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  1. Recording Sunday Ticket Problems
  2. What am I doing wrong??
  3. Red Sox Champions in HD.. Congrats!
  4. Recording the music channels on a computer
  5. NBA Channel added
  6. need help with download???????
  7. How hot does the HR20 Get?
  8. Mobile Sattelite
  9. still no new HD channels?
  10. Two Receivers No Phone Line
  11. Difference between locals 2, 4, 5, 7 & 80, 82, 86, 88
  12. Anyone have their TV wall-mounted?
  13. Wireless HR20-700 connection to switch signal via router
  14. update for hr21-700 on demand?
  15. Does DirectTV have an HD calibration channel?
  16. HR20-100 or 700 Native Pass Through?
  17. HR20 Channel Change takes 6 to 8 seconds
  18. Question for owners of Toshiba 34HFX85 TV
  19. HR20-100 Problems
  20. upcoming hd channels
  21. is it my hr20?
  22. Blinding HR20-100
  23. NBA League Pass in HD
  24. Screeching/Clicking Noise on Some Channels
  25. How about WGN in HD
  26. can i use 2 3lnb in place of new 5 lnb
  27. Which Rep is correct?
  28. Channel Requests...
  29. HDMI overrated?
  30. Internet
  31. RSNs in High Def
  32. CW in HD?
  33. Too Good To Be True!
  34. Questions on making the switch
  35. New HR20-700
  36. D* On Demand
  37. NHL Network is up on channel 215.......
  38. Distant local HD networks stations
  39. Is this the best deal I can get?
  40. Any Advice Would Really Help In Installing The 5lnb Slimeline!
  41. seeking advice; best way to start with D*
  42. OTA Channels on HR20-100 VS The H20
  43. Vizio codes
  44. finally Big Ten Network alternates in HD
  45. Missing some of the new HD content
  46. DVR's and D*
  47. DirecTV Shell Game?
  48. Directv local channel question
  49. HR20 Software load
  50. DirecTV HR20 DVR is a Windows Media Connect media client
  51. Who here is getting Encore HD?
  52. dish install
  53. Any news on NHL Network?
  54. DTV DVR vs separate DTV receiver and Tivo Series 3?
  55. Direct HD works through San Diego fires!
  56. New Channels Tomorrow?
  57. No more OTA from DTV
  58. HR20-700 severe audio sync problems after skipping forward...
  59. Comcast HD to Direct HD
  60. New Upgrade Question
  61. Multiple Reboots This Afternoon
  62. High Definition Locals
  63. ppv help?
  64. Can I Do This?
  65. NBA League Pass - No offers to keep it?
  66. H20s check yours
  67. OTA Antenna Preference?
  68. Slimline install vid?
  69. Anything Reccomended Prior To My HD Installation??
  70. Recording HD FoodTV on HR20-700
  71. UFC and Dtv
  72. Considering a switch...
  73. No Dolby Ac3 5.1
  74. IR/RF remote set up questions
  75. dish and lnd
  76. H20-100 or h20-600?
  77. Watching the Red Sox come back in HD....Priceless
  78. World Series in HD - Please!
  79. Searching for signal ...(771) [OTA issue]
  80. "Searching For Authorized Content" ???
  81. When Are The Next New HD Channel's Coming?
  82. Direct TV in an apartment complex..
  83. 2 questions about new Directtv hd service
  84. installation inquiry
  85. PPV (No Phone Line Connected)
  86. If you only wanted one premium movie channel
  87. Direct TV or Dish - Not to beat a dead horse...
  88. Which HD-DVR Receiver do they install?
  89. 99b or 103a?
