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  1. Is There Anyware To Buy At9 Lnb's? (only)
  2. Cancelling W/O the Cancellation fee Penalty
  3. Tuning directly to the New DTV Channels?
  4. First Service Apt. a Complete Waste of Time
  5. any chance dtv picking up monsters or other voom channels?
  6. What's FREE this weekend?
  7. What is the resolution of DirecTV HD programming?
  8. New HD channels Recording time
  9. Big Ten Network Question
  10. What's going on with the new HD channels when I can see...
  11. H20 Receiver-Audio On TV Out Of Sync
  12. new HD channels problem
  13. NY Market - Channels 2,4,5,7?
  14. could some one help me out about the new HD channels
  15. Recent Install, want to upgrade HD to HD DVR
  16. To Do List Question
  17. Recent problems with IR Control
  18. Signal strength saturation point?
  19. Adult Swim HD?
  20. Upgrading DirecTV Eqiup to HD & $
  21. HD DVR for $199 is it best deal if you purchased the HR10-250
  22. Installer is insistent I need a new dish
  23. Espnhd 73/206
  24. Can you use a separate Tivo with the H20?
  25. Only Getting a Few New HD Channels
  26. Local Channels in Standard Definition
  27. Worst New HD Channel
  28. What numbers are the new channels on?
  29. Question on programming...
  30. My HR20 IS Bad. I Get a New one on Monday
  31. No signal on sat 99
  32. Has Anyone Ever SUED DirecTV?
  33. Signal strength question?
  34. I thought the "Chiller" Channel was going HD but I don't
  35. Can an HR10 & HR20 peacefully co-exist?
  36. CineMax - Just 3 Stations??
  37. Best new channel????
  38. well pulled the trigger
  39. off topic just a bit of HD
  40. What are these Waiver things?
  41. ways to get locals in hd?
  42. so what's next and when ???
  43. Starz problem
  44. channels 95,98
  45. SD channels PQ better
  46. NFL Sunday Ticket Question
  47. I think DTV's HD is Awesome!!
  48. FSS in atlanta HD?
  49. Channel Guide Not Working......
  50. Sony HDTV vs Sylvania Plasma TV
  51. Looking fro a little help, only receive half of new hd channels
  53. Any wagers on when the next tier is gonna begin? :)
  54. I lost 103 and have no New HD
  55. Sound issues with old HD channels
  56. Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy
  57. SD/HD problem
  58. Where do I learn about Signal Strength?
  59. Oh...my...gosh...
  60. History and Discovery HD wrong aspect ratio
  61. Any DTV reps know anything about all the sports channels that were posted to go HD?
  62. jsut a little FYI for TBS HD stretch TV
  63. You guys won't believe this......
  64. some one on digg.com claming to work for dtv sead some thing about 200 hd stations
