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  1. Crazy story..
  2. Fried Denon 3311CI
  3. TV won't mate with AVR
  4. Tuner for 4K Monitor
  5. Please help with super basic Mp3 player questions
  6. Daylight savings time, good or bad?
  7. How to complete Yamaha RV-1400 receiver setup without remote
  8. HDMI input question...
  9. OTA bandwidth vs. picture quality question
  10. 40 degree view angle?
  11. iPod problems.
  12. Can i root Android phone ?
  13. Vizio E421va
  14. Better UHD TV Samsung or LG?
  15. Onkyo TX-8050 Subwoofer Issue
  16. intermittent green screen
  17. Best HDTV for persons blind in 1 eye
  18. College Football
  19. Help me pick the right tv
  20. TV signal MAJOR latency
  21. Composite not working on Wega Trinitron but component is?
  22. RIP Prince thanks for the music
  23. 3D Glasses
  24. Ditched cable, questions about OTA and setup
  25. greenlight error
  26. UPS - Doubts
  27. Bright tvs?
  28. Help..
  29. 4K gets thumbs down from Discovery, BBC and others at IBC
  30. Analog style antenna with hdtv on top.
  31. HP monitor
  32. Weedeater string in Bulk? Do you guys buy in bulk?
  33. What's the best soundbar?
  34. Power supply gone??
  35. Sony SAT-HD300 receiver
  36. HDTV and Receiver synced control
  37. 5.1 Channel Surround Sound
  38. Leonard Nimoy......Passed on today (2/27/2015) at 83 RIP Dr Spock
  39. SD card verses Flash drive
  40. Few Stereo suggestion question ladies and gents
  41. Merry Christmas
  42. Sammy 60HU8550 4K?
  43. samsung plasma conversion
  44. Happy thanksgivings day to all and your families
  45. An artist friend of mine created this painting for me
  46. HOA and Antennae
  47. New TV This Close To Black Friday?
  48. Max Res. Vs Vid Res.
  49. 16x9 vs Screen Fit
  50. 1080p/120hz and Movies look like "cheap video"...
  51. HDTV Band
  52. Does DirecTV use more Compression then Comcast?
  53. Is it possible to run an HDMI cable over a distance of 30 feet?
  54. Who's On-line Player looks Best??? Dish Network (OR) DirecTV???
  55. Thinking about switching to DirecTV from Comcast
  56. Sharp Aquos LC80UQ17U or Vizio M801I-A3???
  57. Review of HD after 14 years
  58. E-mail address database comprimised, getting spam now.
  59. What makes FUJIFILM H471S "Double-Coated" SVHS the best?
  60. Best TV to buy?
  61. Top rated 32 or 40 inch HDTV LED Curved Screen
  62. Looking for a New HDTV "Which one is top rated"?
  63. Watching TV on GLASSES
  64. Comcast junction box
  65. 1280X720/60P verses 1920X1080/60
  66. HDTV picture is pixelated/not solid, need help
  67. inspiron 14r battery not working
  68. 5.1
  69. Heat
  70. Screwfix Kitchens Reviews
  71. Splash Screen Modification
  72. Mr. Peabody & Sherman
  73. LG commercial
  74. HDTV Broadcast Standards - Where to find?
  75. Sears sells TV's that are not available
  76. TV issue help
  77. Panasonic Plasma showing pink&yellow for light colors/flickering
  78. Need some help with playing 1080i50hz
  79. Happy new year!!
  80. The Arab Tower
  81. Base Jumping anyone??
  82. 3 TV connecte to one Reciever
  83. Help with getting a better Cell signal
  84. Slow Channel Change On New TV
  85. HDMI to Composite Converter
  86. A/d/s
  87. TV ghosting/refresh rate query
  88. Antenna & preamp questions
  89. How do I hook up HDTV, DirecTV, PS3, DVD Player to Surround Sound Receiver
  90. Best mp3 Player For 2013 Accord LX?
  91. Buying a new tv for my Xbox one and my compter
  92. Sony TV won't play 25FPS mp4s
  93. Both new in box; sony vs samsung
  94. Help with getting rid of this Stinch in Fridge
  95. 80% green screen after about 5 min of operation
  96. Fireplace Installation - Before the Rocks Installed
  97. HD signal strength, variable
  98. Thoughts on which Amplifier Guys
  99. Coax Loop on Satellite Dish
  100. can i view more than one channel at the same time?
