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  1. Direct tv and OTA
  2. DirecTV 20 Questions
  3. Received Hard copy bill for no apparent reason
  4. Is it the DVR or the AVR
  5. Zinwell WB616 Multiswitch Cascading?
  6. Considering providers, need some guidance?
  7. DTV HD Receiver Freezing up
  8. HR22 DVr grinding to a halt this past week
  9. Hughes E8 receiver
  10. Thunder caused loss of signal
  11. PiP: Use the computer while watching TV in the corner
  12. Two remotes Two receivers One room
  13. Direct Whole home system VS. DISH TV2
  14. DirecTV "Searching for Signal 771" help
  15. DirectTV can't be installed by DirectTV installed?
  16. Antenna Questions?
  17. Direct Tv
  18. Directv Advocate Dept.
  19. AMC HD on DirecTV?
  20. Canceled NFL Sunday Ticket
  21. How Many
  22. Direct Whole home system with addt'l t.v.'s
  23. h 24 700 receiver
  24. Concerned about DirecTV roof install
  25. slo mo
  26. hdnet movies
  27. Covert Affairs audio stutter
  28. The New Remote and Menu Layout
  29. New VOD Channels
  30. Need to change my address on DirectTV
  31. Network Logo Abnormality
  32. WUHF Channel 31 in Rochester Audio Drop Outs
  33. remote programming
  34. Pioneer Elite + Direct TV help
  35. question about sub sharing directv
  36. Whole house dvr question
  37. Simple DECA questions
  38. How to know when contract ends?
  39. New customer rebates, friend referral?
  40. Direct TV 3D? Anyone Know
  41. DirecTV's monthly magazine is out
  42. considering switch from Uverse to DirecTV
  43. Is DTV HD Lite?
  44. Fluke?
  45. Directv Cinema
  46. Audio skipping on certain channels
  47. Need advice on setup
  48. Few questions about dumping DTV!!
  49. Sony KDS55a2020 with HR24
  50. DirecTV + FiOS?
  51. DVR question
  52. MRV Lag
  53. Free upgrade to HD receiver
  54. Need Remote Setup Help
  55. HD converter box $500 FRAUD
  56. dvr not recording 1 show
  57. Acceptable "broadcast" issues
  58. New HD Channel Added
  59. Moving and want to keep old local fox sport channels
  60. Trying out Directv (after being with Dish Network)
  61. What happened to DirectV?
  62. Is DirectTV a Bad HD Source?
  63. Hate to do it, but gave DirecTV the boot
  64. Hello
  65. Nonserviceable areas for DirectTV
  66. Switching from Uverse to DTV.
  67. Dtv install???
  68. Directv + possible tornado =
  69. Need a laptop for college, can't decide
  70. What laptops are recommended for Computer design major?
  71. Watching DVR after cancelling
  72. New DVR?
  73. Whole Connect Costs
  74. Out of RSN?
  75. Watching video
  76. Multiple receivers one DVR
  77. Amazing, guaranteed, unbelievable
  78. Newbie start up
  79. Directv rental
  80. Free HBO
  81. Screen goes black
  82. DirecTV HD and house wiring
  83. does this happen to anyone else (30 second slip question)
