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  1. Ignore this post (repost)
  2. DavidJapan Video footage from HDR-HC1 1.6GB
  3. AVC & H.264
  4. HDV underwater clips
  5. How do I burn these clips to DVD and watch them on HDTV?
  6. split very large .TS HD file into 2 and burn to 2 DVDs
  7. If i playing PC game while download clip,will it ruin image?
  8. X-Men 3 Sneak-Peek Trailer 1080p
  9. Good editing software to add filters?
  10. Get a free HD footage from stock
  11. Mastered in high definition??
  12. New HDTV show for the Internet
  13. Drake camera demo footage
  14. Widescreen not playing
  15. Hdfest
  16. Joining TS video files
  17. Request: Football HD Clips
  18. Burping Teapot in 720p
  19. bikini destinations video clips
  20. Room for 9 hours of 10-bit 1080p 24 footage
  21. Any Calibration clips in 1080?
  22. war of the worlds dvd pic not sharp
  23. Sony Bravia TV commercial
  24. new Titanic clip at MS site
  25. Some never get bored - home HD collection
  26. HDV underwater clips
  27. Homecinema from my dreams
  28. Smallville in HD
  29. Hdclips.net Growing fast, 65+ HD Videos ready to download!
  30. Question about storing HD files on DAT (DDS-3 Tapes)
  31. Ts file on a dvd?
  32. what is the best movie on HD?
  33. 7680 x 4320 resolution? 22.2-channel audio? Not bad ...(beware of nausea)
  34. Is it OK to request a file that I just missed?
  35. 2,5 GB Trailershow @ dvd-center.hu
  36. www.hdclips.net video collection growing, download videos ;-)
  37. Quicktime H.264 to VOB or AVI w/ AC3
  38. hdclips.net Creating the biggest Library of HDclips in the web ;-), need your help!
  39. matrix revolutions hd
  40. Not HD - Bilbo Spock - scary
  41. HD-DVD sample
  42. HD near Future
  43. Smartsound Sonicfire Pro
  44. HD Films On DVD/TV ...N00b Question
  45. Some fun with really super high details
  46. atmorgen.com down?
  47. LOTR trilogy trailer
  48. I have a question
  49. 1080i -> 1080p New software decoder!
  50. losthdtv.com
  51. For your information - list of 65mm movies
  52. Your Top Three HD Clips?
  53. I like this
  54. HD WMV - Media Player Classic
  55. Titan A.E- Short Clip
  56. Mbps of streamed HD programming
  57. Mitsubishi's 1080p demo
  58. Covers
  59. CG HD Landscape
  60. Odoru 720P 279MB
  61. Panasonic Sample video - Ocean
  62. High Def Movies Now
  63. Silly question
  64. Apple posts 24 new HD Movie Trailers.
  65. Robots - WMV HD
  66. Compare Super 16, Varicam and HD Cam
  67. You guys like those IMAX Movies??
  68. VC-1 Sample Clips
  69. Underwater HD Video (H.264 and WMV9)
  70. Spiderman 2 Trailer in 1080p Link
  71. 123 min. Nestroy stageplay 1920x1080 for free publication (Creative Commons License)
  72. Making A DvD Loop.
  73. WANTED-Short HD clip for animated desktop
  74. Download accelerator ruin quality of HD clip?
  75. HD .ts files stutter when playing back on zoom player
  76. HD Xvid to original .ts files
  77. Doom 720p WMVHD trailers
  78. Funky Colors
  79. Amazing video from Nasa -720
  80. ourmedia.org hosts HD media for free/Check this out!!
  81. The Big Question
  82. Where to download full hd movie?
  83. King Kong 1080i trailer
  84. LCD vs CRT monitor which one is best?
  85. HDNet-Beta Feed new download available
  86. Do 1080i TS files contain 3:2 pulldown flags?
  87. ISLAND trailer 1080p
  88. Question about monitor Resolution
  89. Band of brothers
  90. Sinking City - New Orleans at Risk - HDNet BetaFeed
  91. High def on demand streaming shot with Z1
  92. does this only play dvds or can i use this for cable?
  93. viewing partially incomplete .TS files
  94. IFA 2005 Berlin DivXhd videocoverage
  95. Any difference in quality between......
  96. 2 new HD clips on Apple
  97. Macrovision floods P2P networks with bogus files to battle piracy
  98. HDV, HDTV downloads in which format?
  99. P4/2.4G,RAM 768M,GF6600 card:why HD Clip still skip and halt...
  100. Need Screenshots of Saving Private Ryan, Whale Rider please
  101. Wmvhd
  102. Best method of converting .m2t files?
  103. did pioneer come out with a HD demo?
