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  1. Youtube on HR34
  2. HDMI - Trips Circuit Breaker.
  3. Happy Thanksgiving
  4. What Happened To Channel 603 NBCSN?
  5. Wiring SWM 16 Channel as non-standard config
  6. Whats the model number of the 5 tuner dvr?
  7. Upgrading Equipment
  8. Extra ethernet port in HR21 or use DECA?
  9. DirecTV misses Street 3Q expectations
  10. Channel 801 big band/swing
  11. Newbie help
  12. No More Ads In The Guides?????
  13. Remote question
  14. swm install problem
  15. My options with current or recommit and go HR34
  16. HR34 Cancels recordings on its own...
  17. HR34, current subscriber
  18. HR24-200 Rec
  19. Directv movies
  20. Ads In Your Personal Guides
  21. DirecTV ads in your personal guides!!!!!
  22. Is it worth asking DTV what they can/will do?
  23. Land line question
  24. new DVR cost me ?
  25. HR34 - "All or part of this program was not recorded"
  26. HR34-700 Receiver: What if it goes South????
  27. On-Screen guide question
  28. Iphone App
  29. need help splitting HD signal to run to DVR.
  30. Anyone with DirecTV in Philly area
  31. Never again Directv
  32. Directv and Vizio LED HDTV slow start up
  33. Slim Line 5 LNB Hook up
  34. What dish and setup do I need for tailgating with an HD-24
  35. HD locals dvr in SD?
  36. I think I'm ready for DirecTV
  37. Has this ever happened to you?
  38. multiswitch or not to multiswitch!
  39. An Unwanted Genie
  40. Using the Directv network to connect other devices
  41. NON HDTV with a HDTV Dish
  42. HR 23-700 issue
  43. Natively editing Panasonic LX7 MTS footages in Avid MC 5.5/6
  44. Auto Pay Expired
  45. Direct TV Rep.
  46. HR34 replay button, 5 second rewind etc
  47. PIP cant find anywhere how to use this
  48. How can I eliminate signal loss in rain?
  49. HR 34 Temperature average?
  50. Have DISH, considering DIRECT
  51. Receiver Set Up
  52. will it finally happend
  53. Youtube Through DirecTV
  54. Intermittent Signal Loss D12-100
  55. Searching for signal on satellite in 1...(771)
  56. just wanted to say hello
  57. NFL Sunday Ticket
  58. How is Directv's 1080p Image Quality?
  59. Compatibility between new receiver and old dish?
  60. HR34 Internal Drive
  61. RF remote failure
  62. MeTV
  63. Trouble getting signal on all satillites
  64. more directv without 2 yr commitment
  65. Integrated billing saves $5/month
  66. prime time shows on demand?
  67. Had my DirecTV for nearly a week now and satisfied...sort of
  68. Remote Direct Tv and TiVo Premiere XL4 ?
  69. Get DiRECTV in Canada
  70. Need help with extending cable
  71. how to extend cable 175' for new hd dvr placement?
  72. Equipment delivery fee
  73. Big change in picture quality/resolution after DVR installed
  74. Any news on the Pac-12 Network?
  75. Avi
  76. h25-700 to computer
  77. Erroneous Receiver Count
  78. How to install two HR-34s
  79. Question on the Sports package
  80. What has changed?
  81. New Install-Will 6 receivers get swm 16?
  82. No signal on hd channels
  83. What dish to request?
  84. Will DirecTV installer do a chimney mount?
  85. Is an Internet connection for DECA necessary?
  86. $20 Advanced Receiver Service?