  65. Like Christmas Morning
  66. Still A Shortage of HR20's?
  67. Does anyone know when My9 and WB11 are going HD
  68. Weather Channel HD
  69. For Anyone getting searching for sat signal (771) error
  70. One works the other....
  71. Local channel confusion
  72. Why do I have to go to Guide-HD channels-enter etc
  73. What are the new hd channels
  74. Channel not purchased message
  75. New HD channels will not work if you have diplexer for OTA
  76. 103(b) readings/Channel map
  77. I got HD
  78. New DTV customer, HD not that HD?
  79. HD Appointment Tomorrow. Some channels Not working
  80. Guide doesn't say hd, but many shows are
  81. ESPN College Pay-Per-View Question re: HD...
  82. So do we need to reset our season passes?
  83. Still searching for satelite...
  84. Versus HD... Not available?
  85. Kudos to Direct TV - Best TV available in the world
  86. I'm receiving only 7 of 16 transponders on 103(b)....
  87. OOPS! A Rebbot Took All The New Channels Away. Help..
  88. I'm not getting any picture?
  89. Question about MPEG-2 channels
  90. Some NEW HD Channels Are NOT HD Today
  91. Audio/Video Sync Revisited
  92. New HD Channels on the Guide
  93. Not getting any new HD channels......
  94. hd channels are up
  95. Searching for Signal??
  96. How do I get Directv in Canada?
  97. Msg Hd???
  98. HR10-250 question
  99. Minor Problem with New HD
  100. Fox News Channel HD?
  101. Resolution Question For New HD Stations.
  102. Numeric list of the newest HD channels Directtv
  103. Starz HD
  104. NON Directv related complaints
  105. Are we seeing Full Hi-Rez? (No HD Lite) now?
  106. Smithsonian Channel HD-Awesome!
  107. What happened to NESN in HD???
  108. FYI 92 and 510 HD Ch. Guide
  109. anyone with h20-100 getting new HD
  110. Question-HD Tier Programming
  111. DVR boxes -
  112. NFL Network All Access=NO HD!
  113. Note!! You Have To Set To "all Channels"
  114. HD Channels are up!
  115. HD Channel Release Dates
  116. All HD channals MPEG 4?
  117. If I'm Set To "Favorites" Will The New Channels Still Appear?
  118. 9300 (Not Purchased??)
  119. HD Channel Launch Table
  120. I have HD DVR and my picture looks pixelated, hate it...
  121. 498 9300 9301
  122. dis hd
  123. do you really think tomorrow is it for hd?
  124. Aspect Ratio on Discovery HD
  125. AU9-S Installation Questions
  126. Wed Launch
  127. HD vs SD audio difference
  128. Noob question about HD locals
  129. HR20-700 w/ only 1 line from Dish
  130. Center Ice
  131. Local channel questions
  132. Update on launch tomorrow...
  133. Billing nightmare continues
  134. Hr20 700 Sound Issues
  135. Starz HD & Cinemax HD
  136. How to get NY/LA DNS Channels?
  137. Voice and Picture not synchronized
  138. DR20 Reset
  139. HD Installation Troubles...
  140. I just ordered DirecTV yesterday, so please don't shoot me for asking this, but..
  141. NEW HD Coming Wednesday September 26th
  142. Test Channel 9301 is Having Technical Difficulties?
  143. NFL Network
  144. could i get local hd in milwaukee?
  145. How do you force a software update?
  146. SW Version?
  147. 9300 Just went from NG to A&E on me
  148. 9300 just chand to a&E hd
  149. Just got my locals changed
  150. Can Someone tell me if I'm OK?Signals?
  151. dropping
  152. Finally new HD channels this Wed 9/26??
  153. Installer is at my House and says 74 HD channels are live!
  154. Cancellation threat expectations...?
  155. 9300 & 9301 are up and working AGAIN now...
  156. 9300 Working again & Installer Told me
  157. Local Channels Disappear
  158. HR-20 Remote Codes for Sony Stereos
  159. DVR Hanging
  160. Audio Issues
  161. NFL Sunday Ticket 1:00 Games Reception Problems?
  162. Installer just called and told me he will be late - $100?
  163. This Wednesday Should Be It?
  164. Versus HD (shared with The Golf Channel HD) *604???????
  165. Channel 498 Question
  166. Question About Hd Dvr
  167. slimline install
  168. HD Local Channel Question
  169. GD annoying popping sound
  170. DIRECTV Tests 2 New HD Channels
  171. Channel 570- Wednesday morning
  172. Some Info...
  173. Ch 498 has message and sound now
  174. NFL Sunday Ticket Games
  175. 726 Gone for you guys also????
  176. Some good News :) HD TNT on Direct TV 726
  177. Tnt-hd On 726
  178. calling "the doc"
  179. So. HEH. Will their be New HD before Sept??
  180. Missing Channels
  181. Steelers vs. 49ers on FOX HD
  182. Grid Guide Categories Missing
  183. Directv.com down all morning, ST online?
  184. Does Direct TV let you trade your old receiver for a new one?
  185. SD Locals only, but HD Locals (same channels) not available
  186. 2 New HD Test Channels
  187. DirectV rolls out new ad Mascot
  188. HD Rollout- The Result and Acceptance of Excuses
  189. Do Not Call violation?
  190. Is it Time???
  191. local channels by antenna, sd and hd
  192. 5lnb dish install
  193. Can I transfer programs from my DVR to my PC Harddrive?
  194. side car dish setting
  195. Directv Access Magazine
  196. OTA Signal Question
  197. Looking for HD DVD "BURNER"
  198. H10 vs D10 with Enhanced Def TV
  199. message on channel 498
  200. Absolutely Aggravating
  201. Funny Sound
  202. New D*TV DVR With One Line Input?
  203. ESPN HD still acting up
  204. Why Is DIRECTV Quiet About HDTV?
  205. New test channels for 103(b)
  206. searching for signal on #498
  207. for those needing to test bband, tune to 480/481
  208. D says the hd channels in 70's are on 103 b
  209. hey has any one cheaked chan 498 latly ??