  101. Please educate a nOOb
  102. Two TV Media Center Help
  103. HELP - Fuzzy Picture at New Condo
  104. Best Plasma & LED?
  105. Is Monoprice.com safe again?
  106. Thread for Home Theater pictures??
  107. BUYING A TV help
  108. New HDTV purchase help
  109. Happy Birthday IMRIZZO!
  110. Is Anyone interested in "SPECIAL PACKAGING" BluRay's, like "Steelcase" editions etc ?
  111. Where can I find a switch for an AC to DC adapter?
  112. Happy Birthday rbinck
  113. Marantz SR7001 flashed "PROTECTED"
  114. HDTV to file?
  115. New Music BD format
  116. Cheap Slim Bezel LED TV Suggestions
  117. Gilligans Island most popular tv theme song
  118. Any Doctor Who followers here ? It shows on the BBC America channel
  119. So frusterated
  120. Any old Beatles fans here ? you might appreciate this ....
  121. Vertical Red Line on LCD TV screen Samsung 52" LN52A850S1F
  122. Skype on Vizio TV
  123. Help with manually adding songs from Itunes to Ipod
  124. Scanning a Music File after downloading it
  125. Where's Lee Stewart >>>> MIA since 1/17-2013
  126. Speaker placement help
  127. Help. Sony XBR65HX950 vs Panasonic 65VT50
  128. screen damage
  129. Need to Upgrade HDTV
  130. Lee Stewart MIA ?
  131. Any experience with Blockbuster online rentals?
  132. First ever HT/MR build! little somethin for EVERYONE
  133. signal loss issue
  134. Slingbox experts here?
  135. Record with VCR
  136. Need authoritative opinion on web access via tv
  137. please help! no sound from my new bluray player
  138. Which provides a better sound? Please help. Need Advice.
  139. Can I record from Sirius to MP3?
  140. US Philips Flat TV with Europe HD TV Box
  141. First home theater questions
  142. Month long graduation trip, need storage media advice!
  143. Scientific Atlanta 8300HD sound issue
  144. Need help!
  145. Anybody experiencing audio resolution on Rental Blu-Ray Disc.
  146. Pixelation Issues Question
  147. N00b Setup Question
  148. Is Full HD really no different than HD ready, apart from screen res?
  149. Westinghouse thieves:
  150. Lord of th Rings Marathon Today!
  151. I need help with my LED TV turning off???
  152. Happy Birthday HiDefRev
  153. Did I have a power brownout?
  154. 4 Days to go!
  155. Smart TV or Roku?
  156. clean cable ends
  157. Led Zep
  158. DVDs darker than TV?
  159. 1080p OTA?
  160. Odd-Shaped Room & Speaker Placement
  161. Samsung es6150
  162. 2nd tv question
  163. Westinghouse TV has HDTV option...
  164. 3D Samsung Plasma vs. TCL LED
  165. WiFi for Panasonic VIERA TC-P50GT25
  166. Sky help
  167. MAYA Calendar ending 12.21.2012 ?? COUNTDOWN only > 39 days left, maybe ?
  168. Is there a want/need to easily watch custom video playlists?
  169. 42" flatscreen sound?
  170. Trouble with cox cable video output changing
  171. Blue glowing lights in movies, Need HELP!! Please.
  172. Blu-ray recorder
  173. Anybody know the physical dimensions of the Hauppauge Colossus video card?
  174. HDD Recording Format
  175. BeeGee's Stayin' Alive and videos of vintage dance performances
  176. HD splitter
  177. Onkyo TX-SR706 HDMI Out poof!
  178. Can Signal be splitted?
  179. Seriously Stuck
  180. Need Expert Advice
  181. Church - 720p live feed - 10 TV's
  182. Do movie trailers and video game trailers use RGB?
  183. Michael Clarke Duncan (Green MIle) dead at 54 years old.
  184. Does anyone know where I could buy a ideal lume pro in the uk?
  185. 24p vs 30p playback confusion
  186. Can you figure this out?? Stumped.
  187. Need help on setting up multiple TVs
  188. Dish Newtwork, Gamestop - WORST companies to work for
  189. Experience of Magnolia AV?
  190. Do all movies use 24p ( 24hz) including DVD.
  191. Which Standalone Tuner Do You Recommend?
  192. Philips plasma 50pf9631d/37 main board
  193. Sound problem
  194. Tv's and electricity usage
  195. picture quality help.
  196. Broadband/TV
  197. Lg Plasma Tv Problem
  198. Sony to Sony to Comcast
  199. Looking for high quality, once and for all.
  200. Anyone using VZW 4g Hotspot at home?
  201. Sony KDL-40SL140 dead
  202. 2012 Open Championship broadcast issues?