  84. equipment advice
  85. How do I get full screen on my HDTV?
  86. MRV without SWM
  87. Hard Drive Swap?
  88. Pixalization issues please help
  89. I understand now
  90. Hd dvr resolution problem
  91. Ch 38 SF bay Area guide wrong. Shows East coast times
  92. Verizon throttling because of Direct TV
  93. Local Channels Not Avail., so no CBS,NBC,ABC,FOX?
  94. 5lnb on tripod allignment
  95. Still Waiting For AMC HD
  96. Question about 1 account in 2 location
  97. AM21 OTA Tuner
  98. tripple lnb single reciever
  99. Adding a receiver ?'s
  100. YES Network
  101. ESPN Baseball Blackout
  102. HR20 - 700 issue? No power light, red record light and buttons don't work
  103. DTV please add 1 minute LATER recording start
  104. Have you tried turning it off and back on again?
  105. 3D on Direct TV
  106. Returning DVR's/Return Label Wrong Info
  107. Cinema Downloads
  108. DVR Error- Not recording
  109. HBO Subs Heads Up
  110. No reelz hd?
  111. Connect HR23 to the internet
  112. HR24-500 DONT get one if you have plasma
  113. DTV hates jazz lovers
  114. Extra Innings 2011 - any discounts for repeat customers?
  115. Recent Audio Issues
  116. Direct 3D?
  117. Stream direct tv-is it a scam?
  118. New HD TV
  119. HR20-700 Recorded Picture Freezes- Audio Continues
  120. Adding the Sports Pak
  121. cinema connection kit
  122. Ground issue with dish...
  123. Got my new hr24-500's Not sure if i like one thing
  124. Upgrade eligibility? Please tell me no...
  125. D-tv mind boggling
  126. DirecTV = EXTORTION
  127. Some channels scanning..., not all
  128. Swm and WB616s
  129. Directv HD in Belize
  130. So will DTV be launching any new HD channels anytime soon?
  131. Cancellation penalty?
  132. DIRECTV: March Madness On TruTV In HD
  133. Ongoing issues
  134. Picture Quality Issue (Channel 257 - Chiller)
  135. dish 1000.4 w pointing prob
  136. Hbogo.com
  137. Just switched from Dish to Direct... my experience so far
  138. HD Receiver and composite output
  139. Whole Home DVR - why so much extra $ for install
  140. any independent contractors here?
  141. Channels Sometimes Not Receiving Properly on VCR
  142. DirecTV HD vs. High Resolution
  143. HR21 B-Band Converter Question
  144. DirecTV i-pad App is now available
  145. poor pic on plasma
  146. 2nd Receiver Now Or Later?
  147. Web Video Blocked, huh?
  148. Poor Sound Quality?
  149. HR-24 internet connection speed
  150. HR24-500 Opinions please
  151. 612 fornat question
  152. HD Channels
  153. Am I Getting HD?
  154. 1080P or 480I
  155. Must Read!
  156. HD DVR what is available now
  157. AAA 20 mo. $10 discount.
  158. DirecTV Settle Disputes
  159. Whole Home DVR help
  160. Fed up
  161. SWM and 8+ receivers
  162. 1080p picture cropping in top corner of TV
  163. DTV schedule...
  164. Using Internet on Whole Home DVR setup
  165. Everyone goes with Dish Network?
  166. DTV repair service gripe.
  167. guide info missing
  168. Micro-pixelation
  169. Direct TV Customer service= HORRIBLE
  170. Remote sends repeat numbers
  171. VOD issue
  172. how do i access the "6000+ movies/shows..."
  173. Recording through Coax
  174. HD-DVR recording through Coax
  175. HD install in two 6' dish
  176. Do I need a re-alignment?
  177. You tube & HDDVR
  178. Zinwell wirring
  179. Directv H23 HD Wireless Adapter
  180. Multiple receivers to multiple tvs
  181. DirectTV MRV Intermittent
  182. Hd reciever and old dish
  183. Newbie HD Questions--Upgrading From SD
  184. New VOD
  185. the fit channel is now discovery fit and health
  186. How do I order SWM
  187. Getting DirecTv to upgrade my service???
  188. I can't get my new HR24NC-100 to program the remote
  189. why is the HR22 so slow to respond to remote commands?
  190. What is MPEG4?
  191. Woke up this morning to missing channels
  192. I am TIRED of TV Commercials
  193. VITS line, how do I eliminate it?
  194. free 72 local swap?
  195. direct tv hr20-700 recording shows i never set to record
  196. Losing service everytime it rains,any solutions
  197. Directv Tivo
  198. DECA requirements clarification
  199. Directv installers just don't care.
  200. What should I know before dumping cable
  201. DirecTV Moving secert!
  202. Can't get HD locals any suggestions?
  203. Whole Home DVR already messed up
  204. how much are taxes in NYC?