  87. Directv 3D content
  88. Direct TV & grounding
  89. Upgrading or adding receivers extended contract
  90. BBC America in HD
  91. hr23-700 audio question
  92. Any media player app for Android that will play .ISO files ?
  93. New customer, question about my setup.
  94. beIN SPORT
  95. Moving question
  96. What will they do Whole Home Setup
  97. rention department/hr34
  98. wbie needs help with what I need to know to get Directv
  99. telemarketeers & caller id
  100. A/B switch with SWM?
  101. Gonna take the plunge, install question
  102. Directv sound???
  103. Premier Package and HR34-700 Receiver
  104. Losing signal question
  105. First time poster and Sat newbie needs help with what I need to know to get Directv
  106. Need input from DTV professional installer
  107. Help adding new boxes to my current setup
  108. Dish representatives came to my house....
  109. '12 Olympics on the web...
  110. 2012 olympics
  111. How to Convert AVI to Apple TV on Mac?
  112. DirectV's 3D Programming Compatibility with specific 3D sets only.
  113. Splitting output from H25/500?
  114. SWM with Internet integration - I need help!
  115. Directv and Viacom reach agreement
  116. What I want to know is.....
  117. Advice needed on promos and deals please!
  118. Hr22 changes from 1080p to 480 after using guide
  119. dtv news mix
  120. DirectTV Taxes help for California
  121. Direct tv newsletters ?
  122. Upgrade Question
  123. 771A code--Help
  124. annoying message when running standard def to TV card
  125. DirecTV to Drop 26 Viacom Channels at Midnight on Tuesday, July 10
  126. Whole House DVR
  127. Can DTV drop AMC eventually, too?
  128. Channel 239 ????? Can't Get Rid Of It!!!
  129. Question on Format Button On DirecTV
  130. Need help setting up for switch from Uverse
  131. RF remote problem
  132. New HDTV Connection Problems
  133. read this if you are thinking of switching
  134. TCMHD coming soon, maybe...
  135. HD on America's Got Talent awful
  136. Maximum Tuners with SWM
  137. DirecTV Moving Option
  138. NFL Sunday Ticket 2012. What deals is everyone getting?
  139. Cinema Connection Kit?
  140. I thought I knew what hi def looked like
  141. HR-34 Hard Drive Failure
  142. Install complete w/ pics
  143. Questions
  144. on demand
  145. Back to dirctv
  146. New house construction question 2
  147. Differences between h23 and h25?
  148. final chapter of my directv journey
  149. RF Remote question
  150. New system via retentions: Eq & Install ?'s
  151. DirecTV's "Retention" Dept
  152. AM21 OFF AIR TUNER Question
  153. Figured out my cable vs direct dilema
  154. Need help making the switch, very serious
  155. Fresh Newbie!!!
  156. Please help!
  157. Lost some HD channels
  158. Ethernet splitter...
  159. New House Construction
  160. HD to SD
  161. Latest Software Update Caused Audio Issue
  162. problems downloading software and no tv in am summertime
  163. DirecTV to PC
  164. advice for a possible bad receiver
  165. Receiver Problem??
  166. traveling in an rv
  167. flashing broad lines in backround
  168. Adding another receiver
  169. Distance from dish assistance
  170. dish
  171. DirecTV vs Time Warner in LA
  172. Any programs broadcast in 1080p??
  173. older dish
  174. HR34 - hitting PREV causes signal loss (handshake issue?)
  175. OTA amp/pre amps with SWM8 question
  176. Direct sat
  177. Not receiving 3D channels
  178. Need to find a receiver!!
  179. H24 install question
  180. Speed take two
  181. New HR-34 Install
  182. Home Media Center HD-DVR confusion after talking to sales rep.
  183. DVR Frozen with 2 restarts
  184. HR-34 remote question
  185. Dropped the Protection Plan yesterday
  186. Content Protection Help?
  187. Here is one i never ran into before
  188. Possible new firmware problem?
  189. Using a receiver for more than one TV
  190. Question changing from DT to Dish
  191. DirecTv Commercial
  192. Extending coax cable for HD DVR
