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  1. New To Hdtv Need Connection Help
  2. Pal V HDV ... what are we comparing?
  3. My Healthclub and HD
  4. Gift or Goblin?
  5. vcr hookup
  6. Pixillation, pixillation, pixillation! Help!
  7. too many choices, what's up with htib?
  8. Noob looking for some help
  9. Aspect ratio question...
  10. Free Laptop Computer
  11. Signal Room?
  12. VGA to Component
  13. How much would this cost?
  14. Editing HDV with Sony Vegas Studio
  15. tape of opening ceremony of the olympics
  16. Olympics on NBC HD
  17. Commercials in HD
  18. High Def mini dv tapes compares to normal dv tapes
  19. Audio Sync problem on broadcast HD programs
  20. Picture Quality/OTA Shows
  21. 720p..1080i.. and now 1080p?? HUH?!
  22. Formats
  23. What type of technology will your next HDTV purchase use?
  24. My trip to Sears & Futureshop... :(
  25. discovery HD
  26. Question regarding 1080p
  27. Cable Confusion
  28. HD & Digital Photos
  29. Pixilation (sp) and other questions
  30. Superbowl Sound
  31. Gray Picture
  32. Advisability Of Removing Tv Shield
  33. Online sites to buy HDTV's(in Canada), where are they!?
  34. Digital Cable Signal to VCr?
  35. Does fancy digital processing introduce a delay into my TV image?
  36. external scalers/video processors
  37. SED Diplays
  38. why 1366768?
  39. Broadcast HD vs HD DVD/BR???
  40. Buying hdtv
  41. Need help with Digital Phone and router...
  42. How far back from TV?
  43. Can't watch HDTV in HD
  44. sony hd tape playable in JVC HD camera
  45. stills from HD
  46. How small is too small for an HDTV?
  47. Help! Super Bowl emergency!!
  48. Please help ASAP!!!!
  49. Hdmi? Comcast?
  50. How do I get local UHF HD to my Projector?
  51. Super Wide Screen TV anyone?
  52. State of Union
  53. HDTV/Component Cable Question
  54. PLEASE...need help!
  55. LCD for my computer
  56. U2 Vertigo Tour 2005-2006
  57. Are we being misled??
  58. Government regulations on HDTV
  59. Another PIP?, little different.
  60. THX Optimizer -- what's the deal?
  61. PBS Broadcasting in 720P
  62. Your opinion is wanted..
  63. Buying HDTV in Japan
  64. lcd vs plasma
  65. Native resolution??
  66. Question?
  67. Help Chopper Will His Home Work
  68. resolution issues(480p, 720p, 1080i)
  69. Annoying Advertisement
  70. 1080i or 720p? Probably a dumb question.
  71. Problems with Xbox and Teac LCHD3240
  72. Component Cable Problem
  73. HD Noob here. Tell me what to buy!
  74. 50" Plasma - Wall mount advice
  75. HD computer monitor?
  76. New here, first question.
  77. Video Scalers
  78. Converters
  79. Magnavox 50ML8105D: DLP Xbox games look horrendous.. any help?
  80. TS clips to dvd
  81. Need help DVI to HDMI
  82. Shot in HD .vs. Converted
  83. National Geographic in HD
  84. Why CBS Doesn't Do 100% HD Sports
  85. HDMI Problems
  86. Home Theater or Entertainment room?
  87. I hate when people ask.......
  88. New Forum open, need a few good mods..
  89. RGB Scart 480p?
  90. HDTV Set top Box
  91. Blank Slate
  92. Lots of questions regarding my first HDTV, PC hookup, etc... please help.
  93. Monsters Inc to calibrate
  94. Is there a listing of all available "non-local" HD channels?
  95. Bedroom TV warnings....
  96. Where sould I buy my tv at?
  97. playstation 3 with hdmi
  98. DPI Dots Per Square Inch For HDTV
  99. high def for wide screen???
  100. Prima TV question........
  101. When will all TV be Hi DEf?
  102. 720p display with 1080i signal?
  103. Question about japanese DVDs and progressive scan!!!
  104. CES 2006: Summary Coverage
  105. H.P. vs SONY
  106. Help me with HDTV purchase (TXR3079WH?)
  107. HDTV on old CRT computer monitor
  108. Using HD Fine Tuning (Mechanical Device) on Non-HD Sat Dish
  109. HD help
  110. Best type for hd gaming
  111. DVI to HDMI with Toshiba 57"
  112. FCC tuner mandate
  113. RF Cable
  114. High quality inexpensive microphone
  115. Best Way To Wire Components?
  116. rbinck - Blockiness artifacts - Two more questions
  117. tv HD
  118. SSDD? Or something different?
  119. How does this work?
  120. The Vaccum
  121. Can I do this?
  122. Toshiba 34hf85, a few more questions
  123. Sony HDTV LCD problem
  124. What more do I need?
  125. nice info on toshibas sed
  126. Need Help!!! Pics included
  127. What a great forum
  128. Toshiba 34hf85 problems. HELP
  129. Hitachi 40H80 Problems Please Help
  130. USC-Texas not in 5.1 surround?
  131. QAM capable....what does this mean?
  132. before a mistake is made-hopefully
  133. DVDs on 720p display
  134. 720p...never full screen?