  205. DirecTV Settling Disputes with AGs
  206. Comcast Philadelphia and DirecTv
  207. VOD question
  208. Difference between Choice Ultimate and Choice XTRA HD
  209. Did I just get 2 ignorant people?
  210. Back after 5 years!!
  211. satelitte placement
  212. How accomodating is customer service?
  213. ugggg, hate directv need help
  214. Need Help with HD Slimline 5lnb Satellite Signal
  215. all direcTV programming at 480i????
  216. Hr10-250
  217. Just notified of rate increase
  218. What do I need from DirecTV?
  219. Moving/Moving my Satellite on my own
  220. New channels, which ones, when?
  221. What can I expect?
  222. How to view my scheduled lineup? DirecTV
  223. Contract start date
  224. Hr 21-100 dvr
  225. Getting out of region sports networks
  226. connecting DVR to Receiver
  227. Intermittent PQ issue
  228. Cancelling service, returning equipment question
  229. How to copy DVR shows to the computer
  230. Question about set up at the cabin
  231. MSG Ranger game blackouts in Rochester, NY...WTF??
  232. Preparing to switch to DirecTV: how's the DVR?
  233. Choice Extra vs. Choice Ultimate HD channels?
  234. HD dishes
  235. Removing a receiver
  236. New roof
  237. New HD Channels?
  238. Question of pic quality of OTA vs Directv
  239. HR20-700 Drop Outs
  240. Control HR21 with Pioneer VSX-1020-K Remote
  241. DirecTV Fined $14 Million for Violating Consumer Practices
  242. Does an AM21 add the ability to record (3) different shows on an HR-22?
  243. Directly compare DTV, Dish, Cable...
  244. New station
  245. Wireless
  246. DECA not working?
  247. Smart Search not working
  248. Streaming to a computer
  249. Onkyo receiver and dtv remote question
  250. External hard drive for archiving TV programs
  251. directv second home
  252. Using your iPhone, mobile phone or laptop as a smart remote control
  253. New forum
  254. how difficult to install deca for multi room vw
  255. HD 2 year aggreement subscription
  256. Malpractices to Retain Customer
  257. DIRECTV To Raise Prices By 4%
  258. Get tired of DTV special offers?
  259. Receiver Program Guide and Resetting
  260. Google TV and DirecTV error
  261. 2 year comittment Question
  262. DirecTV negotiations with Hearst TV?
  263. Stupid newbie question
  264. True 1080i on demand!
  265. Can't Setup Video On Demand With My Directv HD DVR
  266. how should i wire my home for directv and cable internet access?
  267. HBO and Cinemax On Demand
  268. HR 20 Goes dark
  269. How to transfer DVR recordings from one receiver to another
  270. Picture too large for TV Screen
  271. A separate post reminded me of how DTV gets its huge profits!
  272. Intermittent Loss of Audio
  273. My return to Directv
  274. DVR noise
  275. DIRECTV May Offer NFL Sunday Ticket On Net Connected Devices
  276. is it really affected by the weather?
