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  1. Setup Arrangement
  2. Pioneer 1010 Plaso???
  3. Does built-in tuner mean auto hdtv?
  4. I'm new! So's my set up...
  5. Sound Quality is Very Poor
  6. HighDefForum Google page!
  7. looking for the best connection
  8. Upgraded to Quad shield,picture worse!!
  9. Need help with recent HDTV purchase, please
  10. New maps of the moon and of the earth
  11. Siggraph
  12. Aspect Control on Panasonic 42PWD7UY
  13. UK gears up at last...
  14. Problem with Toshiba DVD and SVA Plasma
  15. Looking for a small hard drive.
  16. King of Kings... Ultra High Definition.
  17. Hey Cat
  18. Inserting or attaching files
  19. In HD, are PAL and NTSC the same? / Multiregion HDTVs?
  20. HD DVDs... 720p and 1080i/p on the same disc?
  21. HD Turner connect to PC Flat Panel?
  22. British Open In HD!!
  23. Article on HD from IGN.com
  24. 1080p Displays: Price Gouging?
  25. TV Technology Research
  26. HD programming question
  27. Success Story - A Man Without a Face
  28. Sony Manufacturer Warranty
  29. 3 tv living room with directv - need help!
  30. Cable Amplifier Question.. =)
  31. question from a novice
  32. Setup & picture quality ?
  33. Noise Reduction on my HDTV?
  34. How Long Have You Had An HDTV?
  35. I just bought a Harman Kardon AVR630 and a Samsung HD-841.
  36. Multipath How does it show itself?
  37. What is QAM? Also,explain re: tuners, please
  38. New HDTV / DIRECT TV Setup Question..
  39. Share Your Knowledge!!!!
  40. First post: A question....
  41. Vertical Bow
  42. HDTV not really HD?
  43. Horror Stories!
  44. "Y" adapter for component cables
  45. 1080p doesn't work through HDMI
  46. Sammy - HLR5067W
  47. Senate Punts on Broadcast Flag Option
  48. Drive and switch 1080p 60 htz over 60 meters of DVI copper cable
  49. Hdtv Envolope Screen
  50. HD Sound - What do I need?
  51. Tube amp $40k -who made it?
  52. Plasma and PC Compatability
  53. FTA satellite setup and maintenance
  54. Avia/Calibration Media questions..?
  55. build in DVD
  56. HDTV to PC
  57. Newbie Here
  58. Sharpness On/Off?
  59. Looking for sources for AV Stand for 55/56" DLP?
  60. Monday Night Football 2005
  61. What is Your Favorite Show to Watch in HD?
  62. MY NEW HDTV: 1080i, awesome; 480p, bleh.
  63. Aspect Ratios
  64. NormB
  65. help.480i stopped working thru component
  66. A few questions and comments on scaling and picture qual
  67. Cable vs. Satellite
  68. Tivo
  69. Hey iam new at this HDTV..iam parent and need help
  70. HD Software
  71. help w/ dvi problem
  72. US Open Next Week at Pinehurst
  73. I am surprised that no one started a thread on this
  74. NBA Finals in 720p?
  75. why is letterman not in HD?
  76. Is Only HDMI Able To Carry A 1080p Signal?
  77. New Guy Needs Help!!
  78. Projector ????network....
  79. Displaying a VCR image on an EDTV (or HDTV for that matter)
  80. Not enuf compoent inputs ? any solutions available?
  81. Evening News
  82. TV w/ cablecard: But what about VCR?
  83. Soft CableCard
  84. help??
  85. Incorrectly set up TVs
  86. I want a HDTV that does 1080p....
  87. Panny and Samsung ED beat everything HD??!!
  88. Buying A comcast HD Box online ?
  89. Burn in Questions....
  90. why different ratios?
