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  1. HR21 Resolution
  2. Control Audio with DTV remote?
  3. OK...Now I need Some Help Here...
  4. First Post Here...
  5. Can you drop the Protection Plan?...
  6. can i get hd-dvr w/o upgrading package
  7. adding a receiver
  8. Remote/Online DVR recording
  9. Sporadic 771 issues
  10. No HD for NCAA Tourney in Phoenix!
  11. Thinking about switching
  12. Hr20 vs Hr21, Are They Different Frequencies?
  13. SWM Multiswitch
  14. Does MLB.tv have blackout rules?
  15. Does an HD broadcast cost a lot more than SD?
  16. More money less benefits
  17. B Band Convertor
  18. Something nice to say about DTV this time
  19. Ads in the program guide!?!
  20. dvr no longer included in premiere package!
  21. Unable to disconnect receiver
  22. NCAA Tournament Tip
  23. HR20 vs Hr 21 issue "For the Record Books"
  24. Big 10 Network HD - Terrelle Pryor signs with Bucks
  25. HR20-100S Not Powering Up Again
  26. HR21 Slide Show
  27. New Customer/Technical Service Department
  28. New HD channels 4/1/08
  29. First looks at AM21 OTA tuner for HR21...
  30. Help: Hr20-100s
  31. DTV Plus HD DVR Question
  32. Will a DirectTV HD receiver work with a non HD TV?
  33. HR-21 Blue Lights question, please
  34. Audio Problem-called DirecTV
  35. NHL Center Ice
  36. Interesting Read
  37. Reconditioned HR20 DVR?
  38. Premier vs Plus Package
  39. Seasonal Cabin Rates?
  40. Widescreen flag
  41. Very confused with this streaming thing
  42. Who has switched from comcast to directv?
  43. Verizon Actiontec and On Demand
  44. New charge on bill...Directv protection plan
  45. NE1 else notice Channel 77 is gone ?
  46. One more question about MLB's blackout rules
  47. Sound Problem with HR21-700
  48. First run of shows
  49. Directv11 Launch Listed in the Onscreen Guide
  50. Filmmaker MeetUps
  51. channels going hd this year
  52. I have several questions about the HR-21- 600DVR
  53. Question about DTV Sat Dish
  54. Help with Receivers
  55. Wpwr Hd,wciu Hd Chicago
  56. Hd Dvr
  57. New Installation
  58. HD picture quality or lack there of.....
  59. DTV Multiple dish receiver installation question
  60. Boston Celtics in HD
  61. Off-air antenna
  62. anyone else from the green bay wisconsin area?
  63. HR20-700 POWER Button Doesn't Work
  64. Anyone else have sound dropping out?
  65. Local channels disappeared?
  66. Any Harrisburg Area Subscribers?
  67. On demand set up
  68. Moving receiver to in-laws & HotPass?
  69. Directv users who also have Hughesnet
  70. Too much money--too many choices
  71. Strange problem after update on last friday
  72. Anyone Notice End of Programs Missing?
  73. Fox News in HD???
  74. Question about buying a reciever...
  75. DTV Contract for less than 1 year
  76. Taking the Plunge
  77. Series Link on a HR21-700
  78. Sony KD-34XBR970 Screen Popping Issue
  79. MLB Extra Innings Schedule 2008?
  80. HR-21 Issues, Please discuss here, one on the way!
  81. Directv vs Comacast SD channels PQ
  82. DirecTV: why is the HD channel lineup so disorganized?
  83. Regional Sports Networks Question
  84. Off Topic Vonage
  85. HD in the mid-atlantic
  86. Satellite Cable
  87. resolutions and sd channels?
  88. hr21 not recoring half the time
  89. New software download everytime?
  90. What's the SHOTIME special offer?
  91. RC24 remote RF? Can't get it to work!
  92. Speed HD - Constant Freezes
  93. MPEG-2 Channels
  94. HR20-100 OTA quality
  95. Philippino channel
  96. The Mets Beat the Dodgers! To all HD anyway
  97. Audio Loss
  98. HD DVR Install Question
  99. Directv Media Share
  100. Need Help!!! Picture not coming in on one Receiver.
  101. 5.1 programming
  102. Purchasing the HR 21-600 DVR at Best Buy
  103. Who pays $7.99 for protection plan?
  104. Oregon State/UofArizona fans
  105. Is this typical of Directv?
  106. can you get 480p? can you split 1 component output?