  193. Pandora
  194. Will Direct boxes work with any switch
  195. Goofy MLB Extra Innings HD
  196. Is there a way to add a new HD receiver to a
  197. Whole-Home Upgrade - Got HR-21 Receiver
  198. New Release on the way
  199. DIRECTV Offers New Expanded Technology Protection Plan
  200. Tried to upgrade
  201. New Install - Received HR-23 But I Wanted HR-24 - Any Differences?
  202. Directv Cinema Connection .... Cheaper product?
  203. Hd audio issues in chicago
  204. Slow response time
  205. Great deal on HR34 for Existing Customers!
  206. Temporary Shutdown of Receivers
  207. RF Converter for long run of coaxial?
  208. Hr22 is getting slower and slower...
  209. New HD Channel 4/25
  210. Speed
  211. Am 21
  212. Can you transfer content from one DVR to another?
  213. hughes e86 box
  214. "your dvr has been in the power saving mode"
  215. We lost a local channel today
  216. Looking to go DTV
  217. Free receiver upgrade.
  218. A fix for my HR 34 whole home drv playback problem.
  219. Fixed my problem with my HR34 whole home drv set up.
  220. Customer service help
  221. List programs starting to skip
  222. Chicago market may lose WGN
  223. DTV HR24 Audio Issues, Help Needed
  224. HR24-500 getting slow
  225. Direct TV or Dish
  226. Copying from a DirecTV DVR
  227. HR22 is getting slower and slower...
  228. Considering Going From Dish To Direct
  229. Holy ****! HDCP copy protection on DTV shows????
  230. Quick VOD/DVR questions
  231. Question .... Free movies, pandora, etc
  232. What's The Trick To Talk To A Human?
  233. PM's
  234. hdmi hookup
  235. History Channel question
  236. Can computer control HD22?
  237. problem with 5.1 surround hr24???
  238. Does the HR24 improve performance?
  239. DirecTV HR34 Cutting Edge (CE) discussion
  240. Returning receiver problem! Directv has turned retarded
  241. Dual Tuner Help
  242. New DIRECTV HD TiVo DVR thoughts
  243. Weird channel glitch with NBA League Pass…
  244. Search feature not working well
  245. MLB.COM question...
  246. Tru TV HD from 03/07
  247. antenna settings for direct tv dish in San Felipe,Baja,Mexico
  248. What??? No such thing as retention dept.
  249. whole home question
  250. Native on or off?
  251. Hmc hr34 hd dvr
  252. Can DVR update for Sports Delays???
  253. cimema kit problem
  254. Thinking of getting DirecTV
  255. Problems with latest update
  256. adding a new box, charges?
  257. Convert Component Video Output to Coaxial?
  258. Switching from comcast to directv....wise decision?
  259. Record and watch different show
  260. Adding a multi switch
  261. Video pause
  262. Switching to RF
  263. Swap HD Receiver & SD Receiver
  264. Hr23-700
  265. History Channel 2
  266. Equipment upgrade?
  267. I unplugged stuff now I can't get it back
  268. HR 34 Questions
  269. What dtv card is this??
  270. DirecTV vs. Cablevision - PQ
  271. $100.00 Visa card for new business
  272. Lights off on dvr
  273. Great Service from DTV!!!
  274. Looking to come back to DirecTV
  275. channels on what transponders
  276. Just got off the phone with DTV
  277. Pre Super Bowl pixel breakup...
  278. Need help buying a hdtv that does not have a high pitch
  279. wd20earx with rosewill rx-358 enclosure.
  280. 1080p
  281. update: my adventure with customer service
  282. Pandora a nice addition
  283. Problems with latest update
  284. DirecTV without RG-6 wiring.
  285. upgraded reciever, bill reduction,free movie stations
  286. New HD Channels?
  287. New Receiver -- New TV Settings?
  288. HD Locals Dropping Out
  289. Owned HR2---or leased
  290. Test Patterns
  291. Locals go out just before the big game!!!
  292. logitech 1100 remote skip on directv
  293. logitech 1100 remote skip on directv
  294. Hook up
  295. Remote extenders
  296. What are the benefits of Directv On Demand?
  297. Flaky HR24 performance
  298. DirecTV HD vs FIOS HD
  299. dtv customer service LoL Vent!
