC can...
  73. Aspect Problems with Time Warner Cable
  74. Comcast query: CLTV location?
  75. Analysts Weigh In On Fox-Time Warner Cable Retrans Pact
  76. cablevision hdmi problems
  77. Stuck with a low recording capacity DVR! Any Options?
  78. Does the cable/satellite box impact my signal?
  79. Cable Box Required?
  80. HD local channels from comcast
  81. Resolution issues on 2 SA 4250s.
  82. Food Network and HGTV channels no loner on Cablevision...
  83. Setting up Scientific Atlantic cable boxes to "pass-through" the source resolution
  84. Is it better to turn off the power of the cable box when not in use?
  85. Question about TW installation for All The Best
  86. Expanding SA8300HD Again?
  87. FCC Deregulates Rates For Cablevision's NY Systems
  88. Time Warner - Los Angeles. Best cable box non-DVR?
  89. If I have basic cable and my brother has....
  90. I have a question.
  91. HD and SD channels all messed up and small
  92. Cox: New HD TV off Splitter, Bad Picture
  93. im new to the HDTV world... stupid question maybe?
  94. Best Comcast cable box for SD
  95. Pixelation issues?
  96. Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8240HDC
  97. Help SD channels shifted down an inch
  98. Problem with Comcast....
  99. Sci Atl 8300 HD PVR - Copying media from list of recorded shows
  100. Comcast To Hit 100-Mbps In Augusta, Ga., After Going 100% Digital
  101. Which is better HD picture, WOW or Time Warner in Columbus Ohio?
  102. Scientific Atlanta 4250 HDC signal problem
  103. Owning your own S/A 8300
  104. DCX3400 Set top box problem
  105. Armstrong - North East Maryland
  106. cable tv and media center pc
  107. Ques re Comcast and IR Reciever ?
  108. New TW HD Channels
  109. regular crt tv is better than lcd tv
  110. Closed Captioning Problem
  111. Favorites for Guide Default.
  112. check local listing
  113. Comcast Scrambling Digital Signals!
  114. Comcast Catch-22: recording vs. DVR handshake
  115. Charter's new appointment window policy
  116. Comcast and obamas health bill..
  117. Charter HD cable box
  118. Problem with tv only when using HD Cable Box From Comcast.
  119. Comcast Didital HD Adapter Question
  120. Question for TW cable customers in Orange County CA
  121. RNG200 Hard Drive ?'s & Remote ?
  122. Hell freezes over, the FCC admits that CableCARD is a failure
  123. Trouble with Comcast with Sony Bravia 46 "
  124. Scientific Atlantic 3250HD resolution setup guide
  125. Does TW really suck?
  126. DVR to DVD????
  127. I had a Comcast Adventure
  128. Some questions about Comcast Basic Cable
  129. I really hate My SA/Cisco HD DVR!
  130. Considering Comcast in Indy, not Direct TV
  131. Time Warner "Roll Over or Get Tough"
  132. Explorer 4250HDC Issues /w New Samsung 32"
  133. CBS HD on one tv but not the other
  134. Cablevision + New HD Boxes?
  135. Seattle Comcast Vs. Pittsburgh
  136. HD Issues with Charter Cable
  137. Question
  138. Comcast
  139. Are CableCards already obsolete?
  140. Can't get cable channels on Sharp Aquos
  141. How to get a Time Warner Cable deal?
  142. Attention any Comcast employees- Please help
  143. Comcast no longer requires install for Cablecard (at least in Seattle, WA)
  144. Explorer 8340hdc COX
  145. Cablevision adds HD Channel
  146. message: "DVI/HDMI output is blocked"
  147. can't program yamaha rx-v557 reciever with SA 8300hdc remote?