  90. NFL Local HD, not HD, then HD, then not
  91. Eagles Bears disaster
  92. Software download error
  93. Lots of Great new Content...but
  94. Guide Not Displaying Properly
  95. Channel display
  96. good encouraging news from directv CSR regarding cw hd
  97. Fox Sports Midwest (647-1) NOW ACTIVE!
  98. Strange remote behavior
  99. Directv in an RV
  100. Weather Channel HD - Wrong Programming?
  101. HD Channels out in Light Rain?
  102. Shared HD channels
  103. Response from MSG representative........
  104. Hd Nick, Noggin And Disney
  105. New HR20-100
  106. Routine re-booting
  107. Added HD channels still no ch 13 or wb11 In NYC
  108. OTA HD Locals with H20
  109. Does Your HD RSN show HD Programs?
  110. Credit Check for DTV Service
  111. stretch-o-vision
  112. OTA Antenna help
  113. install question
  114. Is ESPN HD glitching (again)?
  115. Can I get your input on an installation question?
  116. does ESPN and CBS do college basketball games in HD?
  117. DTV wants more $ for HD channels
  118. Picture quality on hd channels vs non hd channels while showing non hd programing
  119. Quality of New HD Stations vs Old
  120. TLC HD -- 16x8?
  121. Mounting Flat Panel On Wall
  122. 103(b) SAT in the Atlanta area
  123. Crazy HR20 problem -- No HD playback
  124. Sound Issues on HD Channels
  125. Searching for signal on satellite in 2 ...(771)
  126. Ducks not in HD?
  127. Hey. Did Anyone's Fox Baaseball feed freeze up Yesterday
  128. FSNY NHL Blackout
  129. No HD Symbol on Guide?
  130. d equipment in 2 states?
  131. HD DVDs and Blu-Ray Discs on a 1080i TV
  132. hd dvr phone line help?
  133. I am glad for Ion: The Wonder Years!
  134. 5 LNB dish problem... HELP!
  135. sports subscription question
  136. Please help me get a better home installation
  137. Curious... for those who have listened to
  138. Locals where OTA just does not work?
  139. Drawbacks of HD (through broadband line)??
  140. HR20-700 vs HR20-100
  141. Adding A hard drive to the DVR
  142. Sneaky, sneaky...
  143. Is Broadband HDTV Equal to Direct TV??
  144. B-Band Converters incl with HR20 in box?
  145. Center ice and NHL network
  146. Get HD now or wait?
  147. Redsox getting Smoked in HD Priceless!!!!!
  148. hr21 price?
  149. need help with connecting internet to hr20?
  150. HD Not Showing Up- NEW Installation
  151. Guide question
  152. Need aiming angle for 27615 with 5 lnb
  153. Protection Plan ?
  154. Aiming Angle
  155. 2ND Television
  156. DirecTV Installation Worry
  157. Freezing picture ALCS 2007
  158. Sunday Ticket HD - Charge = $0.00
  159. Direct tv
  160. New charge on "Recent Activity"
  161. ESPNEWS HD coming...in March.
  162. Flicker/Strobe effect only on HD channels
  163. FX HD audio problems!
  164. DirecTV on Demand
  165. DirecTV HD in my region?
  166. Help!!! Not a newby - Guide Filter Issue
  167. Is It Possible To Browse Internet on TV??
  168. comcast sports net hi def
  169. Science Channel Help?
  170. New HD Channels freeze
  171. Caller ID stopped working
  172. HR20 DVR question
  173. Newbie here! need some simple help!
  174. Fox HD, distant channle from NYC, does the MLB game have a lot of grain on your TV
  175. Too Many HD Channels and I Need a Bigger Harddrive
  176. Fox Business HD Looks (and sounds) Good
  177. Does FX have any HD shows?
  178. Could resetting my h20 help my picture quality? How do I force an update?
  179. Buzzing when changing channels w/HR20
  180. CNBC HD Problem With Many Customer's In Southern California
  181. Remote question
  182. Phone Call from Dish Network
  183. Audio Sync issues
  184. CNBC Ticker symbol hard to read
  185. BREAKING!!! D* Adds 6 More HD channels and 8 PPVHD !!
  186. Food Hd - disappointed?
  187. 1080P... worth it?