  300. SWM setup question
  301. The Icons next to movie descriptions
  302. Upgrading from non-HD DVR to HD DVR
  303. On Demand won't download
  304. HDTV with wake timer
  305. DirecTV wireless question
  306. Receiver upgrades?
  307. multiple receiver question
  308. hdmli connection to tv doesnt work
  309. How new is the HR24?
  310. new HMC receiver any one
  311. searching for signal oddity
  312. Hi, new guy here need some info
  313. hdmi cable is not HDCP compliant
  314. Protection Plan ?
  315. New DTV Customer question
  316. Thoughts on the new HD guide
  318. Have the new guide-only able to watch DTV Cinema instantly on only one receiver-why?
  319. new guide
  320. New GUI in Chicago Area?
  321. H24 and Wifi?
  322. Problem with format on new guide
  323. 3D Connection Question
  324. OTA Channels with Diplexers?
  325. DVR to PC
  326. diy network hd
  327. Is It OK to Use the HDMI Out and Component Out on Same Box?
  328. HR34 and pixellation on the Weather Channel
  329. Any word on BBC America HD?
  330. Using one input of HR20, can I still record one while watching another?
  331. 5.1 dolby digital audio on espn 3d
  332. Update on Directv deals
  333. Hr24
  334. New guide speed.
  335. HR34 New GUI
  336. Recently Received Reconditioned HR-21 With Previous Guide, When Can I Expect Update?
  337. Installing Slimline-3 onto a house (not RV) ... can I get by with an old meter?
  338. HR34, what a system!!!!
  339. Msg: Your TV or its cables are not HD
  340. guide
  341. Free View 12/16-12/19
  342. Could the new guide knock out access card?
  343. No networked dvr's but they were networked
  344. Thinking about switching from Dish to Direct... HR34 vs VIP 922
  345. Tivo
  346. Tivo+DIRECTV:Now Avaible
  347. Hr34 now
  348. HR34 question...
  349. HDMI Connection Issue
  350. true blood and vod
  351. Can't see the scores at bottom of screen on non-HD channels
  352. Mediacom vs Dish and Direct
  353. what do i do about high def
  354. Directv App for iPad...
  355. DirecTV receiver advice needed
  356. Slow responding DTV DVR...
  357. HR20-100 (1080p?)
  358. Aaron Gonzalez
  359. Best Direct DVR for picture quality?
  360. Comcast v. DirecTV
  361. Split Cable?
  362. Not Getting all HD Channels (HR20-100)
  363. Direct Tv questions
  364. External HD
  365. site keeps loggin me out
  366. DECA/Whole Home DVR Question
  367. Hello
  368. DTV's new Nomad service...
  369. Help HD Breaks Up ?
  370. For all those pixel counters out there....1440 HD
  371. Searching for satellite in 2 after Whole Home DVR install
  372. Audio dropouts
  373. Problem with new install in truckee
  374. operator from foreign country destroys NFL party
  375. Did i get taken for a ride?
  376. Tuner problem
  377. Really could use some help on this
  378. Directv HDtv settings, help????
  379. Isolated Incident?
  380. DTV DVR + OTA Can the DVR record OTA signal too?
  381. Is there a way to skip to the end of the playlist?
  382. DIRECTV CINEMA & 1080P How does it work?
  383. Internet problem
  384. use splitter for 3erd tuner with dvr
  385. hd dvr and hd receivers go crazy
  386. Whole house DVR question
  387. 1080p res
  388. Native on or off?
  389. Converting to HD
  390. More sh*t to buy?
  391. FOX and money
  392. TV Series
  393. DirecTV may drop channels Nov. 1
  394. HD GUI coming very soon
  395. NFL Sunday Ticket
  396. Two HD Receiver Connection
  397. RF remotes
  398. HR20-100 Receiver Reset Problem
  399. Slimline 5 multi switch/LNB
  400. Image Too Large For Screen
