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  1. Refer a Friend question
  2. 1080p question
  3. transfering recorded shows to DVD
  4. 2 year contract question
  5. comparing DISH 250 to choice xtra any thoughts?
  6. Anyone know the difference between Choice Xtra and Ultimate?
  7. Directv Audio Dropping Problem
  8. DirecTV HD box
  9. i never new directv was so expensive!
  10. GOLHD… Can't hold my excitement.
  11. The impossilbe install......or not?
  12. deca adds $206 to be installed?
  13. Pay per view
  14. Moisture in SL3PIG-P lnb
  15. Worst Customer Service
  16. Looking at getting Direct TV ... Questions?
  17. how do I go about using a old directv receiver someone gave me?
  18. Refreshing List of Recordings on receiver via MRV
  19. does anyone's sound ever cut out for like a split second?
  20. Need assembly instructions for DTV SL 5 sat
  21. original sqaure hd dish
  22. Can't watch VOD movie in 1080P
  23. Local channels on directv
  24. DirecTV and LG W2353V
  25. Connecting second TV to high def DirecTV receiver
  26. amplified splitter question
  27. Amc hd
  28. Difficulty In Programming In Favorite Channels
  29. Arrgh.....Trees!!!
  30. Did you give your SS# and CC# when getting DTV?
  31. hr24-500 firewire port?
  32. Dtv and 1080p,how to tell??
  33. Can We Record a Program and Watch Another Channel?
  34. Programming remote...no help with DTV
  35. Directv HD quality compared to Cable
  36. Switching to D* from Time Warner...
  37. Cancellation fee?
  38. Whole Home DVR Issue
  39. Help With How To Connect Second TV
  40. DVR Manage Recordings "History."
  41. two HD DVR receiver questions
  42. Give me one reason to not cancel DirecTV
  43. Direct TV H23-600 Problems
  44. Redzone channel?
  45. HDTV Bandwith
  46. Yucky Remote Problem
  47. FX 'Damages' Saved By New DirectTV Deal
  48. How had is it to adjust sat signal with 5lnb
  49. Dude, where's my Sundance?
  50. RF Remote for HR 24
  51. New Whole-Home DVR Service
  52. Cramming for my final.
  53. Self Install Please Help
  54. Just switched to DirecTV
  55. Are the audio problems a thing of the past?
  56. Splitters
  57. NBC, channel !! HD off the air all day In SF Bay Area
  58. Video on demand and MRV over swm
  59. Searching for Signal (771)
  60. HD questions
  61. Remote options for multiple TVs on one receiver
  62. export dvr recordings
  63. HD Configuration - want to go SD
  64. MLB Extra Innings Price Reduced
  65. Question about locals...
  66. The Take
  67. Where are my FOX HD Channels?
  68. The advantages of online television
  69. Iphone APP
  70. New DIRECTV customer
  71. DirecTV, DISH Network, or Comcast?
  72. New Installation Question - Total Home DVR
  73. Cautionary Tale
  74. Thinking about moving from Dish to Direct. Need Help.
  75. Bad TV or bad Receiver?
  76. New Customer: Hooking up receivers, questions about pricing, etc
  77. Am21 problems
  78. Thrilled with my DIRECTV service !!
  79. DirecTV installation question?
  80. Questions about on demand
  81. just switched to direct hd.. mountain home quit working
  82. Zinwell WB68 vs Zinwell MS6x8WBz
  83. Direct and structure wiring question
  84. Just Got Directv And I Love It !!!!!!!!!
  85. Sports Pack
  86. Total Choice Plus
  87. What??!!! No deal????!!!!
  88. SWM Install Questions
  89. Tuner 1 not acquired
  90. Hiding a receiver - How to control
  91. HD locals in Lafayette,La.
  92. Please Help
  93. Moving from Cable to DirectTV
  94. ordering ufc116
  95. New Nat Geo Wild & ESPNU New Ch. Number
  96. Intermittant Audio drop outs
  97. Nfl sunday ticket early bird promotion for new dtv subscribers
  98. Question about HD Receivers
  99. Anyone know the 2010 DirecTV Sunday Ticket promotion?
  100. DVR Menu problems - channels highlighte that I don't get
  101. Help With Internet Hook-Ups
  102. MRV what a crock of @#$%
  103. Looking for some HeLp!
  104. why do we need to listen to people troll
  105. dtv media share
  106. NFL Ticket satellite feeds
  107. Anyone having problems with Samsung LN55C650
  108. direct tv rapage?