  203. Assessment of current kit ahead of theatre update/refresh
  204. Good local home theatre upgrade company in Seattle area
  205. I'm stuck on 480i, how do I get 1080i?
  206. Insignia TV problem
  207. All of a sudden Audio but no Video
  208. Soundbar HDMI output to outdoor speakers ?
  209. Help: My Internet connection is good, but youtube videos seem like they break
  210. HDTV setup for Bar in NYC
  211. Inputs, outputs, and cables?
  212. Is there a way to clean usb cable heads?
  213. Happy Birthday MYTIME
  214. 30% off on July orders in Ondesoft
  215. No TV sound on my home theater system
  216. Need suggestions for LOW INPUT LAG hdtv's
  217. PQ Blu Ray Verses Reg DVD ?
  218. Don't want to crush my children with falling HDTV. Think this will work?
  219. New to High Definition
  220. tips for buying HDTV?
  221. Help me with my hdtv clarity
  222. Do I have a Dsl phone line?
  223. Blu ray player or laptop-for better picture quality
  224. Sight beyond Sight, audio beyond sanity
  225. When did tennis Grand Slams start to use true HD coverage?
  226. old phillips hd conection
  227. HDMI Switch to AV reciever
  228. Sound but no visual
  229. Background sound way too loud- Bravia 40 Eco
  230. Help with Setup in New House
  231. Free streaming and even OTA a thing of the past?
  232. Rob Sabin, Editor in Chief, Home Theater Magazine reviews HDTV Techno-History book
  233. How do you guys secure your sheds/Lean to's????
  234. HD conversion for thirty tv's
  235. I need fast mobile internet unlimited
  236. HDMI Switches
  237. How are HD signals packaged for broadcast?
  238. Ways to keep Mosquitoes and Bugs out of the Cave if I dont put up a screen
  239. RF Wireless HDMI 3d TX/RX
  240. HDMI audio return
  241. panasonic reds look orange on my tc-p50x5
  242. IR on TV is not working - Toshiba 34" 1080i
  243. Yamaha, Panasonic audio problem
  244. Comparing 2 HDTV's
  245. Replace Marantz SR4200 AV receiver
  246. HDMI Not Supported
  247. Please help me, please....
  248. HDMI dead on panny plasma due to TWC switching cable box?
  249. Can I connect Apple TV to 1080i TV through Component video?
  250. Vizio M70nv wont connect to router?
  251. Where can I go to get this repackaged??????????????
  252. Happy Birthday d6500k
  253. Display TV channel with internet on it
  254. Happy Birthday jjufon
  255. HD problems...
  256. Anybody using OOMA (or another VOIP) instead of traditional phone?
  257. Noob, looking for a TV
  258. Looking Into A New TV, Need Help
  259. Complete Noob with Surround Sound System - Questions
  260. No Picture(black) on Viore 26 inch LCD
  261. keep resolution in clone mode?
  262. Freq, dB and distance + faulty crossover?
  263. Conditioner Advice. Please Help.
  264. Coax and HD signals.
  265. GE Capital Bank
  266. Star Wars!! again! and again! and again! and again!
  267. A Few Inquiries Regarding HDTV Via A Converter Box
  268. flashlighting
  269. Official Owners threads
  270. Purchase halted
  271. tv rental
  272. Introduction
  273. Just bought the Panasonic TC-P55ST30
  274. Sanyo TV Model DP42647 screen problem
  275. New USB Mouse stops working..
  276. Back Lighting
  277. The Bear says HI!
  278. What a GREAT Forum
  279. Sports channels brightness fluctuation
  280. 42LV4400 versus 32LV3400 ?!