  210. 103b 13v ? For Tom
  211. So - while we wait... details on bigger Hard drive for HR20-700?
  212. Voting Results: Help is Coming
  213. DirecTV 10 Suffers Spot Beam Problems
  214. D TV is hard at work........
  215. slimline install - i get 90+ signal from sat 101 but nothing from sat 119
  216. I am looking for advice
  217. Chimney mount
  218. DTV Commitment?
  219. Ready for D TV, have a few questions?
  220. Channel 498 !!
  221. 499 to 498
  222. How do you get HD Locals from Different Market?
  223. FSN West HD looks nice
  224. Test Channels 490-494
  225. Curious about the Competition
  226. HD Start Day
  227. HD coming soon...
  228. Daisy Chaining Multiswitches?
  229. Direct Tv to hit the self destruct button in T-minus.............10............9.....
  230. Receiver deals?
  231. Problems From 10-250 To 20-700
  232. Ch. 570
  233. Could it be?!?!?!?!?!?...............
  234. hr20-700 problem
  235. Do I have a WB68 switch?
  236. September 19, Sure Right
  237. slimline dish self-install - problem with accutrac22
  238. Still no Survivor in HD
  239. Putting account inactive??
  240. Please help Directv D11 vs. D12
  241. Response from DTV Online Email Submission about HD
  242. Went up the Chain, HD delayed until "next week".
  243. HELP: Programming My HR-20 Remote Volume
  244. I give up...NO DTV
  245. Installation Nightmare; Worst Experience Ever!
  246. DIRECTV HD Locals
  247. Heres a small update
  248. Game Lounge is up and running...
  249. Directv has Chimps in Engineering
  250. People will come...oh yes....
  251. Reason for Lauch Failure- Poll
  252. Interesting on CH 499
  253. anybody else's espn hd not working(chicago blackout)
  254. This just in........
  255. When Will they launch - VOTE NOW
  256. directv on demand
  257. News Release regarding HD Channels
  258. The Boy Who Cried Wolf
  259. new channels, just not HD??