  107. Fox: All 2008 Baseball Games In HDTV
  108. How to setup my DTV system
  109. format
  110. Help! Getting installed right now.3/6/08 10:25 AM
  111. Are there blackouts during spring training?
  112. HR21 Question for current users
  113. HR21 settings for my CRT & what's up with Speed?
  114. HD dvr
  115. H20-600 question
  116. Best Buy Wants to Pay Your DirecTV Bill
  117. DIRECTV11 Launching on March 17
  118. DirecTV On Demand
  119. SD Picture Quality
  120. ALL ESPN Sunday Baseball games in HD this year
  121. D* to carry Hallmark Movie Channel
  122. whats it take to get channel 332 MHD?
  123. Is the dreaded ESPNHD glitch back?
  124. Someone confirm DTV contract extensions
  125. DVR reciever wont power on!!
  126. Thanks DTV
  127. Lost a few HD channels
  128. Need help with program deleted from DVR in error
  129. Thanks, and a final question (or two)
  130. a couple of channels changes
  131. Advice on Converting From TiVO
  132. More HD soon?
  133. DirecTV Trail Periods??
  134. Know How To Speed Up A Service Call?
  135. Question before I order a service call
  136. just a few questions
  137. additional HD receivers
  138. Channel 1000 on my DVR
  139. Channel 116 Pay per view for the week?
  140. Screensaver on H21
  141. Playing PC videos and music on Direct Receiver?
  142. HD dvr
  143. OTA Transmiision & AM21 Question
  144. What is the benefit of network connect?
  145. MLB Extra Innings worth the $$?
  146. help
  147. DirecTV HD PQ and Installations Questions
  148. Sports Pack question
  149. Speed Sound Screwed Up Again
  150. Is WGN HD on the "coming" list?
  151. WTTW (PBS) Chicago--HD, but when?
  152. How do I connect HR21 to computer on network
  153. DirecTV Says It Will Miss '08 Subscriber Forecast
  154. playback freezing
  155. HD upgrade advice
  156. Seeing black on recorded shows.
  157. LOSS Of Picture On Local HD Channel In Los Angeles
  158. Moisture in Dish Problem - Anyone Else Experience?
  159. Is a 3LNB conversion to 5LNB possible
  160. Hd Dvr
  161. CW HD & My 9 HD ARE IN NOW!!!!!
  162. Banned by Boston!
  163. DIRECTV: HD & DVR Subs to Hit 50 Percent
  164. is directv hard to navigate?
  165. New Sat @ 103 Problems?
  166. FREE PREVIEWS ON DirecTV in March
  167. Any news on Fox News HD?
  168. One account, two locations...has anyone tried this?
  169. Hd
  170. Hd
  171. Just Made The Jump From TWC
  172. Has anyone gotten an hr21 working with external drive?
  173. Are there any sites or services that aggregate your favorite channels?
  174. Does the Seagate FAP 750 work with the HR-21?
  175. Good, inexpensive signal strength meter
  176. Technical help
  177. Nip/Tuck on FX HD in 480i?
  178. upgrade to hd question
  179. Is a phone line really needed?
  180. One receiver works, the other doesn't
  181. Tucson Antenna
  182. D* today, HELP!!!!!!
  183. just ordered directv, will i get charged more?
  184. Hughes Series 2 Tivo DVR Freezeup
  185. Dish Mast Vertical Extension
  186. directv vs comcast help
  187. VOD Guide?
  188. HR20 Dual Antenna Question
  189. EspnHD - Pixelation
  190. HR21 video files
  191. Bandwidth
  192. VOD HD Content
  193. Lawsuit Charges DIRECTV With Receiver Rip-Off
  194. 4 Days left sign up now or wait
  195. HD History Channel
  196. question about guest house
  197. Please help me with my DirecTV package!
  198. sd on dtv compared to comcast??