  281. Sony Bravia HD TV Skipping/freezing ... is this a known issue I can fix?
  282. Viewing Area for TV
  283. Viera Connect - No Audio
  284. Panasonic Viera Sound (No Sound) Problem
  285. HDMI switch
  286. HD Clarity Question
  287. Denon AVR-1912 Input Compatibility Question
  288. Advice Please
  289. Kicking out cable, Got some questions
  290. HDMI feed cuts out while watching a Blu Ray
  291. samsung 64d8000 questioms
  292. PC to HDTV Issue
  293. red box nightmare
  294. help with my Hitachi 62vs69
  295. Component to HDMI question
  296. Connection Help
  297. Whitch one Should i get, opnions apreciatted
  298. Merry Christmas HDF
  299. stop HDTV from rec. OTA
  300. TV Randomly Shuts Off
  301. HDTV HDMI occasional picture loss - white snow
  302. No Picture & Sound Coming thru Receiver
  303. Digital Audio Conversion
  304. Got a question about hdmi switches
  305. Is it possible to use cords to upgrade 720p to 1080?
  306. Motorola DCX3400 & HP MD6580n Pavillion DLP Handshake
  307. Need Help/Advice!
  308. 47" lg lw5600 led
  309. Picture Lag!
  310. Pixel Response Time
  311. Onkyo receiver problems showing picture or video
  312. Pass thru or direct hookup?
  313. Happy Thanksgiving!
  314. Hardware for WiFi Internet streaming to HDTV
  315. I can't find a remote code? Polaroid HELP!
  316. Tricky center channel problem - hope you can help.
  317. coaxial cable
  318. HDTV problem. Can't figure it out. HELP!
  319. HDTV/Computer question.
  320. 1080p scailers
  321. New DTV Guide
  322. SD to HD Converter
  323. Screen Burn
  324. Front Height Speakers for Dolby Pro Logic IIz - Can I use rear speakers for this?
  325. Component Stacking?
  326. HD-SDI Audio encoding for broadcating
  327. HDTV to pc via USB to Stream Videos?
  328. HDMI to DVI Interconnect
  329. Plasma set causing insane buzzing on AM radio
  330. Buying HDTV on Ebay?
  331. Question About HDTVs
  332. How to get the watermark of DVD Ripper away?
  333. Blu-Ray to Receiver to TV sounds simple? Help
  334. Can't figure this out
  335. Using PC to TV converter AND USB Video Capture Device - Resolution Problems
  336. Need Panasonic help TC-P46S1
  337. samsung un46d7000? - yahoo access?
  338. Am I stupid, or should this be fine?
  339. insulating with styrofoam
  340. Samsung ln52a850s1f screen resolution
  341. Funny Videos
  342. how do I transfer mini dv hd tapes to BD?
  343. Need help with streaming video from PC to TV
  344. Looking for HDMI to Component Converter w/ HDCP Stripper & Downscaling
  345. My experience with Panasonic
  346. Audio Lag
  347. Need help with a HDMI cabling question
  348. DLP Warrenty: Yes or no?
  349. Cable question
  350. 2nd TV in bedroom
  351. Sanyo LCD26R40 26-in. LCD HDTV
  352. Plasma Warranty: Yes or No?
  353. Frustated newbie, cheap TV, help with STB settings
  354. Is this HDTV?
  355. Got Plans for the Film Festival in Toronto?
  356. Samsung LN52A550 Vertical Lines HELP!!!!
  357. Can you use a normal external hard drive as a multimedia hard drive?
  358. 25 foot HDMI PC to HDTV cord, which ones good enough?
  359. How to tune into new HD channels?
  360. Help I keep loseing my digital channels.
  361. Wireless Router
  362. LCD and image burn in...
  363. New System Upgrade
  364. HDMI connections.
  365. LG 55LV5500 good or bad
  366. Buying a store demo unit
  367. Web browser video
  368. HDMI to DVI sound problem
  369. Screen res LG 60PX950
  370. New Dude!
  371. Help With camcorder settings And capturing lightning
  372. HUGE PROBLEM! Please help!
  373. .mkv playback w/o HTPC
  374. Just got our 3D HDTV yesterday
  375. Different boards in TV's ???
  376. Toslink to Headphones
  377. New TV! - LED, Plasma, LCD?
  378. Happy Birthday AWOL
  379. Witch LCD tv should i get? Thanks
  380. I Have CCome Across Several APC USB Rack Mount Smart UPS Units
  381. It Could Be Called Overscan.
  382. What Is Wrong With My TV?
  383. Sony Bravia Xbox 360 HELP!
  384. HDTV Picture/Color problem?
  385. thin brightly colored pixel line on bottom of tv...