  260. How do I check for new HD?
  261. email confirmed HD post-poned
  262. Maybe we could orgonize this
  263. Direct TV about to loose my business
  264. Not that I care, I don't, but HD....
  265. HD - Disappointed but NOT a wasted day
  266. HD locals?
  267. Just got off phone with CS about HD
  268. The Future Of HD Has Arrived.........
  269. Possible Multiswitch problem and the new HD?
  270. The HD Channels are live now!!!
  271. zap2it has hd channels in guide
  272. There will be no HD today
  273. My only beef with D*
  274. DOH!! yikes , now dbs is closed
  275. Direct HDTV September 19th Channels ON or OFF?
  276. Can't upgrade to the 5lnb dish ?
  277. HD News
  278. New Hd Channel Update - ****
  279. Can't access ...
  280. Where exactaly did the Sept 19th date come from?
  281. More than one HR20 upgrade within 6 Months?
  282. Anyone ever traded installation dates with a friend?
  283. HD channels are up!
  284. Do Costco H20's Come with the B-band Converter?
  285. You Guys Are Popular!!!!
  286. was my request unreasonable
  287. Bad News!!!
  288. Hd Ppv
  289. HD-lite worth it?
  290. For those of you at work
  291. No Satelite Signal!!!
  292. What A Joke
  293. DVR Wants To Delete
  294. Is there anyway to change the "Channels I Get" on a HR20??
  295. Directv.com down for maintenance!!
  296. After upgrade on h20 channels now change slowly
  297. October Hd Launch
  298. 26 Hd Channels This Month
  299. Email From Directv
  300. Switching your locals to a market with hd locals
  301. What's wrong with Discovery HD?
  302. When will we get NHL Network??
  303. Switching from Comcast: Couple of quick questions
  304. So, do we need to do anything?
  305. Got 1 box upgraded & was Told that HD Tomoorow
  306. Change Installation Location
  307. phone call from d*
  308. HR20-700S Networking Questions
  309. A Frustrating Day
  310. Question about the HR10-250
  311. Discovery HD
  312. MGM HD to Launch on DirecTV This Fall
  313. Rsn Hd
  314. More HD Tomorrow?
  315. Is this common practice for installations these days?...
  316. Here's to hoping the HD launch gets pushed back 'till at least the weekend.
  317. Multiswitch that will handle OTA diplexing
  318. Bears HD
  319. Cancelling Install I think...
  320. I Could Not Wait... I'm Coming Back To D*
  321. 1 Receiver, Multiple TV's
  322. Any decent installers in VA? Problem install
  323. Why two dishes?
  324. Advice needed fast about install
  325. one other mpeg 4 question
  326. What the!?! Is this what we've been waiting for!?!
  327. Problems with OTA Channel Guide
  328. D* missed my appoinment grrrrrrrrrr
  329. Remote Issue
  330. ABC atlanta problems this weekend?
  331. Satellit 103(b)
  332. HR-20 recording problem all of a sudden?
  333. Can't record the same program twice?
  334. Should I buy the protection plan now?
  335. I got what I asked for,NFL looks great!
  336. mpeg 4?