  199. Not impressed with directv on-demand
  200. Ohh Ohh, what happened to my VOD
  201. Over The Air With D12 Receiver
  202. Any receiver?
  203. Setting up DirecTV on demand with Verizon FIOS Wireless router
  204. Biggest Drive available for HR20
  205. Tax?
  206. moving turn-around time and issues
  207. DIRECTV HR21pro
  208. KTLA reception issue
  209. Newbie looking for advice
  210. New D** customer w/ HR-21 HD-DVR- Extremely slow!
  211. Widescreen Non-HD DTV Channels?
  212. What universal remote do you guys have?
  213. Directv offers no HD only package.
  214. Dish Downgrades NFL Network
  215. New download, new audio problems!!
  216. Direct TV Verizon bundles saving??
  217. Fx Hd
  218. Caller I.D.
  219. What Do I Need? - PM from DirectUser1
  220. Update software on old reciever?
  221. Masters' Amen Corner D* exclusive coverage
  222. Two Free HDDVRS??
  223. 5.1 dvd recording
  224. MSG HD buffalo area question
  225. What are the best and worst HD channels?
  226. NBC HD Golf
  227. Why do I have to change my plan to add Showtime?
  228. DVR scheduler - Now that is neat!!! No Internet Conn either!!
  229. Celtics in HD
  230. help hooking up dual tuners...
  231. Reset hard Drive on HR20-100
  232. Vod?
  233. Now we can all run out and get bluray
  234. wiring question...
  235. Travel channel on direct TV in HD
  236. Off topic, but interesting...
  237. New Hd/dvr Remote Question
  238. HR10-250 vs hr20 vs hr21
  239. hr20 question....
  240. probably switching, on demand ?????
  241. Guarantees
  242. caller Id is not workin
  243. Specs on D*'s powerline adapter?
  244. Black Bars in 4:3 - help!
  245. Converting Samsung SIR-TS160 to MPEG-4
  246. Anyone Getting This Message?
  247. Realigning the Dish.
  248. On Demand ???
  249. When will vod be out of beta
  250. DirecTV Without a Receiver?
  251. HD DVR Messing with my TV?
  252. First complaint about DTV HD
  253. Club 1080i on Direct ?
  254. comcast story for you
  255. Directv in Canada
  256. new download for hddvr
  257. HD Install
  258. HDTV Newbie
  259. Brand name?
  260. Morons in charge of History Channel?
  261. Can the Directv Remote Switch Modes on Surround Sound?
  262. So when will there be a HD only package?
  263. Question for those of you with the Sports Package
  264. Nascar hot pass
  265. The remote on the HR-21
  266. H20 Guide Color Scheme
  267. On demand
  268. Latest Software update on 2/14
  269. On demand problem
  270. Settings question
  271. can dtv tivo box be used on comcast in any way
  272. SpeedHD on HR21-700 not staying on 1080 with native on. Anyone else?
  273. Remote codes
  274. This might help those wanting to cancel directv service.
  275. No Problems to Report
  276. Hr10-250 Hd
  277. 52" Sony - SciFi sends 41" picture ???
  278. On demand
  279. Fruadulant Charge On DTV Bill
  280. Directv Screening/weeding out customers
  281. Price for HD DVR from Retailers
  282. Save and play files from HR21-700
  283. Broadband internet with DTV
  284. On-Demand Question
  285. Multiple HD Receivers Multiple UH & RF Remotes
  286. Direct claims it didn't get my returned receiver
  287. On Demand recorded wrong show?
  288. someone help me compare please...
  289. Thanks to you guys!
  290. Problem after H20 software update
  291. Upgrade Deal I was offered?
  292. What To Do?
  293. Hardware for connection to On Demand
  294. how to get out of my directv contract?
  295. Some pixelation above some shows
  296. lnb output failed
  297. SD Picture Problem
  298. Hr-21 700 ondemand problems
  299. remote control use.