  109. Directv Promotions For Free Premium Channels?? HBO,CINEMAX,TMC,SHOWTIME
  110. Directv on the go! Confussing at best
  111. Direct TV or Dish Network
  112. help direct tv virgin
  113. Network Feeds
  114. Connection Fail... Again.
  115. Q re MVR - Multiple DVRs?
  116. Windows Media Center & DTV
  117. How many tuners for the HR24 whole home DVR?
  118. DirecTV MRV setup
  119. MRV Being installed
  120. Sudden Loss of Dolby Digital Audio over HDMI / HR-20 / PCM & Optical Out Still Work
  121. MRV swm mirror DVR dual tuner WTF?
  122. I just signed up
  123. Got brand new HD receiver--HELP!!
  124. 3D video question
  125. Introduction of a newbie
  126. Can't view 3d channel on my Samsung 3d tv
  127. Remote doing double
  128. need help with tversity settings
  129. tversity settings
  130. Can't Connect DVR To Internet
  131. frequency out of range error
  132. Upgrading Equipment
  133. Lightning & SWM-8
  134. TV Guide channel? Curb your enthusiasm
  135. Error 771 on several HDs from 103(ca)?
  136. new hd channels
  137. Self Install with HD and DVR
  138. HD Picture question
  139. made the switch
  140. Multi Room DVR setup
  141. How to Convert TiVo to FLV/F4V/SWF on Mac For Web Sharing?
  142. FOX easing Saturday baseball blackouts??
  143. Directv SD Receiver Size
  144. Help: Basic HR 24 MRW Set-Up
  145. DirectTV 3d to start today
  146. Poor DirecTV remote reception?
  147. Directv while tailgating / camping??
  148. Whole Home DVR install question..
  149. why would a hd dvr not update in one room but will in another?
  150. Movie ratings disappeared!!
  151. LOL i got so much crap about dvrs quitting
  152. anyone else's dtv down??
  153. directv hd picture quality
  154. Will Direct Tv follow Dish with free HD?
  155. New to DirecTv
  156. SD Channels Suddenly Cropped
  157. Reception problem (pixelization) due to satellite in multiple areas
  158. What is included in the Premier package?
  159. AT&T High Speed Internet?
  160. Remote control question
  161. Need help with H20
  162. System Test Code?
  163. DirecTV To Offer 'Free' HD For Life
  164. I have
  165. Hd 22
  166. Am21
  167. Question about HD_DVR HR22
  168. Best DirecTV Setup for New Home?
  169. Direct Service call...
  170. I have 8 boxes and low signal
  171. multi room not working
  172. Is comcast keeping DirecTV from getting G4TV HD
  173. Using DECA for my Blu-Ray
  174. New cooking channel is a joke
  175. Having DirecTV installed next week, any thing I should know ahead of time?
  176. DirecTV HR22/100 sound problem
  177. Different Strokes - Gary Coleman
  178. loss of direct service due to electric storm
  179. swm16 switch
  180. 2nd HD DVR (+ HD Service) for bedroom??
  181. more stupid component output for direct receivers
  182. nfl sunday ticket to go
  183. Directv Customer Service.. they don't listen
  184. new channels appearing without change of package
  185. Output from DTV DVR to DVD or DV - Aspect ratio?
  186. Free Preview of Choice Xtra Channels.
  187. Dumb question regarding SD picture format
  188. Searching for signal on some HD channels all of a sudden
  189. Why no Red Sox @ Phillies Yesterday on MLB Extra Innings
  190. Whole Home DVR- they say I need a tech to come out which is total BS
  191. RF Remote for H24
  192. Directv vs. Dish hd numbers
  193. Multiroom DVR
  194. Multi-room viewing Beta over?
  195. 2010 NFL Sunday Ticket Question
  196. Removing an AM21
  197. Travel Channel HD
  198. Best price on DirecTV
  199. DTV in RV
  200. DirecTV audio (and video) 'hiccups'
  201. component output on Hr23-700
  202. weird video issue
  203. Signal strength question please
  204. which receiver for HD roof ant?