  337. Centering the picture on HR20
  338. hd box is white
  339. Bengals/Browns looks SD
  340. No charge for Superfan Letter
  341. steelers - bills HD channel looks SD
  342. Looking for suggestions for a 2nd High Def DTV receiver
  343. New HD By Wednesday?
  344. Sat 103b is lit up!
  345. switching access cards to get SUnday Ticket w/ SUperfan
  346. 1080p
  347. Check your bill
  348. Will DTV show up, what do you think?
  349. Packers-Giants HD
  350. More transponders on the 103b now
  351. Not happy with picture quality.
  352. for those that wants to know what the inside of the hr20 700 looks like
  353. for those that wants to know what the inside of the hr20 700 looks like
  354. Problems with HD20 receiver and the Optima H31 projector.
  355. Question about the Zinwell multi switch
  356. NHL Center Ice HD?!?!
  357. The Cw In Hd
  358. Move to 5-LNB and HD?
  359. Anyone have the off air antenna to get hd locals?
  360. Need help with slimline settings
  361. Surround Sound Sometimes hookup?
  362. HD Extra
  363. New Satellites..
  364. Dolby Digital
  365. Problem on satellite 110
  366. Need Belden RG-6 Help
  367. I just got NFL Sunday Ticket schedule
  368. How about SUNDAY TICKET STUB ?
  369. Q: How can I get HD channel 88 & 89 to come in?
  370. plus hd dvr package
  371. D* announces partial failure on new Satellite
  372. Is it worth Waiting before Upgrading? For the NEW R21 Receviers ? ? ? ?
  373. Got "paid" to upgrade
  374. Sunday Ticket CBS games
  375. HD National Local question
  376. Tiling????
  377. H20 Bad?
  378. Suggestion on DirecTV
  379. H20 now shows LNB failure when running system test
  380. Are you having HD issues?
  381. thin black line on HD channels
  382. New Svc - HD Local CBS Breaking Up...
  383. DirecTv freebies
  384. Will Direct TV go allacarte?
  385. Using HR10-250 as a standalone DVR
  386. hr10-250 vs. hr20-700
  387. So, $9.99 for HD is now an "access fee."
  388. Could I Have Done Better?
  389. Finally Super Fan for Free!
  390. Help.....Problem with VCR to HR20
  391. Volume differences
  392. hr20-100 audio problem 5.1 surround
  393. Native On or Off...
  394. Hr20-100 Is The Same As Hr20-700 ????
  395. did anyone else just lose all their HD channels 70-78
  396. Time is showing East Coast eventhough I'm in West Coast
  397. New HD Programming Package Showing in my Account
  398. HR20-100 Switching channels?
  399. HDMI worth the hassle?
  400. H20 problem
  401. Directv updated there website.
  402. Just Pulled the Trigger
  403. New HD channels coming this fall?
  404. Something is happening.
  405. OTA Channels with DirectTV Install
  406. Sept. 19 HD Channel Launch Date Q&A
  407. need azimuth and tilt for AU9
  408. Phone line?
  409. HD Upgrade only 2 channels work
  410. NBA League Pass Superfan?
  411. DirecTV HD question
  412. HD Channels Update?
  413. Problems with transponders / signal strength?
  414. Whoaaaaa!!! We're Getting Close!!!
  415. Some more old news...
  416. Upgrade to HD-DVR from regular DVR service...(New to HDTV)
  417. Transponder 11 on 103(b)
  418. Recieving update right now could this be it?
  419. Cannot login to DirecTV Website.
  420. Now... why didn't I think of that!
  421. Direct TV Reception
  422. Free LCD/Plasma TV
  423. HDMI and Y Pb Pr dual connection
  424. DIRECTV to Bring HD to Multi-Dwelling Units
  425. Yes Hd
  426. DTV maybe starting to push HD DVR
  427. hd storage for DTV
  428. ESPN GamePlan HD?
  429. Remote latency
  430. Redzone Channel Question
  431. Reciever Temp (HR20-700)
  432. Upgrade equipment prior to Install....
  433. New HD DVR only records 1 thing :(
  434. Secret Internal D* memo (For Real)
  435. Upgrade from HR10 3LMB to HR20 5LMB Scheduled!
  436. HD playback issue
  437. question about directv pricing
  438. Why do CSR's fail to write it down?
  439. Do I need to get another HR20-100?
  440. In-laws upgrade
  441. this years first viewing of sunday ticket.
  442. Install last Sat.
  443. Do they not install another line for you???
  444. Local HD channels
  445. Which satellite are we waiting for?
  446. Should I switch to DirecTV from Time Warner?
  447. HD Channels disappeared after new install
  448. I've got something for ya'
  449. Can somebody explain what the term hd light means?
  450. Paying for HD sucks
  451. Love DirecTv but HAVE to switch
  452. Hr20 700 Guide Problems!!
  453. Sunday Ticket problem...
  454. Redzone Hd
  455. Do you hate your HR20-100 HD DVR?
  456. I pay for HD and I what ALL THE HD CHANNELS
  457. Green Bay finished too early
  458. Sunday Ticket
  459. does MLB EI "suffer" during the NFL season?
  460. CBS HD distant channel KCBS, audio problem
  461. Superfan Question
  462. Supercast
  463. NFL Sunday ticket Player tracker ??
  464. Thank God for Sundays during the fall!!!
  465. TNTHD and others out of service until 5:30 tonight???
  466. Does anyone who works at Direct TV know if MSG-hd will ever be carried?
  467. Networking a HR20
  468. One more week!!! One more week!!
  469. NFL Player Tracker
  470. Local HD channels disappear
  471. have you ever noticed.....
  472. ESPN HD 9:15 PM Broadcast LSU-Va Tech
  473. Current deals on DTV?
  474. Possibility of a new HD TiVO from DirecTV?
  475. Free PPV
  476. HD's to be on same channel as current 480i? How does that work?
  477. Adding OTA channels on HR20-700
  478. Older SD DTV Receiver
  479. my sony lcd keeps blacking out on hd?
  480. Signal Strength
  481. Delete Purchase History
  482. The one and only new HD channel thread(no date yet set for roll out)
  483. DirecTV's new MPEG4 channel show up in guide (in engineering mode)
  484. Advice sought on HD provider
  485. Lost 16:9 in SD?
  486. Is 6 lnb coming soon?
  487. HR20-700 consistantly missed 1st 30 secs of each pgm
  488. The Installation from......
  489. End of MLB Superfan
  490. Over the air tuner
  491. Red light action
  492. 120 vs 60 refresh rate?
  493. Loss Of DVR Functions - Part II (Am I Crazy?)
  494. New HD channels?
  495. "Upgrading" to hr20 on 9-10-07 quick question
  496. How do I?
  497. Tried calling D*
  498. Ya say ya want an HR-21?
  499. HR20-700 continued lipsync issues?
  500. Question about the Adult!!! Channels