  188. also
  189. new hd channels
  190. This Week's Poll - What will be the next batch of new HD channels?
  191. Audio Problems on local HD stations
  192. Weather Channel HD?
  193. Questions -- HDTV install
  194. Has anyones PQ gone down this weekend?
  195. Anyone else have this happen today?
  196. Guide Does Not Download completely
  197. Guide question on the H20 receiver
  198. Favorite channel question on new receivers
  199. Reset D-10 to default condition
  200. H20 remote control slow?
  201. Great Installation From DTV
  202. NFL in HD?
  203. HR20 Lease or Not Lease?
  204. NBC College Football
  205. DirecTV HD DVR question from new customer
  206. New DirecTV customer with a few questions
  207. LCD Vs. DLP
  208. Forum DTVHD channel icon
  209. logo
  210. ANYBODY...Travel Channel in HD rollout??
  211. Poll: How Was Your DirecTV Installation Experiance?
  212. The New Channel Winners Are
  213. Difference between HD channels
  214. DirecTV Installation Confirmation Call?
  215. Fsn Ne
  216. splitting the signal from an h20 direct tv hd box
  217. One more question, please re: HD recorder
  218. Lip Sync Problem with New HD DVR
  219. GREAT NEWS for NBA and HD fans!!!
  220. Contract Question
  221. Audio Drop Outs
  222. VCR/DVD Recorder Recommendation
  223. How many installers does it take?
  224. New HR21 Receiver
  225. Polaroid and HR20
  226. No CW Available For Springfield/Holyoke,MA?
  227. I have an H20 receiver, can I use it?
  228. Directv Low Band with D-Stacked Signal
  229. Best HD/DVR Reciever for Direct TV???
  230. 103(a)
  231. Simple Upgrade .....shocked!
  232. Next satellite launch
  233. NBA League Pass Blackouts for San Diego?
  234. NBA League Pass in HD
  235. Hard Drive Problem on HR20
  236. DTV Pole Size Bracket Install Question
  237. So it's Starz AND ENCORE Free Preview?
  238. HD contract fair for some?
  239. Fox Sports Regionals in HD...What's the deal
  240. Stretch
  241. Is it me or TBSHD???
  242. Directv Wants to Install on Roof?
  243. DirecTV Installation Questions
  244. Mgmhd
  245. HR20 Software improvement?
  246. Remote Control/HD Channel Question..
  247. Just got A 32" HD Ready TV
  248. D* Installation question
  249. HR20 100 Vs. HR20 700
  250. Grouping HD Channels
  251. DVR Problem
  252. Seeing lots of Pixels on new HD last night
  253. Do I Need Any Accessories For My Pan 75U to Function???
  254. Satellite Signal Issues
  255. LIN TV and DirecTV
  256. Sound has a delay with HDMI cable?
  257. Question
  258. Package Pricing
  259. Updated HD Channel Listing - 10 Oct 2007
  260. Cnbc Hd Not Working !
  261. Fox Regional Sports Networks HD (Directv) Help...
  262. Love Direct TV
  263. Rhyme and reason of RSN blackouts
  264. Not sure if many people know.
  265. YES /RSN Blackouts?
  266. Here's something to think about
  267. "Direct Ticket" Availible In Europe???
  268. TV Screen Was Blank-It said No Signal
  269. new HD Channels signal strength
  270. Differences?
  271. Help - What is my problem...too long of cable run?
  272. Los Angeles local HD channels still MPEG2?
  273. Fox Sports Midwest in HD?
  274. Help!!! Problems with new channels
  275. Reboots A Way of Life?
  276. multiswitch question
  277. FX Network HD
  278. Dish Mounting
  279. Hooking up DH locals with Antenna W/D*
  280. New HD Channels wednesday 10/10/07
  281. moving to a new house
  282. Hr-20 Freezing and crashing only on sunday ticket early games ?
  283. NBA On FSN
  284. directtv hd multiswitch help!!!!!
  285. NBA LP channels are up
  286. hooking up the HR20-100 question.