  401. Searching for sat on some receivers and not others!
  402. ssoulman1
  403. Oh no!
  404. Zinwell WB68 failure mode?
  405. Why no hd for network on demand?
  406. ESPN Audio Problem
  407. Surround sound being weird on AMC HD
  408. Technical help needed
  409. Pbs hd
  410. HD DVR installation: 2 wires vs 1 wire?
  411. Prime Suspect on Cinema Plus
  412. Transfer from DVR to computer
  413. stay with direct tv of switch to dish
  414. wiring a d12 with the swm 8
  415. Keeping recorded shows
  416. Turning on recievers not pluged in
  417. More on Nomad
  418. Nomad's coming!
  419. No Love for Lubbock, Texas local channels
  420. Oops 2nd question
  421. 2 questions
  422. No joy getting YouTube
  423. OLd tv displaying 16x9 on some channels
  424. any idea?
  425. Which Dish?
  426. HD to HD DVR question
  427. Want the Red Zone Channel for free?
  428. NFL game mix...
  429. Gotta love D* Customer service
  430. 4 sats 2 dishes
  431. NFL Sunday Ticket question.
  432. New DirectTV Customer
  433. Sunday Ticket on PS3 today=EPIC FAIL!!
  434. NFL Sunday Ticket Freezing Receiver
  435. Pixilization during US Open
  436. Is this weekend free with sunday ticket?
  437. Newbie
  438. Moving from Dish to Direct
  439. Whos getting NFL sunday ticket?
  440. NBC local channel issue
  441. DirectTV upconvert Box?
  442. Is this normal?
  443. directv install help.
  444. AMC HD is here
  445. Anyone selling a HD-receiver?
  446. Sunday Ticket To Go pic quality on TV
  447. Sunday Ticket To Go pic quality on TV
  448. Initial thoughts on DTV
  449. TV Apps
  450. Hurricane Prep
  451. No component out signal on H-24 box
  452. No Bay Area channels in Truckee on DT
  453. D*-verse?
  454. DIRECTV & Sony Bring NFL Sunday Ticket To PS3
  455. Why isn't their free 1080p?
  456. DECA module question
  457. Where is the channel guide that used to be on channel 100?
  458. Hardware compatible with my situation? 2 homes
  459. DirecTV searching for satellite on 771 error
  460. Cannot get tuner 2 to work on 2 HD DVRs
  461. Tried to exchange my HD-DVR reciever
  462. hook up question
  463. "Music Photos and More" ---Help Please
  464. Need help recording a first run later in the day
  465. Getting DT in Truckee. Question
  466. Cant get DVRs to work with bigger switch.
  467. Done with Cable, some DirecTV questions
  468. What I HATE about DirecTV
  469. Chicago WGN problem
  470. Sunday Ticket 2011 online??
  471. Can a VOD have issues?
  472. hd channels
  473. Will DTR even work?
  474. Use old HR-21 for OTA recording only?
  475. Using HD10 250 for OTA recp (no audio)
  476. Direct HD TV for free from online...
  477. Direct TV in an apartment? options?
  478. FYI: Just left DTV, was offered $47/mo instead of $83 & new Rcvr!
  479. Whole Home W/SD TV Question
  480. Don't Waste Your Time Hoping For AMC-HD, the Jury is Now In!
  481. NFL Sunday Ticket options???
  482. Is this my Imagination?
  483. troubleshooting connection
  484. coby 1526 15" led remote code......
  485. Camping Dish
  486. Problem with Video on Demand
  487. Contract for service
  488. Connecting an additional HD receiver
  489. Old dish left behind?
  490. Direct tv swm receiver video output problem
  491. Waiting period?
  492. Multiple TV hook-up question
  493. After lighting storm .. pic messed up
  494. After lighting storm .. pic messed up
  495. HBO Go
  496. VERY slow response with DTV DVR
  497. Sunday Ticket for New Customers
  498. Directv HD in Bahamas
  499. upgrading to HD DVR
  500. wireless what are the options