  205. DTV Guide - Just Wondering
  206. General Slimline Install Questions w/ Pole in Ground
  207. Directv won't send $100 VISA prepaid card
  208. Special service in new apartment buildings?
  209. Is there a way to.....
  210. Remote / lights issue
  211. What makes an HD-DVR "Unuseable"?
  212. HR20 Connections Question
  213. Which channels are on which satellites/transpondesr?
  214. D12 has arrived at 103°!
  215. Program DTV remote
  216. MLB Package
  217. Dvr online??
  218. Season Manager question...
  219. Dtv stupid??
  220. Now that D12 is drifting......
  221. Help with sound delay
  222. 8 way splitter swm to run 2 hd dvr's and one HD??
  223. 8 Tv's on one dish?
  224. Help my directv box attacked me again last night
  225. DVR Remote
  226. Can I turn On-Demand off my receiver
  227. Can't acquire signal...
  228. Satellite Parts
  229. What service gives you the most for less?
  230. [sarcasm] woo hoo 2 Spanish channels added in HD
  231. Do ethernet splitters work and..
  232. Forced to watch DVR recording
  233. Old DTV box as DVR with OTA antenna?
  234. d-problems
  235. How to make a direct tv transformer work with a 9v battery?
  236. Channel change time
  237. Hiding adult titles in guide??
  238. Direct TV HD Diplexer
  239. HD DVR as HD Receiver?
  240. PDF Channel Listing
  241. Unwanted Protection Plan
  242. H20 DirecTV receiver output to secondary tv
  243. HD Extra Pack Free Preview
  244. New HDDVR
  245. 30 new full time HD channels coming in May!
  246. Sharing Directv
  247. hr24
  248. HD Net Ch 79
  249. help
  250. DIRECTV CHANNELS "Invisible" Logo's For Plasma Tv's
  251. Premium channel recordings are going to on-demand
  252. Farewell DirecTV
  253. Dvr swim box?
  254. DirecTV-12 - request to drift to final position
  255. HD modulator
  256. Sound clipping in 5 second bursts
  257. Receiver Question
  258. new hr23-700 user: weird problem w/ tuner1 and tuner2?