  287. OTA problems with HR10-250
  288. Now you see 'em(new H/D channels..now you don't
  289. nhl network
  290. D* install and CSR nightmare and ?
  291. Philips DSX5500
  292. new HR20 stutter trouble
  293. Is there a 42" panasonic which I won't need an AV Reciever
  294. Strange situation for Conan and Craig Ferguson in hd
  295. Multiswitches- Zinwells
  296. HTL-HD Receiver Question
  297. Question to all you installers who frequent this site?
  298. Another Directv Tech Mystery
  299. tivo 299.00 hd
  300. Tivo 299.00
  301. Has anyone recieved the food Channel yet ?
  302. DirecTV HR20 recording question
  303. Question About HD Locals
  304. D*TV HDDVR not new?
  305. Free Starz HD preview this weekend
  306. Anyone Here From Las Vegas?
  307. What was up with the Rams vs Cardinals game?
  308. billing......again
  309. Direct Tech says...
  310. Signal Strength
  311. HD Channels direct input?
  312. Buffalo sabres MSG HD on center ice??
  313. Bucs/Colts Started Late!
  314. Versus hd and versus non hd question
  315. new subscription with brothers hr20?
  316. audio loss
  317. New Policy Changed!
  318. What happened to the rumor of voom?
  319. is any one eles gitting serching for signel on discovery hd ??
  320. Guide Button
  321. Satellite Local Markets unrealistic for customers near market boundries
  322. New HD Channel Price Increase
  323. need digital coax on receiver
  324. True story regarding installation
  325. Installation Protocol (?)
  326. superfan needs to show ALL HD NFL games
  327. red zone channel hd?
  328. HR20-700 Chicago OTA Channel Mapping
  329. 5 lnb vs 3 lnb hd channels
  330. HR20-700 Hard Drive Format
  331. SD / HD Channels using same number..
  332. What Will Happen To Us In 2 Years???
  333. 771 error...multi-switch issue?