  300. HR20-700 Menu Problem?
  301. HR20 HD replacement???
  302. On Demand Menu Location StInKs!!!!
  303. Video beta?
  304. Thinking about getting DIRECTV - HD DVR and channels question
  305. what on on-demand
  306. Some numbers, Please
  307. Two Tvs One Box
  308. Winter Update, HR:21 ondemand beta included.
  309. Remote Control Questions
  310. move....
  311. 43-1 Knoxville
  312. Hr21 Pro's Only Available To High End Users
  313. Need a recommendation: New HDTV and disposing of old one
  314. Noob question on Directv HD service.
  315. Can HDDVRs record local OTA high-def stuff?
  316. A-HA! I thought so!
  317. Just got hd service
  318. Daytona 500
  319. My local ABC is messed up
  320. My Upgrade Experience
  321. About To Upgrade - Help Confirm What I Think I Know?
  322. buying new tv 720p or1080p
  323. Newest Upgrade Question!
  324. Direct TV w/ antenna TERK 5 X 8...
  325. Installation quality?
  326. DOD for HR21? interesting charge on my account...
  327. TMC HD Channel
  328. HD Access Monthly fee????
  329. H20 USB Port Storage
  330. HD DirectTv Receiver
  331. Help needed, tech on his way out today...Please
  332. Satellite Changes..Again
  333. Why are my OTA Locals Blacked Out?
  334. Satellite aiming?
  335. HR20 vs HR21?
  336. Directv HR20 Playback Issues "The Wire"
  337. ?How to connect HR21-700 to Verizon Fios?
  338. YES network and MLB
  339. Remote code ?
  340. MLB EI on your bill yet?
  341. Did I lock up my H21 remote......
  342. Sports pack-----Laker fans
  343. Getting optical to work on H20
  344. Looking to switch to DirectTV
  345. connection question.
  346. Wish there were more international news channels
  347. Audio problems with the HR21700
  348. Looking for the truth
  349. HD DVR's (DirecTV) on Ebay?
  350. HELP - New HR21 installation wont download update
  351. DIRECTV to Debut Hallmark Movies HD In April
  352. recording from HD DVR to a DVD
  353. sv local channels on Directv
  354. Tv or compression of signal?
  355. Speed Ch Hd
  356. DirecTV and XM receivers and speakers for Restaurant Business
  357. Directv's next offer on Feb. 27?
  358. To Do List?
  359. Self -Referral?
  360. Can't Find GO TO TIME/DAY
  361. Don't get all locals in HD
  362. HR -20 keeps rebooting
  363. Random Audio Pops - Anybody Else Have These
  364. As Stated Prior - New Subscriber Here... Couple of Things They Didn't Tell Me
  365. Zinwell WB616
  366. A heads up!
  367. Directv Subscriber's New Upgrade Just ADDED
  368. I want my DirecTV back...
  369. Help me sort this out....please
  370. Audio on HD channels vs. Regular
  371. Remote DVR Programming
  372. DVR freezups
  373. Best setup dvd to buy ?
  374. PLEASE HELP with Zinwell WB616 on jobsite
  375. High Def Receiver question
  376. New HR21 Software Being Rolled Out?
  377. Duke vs UNC ESPN Blackout
  378. Moving to Sacramento.....
  379. HD HR21 network questions....
  380. Boston Celtics in HD
  381. Weirdest thing...but I'm not complaining, REALLY
  382. Problem finding all shows scheduled for recording
  383. HR21 remote codes for Samsung
  384. Considering running from Dish to Direct TV
  385. HDMI Cable Quality Argument
  386. problems with hr21-700
  387. Espn2 Hd?
  388. HR20 OR HR21 ?? Which To Lease?
  389. HD DVR Question
  390. HR-21 DVR --> Live Audio Problem Is Across The Board
  391. Monthly Maint. Fee.....Worth It?
  392. Question Regarding HR 21
  393. I am new her and I have one question?
  394. New Install soon?
  395. Where the heck is my HD experience?
  396. Mojo
  397. DirecTV Coax connections question...
  398. Still no survivor in HD
  399. hr21-200
  400. Old TIVO D* rec. question
  401. Directv advises new euipment for HD locals ?
  402. MLB Extra Innings in HD?
  403. led display for signal on front of reciever always 1080i
  404. seagate 1tb freeagent pro
  405. congratulations super bowl world champion NY GIANTS in HD!