  91. Send message to ABC (INDY 500 non HD)
  92. Next Intel Home Platform
  93. Basic Help please
  94. Should I wait?
  95. Seeking Opinions
  96. Voom receivers
  97. Spoiled- rotten -LOL
  98. Speakers
  99. CableCard 2.0
  100. DTV vs HDTV
  101. When is HD TV coming to Europe's Northern parts?
  102. Just bought an EDTV
  103. New HDTV Owner
  104. HDMI DVD player - DVI TV - Wierd picture!!!
  105. Wait or step up?
  106. Newbie HD or compatable question
  107. Cable amplifier
  108. Anyone bought from these guys? http://www.monoprice.com
  109. DVI to HDMI & SOUND, Cable quality?
  110. Cable Install leaves NO TV functions
  111. Converting HD to SD
  112. Installation Question
  113. Why is ABC not broadasting NBA in High Def
  114. Tivo Setup - New EDTV
  115. `Toon
  116. LCD best option for now????
  117. Where?
  118. newbie - need help
  119. OK, I think the salesperson was wrong - please confirm
  120. New Weekly Sales Specials-Best Of The Week
  121. Help!!! Totally confused by HDTV
  122. Definition of Fixed Pixel Display
  123. Good Component Cables?
  124. Help! Closed-captioning (CC) in HDTV
  125. Edit button
  126. What technology displays motion best/worst?
  127. Comparing crt vs lcd computer monitors and crt and lcd tv's
  128. HDTV's in Las Vegas
  129. Buy and sell
  130. Anyone near Atlanta need a nice subwoofer.
  131. Newbie question. PC to HDTV
  132. Arcade screens
  133. HELP!!!!! No signal from component CABLES!!!
  134. what are people buying SDTV or HDTV
  135. Why I am leaning away from HDTV
  136. Whats a good dB for MP3Gain?
  137. Playing ts files on dvd player quest Update
  138. 2:35:1 ~ Television Size
  139. Question about Watching DVD's
  140. edtv question
  141. "Digital Moviemaking" Scott Billups
  142. Confused and lookin for help!
  143. Sunshine
  144. Avia Dvd ???
  145. MCE Question
  146. Macs/PCs on HDTVs
  147. Need Special HDTV Direct Remote Control for Lady With Arthritic Hands
  148. Does The Sony 34XS955 and KD-34XBR960 Have The Same Tube? Same Picture? Same Clearity
  149. my phillips plasma flickers when connected to a pc
  150. Star wars Ep4 & 5
  151. Projection HD Ready???
  152. trouble deciding which one to buy
  153. Component connections thru receiver - good or bad?
  154. Help, New to HD
  155. Madden on hdtv
  156. PS2 gaming delay
  157. 1080/50/I and 1080/25PSF...what's the difference?
  158. WealthTV want's your input
  159. Need Info.
  160. NUmediacartel
  161. Should I Buy From This Place?
  162. DVR Questions......
  163. I need some help
  164. China surround formatted differantly?
  165. General question about when analog broadcsts cease?
  166. Buying an EDTV
  167. Looking for some help rbinck, if you could?
  168. looking for a VP Engineering HDTV
  169. HDNET CES Show last night
  170. David Letterman in HD?
  171. Marantz 9200 controller battery
  172. Re: 1080p
  173. http://hdclips.net/
  174. Golf Broadcasts in HD
  175. Heres what I watch. Is hd programming worth it?
  176. For a Moderator - High Def Forum Time
  177. Logos!!!
  178. Royal Wedding on BBC America 8.00pm easton
  179. Buying Now- A good idea economically?
  180. Playing TS files on standalone dvd player
  181. DishNet vs Mitsubishi, and others
  182. HD playback problems on PC
  183. Buying Refurbished
  184. Battery back-up for LCD TV ????
  185. Best Home Theatre MAGAZINE??
  186. Firmware Upgrade on Mits 62525
  187. first posting - need a little help....I have this new hdtv
  188. What is better HD picture Cable or Satellite???
  189. Google's new drink
  190. can i run a splitter into my component inputs?
  191. Looking for professional to talk about HD in Princeton, NJ
  192. Who has more than 1 HD set in their home?
  193. HDMI or Component?
  194. 480p DVD vs. 480p TV
  195. The Masters Golf
  196. New Smilies!
  197. need advice on connecting dish receiver
  198. HDTV too good for MST3K?
  199. Florida Hd new guy advise
  200. gmail invite spooler
  201. NBC to Blame ?
  202. Built in tuner question
  203. HD Upconversion Assitance
  204. Anyone have TNT HD ?
  205. newbie questions
  206. Newbe Question!!
  207. 3D STAR WARS saga in 2007?