  104. besides a.b.hdtv, anyother good hd news groups?
  105. Shd
  106. Managing 1080i video clips??
  107. WMVHD Imax disc extraction?
  108. Huge list of HD material
  109. 1-hour Fireworks filmed with HC1 DivX
  110. Bi...eh...Monokiny Destinations
  111. Britney Spears - Rock In Rio 2004, HDTV, DD5.0
  112. Super 35 films re-edited for 16x9?
  113. DISCOVERY HD Insectia - Weavers Island HDTV 1080i
  114. Poormans DVD
  115. Where do they get the rest of the scene?
  116. DivX HD Material to Test My System
  117. Sony Z1 HDV stock shots
  118. I want to have high definition video in my website, need advice....
  119. weird black bar in ROTK
  120. What to do with multiple "filename.000.ts" files
  121. Recording/Playback HD TV/MOVIES
  122. Avia or DVE and what version?
  123. Best HDTV vs NTSC comparison
  124. HDTV help!
  125. Space Shuttle Discovery Screen Caps
  126. Smart Travels HD Screen Caps
  127. Longhorn (Vista) Is Watching You
  128. V For Vendetta Trailer in Qt7 1080p from Warner Bros.
  129. New Amateur High Definition Short Film
  130. any one know how 2 conv. mpeg to hd?
  131. 2 new QT7 720p trailers with direct DL-link
  132. Hdclips has been hacked
  133. Figure out bitrate using math???
  134. HDTV Movies Better Than The Theater?
  135. Which SW-Player for HVD-DVD (chinese format)
  137. New Kong Trailer available for 48 hrs
  138. Probably a really stupid question!
  139. New QT7 HD-Trailer but canīt download
  140. Where can download japanese HDTV?
  141. Downloadable HD Movies
  142. What is the HDV file format?
  143. hdtv software
  144. Hdtv to xvid
  145. Problems with WMP 10, How to get Fullscreen?
  146. Are our Tv's really high definition?
  147. QuickTime 7 for Windows is out
  148. Firefly "Serenity" Trailer
  149. Cut transport stream
  150. .OUT Files ?
  151. 2 New WMV-HD IMAX Clips
  152. Comparisons of 32 DVD and HDTV fliks
  153. anyone know where to get a good bootleg Episode III on the net
  154. TS (1080i) -> MP4 AVC (nero): Bad deinterlacing/3:2 pulldown?
  155. Fireworks in HD?
  156. A Time-Lapse video I shot
  157. Playing a 1080i clip - very "liney"
  158. Can we discuss HiDef movies?
  159. X-Box 360 High Def Clips 720p
  160. Can I combine 0000.ts, 0001.ts etc files?
  161. HDNet OverŪ Series
  162. help! those orange wednesdays ads
  163. D-Link Wireless Media PLayer
  164. Limited Time: "The Science of Star Wars" title sequence *fair use*
  165. Best Upconverting Methods
  166. x-men audio is off, grey bar... help
  167. List wmv hd movies available.
  168. Wanting to buy wmv hd dvd's.
  169. Batman Begins during Smallville. Possibly in HD
  170. Newb Can't play HD clips
  171. Storage medium for HD files
  172. Video Editting
  173. Best way to convert .tp file to DVD
  174. Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire trailer
  175. HD Clips Where?
  176. Convenient way to play HD movies on a HDTV
  177. 3D HD Animation
  178. HD videos stutter in VLC Player
  179. Star Spangled Banner with B2 fly-over (clip)
  180. VideoLAN might disappear due to patent legislation.
  181. avel Linkplayer 2
  182. Current HD-DVD players
  183. Another HD clip (this is 720p h.264 codec)
  184. Fellowship of the Ring - HD vs DVD
  185. Quicktime 7 HD Clips Now Available for Mac
  186. New DivX HD trailers
  187. High Def Movies NOW
  188. HD Demo Loop
  189. HD clips at DVDcenter.hu
  190. War of the Worlds HD trailer
  191. HighDefinitionRentals.com
  192. .yuv movies
  193. HD DVDs
  194. Software HDTV video editors?
  195. No rude,just want to know if any adult HD clip somewere?
  196. Folk...Please help!(again)
  197. if connect normal TV to my PC and view HD clip,will get same qulity as PC screen?or
  198. What's your fastest download speed from www.wmvhd.com?
  199. is it legal for me to post video clips to the internet for others?