  148. Link for remote control codes....
  149. Best Time Warner HD Box?
  150. Comcast guide enhancements feature wishlist
  151. HD Dual Tuner DVR HCL3416 Problems....
  152. Anyone Have QAM Channels for MediaCom Sugar Grove, IL?
  153. 5.1 Sound problems with ABC
  154. Small Comcast HD set-top box options?
  155. Time Warner - HDMI Shaky Picture
  156. CableCard installed at comcast DIGITAL home, now moving to BASIC home. Still work?
  157. Is there a way decrypt HD Channels off Comcast Basic Cable?
  158. Trouble changing channels on Scientific Atlanta 4250HD
  159. Time Warner SA Explorer 8300 HD reboots
  160. Comcast South Florida HDTV Scans Dups w/o Sound...Help!
  161. Time Warner Basic Cable in HD? (Manhattan)
  162. How to get cable to a projector
  163. Time Warner Cable broadcast gets stuck in a loop
  164. Weird cable issue
  165. Cost of cable cards with Comcast?
  166. Charter Cable
  167. HD chanels fuzzy with comcast.
  168. Cohen: Comcast's Plant Tru2way-Capable By Year-End
  169. Comcast picture interference when on internet
  170. CBS HD Football blocky?
  171. Time Warner in Columbus, Ohio
  172. Comcast Internet On Demand Beta Testing
  173. missing audio with new comcast HD box
  174. Cablevison DVR to DVD Setup
  175. Did You Know - Samsung Series 750 & Cox Motorola 34XX Have Compatibility Issue?
  176. No FOX and ABC in HD on Time warner
  177. Selcection of 720p vs 1080i on HD cable box
  178. Fox Business on cablevision?
  179. Why im i not getting HD channels on my Time Warner Cable Service?
  180. Does anyone know why i am not getting HD channels on my Time Warner Cable service?
  181. Aspect Ratio - Cant Change
  182. Difference between comcast systems?
  183. Time Warner DVR Pixelation-- Too Many Channels?
  184. Bright House Indianapolis
  185. How to get HD with comcast Extended Cable???
  186. Time Warner Cable Box - How do I get a new Moxi?
  187. Comcast Installation Fees
  188. Looking for Remote Control Codes
  189. 1080i Picture Distortion?
  190. Comcast HD - Slow Changing Channels
  191. Comcast/Motorola DVR external HDD?
  192. Calvert County MD DVR Boxes
  193. Digital broadcasting
  194. hdtv direct hookup to cox coaxial
  195. Cablevision Looks to Lock Up Basic Video Tier
  196. Brighthouse network HD DVR
  197. Question on New Comcast Remote
  198. Cox vs. Dish/HDMI vs. Component Out
  199. A HDTV signal converter box?
  200. Mediacom/Motorola HD-DVR question
  201. Question about cable providers in SF Bay Area?
  202. Sound Issues with my Box
  203. DVR room to room
  204. Cablevision 4250HD Sound Issues after update
  205. what HD channels are next for comcast...
  206. Charter Cable
  207. I don't want Comcast cable boxes. Do I need them?
  208. Motorola DCX3200...anyone?
  209. illegal or legal boxes??
  210. HD over coaxial?
  211. Motorola DCH6200 Question
  212. Channel lineup?
  213. Please Help TW 8240 HDC Sound Issue w/ HDMI
  214. new channels for cablevision
  215. Does my Zenith HDV420 have QAM tuner?
  216. TWC switch from dish promo?
  217. Comcast Customer in Atlanta
  218. Mediacom Cable Box Balky or Other
  219. Can I Use A PCI Tuner Card With Time-Warner
  220. Unbelievable - I can't find my Channel lineup
  221. TWC Central New York
  222. I need your help with Comcast in Ma.
  223. Question about Cisco (SA) Comcast Boxes
  224. Moxi 3012 HD DVR Charter expansion status
  225. Rogers cable & DTV ready TV question
  226. Time Warner NYC - 30 second fast forward possible?
  227. Cablevision Scientific Atlanta 4250hd Problems
  228. Getting unsubscribed channel
  229. HDMI or regular Cables
  230. WOW service
  231. Cablevision adds Quick Menu (Shortcuts) feature
  232. Cox Tucson unable to tune HD Channels
  233. 6ft HDMI Cable Ver. 1.3 Full HD HDTV PS3 Blu-Ray Player 1080P at www.cross-mark.com