  277. Cinema/On Demand New Stuff!!!
  278. All Remote Programming of DVRs Down?
  279. Anyone have the "new" HD DVR box?
  280. Giants-Vikings postponement on Sunday Ticket?
  281. Those Damn "Home Team" Zip Codes!
  282. Where should I purchase a HD DVR from?
  283. How to upgrade to HD?
  284. DVR Scheduler
  285. How can I get the most?
  286. Recently Upgraded to HD
  287. DirecTV Dish question concerning LNB's
  288. HR 24---cannot change sat setting
  289. Whole home DVR from DirecTV....?
  290. signal strength numbers
  291. FSN Question
  292. No one else is experiencing problems??
  293. Receiver Question
  294. Direct TV starting to get really expensive..Trying to find ways to lower bill
  295. Won't this be interesting!
  296. DTV Receiver Question
  297. DTV Receiver Question
  298. Why no Turner Classic Movies HD channel?
  299. Western Digital My Book Studio II - 4TB External Hard DRIVE
  300. Whole Home DVR Cabling Requirements?
  301. Loyalty Bonus - NOT a 'gift' I will use!
  302. Cinema +
  303. HR 24 with single LNB
  304. HR 24 set up
  305. Deca
  306. Email from DTV - "Save time by activating your DIRECTV receiver online"
  307. Excellent Customer Service Experience
  308. HR24 Receiver Question
  309. Reciever Access Cards & Cancelled Service??
  310. Options on Power Inserter
  311. Wireless gaming adapter for DTV receiver?
  312. picture becomes small in corner
  313. Disappointment!
  314. Hlmkhd/sonyhd trouble
  315. DirecTV DVR receivers with OTA input
  316. Slow hr23-700
  317. What older SD recorder??
  318. If i pick these, what equipment will DirecTV ship to me for this new install ?
  319. SWiM lnb going bad
  320. Monday Night Football - Audio?
  321. New DTV customer (but experienced DTV installer) how to save more on subscription
  322. Snow versus Antenna
  323. Dvr Started to record a Bunch of Stuff
  324. DTV took away my local HD! Help please
  325. Had local HD with DTV, now they are gone....help
  326. CenturyLink and DirecTV
  327. Slight Picture Frame Skips
  328. Upgrading to HD
  329. HR24-500 DVR External HD
  330. new Direct customer & Best Buy question
  331. Going to HD setup question
  332. Can you record off of Directv with a stand alone DVD recorder?
  333. Record in one room and view in another...
  334. Threaten to cancel to get better pricing?
  335. Directv Antenna
  336. Can this be done???
  337. watching dvr program in another room
  338. Anniversary gift...
  339. Rain Fade
  340. Is Slingbox type device in the works for DTV?
  341. let dtv box upconvert or let tv do it?
  342. Cinema Connection
  343. Thinking of switching from Uverse to DTV
  344. Using a Deactivated Receiver
  345. Please Educate Me on Whole-Home DVR
  346. Can i exchange my older HD receiver?
  347. DVR's sound and picture skips
  348. Disappointed
  349. direct tv a fraud in Eugene Oregon
  350. DirecTV Drops G4
  351. 2 6x8 switches
  352. DISH and FOX settle
  353. Sunday Ticket to Go -- on a big screen?
  354. dvr expander
  355. Mobile DVR Scheduler via a Browser
  356. ESPN Plus
  357. Channel 617
  358. Error 920 after new HR24-700 and Multi Switch Installed
  359. Multiple HD DVRs in one house?
  360. Transponder equals what channel???
  361. Does Direct TV have a UHF remote DVR yet?
  362. DirecTV HD Tailgating Setup
  363. One day Sunday Ticket?
  364. Can you sign up for DirecTV without giving a CC number?
  365. Recordings of Premiums after channel canceled
  366. Hooking up a receiver somewhere different.
  367. Who has the best picture quality, Dish or Direct TV
  368. Direct TV and HD pricing
  369. DirecTV Adds Sony Movie Channel
  370. SD channels having flickering up top
  371. Sunday Ticket To Go
  372. HD CBS display question
  373. DVR Functionality Without Remote?
  374. Slow slow slow slow slow DVR..
  375. Thinking about switching
  376. Why cant they just have simple pricing/deals/packages? Its absurd...
  377. DirTv latest offer
  378. How to program a RC32BB remote for TV?
  379. DTV looks grainy and bland
  380. Can someone help me with the Skew and Elevation for this
  381. contract is over....