  200. Highest Quality Video Format?
  201. I'm Newbee Need Some Advice
  202. MPEG-TS 1080i conversion help Linux Please
  203. powerdvd/vlc player - Grey bar at the bottom?
  204. Quicktime 7 with HD Codecs?
  205. How do you make a movie HD????????
  206. The Official HD Video Clip List
  207. Software to play tp/ts files
  208. Some HD clips using BT
  209. Place to share HD Clips
  210. 16Gig Euro1080 Demo Loop
  211. Gladiator 1080i HDTV clip
  212. HD movies on the news groups
  213. Convert TS files to WMV-HD
  214. watching HD clips
  215. HD Movies Origional Or Upscaled?
  216. Fusion HDTV Korean HD demos
  217. Apple Planning HDTV Network for Broadband?
  218. RealVideo 10 High Definition Trailers
  219. 1080p clips
  220. Sugababes 1088i music video clip
  221. HD STAR WARS Episode III Trailer
  222. Batman HD clip
  223. Episode III PG-13? (another chance to see it in HD?)
  224. I want to find 5-7 good people to create a nice HDV stock video set...
  225. Site for Movie Releases with DTS, DTS ES format?
  226. HDTV sample from VideoLAN!
  227. High Def. DVD Slideshow
  228. DVBPortal HDTV Pump Filter & some Demo HDTV TS Streams
  229. A few HDTV Transport Streams Samples
  230. NEW STAR WARS ROTS TRAILER on FOX!!!! (possibly in HDTV?)
  231. General HD Movie Formats??
  232. Where I can buy HD movies?
  233. T2 - Extreme DVD
  234. HD Window Hawaii WMV HD DVD
  235. 1080p Japanese video excellent quality
  236. Question about Superbit-High Definition mastered DVD's
  237. How to take a screenshot?
  238. Battle Royale (ghosting issue)
  239. Windows Media DRM 10 cracked?
  240. Ultra High Definition Video
  241. Newb with a question...
  242. Pioneer HD Demo video
  243. Will Vegas 5.0d capture 1080p right in the program?
  244. The future of DIVX and HD
  245. S-Video?
  246. Underworld Sound problem
  247. WMV-HD Ordering
  248. Anyone have "clips" of these HD programs?
  249. DVD to show off your Big Screen TV?
  250. Can I make a DVD to play these HD clips?
  251. RealVideo 10 - HDTrailers
  252. What player do you use?
  253. Star Wars Episode III
  254. Used Dvhs Movies Wanted
  255. A list of WMV-HD DVD
  256. Downloading HD? How?
  257. New WMV HD trailers
  258. Fifth Element in HD??
  259. Friday Night Lights HD Trailer at Divx.com
  260. CinemaNow Premieres High-Definition Movie Downloads
  261. Spaceship One HD Clips Please?
  262. .yuv format HD Clips
  263. Why do they look different?
  264. Lord of the Rings Extended Edition
  265. New WMV HD DVDs available in Germany
  266. upconverted to high def....
  267. 4 High Def clips
  268. HD Trailers?
  269. Official Release of Windows Media Player 10
  270. One more thanks
  271. Thanks
  272. Copyright laws
  273. South Korean HDTV Samples
  274. Anyone into trading movies?
  275. 720p HD video
  276. Bittorrent HD Clips
  277. LOTR- Hi Def screen capture request!
  278. Sony Kdf-60xbr950
  279. Aussie channel seven swap
  280. Viewing *.ts on Roku HD1000
  281. Question
  282. Where do newbies find HD movies for rent or purchase
  283. Japenese HD videos
  284. Converting HD Photos to MP9
  285. HD Movie LOTR/Matrix/SW - Help !
  286. Gladiator 1080 WM9
  287. Want 15-20mbps hd content
  288. WMV HD Review
  289. RAR & PAR Files?
  290. HDTV Clips on Newsgroups
  291. LOTR Two Towers HDTV clips
  292. WMVHD DVDs & DRM licenses
  293. Any Reagan funeral HDTV coverage?
  294. Microsoft releases Windows Media Player 10 Beta
  295. This Guy has HUGE HD Collection!
  296. HD clips
  297. Tahiti Travel HD Demo, Bikini Destinations
  298. Hollywood Goes High Definition
  299. canopus procoder express and high definition????
  300. WM9 Hi Def Links
  301. Looking for content
  302. Some cool free High Def Downloads
  303. Here are some movie trailers