  234. Comcast Explorer 4250hdc vs Samsung LCD TV
  235. How do I still get standard def picture after digital switch?
  236. Using a splitter with Comcast?
  237. Comcast HD DVR starts to record when i shut off cable box? Weird
  238. Hitachi P42H401 42in Comcast IR code
  239. VA-Comcast and SA 8000HD connectivity help requested
  240. New Gen Comcast Set-Top Box?
  241. Is it too big?
  242. where can i find what cable providers are in my area
  243. Comcast Signal, Box or TV problem
  244. Cox HD Las Vegas
  245. Question from a novice
  246. Cablevision (supposedly) to add web-based DVR management tool...
  247. Cox required to connect??
  248. Comcast in San Francisco Bay Area
  249. New HD Service Dilemma
  250. New HD Service
  251. TWC Motorola DCT 3416
  252. Golf Channel
  253. ComCast
  254. DVR recording issues on Sammy 3090
  255. HBO in HD is Back!
  256. Comcast Fresno
  257. Comcast - Channel Numbers Different
  258. DVR Expansion?
  259. Bad Fast Motion From Some Comcast HD
  260. Comcast to add bbc america hd
  261. # of TWC HD channels
  262. Comcast HD box or TV problem?
  263. motorola dch3416 question?
  264. Time Warner HD boxes
  265. This is my monthly cable bill, I think Im getting ripped
  266. This is my monthly cable bill- I think Im getting ripped
  267. Comcast HD box Keeps rebooting
  268. rg59 question???????
  269. Problems Tuning Cox New Orleans Clear QAM on my Samsung
  270. TWC Which HDDVR
  271. Comcast "Cherry Hill area" NJ Upgrades
  272. Samsung H-3090 Manual
  273. Recording Options on Sci Atl Explorer 8300HDC
  274. time
  275. 2 HD cable boxes in 1 house; need answers :(
  276. MPEG (PCM) vs. Dolby AC-3
  277. DVI to HDMI Standard Def issue
  278. cox new orleans ppv hd
  279. Strange Comcast problem
  280. TCM in HD on Cablevision!
  281. Is Comcast planning on adding any more HD channels this year?
  282. guide options on Comcast DVR DCH 3416
  283. Comcast Portland OR has WiFi available City wide
  284. Operators To Miss Tru2way Deadline
  285. 8300 hdmi issues
  286. DVR with HDMI and no activation of Cable CARD
  287. No Sound Comcast HD Box, To computer SPDIF
  288. If you ONLY have cable internet can you still get tv channels?
  289. Help with Scientific Atlanta 8300 HDC
  290. new here with lots of questions
  291. Time Warner Cable NYC New Samsung DVR h3090
  292. Virtual Digital channel help
  293. Transferring Non-Copy Righted HD video from Motorola DCH6416 DVR to computer/HD
  294. New comcast dvr to replace old model
  295. IFC takes VOD high-def
  296. Comcast Expands Project Cavalry In Northern N.J.
  297. SCI FI HD on Comcast???
  298. Any body experienced with Sci Atlanta 8300hd external sata
  299. putting old harddrive into a new dvr?
  300. What is the deal ...Still Getting Analog Channels !
  301. Charter's Presence on HighDef Forums
  302. Comcast sound is much lower than DVD on Surround Sound
  303. New HD Channels from Cablevision
  304. Comcast Ups Broadband Speed, For a Price
  305. Summer Debut for Cablevision Network DVR
  306. cablevision rates after on year..
  307. comcast compatible digital boxes
  308. Signal strength indicator on SA 4250hdc
  309. Hack or trash a Comcast DVR
  310. WOW cable quality
  311. Scientific Atlanta 8300HD
  312. New HD for Comcast Michigan
  313. New HD Channels For Cox Phoenix?
  314. Protest to Time Warner/Bright House cable for dropping HDNet/Movie
  315. Motorola Selling DOCSIS 3.0 Modems At Retail
  316. Bright House dropped HDNet, HDNet Movie
  317. Cox Communications HD Programming Question
  318. TiVo HD box to replace Comcast digital adapter
  319. Using DCT-2000 cable box with built in HD tuner card in Hi-Def Television
  320. Verizon router OK as Comcast cable modem?
  321. 24.99 Comcast internet W/free basic cable
  322. Scientific Atlanta 8300HD Playback Issue (Cablevision)
  323. Comcast rebate, how long?
  324. No Internet Availability
  325. Help with TWC STB HDMI switching with Sony AV receiver
  326. Help connecting a Time Warner HD box to Sony TV and Tivo
  327. new tv fuzzy/wavy reception on most cable channels
  328. hdmi vs. component cable
  329. Help pulling data off my SA 8300
  330. Getting harder to lower cable bill!!!
  331. Comcast DCH3416
  332. Smaller HDTV Digital Boxes from COX
  333. Really PO'd at Comcast!
  334. DCH3416 Picture offset far right w/HDMI?
  335. Mediacom
  336. Comcast in Houston Area - Questions
  337. cablevision deleting 10 more stations..