  386. need help picking an hdtv
  387. Spanish police arrest Anonymous members over PlayStation attack
  388. Anyone ever used Styrofoam insulation. The 4x8 ft sheets
  389. Shortcuts?
  390. New to HDTV... Any help appreciated.
  391. Hz info
  392. What is the best software can play Blu-ray videos?
  393. olevia LCD HDTV- lost channels
  394. blu ray movies that are NOT letterboxed
  395. ViewHD (HDMI to Component)
  396. Happy Birthday Stew4HD
  397. sound problem with netflex
  398. HD Music Video / Short Film [Full Screen]
  399. WDTV Live Hub
  400. Computer to HDTV using HDMI
  401. Triangle Cables
  402. rear projection/hdmi/1080i and all that jazz
  403. Question re DVD VCR Combo Unit
  404. Split Audio out of HDMI?
  405. Dark area on my lcd tv screen
  406. Is Size Everything in Speakers?
  407. Componet or S-Video to my HDTV setup
  408. 24x51 Garage help..................4 cars door size
  409. Cox cable - NBA on TNT HD ?!
  410. Cranial flatulation re: Digital HD Cable
  411. HDMI connection question
  412. HDTV to PC for recording
  413. pioneer to canada/US border or shipping
  414. does anyone have this tv...
  415. Trade in for different model?? Help please
  416. few noob questions about hd stuff
  417. AV store in Vancouver BC?
  418. Interesting Best Buy visit...
  419. Viewing files stored on laptop on HDTV
  420. First question
  421. New member here
  422. Closed captions won't turn off
  423. Best Buy
  424. House construction...couple of q's
  425. Anybody purchase the Smart TV's?
  426. Is it worth it???
  427. 40PFL7505D/F7 Issues / Questions
  428. joules?
  429. Does anybody guard their equipment like your life depended on it?
  430. Happy Pappy B-Day..
  431. No Love
  432. Sony Vega can you use Wii on it
  433. USB portable TV tuner?
  434. 1080p 42 in Toshiba Regza image retention issue (is getting worse)
  435. NEWBIE"S with setup Inquries Info form.... Help us HELP You
  436. Samsung UN55D8000 vs UN55D7000
  437. Ordered, TV's on its way!
  438. Mounting a TV too big for a deep cubby, suggestions needed.
  439. Little help with setting up a media room.
  440. 2D? 3D.... How about Holograms!
  441. Dual Voltage TV's?
  442. Files Segmented on Card
  443. thinking about buying vizio e550vl television
  444. TV Latency: Plasma, LCD, or DLP?
  445. Video Distortion lines on my LCD TV
  446. File format
  447. Panasonic wireless lan
  448. Portable AC question in regards to moving it around
  449. Audio Conversion question
  450. Can my comp run HD DVD? Help appreciated!
  451. Anyway to beat the Heat in my garage without a window AC or central air
  452. Laptop/HDTV Image Scroll Issue
  453. HT with PS3 & 360
  454. Looking for a good Blu Ray and Surround sound all in one set up?
  455. HDTV 19" mount on interior back wall.
  456. Jvc hd-61z575
  457. Ideas on keeping dirt off bottom of garage when it rains; Vinyl siding
  458. Japanese TV commercials in HD
  459. What could cause this?
  460. HDMI no sound
  461. mitsubishi 52725
  462. What color to paint walls?
  463. HD Provider??
  464. Who and what is this bumper music from the Super Bowl?
  465. technotard needs help commecting cable box to surround system
  466. Bypassing Heater core to put in KnH block seal
  467. Garage Door Install
  468. Is there a HD converter type device
  469. Please Advice - Sony Bravia - Calibration & Hard Drive issues
  470. Grill under the shed??????????/
  471. Need Help Guys, Decison on my 4 Car Garage
  472. 'Net app audio question
  473. Samsung LN46B630 picture problem
  474. Ideas for Lean-2's Door
  475. Cable box/DVR question.
  476. Sony Bravia LCD Wireless Lan Advice
  477. Scientific Atlanta HD Cable Box--Is There a Timer Device to Change Channels?
  478. With my Dish HD feed, not all of my HD channels are as crisp as others
  479. Receiver tripping
  480. Timer woes
  481. Connecting laptop for 1080p
  482. 720p vs. 1080p
  483. Which LED TV to buy?
  484. Question Hdmi
  485. Hi , I have so many questions !
  486. Weird Blurry Trails On Wireless Network
  487. Is there a date for when all channels will go HD
  488. Windows in the garage
  489. PC to HDTV setup for News Video
  490. problem with Pioneer 5010 plasma TV after game console used for first time...
  491. Thoughts / comments, and a few questions on this set-up
  492. Phillips HTS5220: "Video resolution not supported"??
  493. HDMI hookup seems to interfere with RCA hookup
  494. Picture-in-Picture rant
  495. Is 7.1 even possible with my living room setup?
  496. Connecting laptop to plasma tv
  497. For all you guys in the business - Help
  498. 100, 150, or 200 Amp inside breaker box
  499. Setting up my home theather network
  500. LGLCD450 42INCH usb