  334. CBS, ABC, etc. NY and LA Feeds
  335. HR20 Loss of tuner ?
  336. Quick Question?
  337. Favorites
  338. WWMT West Michigan Reception
  339. Picture quality on new HD Channels
  340. I'm not a big Marc Cuban fan but I do like his hdnet
  341. Need Help Getting Local Ch HD
  342. problem with diamondbacks/cubs game
  343. No HD for The Red River Shootout?
  344. Any definite date for Food HD?
  345. ESPN 2 HD Shut off the Canes ending...
  346. Which setting do you feel works better with the h20 receiver? 720p or 1080i?
  347. Installation
  348. Unusual technical problem and really need help
  349. A question about DTV for You.
  350. CYOA with DirectV!
  351. Now I Just Need FSN HD
  352. Panasonic 42 inch Plasma TV, Sony HDTV
  353. No More StretchoVision!
  354. New HDTV subscriber needs some receiver setting advice please
  355. Question about the 103b?
  356. Is it ch. 247 or is TBS glitching a liitle bit???
  357. HR20-100 OTA Tuner 2 Problem
  358. Signal Loss Question
  359. Help needed fast. Urgent!
  360. What kind of deal should I expect?
  361. Streaming Content
  362. Pause one channel, watch another
  363. Not able to watch recorded items...?
  364. Need some advice
  365. default to hd
  366. NHL Center Ice in HD.....
  367. HR20 records audio, but no video
  368. Full Reset?
  369. Will installer leave equipment if LOS is bad?
  370. HD has ruined my eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  371. Just signed up for Direct TV service
  372. Direct HD still HD lite?
  373. Ch. 480/481 Test?
  374. Directv "known issues" per CSR
  375. Anyone else have this happen?
  376. HD-DVR HR21 question NOT hr20
  377. Switching to DirectTV
  378. Direct Tv's protection plan
  379. Death to bugs
  380. New Software Update Killed my HDMI
  381. Directv HD vs. Cable HD
  383. ESPNHD a mess tonight!!
  384. contract
  385. trying out the sunday ticket
  386. RSN's in HD
  387. HD bandwidth for NHL center ice?
  388. No HD on Yes Network ?
  389. Split -1- feed into 4?
  390. Channel Name Change
  391. HBO HiDef question
  392. Just placed my order
  393. No HD on SCIFI HD
  394. More new channels last night
  395. Even 34 channels is amazing
  396. Soon We Will HaveTo Pay!
  397. New Music Channel In HD looks Great.
  398. Scifi and USA HD finally added.
  399. Channels you're waiting for?
  400. Outdoor Channel HD Coming Soon?
  401. I wish!
  402. Antenna Web #2
  403. No PLayoff Games??? Code*721
  404. Now We Need More HD Content--Sci Fi, etc.
  405. DTV Remote codes for a Westy TV ??
  406. Tbs Nlds /alds
  407. Satellite Signal Strength Issues
  408. Stupid Charges For Directv
  409. Loss of Audio on All HD Channels
  410. I lost YES HD, but it is in the guide
  411. Yes Hd
  412. My Network Tv Hd & The CW Hd
  413. Dtc 210
  414. Question on the HR20 HD DVR
  415. 103b -- Only One Tuner Receiving
  416. OTA with HR20, fries the box??
  417. nhl center ice question???
  418. Audio not in sync
  419. National Geographic Channel
  420. bunch of new HD channels today!!!!
  421. Install Advice for Tomorrow!
  422. Confused
  423. Deceptive HD Channels (CNN for instance)
  424. Problem With Favorites
  425. Probably a glitch, but...
  426. two questions
  427. Why are there repeats of HD channels?
  428. Sports Channels
  429. New HD Channels active
  430. Nba League Pass/rsn's
  431. Sci Fi
  432. ST Football games and ESPN Sportscenter
  433. SCI-FI in HD
  434. SMTH HD - Searching for Signal
  435. FOOD HD is UP
  436. HD package with Family Channel? Please help!
  437. Does a directv dvr hd need a phone line?
  438. Fox Sports NE in HD?
  439. this upgraded to directv hd dvr for free
  440. More channels tomorrow
  441. H20 and HR20 tune differently
  442. sunday ticket and super fan question
  443. I need help to decide between direct and dish?
  444. Anyone with an HR10 AND HR20...
  445. weird thing happening with my pre-set recordings of tv shows on hr-20
  446. why doesn't dtv send us messages about new channels?
  447. Superfan
  448. Rain Fade :mad:
  449. Locals - Spotbeam
  450. Hr20 Ff Q
  451. Hr20-700 ??
  452. Antenna Web
  453. HD Reciever Question
  454. Worried about new installation
  455. Need Help!!! in regards to HD & channel trouble
  456. Not getting HD local channels with new HR20
  457. HR20 Networking.
  458. D* Spot Map
  459. Please Just Dont' Say It's HD
  460. HR20 Glitch/Quirk?
  461. OCTOBER'S New HD Channel's?????
  462. Directv Not Compatible With HDMI 1.3 Cable's Audio
  463. H20/HDMI - Slow Channel Changes
  464. OTA signal quality through receiver vs. directly into TV
  465. GameMix Crashing My DVR, Who Else?
  466. How do I find the DTV page that shows all the billing credits?
  467. We lucky few with TBS HD!!
  468. Install information
  469. What's the next programming "Best Offer"
  470. Transfer Speed of DTV H20
  471. More HD Channels Sooner Than Later?
  472. Will Msg Be In Hd?????
  473. So When Will The New Hd Channels Launch??
  474. Riddle me this Batman?
  475. RSN, what package?
  476. Recording Question About Hr20
  477. HELP! why is my new picture look more fuzzy?
  478. No CBS HD?
  479. MSNBC in HD?
  480. NFL HD question
  481. Lakers in HD on KCAL
  482. HD Content Question
  483. Satelite 103b question
  484. NBA Season Pass
  485. DirecTV HR20 phone line question
  486. Free Showtime for 3 months
  487. Big Ten HD excellent
  488. setting up Direct TV
  489. College Football In HD......Awesome!!!!!!!!
  490. New HD Channels on DirecTV, Audio and Video out of Sync.
  491. TBS HD Baseball preview
  492. Install question
  493. Locals better PQ OTA than on D*
  494. Cal/Oregon Game Not Televised in HD?!
  495. Sunday Ticket/Fantasy Footall
  496. My Smithsonian is GONE!!!
  497. Comcast Mid Atlantic HD
  498. New HD Channels Searching for Satellite Signal
  499. 22hr rule NFL ST
  500. Ducks/Kings not in HD on FSN--Bummer!