  338. Is TM HD Worth The Price?
  339. Recommended Converter Box
  340. Time Warner dropping HDNET & HD MOVIE NET
  341. Help with my definition settings
  342. Enabling Cable Box volume control from remote on an 8300hd
  343. Had Comcast HD installed today. Is this really true????
  344. Just got my time warner HD box....Any imput
  345. DVR shutting off randomly
  346. SA Explorer 8240HDC DVR manuals
  347. Help Changing Output Ratio on TWC's Explorer 8300HDC...
  348. Comcast HD / HDMI not used
  349. Comcast to Add 27 HD Channels In Houston
  350. IO Cablevision Long Island - More HD Channels?
  351. Hard to figure Comcast out....
  352. Comcast Seattle Cable Channel Guide (w/o STB)
  353. samsung sm 2110
  354. Comcast To Begin Rollout Of 22 More High Def Channels
  355. CableLabs Issues Request For Information On 3-D TV
  356. How to I get recordings off of my Time Warner Motorola HD DVR?
  357. Time Warner Cable's Channel Guide
  358. Comcast, Cablecard, and HDTV
  359. Picture ratio problems on HBO
  360. Comcast Says... We Break it You Fix it.
  361. Time Warner Cable Drops FearNet
  362. Do old HD boxes perform as well as new HD boxes
  363. What is Really Needed for Comcast HD in Chicago?
  364. is the comcast motorola dct3412 1080?
  365. Comcast Box Reset to 480P/720P
  366. Weekly re-boot...
  367. all channels "to be announced"
  368. Why no more NFL network on Comcast??
  369. Motorola DCX3400
  370. cox Omaha Nebraska adds more HD on 4-30-09
  371. Problem with TWC Fox 705 HD in NYC - Audio Dropouts
  372. MOXI Sells HD DVR for Digital Cable
  373. QAM tuner - no CBS HD? Alexandria, VA
  374. Audio/video syncing issues with Cox cable?
  375. Comcast DCH3416 Volume Problem
  376. DCH3416 Bought 2nd hand, no channels, any help?
  377. DVR stops DVRing
  378. Window boxing 4x3 on a 16x9 TV
  379. Sound issue with one specific channel - help?
  380. Pixelization on moving images
  381. Consolidated Communications: Digital TV via phone line?
  382. Time Warner Socal HD DVR options
  383. 52LG70 and Scientific Atlanta Cable Receiver
  384. Help a moron
  385. western digital dvr expander question????
  386. Cablevision 700 series channels
  387. Time Warner WNY HD Pixelation Help
  388. Buying Used DVR Boxes
  389. TWC North East Ohio...Finally catching up..New HD Channels
  390. whose your cable provider and are you happy with it
  391. New HDTV, where did all these comcast channels come from? And other questions...
  392. HD cable questions
  393. Comcast NJ: Broadcasting on STD and HRC
  394. QAM tuner for Charter local HD programs?
  395. Mlbn hd on comcast
  396. SA 8300HD HDMI sound output capabilities question
  397. please advise what I should do. I really need your help
  398. NJ comcast cable question about HD
  399. 8300HD Needs To Power Up When First Starting?
  400. Comcast now offering 50 Mbps service in the Bay Area soon
  401. Do I really get a cable service?
  402. Weird sync issue viewing the oscars
  403. Configuration Question
  404. TWC NYC dvr problem
  405. Comcast barfs my box during 'Digital upgrade'
  406. Time Warner has reposessed my cable card!
  407. what is the furure of cable companies now that fios is expanding
  408. Comcast Website On Demand Movies - Partial List?
  409. how often does your cablevision dvr reboot or freeze-replaced how many times