  208. Component cables hooked up....no diff in cable signal?
  209. Stolen User Manual & remote control
  210. Cbs Hd Ncaa Day 1
  211. Furniture for HD Sets (limited)
  212. Laptop To Hdtv
  213. Turn off HDTV ?
  214. Widescreen or Fullscreen Movie?
  215. Audio / Video out of sync
  216. Picture Format on Widescreen TV
  217. PT50LC14 & SDK510 Quality
  218. Hd Cable Is My Choice
  219. HD lense question
  220. Does Circuit City price match with a online store?
  221. Hd Content Aquistion
  222. nancy grace first name leak!!!!!!!!!!!
  223. Question About DLP HDTV's. Want to Buy But Fear Letdown
  224. Hdmi
  225. Apple Computer Monitors for Cable HDTV?
  226. Happy Birthday HighDefForum!
  227. Plasma Technology will become a niche of super-large displays.
  228. I Saw Some Filming Today
  229. best setting/cable hook for sharp 37" with dtv
  230. cool site GoogleFight :)
  231. Simple question from a complete novice
  232. Any New Items
  233. hd receiver
  234. Will the Episode III trailer be fully HD?
  235. When will most programming be available in High Definition?
  236. High definition video questions
  237. Grey Bar question
  238. Power line conditioners for my DLP
  239. DVI or Component?
  240. Why are there so few high definition channels available?
  241. Incorporating hdtv into structured wiring.
  242. another HDMI vs Component thread: WD-62525 + Panasonic DVD-S97S
  243. Sony KDF-60XS955 Service Menu
  244. New Avatar?
  245. Xbox & hdtv monitor help please
  246. Feeling Stupid for asking this...
  247. Wireless Headphones?
  248. HDMI vs component?
  249. Movie Making Question
  250. navigating through the Sony service menu
  251. A C-band Hi Def Question.
  252. "Digital TV Zone" (link)
  253. Best way to set up my DVD recorder?
  254. Movie
  255. sound problem
  256. PC/Surround sound/TV config ??'s
  257. 3:2 pulldown question
  258. Antenna signal distance
  259. The UK needs your Help
  260. Terrible Reception
  261. black levels on letterbox
  262. Is this a TV problem or Dish problem?
  263. Rbinck - Pls look at post on bars sticky
  264. where to buy a high def box england
  265. Better PQ...DLP or Direct View Tube?
  266. pc/media tower/system-way to go?
  267. help needed for Sherbourn
  268. 1020X768 ON A 42" IS ONLY 786432 PIXELS!
  269. A little help needed...
  270. Improving SD PQ from DISH
  271. Hughes HR10-250 HD DVR = Badass?
  272. HDTV Slide Show
  273. Best Audio Connection between DVD and Receiver
  274. remote codes for Sony DAV-FR10W
  275. HDTV Ready...?
  276. SD equal ? resolution/ I or P
  277. Widescreen HD TV viewing DVD
  278. P-Scan vs YUV on my DVD Player
  279. Power Condtioners?
  280. Ok, silly question time......
  281. DVI - Component Connections..who wins?
  282. Sony LCD TV fan noise
  283. Sony 420 and SA box
  284. HDMI connections
  285. 2 unrelated points, one audio, one video
  286. clicking noise...
  287. high def dvd
  288. Aspect ratio settings on Sharp LCD
  289. great buys on hdtv
  290. Reason for no signature pictures?
  291. Tv Fires
  292. Problem w/ HDCP please help.
  293. HELP!!! im new to this HI-DEF stuff
  294. REmote Controls
  295. Third party warranty plans
  296. Funny Odor from TV
  297. Calling all Electronics Professionals/Employees
  298. Interesting: HD on non-HD tv?
  299. The Apprentice -High Def?
  300. HD glitches
  301. Samsung TXP3071wh...Where to buy???
  302. ESPN Went Black
  303. Law & Order HD broadcast on 2/9/2005
  304. Why Best Buy salespeople continue to get no respect from me
  305. Yet another noob question :-)
  306. A Charter Cable reply about future HD
  307. Sound Level
  308. HD Viewing question
  309. my set-up, am i missing anything?