  382. What is involved in wiring my house for Direct Tv?
  383. DirecTV Sat-Go! stinks!
  384. Receiver restored itself
  385. Pausing on multiple TVs with DirectTV
  386. Scoreboard
  387. Hats off to Direct TV
  388. Placing account on hold
  389. Cancelled Installation Today!!
  390. Best setting for slingplayer on Evo, 720p or 1080i?
  391. NHL Center Ice Free preview - seriously disappointed
  392. no autotune
  393. got direct today
  394. Question on Fast forwarding the commercials
  395. television makes loud sudden white noise sound
  396. Local HD Problem
  397. Directv service AND Cablevision
  398. DVR Acting funny ...
  399. Moving, should I cancel, just move, or switch to DN?
  400. Upgrading to HD?
  401. hd locals not looking as good as other hd channels
  402. Directv going after Canadians
  403. Dishes for Direct tv
  404. Transponder/Signal Strength
  405. CW in HD on direct
  406. switching
  407. Temporary assignment - taking my receiver with me
  408. Couldnt activate Direct system today.....no such thing as a camper install....
  409. Bbca (hd)
  410. 31 Minute sitcoms...driving me crazy
  411. Hr 24-s500
  412. How to stop Recording Series function from recording repeats?
  413. DIRECTV May Lose G4
  414. Software prob, or is my HR20 dying?
  415. Newbie Getting DTV Saturday
  416. DirecTV RG6 vs. RG59 Question
  417. Spam/virus in HDF?
  418. HD in two homes
  419. Admin/mod request
  420. Chronicle Live not in HD on DirectTv. What's up?
  421. Smallville fans, please help
  422. Don't forget - Free Starz Sept 30 - Oct 3, 2010
  423. Connection Question
  424. Don't you think it really stupid that good deals (<$$) only go to NEW customers?!
  425. Getting broadcast networks in HD
  426. Switch from Cox to Directv. Any reason not too?
  427. East/West Network Channels
  428. Horrible Remote Control Lag w/ Direct TV
  429. Thinking about Direct TV. Just one concern...
  430. What button is your MOST used Remote control Button?? :)
  431. AverMedia captures HD via a PCI-E card-some news!
  432. Direct tv ,the greatest!
  433. D12-100 receiver with HD Access Card
  434. College Football w/ Sports Pack?
  435. The real story of signing up with DirecTV
  436. "Herky Jerky" Picture
  437. Ticket-To-Go Mobile App
  438. Newcomers : read before signing up with indirect...
  439. DTV Customer Retention info needed
  440. HR-24 wilth OTA antenna
  441. HIRED by direct tv posters
  442. Direct TV coax type needed for HDTV?
  443. Dish at the Deer Camp
  444. Moved DVR to different room with only one incoming coax cable
  445. Custom list problem - channels automatically removing them self
  446. 2 RF remotes 1 receiver
  447. Free HD for life
  448. Problem with my New HR-24 DVR
  449. DirecTV receiver, Dish Network LNB
  450. DirectTV @ sam's club
  451. Whole Home DVR (HELP)
  452. Direct vs Dish
  453. Blu Ray not working over HDMI but Sky+ Box will
  454. No sound & no picture
  455. Install Saturday!
  456. DIRECTV cant guarantee HR24?
  457. MRV vs VOD?
  458. Using directv tivo recevier HR10-250 without tivo account
  459. A Comparison of Comcast and Directv
  460. Service after 7 day wait
  461. Circle of Lies/Misinformation
  462. ethernet port (on demand service)
  463. SHo BEYOND HD Channel Problem
  464. Whew were are having trouble
  465. DIRECTV To Sell Sunday Ticket To Non-Subscribers
  466. HD DVR Slow?
  467. direct TV receivers
  468. DTV customer assistants are deceptive
  469. Pixelation issues on HBO-HD
  470. DVR question
  471. Brand New HR24-200 Installed yesterday!!!!
  472. Slow guide
  473. 30 Spanish channels with English pacakage?
  474. hdmi 1.4 via ps3
  475. Direct tv service issues
  476. Is Direct TV that much better then comcast
  477. Snow on a dish
  478. Video/Audio Breakup On 245 (TNTHD)
  479. a call from direct
  480. New Whole Home Install ?s
  481. Question to any of the techs here.
  482. new to direct
  483. Returning To DirecTv - Re-open old account?
  484. Just signed up, what to ask installer?
  485. Thinking of getting DirecTV... Questions...
  486. DirectTV HD questions
  487. NFL Channel 212 Blackout??
  488. Infrared and Directv HD
  489. Screen issues -- directv or vizio?
  490. DTV Gives Wrong Locals
  491. Do-it-yourself Dish?
  492. why would NFL be so successful
  493. finally got directv
  494. TV's Best-Loved Couples come to real ?!!
  495. Just NFL Sunday Ticket
  496. question about what type of splitter to get
  497. Adding DirectTV service to second residence
  498. Blurry picture on my new Samsung 3D Plasma TV
  499. Diagram Please
  500. a couple directv question?