  410. Bad Picture Problem With Time Warner HD
  411. Very bad reception with Comcast HD box
  412. Does Commiecast internet only block cable signals?
  413. What cable box is Comcast installling for HD?
  414. Last Channel
  415. worse definition after hdmi switch
  416. DCH3416 Series recording snafu ?
  417. Why Does My Comcast Channels Change A Different Color From Time To Time
  418. Missing HD CHannels w/ my Cable Card PC
  419. Why am I getting this "Your device does not support HDCP" message?
  420. Time Warner and Digital Cable
  421. New Comcast HD install, audio dropouts and "popping, snapping" noise
  422. Charter and HD antenna
  423. Comcast Cable Decryption
  424. Comcast to Add MavTV HD
  425. On Demand on Comcast 720???
  426. Comcast rescaling ABC 720 to 1080i ?
  427. Time Warner "Channel Not Available" message
  428. Comcasat question
  429. "a strange happenin'"
  430. can anybody answer this question
  431. questions on fios vs cablevision
  432. when will cablevision add chiller channel- miss monster hd
  433. Comcast at 7.1 - any time soon?
  434. Cablevision stretching SD channels if you use HDMI?
  435. Cablevision to add three more HD Channels (ION HD, WFMZ HD & WEDH HD)
  436. Time Warner HDMI no audio URGENT
  437. Comcast Charging for On Demand Network Shows
  438. Cablevision PQ
  439. FCC Approves Time Warner Cable's Move to Become a Separate Company
  440. Charter teetering toward bankruptcy
  441. Motorola 6412 HD
  442. ATSC vs QAM on 'analog' cable feed
  443. Atlanta Area Comcast Rant
  444. Time warner digital cable issues help!!!!
  445. SA 8300HD w/ HDMI Switch Removes DVR Capability
  446. New HD channel(s) Comcast MI
  447. NYC Time Warner vs others
  448. Charter HD
  449. TWC NYC finally comes through
  450. Question about HD and 480P
  451. comcast fuzzy picture with non HD channels
  452. Moxi Boxi
  453. Better HD picture Time Warner or DirectV
  454. Center Ice on Comcast HD is broken?
  455. A/V desynchronization with Cox?
  456. Motorola VIP1200
  457. Fuel TV, FX HD, Speed HD Get Boost From Cox
  458. Time Warner Cable Picture Quality (NYC)
  459. what do you use hdmi or component video to your cable box
  460. Hauppauge HD PVR...Capture HD on your PC!
  461. CNBC Plus HD is missing the plus
  462. Dolby Digital 2.0 source
  463. dvr now freezes and reboots --had no problem for 8 months
  464. HDMI vs RCA (TWC HD DVR hum / Picture quality)
  465. Moving cable box
  466. Can 2 HD tv's run off 1 Time Warner HD box?
  467. will charter ever get any decent HD channels
  468. Can I get HD signal from a SA Discovery 8000
  469. A/V desynchronization with Cox?
  470. Time Warner 8300HDC box problems or?
  471. Full Screen in SD channels and Side Bars in HD
  472. tivo or digital box?
  473. Losing Hi-Def Signal
  474. New Modem Chips Provide Huge Bandwidth For IPTV Gateways
  475. Comcast- losing digital audio on certain channels
  476. Cable On Demand Movie Reviews and Star Ratings - www.ondemandcritic.com
  477. Two Tv's two csets of channels
  478. voices are off when watching HD
  479. HD in Minnesota
  480. Picture format?
  481. My cat likes on demand
  482. Charter digital cable receiver question.
  483. dch3416 trouble
  484. Expansion system for Scientific Atlanta 8300 Series DVR
  485. Cable Transmission Question
  486. Cablevision HD - Static between Channel Changes
  487. Time warner cable and burn in's!!!!
  488. 2 different TWC boxes 2 different guides
  489. SA 4250 HDC resolution Setting ?
  490. Can I buy a box instead of renting one from Cox (SE Kansas)
  491. Debating Upgrading My Comcast Service - Help!
  492. Cisco Preps Whole-Home DVR - Explorer 8600
  493. Problems with Comcast cable TV signal
  494. Terrible ABC HD Quality Time Warner Durham
  495. Cable (no box) and local HD channels?
  496. Cablevision HD Channels in 4:3
  497. 4,172 feet from HUB Comcast Line
  498. TWC/ScientificAtlanta Switching between HDMI and Component?
  499. An odd question.
  500. Speed Up Channel Changing