  406. HR21 Users look here to get DOD now!
  407. HR20 DVR functionality - does it work at all???
  408. Super Bowl Commercials
  409. HD - Local Channel Help - Please!!
  410. Super Bowl/fox Picture Imploding In N.c.
  411. lost all hd channels
  412. H-20 Receiver Question
  413. Fox Pre-Game Show Sound?
  414. On or Off
  415. on demand question
  416. Lost HD Channels
  417. Directv Receiver Restarts
  418. newB here
  419. HR21 software
  420. NIP/TUCK on FXHD
  421. Another Greedy Money grab by DirecTV
  422. Question regarding install
  423. Force software update
  424. Is DirectTV fuzzier than other sources???
  425. Color Distortion when switching to HD TV
  426. Color Distortion when switching to HD TV
  427. Lost my HD channels on 5LNB- Help please
  428. replaced receivers
  429. Super Bowl Commercials
  430. Picture Freezes
  431. Lip sync issues on all channels
  432. Good place to get a new dish???
  433. Bypassing HR-20 startup procedure.
  434. CNN Clinton v. Obama Debate
  435. HD locals in St. Louis
  436. loud hum in HR20
  437. Howard Stern on Directv???
  438. Receiver Upgrade Q.
  439. Rainbow lines?
  440. Portland, OR Waiver from KOIN-TV
  441. Rochester Ny
  442. Changing/setting the time on HR21-700
  443. Switching to D*
  444. On demand?
  445. Cartoon Network
  446. Getting local HD channels / native resolution with DirecTV HD
  447. Quick question about new hr21-700
  448. On demand - Will they charge for it?
  449. 99(s), 103(s), 103(c) signal levels and zeroes. Normal?
  450. D-10 with strange language problem
  451. Plasma 720p, 1080i or 1080p
  452. Vizio Help!!!!!!!!!
  453. How to provide for multi-receiver HD during home renovation
  454. I think my dish is slipping again...
  455. Installer coming in the AM, Help!!
  456. RF capabilty???
  457. Guys how can I stop the headcut off!?? ahh!
  458. After 6+ years I finally cancelled my DTV service
  459. Signal Strengths on 103b
  460. What local transponders are for what area?
  461. New Satellites?
  462. Record To Receiver (via DirecTV Website)
  463. Travel Channel
  464. HD Install - cabling question
  465. Distribution of DVR signal?
  466. Questions on the New HR or HD - 21 box ?
  467. Direct TV and OTA antenna
  468. Made The Direct TV Plunge - Thanks For All The Help
  469. New install. Do I have a problem
  470. FX HD audio?
  471. without service dec 1 till dec 18 (Sunday Ticket related)
  472. What HD channels are next?
  473. Your advice made a huge difference.
  474. Pixelization HR21 DirecTV Sony 1080i
  475. HD-A3 DTV remote codes?
  476. Help! Help ! Help ! Snow, what to do?
  477. Will my HD10 Work as a tuner without satellite feed?
  478. Note to DirectTv
  479. packages??????
  480. Cable and Dish question (just out of curiousity)
  481. Channel 258 The FMC Channel Question.
  482. Why does my D* reception look so bad? advice?
  483. Anyone know what's broadcasting on the 99(s) SAT?
  484. DirectTV Question?
  485. On demand and hd dvd hookup
  486. Pixelization on SD channels
  487. Question about this feb.2009 switch over
  488. Lost my OTA when the extra HD channels arrived....
  489. This the best deal from Direct TV??
  490. will OTA disappear entirely?
  491. directv-ready TV's??
  492. New Prices Effective Feb. 27, 2008
  493. What dvr to expect
  494. Switch now or wait for new equipment?
  495. Tuner signal strengths vary...
  496. Hr10 250
  497. Props to the Gurus
  498. Snow on FXHD?
  499. Why is there letterboxed programming on SciFiHD?
  500. Software upgrade in Florida