  259. MLB Network HD Blacked Out-But SD Channel Is Available. Why No HD?
  260. Direct vs Dish
  261. ANYONE.... WATER issues with dish installs on ROOF???
  262. On demand movies
  263. Need help to hook up a second HDDVR
  264. Is the output of a Zinwell MS6X8WB-Z equal to the inputs?
  265. What a dirty trick
  266. Military Channel HD?
  267. H10 Reciever HD ?
  268. bye,bye Dish
  269. Hr22 problem
  270. If you own a Direct Tv receiver how much would service cost?
  271. Fox Reality Ch. 250 Calling it Quits. What Will It Be Replaced With?
  272. You love dtv but what is the one area they could do better?
  273. Directv to save Damages
  274. High Def. T.V.'s
  275. Choice Ultimate package
  276. Just Curious!
  277. Hr23-700 stops responding to remote?
  278. The Documentary Channel on 263
  279. hr22-100 question
  280. The Nightmare is Over!!
  281. New DTV Tivo Receiver - Status ???
  282. RG-59 Cable
  283. Sound Break-ups on 24
  284. Finaly switch from Uverse to Dtv and looking good so far.
  285. Anyone experience this?
  286. Self install: HD dvr
  287. bought the 6X8 Zinwell Multiswitch For DirecTV HD FTA KA/KU
  288. New to forum. DirecTV install question
  289. Do I need phone line for DirecTV?
  290. Which new HD channels when 12 is up and running?
  291. Msnbc hd?
  292. question about the digital clock app
  293. So where are all those new HD channels??????
  294. Free Showtime Preview March 25-28, 2010??
  295. A Little PPV warning on DirecTV
  296. Tried U-verse. Not for me.
  297. Miss my old cable channels
  298. Wants to get direct tv but have a dilema...
  299. Switch from dish to dtv - Thinking about it.
  300. Need to know if I have everything connected correctly
  301. Unable to cancel the Sport Pak on line. Had to call
  302. Slow
  303. Trouble recording multipe programs on DVR - help.
  304. Just got DTV installed today - my opinions
  305. CBSCS HD blackout?!?!?
  306. Mega March Madness Question
  307. Now that the Vs. dispute is over.......
  308. h21 & MRV
  309. HR-20 eSATA quit working
  310. Versus back on directv today
  311. How long untill you can sign up as a new customer?
  312. Problems with few HD channels
  313. how big are the vod files? download time?
  314. 2 Locations 1 Account DTV, NO LOCALS..
  315. Starting 1080P from Guide
  316. Hr24 dvr
  317. HD21-100 and Sans TR2UT-B eSATA Raid JBOD
  318. Another dtv joke!
  319. DirecTV's Twitter Page: Versus Coming Soon?
  320. S L O W remote action
  321. Setting up my network
  322. Mega March Madness for free?
  323. Question on HD cable length?
  324. choice extra 63.99 vs choice ultimate 68.99
  325. Switch To HD??
  326. ***why pay more for directv?***
  327. Two questions about cancelling....
  328. General Information
  329. problem with search feature
  330. Versus and cancelling service
  331. Best break in channel?? Cartoons???
  332. Guide not updated for over an hour
  333. the new "My Media" for streaming vids from your PC is great
  334. For the soccer fans....
  335. New customer maybe
  336. DirecTv: How does an existing customer get a free upgrade to HD?
  337. Standard reciver on a HD dish.
  338. Screen distortion on one channel
  339. How long does it take to be a 'new' customer?
  340. NE1 have a clue how DTV2PC prevents capture?
  341. Extra Receiver Question
  342. Assistance Please
  343. DVR-H20-700 Is this Normal?
  344. RF modulator
  345. dolby surround sound not working properly on hr20
  346. Any news on the new HD Tivo
  347. Direct TV vs Dishnetwork
  348. Receiver start up
  349. Activating a line
  350. New channels HD in the last year
  351. Hr 20-700 replacing
  352. 5LNB to 3LNB??
  353. FSC Plus
  354. Hr22 v.s. Hr23
  355. General Question
  356. HD Channels Soon?
  357. Panasonic th-50px80u Remote Code
  358. Has anyone tried this portable dish?
  359. Simple Question
  360. No local channels with new HD DVR
  361. moms cottage in ontario canada d*?
  362. Network question; Cat5 ports on the back of the HR21
  363. Help Dumb*** with wireless connection
  364. Remote Turns on Two H21 Receivers Problem
  365. Mvr
  366. Newest direct tv dvr box
  367. ESPN pixelation problem
  368. New Music Channels
  369. Retail Tivo
  370. On Demand Concern
  371. Can you delete the white bar?
  372. DTV Protection Plan & SWM
  373. No piano music without Premier package
  374. Best HD provider? Dish, DirectTV, FIOS, RCN, Cable ?
  375. direct tv will lie to you!