  310. HDTV noobie quesiton
  311. 720p vs. 1080i
  312. Samsung P6163 dimensions
  313. Monster Power bar 1100 reviews?
  314. Question regarding tuners.
  315. diagnostic menu option grayed out
  316. Rear Projection vs Front Projection?
  317. Film to Digital Transfer; why?
  318. Bars, Bars and More Bars
  319. Infocus LP530 HDTV Issue
  320. HD noob seeking a little help
  321. The VSB vs. COFDM Controversy
  322. Graybars on Network HD AND SD Stations
  323. HD stations sometimes pop up with gray sidebars
  324. Slow Motion Image on HD Channels
  325. Sony KDE42XBR950 Online Purchase
  326. Pre-Amp Expectations
  327. Is 3D TV The Next Big Thing?
  328. Calibration DVD
  329. HDMI switcher?
  330. somebody please help me
  331. cable channels in HD?
  332. Shows Broadcasted In HD
  333. I Need a good test DVD to configure my widescreen picture
  334. HD Network Broadcasts
  335. Newbie Question with respect to picture
  336. has anyone looked at the new scenium RCA
  337. Voom UHF antenna
  338. HD Audio lag??
  339. Burning .ts files to DVD
  340. help
  341. some HD signals with side bars!!!
  342. HDTV vs SDTV Rookie Help
  343. Espn2hd?
  344. HDTV receiver = any improvement in non-HDTV channels?
  345. View HD (Component) output on a regular TV (Coax)?
  346. I just bought a japanese TV, (mitsubishi 65615 ) made in Mexico (on the box). at a st
  347. Korean HDTV???
  348. HDTV formats
  349. Help - No Audio
  350. Help - my set keeps dying!
  351. Experts Please!!!!!
  352. Before or After Super Bowl Purchase
  353. multi channel digital audio not working
  354. Where did 1080i and 720p come from, and what happened to DMAC?
  355. HDTV shopping at Costco
  356. Off-Air Antenna Question
  357. Multiple High Def Inputs
  358. color problems
  359. Scrimmage Line
  360. hdmi/dvi interface w/ panny th42pwd7uy
  361. Dlp....samsung Or Rca
  362. What to get for your new HDTV
  363. Any NY Mets fans? with own network coming, sat. or cable?
  364. Looking for compelling reasons to take the plunge
  365. Need help with new tv!
  366. Which HDTV do I want? Compatible vs tuner...
  367. HighDef - need clarification
  368. Problem with Sir T165 and Infocus LP530 HD setup
  369. What medium are TV stations and Satellite channels using...
  370. HD formats and their screen shape
  371. Improving SDTV (480i) to HD quality (480p and up)
  372. 1 HD input- 2 devices?
  373. New to HDTV and this site
  374. DTV Formats and How That Relates to HDTV
  375. Remote Controls
  376. HDTV help for a dummy
  377. Superbit DVD's - Anything Else Out There?
  378. dvd converter
  379. VGA-Component conversion
  380. use of hd cable box & non hd cable box on one tv...