  376. Audio playback prob. on recorded shows. Help!
  377. Add Verizon FIOS to Direct
  378. HD slimline dish on metal pole
  379. Intermittent signal drops
  380. FSC HD starting on DirecTV and DISH on 02/10
  381. Super Bowl in HD
  382. New guy HDTV questions
  383. HD quality died
  384. The Who Channel on XM!!!
  385. New Multi-room service
  386. Ignorant noob, be gentle.
  387. Telephone Line Interference
  388. Espn u
  389. Unwanted channels on search function
  390. Where did ESPN Classic go?
  391. Sports Bar IR over Coax Help
  392. DirecTV to Dish Switch???
  393. Dumb question but..HR10-250
  394. MRV Anyone using it?
  395. DirecTv Grace period
  396. KXXV in HD
  397. DTV audio drop outs
  398. If Smart Search is so smart...
  399. Accessing Zinwell WB68 Flex Ports
  400. CLASSIC: $340 Early Termination Fee! Any Escape?
  401. Direct TV can go to HELL.
  402. switching to direct
  403. I see that FSC is in HD now!
  404. Not all OTA channels shows up on HR20-700?
  405. Record 4 shows at once?
  406. Your Favorite Top 10 Anime/manga?
  407. Love tv
  408. Losing Locals & HD channels in cold weather
  409. Does Directv use the internet to locate the receiver?
  410. HD receiver on sdtv?
  411. Multi-Room Beta
  412. Very Slow...or just me?
  413. Dish install ?
  414. high def signal problem
  415. My receiver works, but nothing else.
  416. hdmi question
  417. Sparks at wall outlet ?
  418. RANT - HD non installation
  419. 30 second skip? cant remember
  420. New price increase, so where's Versus?
  421. 3 HD DVR's-Just a dream or will DTV do it?
  422. Music without TV
  423. Not getting HD channels
  424. How to prevent DVR meltdown...
  425. Leveling the playing field
  426. HD DVR and Service Question
  427. Directv HD DVR Remote
  428. Copy DVR Content-using AVerMedia AVerTV HD DVR pci-e ($90) card
  429. Future of mpeg-2
  430. Wiring help.
  431. HELP: Searching For Satellite Signal 771
  432. VuQube 1000 ?
  433. lip sync
  434. Tivo
  435. Price Increase Feb 9, 2010
  436. 771 Error on Package Sub. Only
  437. new friend
  438. Hidden Text
  439. Dtv rvu?
  440. Purchase Box -HR23
  441. DirectTv HD-22 HD Help
  442. Help with cable box problem!
  443. Fox Soccer Plus launch date
  444. Locals and ESPN
  445. TV is showing 3 pictures with HD DVR Receiver
  446. TV is showing 3 pictires
  447. HDMI splitter
  448. DirecTV's onscreen channel guide: losing your place
  449. on demand choppy?
  450. hr21-700 No High Def??
  451. DirecTV 3D broadcasts officially announced, coming in June
  452. 771 searching for signal help
  453. Is it possible to upgrade DVR storage size?
  454. Receiver question
  455. Do Component only LCD/Plasma/CRT's work with DTV HD?
  456. So why do we have to pay for Locals??? :))
  457. Moving - Good time to upgrade to HD?
  458. No antenna hookup
  459. Where in space will new sat be located?
  460. Looking for Michigan Dealers
  461. Trouble connecting to Internet
  462. Why 3d when HD is not fully implemented??
  463. VOD info
  464. Searching for signal code 711
  465. directv movers connection?
  466. A DIRECTV2PC question: What cable to use?
  467. What??? No such thing as retention dept.
  468. New to the site, considering switching to DTV
  469. Install Question
  470. DirecTV Raises a New Satellite & It's Prices
  471. Where on Directv statement?
  472. DirecTV 3D broadcasts coming in early 2010?
  473. Internet from sattelite.
  474. New HD Dvr Remote Setup
  475. New Guy Here, big question
  476. Hughesnet and HD service
  477. Help! Advice Needed
  478. Need Help-Moving Standard Def Box from One Room to Another - Can I do this on my own?
  479. Directv Home Network
  480. Hd-dvr-hr20-700
  481. Directv Hughes HTL-HD Receiver HELP
  482. Random channels dropped off after SWM-8 install
  483. Directv Cinema
  484. DVR storage space & Optional receivers?
  485. Sony VRD-MC6 DVD Recorder
  486. Audio cuts off
  487. If Direct loses signal
  488. Older rca receivers
  489. I got free HBO for a year (for no apparent reason)
  490. Upgrading to HD
  491. pink screen on HDTV
  492. Control 2 HDDVRs with one remote via RF?
  493. Christmas morning hours?
  494. DirecTV channels by FREQUENCY at 101 West
  495. VOD vs DVR ?
  496. Does new HD channel replace SD channel?
  497. Which DirecTV Receiver Should I Go With?
  498. Finding new channels
  499. Directv HDTV Lip Sync Fix
  500. Question about DirectTV HD installation