  381. Help w/connections w/Hit 57f510 and Kwood
  382. Horizontal scrolling on SD channels
  383. Hrm, having an issue with blacks
  384. Lg Lst-3510a
  385. Largest Screen Size HDTV < 37" Wide
  386. Black Lines, Ratio & Zoom
  387. HD Programs
  388. Sony LCD to 3250HD Box DVI
  389. Happy New Year
  390. Is my DVD player compatible with HD?
  391. Fireplace plasma and inwall speaker pics
  392. HD Home Theater on a budget
  393. Corner mount plasma install pics
  394. HDTV Ready??
  395. SONY XBR 53" Rear Projection TV
  396. Confused about resolution
  397. Need help finding a HDTV
  398. Cable TV signal on an HDTV set?
  399. Had Hd for one weekend...why is some of it awful?
  400. Hope Lakers Win (It will be on HD)
  401. Big Screen Wishes To All !
  402. Good alternative to monster for UPS and surge protector combo?
  403. New SANYO HDTV - need H E L P !!!
  404. Multiswitch Question
  405. Buying Set on-line
  406. Panasonic plasma connections
  407. H.D. has opened up a new world.
  408. Why buy an HDTV?
  409. Stupid HDTV question
  410. 1920x1080 vs 1280x720
  411. Finding the right UPS! I need some help!
  412. Funny Editorial Cartoon about HDTV
  413. Query about multiple TV's and cable DTV/HDTV
  414. 1080i vs. 720p
  415. KDF60XBR950/HDCP Compatible
  416. New install but smaller pics
  417. new install pics
  418. 26 picture install how to post all pics?
  419. 3d Max animation HD output suggestions?
  420. 1:1 and resolutions
  421. Hdcp
  422. How to connect DVD player
  423. Stay tuned, new pics this weekend!
  424. Opinions on Extended Warranties ???
  425. horz line across middle of screen
  426. New Installs step by step
  427. A Discussion On Poor SD On HDTVs
  428. One Manís HDTV Odyssey
  429. EDTV/HDTV compatible?
  430. sd reception on HD
  431. HD TV set up in Europe
  432. Hitachi Ultravision LCD - time to buy??
  433. Why is some SD so bad?
  434. MSN's "Slate" mag says here's "the Best"
  435. Should I buy the service contract?
  436. Four Hollywood studios support HD on DVD
  437. Thinking of buying the Advent 27 HD ready TV
  438. HDCP-HDMI help
  439. Surge suppressor for hdtv
  440. so lost, samsung? dell? sharp?
  441. panasonic 60" DLP
  442. HDMI Input Quandry
  443. Set-Up Questions
  444. Great Forum
  445. DirecTV vs Dish Net vs Comcast
  446. Question about aspect ratios on HD channels
  447. HD noob help!
  448. My New Hitachi is Clicking!?
  449. digital cable vs. satellite
  450. Web Shopping?
  451. is 1024x768 HD
  452. Having Speakers Next To My Projection?
  453. Need advice on buying plasma TV
  454. Product Wanted.com /hdtv Time ?
  455. Grainy picture on non-HD channels
  456. Anyone have a DVDO Ultra scan?
  457. Audio Hookup Question
  458. 3D Animation resolution for plasma screen
  459. Why no letterbox on HBO?
  460. HDTV Question
  461. edtv vs hdtv vs lcd vs dlp???????????????????
  462. DLP, OTA, DVDO & More...
  463. 1080p
  464. Need advice on HDTV service
  465. Should I Get Digital Cable To Go With My New HDTV?
  466. HDTV Listings
  467. Built In vs Compatible???? Help me!!
  468. Im HDTV Lost! Do I understand this right?
  469. When will SD be phased out completely?
  470. 4Dtv question
  471. Hi.. I got a question...
  472. Aspect Ratio with Movies
  473. Mounting an LCD TV over a Fireplace
  474. LCOS and magnetic fields
  475. Satellite Reception While Tailgating
  476. Proper Video Input into HDTV
  477. circuit city and best buy, do they negotiate on price?
  478. Longevity and resolution?
  479. HDTV and Dolby Digital
  480. When all TV in HD?
  481. Picture Quality BAD, please help!
  482. Are There Bulletin Boards Online To Buy HDTV's From People's Homes?
  483. ++List of HD Acquisitions / Buyers++
  484. Alert from CEDIA
  485. HDD 200 c-band
  486. Need a wall/ceiling mount for TV
  487. I Just Don't Get It
  488. Same old, same old
  489. HD in dallas
  490. How do TV's upconvert low def signals?
  491. 720p and Aspect Ratio Question
  492. I need info
  493. Bang & Olufsen
  494. Cable vs. Satellite
  495. i need help/advise
  496. best dvd recorder
  497. HD Input
  498. HD component switching problem: dropped signal
  499. Random..Q.U.E.S.T.I.O.N.
  500. Question via PM about equipment