  135. Please Help- Hook up new HDTV
  136. Poor signal at CC and BB?
  137. Why did they bump the "ALL HD" date back?
  138. Harmon Kardon AVR 635
  139. Rose parade on Diccovery HD
  140. uploading pics
  141. ABC camera guy
  142. hdtv pc
  143. Astra and other HD satellites
  144. For any UK peeps on here look in!
  145. Dish Network or Direct TV for HDTV?
  146. What mode (720p or 1080i) should I use on my Sony LCD projector??
  147. Samsung HLR5677WX? NO!!!
  148. Aftermarket Anti-Glare Screens
  149. jack59
  150. True 1080i?
  151. Power conditioner question
  152. Confused about HD
  153. Superbit! Let's get a worthy list
  154. HDTV for Dummies- What should I know??
  155. Can't view S-VHS tapes on my HDTV
  156. Buying First HDTV
  157. A bit Confused...Help needed!
  158. Almost picked up a 2nd HDTV yesterday
  159. Why do receivers need HDMI?
  160. Harmony Remotes
  161. newbie question hd from pc to tv
  162. hdtv cable length
  163. want to break in my system
  164. Does ambient lamp...
  165. Looking to buy a projection screen
  166. PC software to upconvert to 1080i?
  167. HDTV Color Stinks
  168. Xmas wish list for 2006
  170. LCD vs Plasma vs Rear Proj DLP
  171. Question I would PLEASE APPRECIATE ANY HELP
  172. Qestion about highest resolution?
  173. What does CPV mean for DVDs?
  174. Another 1080p Thread...Different Questions
  175. Newbie Questions
  176. Help Guys Im New
  177. need help picking a universal remote... philips pronto neo
  178. Help No idea what to do
  179. What's wrong with this Picture???
  180. moving a rear projection tv
  181. Connection Help
  182. Home Theater -vs- Movie Theater
  183. Why can I not see the difference between 1080P and 720P ???
  184. component video or hdmi?
  185. Digital TV deadline for 2009
  186. HD Related Christmas Gifts Recieved (or Holiday gifts for those PC)
  187. What to do? Buying decision?!?
  188. Big Brother is Watching you!
  189. Onkyo 702 users plese help me.
  190. DTV Audio / Up and Down
  191. Poor Signal Quality at CC & BB?
  192. So many options...I am confused!
  193. hd question
  194. Question about Prima TV, progressive scan, HD TV monitor
  195. HD satellite signal
  196. Black stripes in HD
  197. watching HD clips on toshibasd350e
  198. Resolution Help?
  199. My 3rd HDTV!!!
  200. Loss of Audio on H-20, after switching to another input
  201. Return My TV?
  202. General Message Board Questions....
  203. sony kdf hd
  204. What types of TV's don't require an analog conversion to display the picture?
  205. cable's needed for HDTV
  206. Question
  207. PAL PS2 DVD player
  208. Latest news on next gen HDTV's
  209. Home Theater Backlighting Question
  210. The one big problem with all HDTVs
  211. Victoria Secret Fashion Show
  212. TV Inputs
  213. Maintenance,lamp Repl Etc
  214. Recommend for max ~1500$ price range!
  215. native res
  216. Hookup Question
  217. ATSC question
  218. Upscaling from standard dvd's?
  219. Buy now or wait for Super Bowl sales?
  220. HDMI question- adelphia
  221. a/v reciver and hdtv?
  222. Need some answers from a HD expert
  223. hd on x-box 360
  224. Simple walk thru needed please
  225. HELP!! What service is best in SoCal
  226. Can someone help with a direct answer?
  227. Should I be seeing HD yet??
  228. question about espnhd
  229. HD Ready vs. HD Built In
  230. SBC to allow al la carte TV
  231. Hdmi Issues
  232. Crappy TV brands
  233. please answer
  234. Sports viewing on a RP CRT
  235. Anyone have a Toshbia 52hm84 ?
  236. HD Newbie, help with tv
  237. What tv to get
  238. Direct TV rebates
  239. Magnavox? HD RP TV
  240. poor Sd reception on HD
  241. xantech hidden ir
  242. Which HDTV to buy?
  243. does widescreen just stretch regular tv
  244. Fast Panning and Motion Blurr
  245. I need some imput from some experts
  246. Best TV???
  247. Edtv
  248. should i NOT buy a 51" widescreen
  249. Installing a wall mount HDTV
  250. Saw my daughter in HD!
  251. Bad Resolution on HDtv for non-HD channels
  252. HDMI newbie, please help
  253. Does a 480p EDTV display an HD source at 60 fps?
  254. Newb-do i need ATSC?
  255. DVD Ram Recording
  256. H.264 Compression Question
  257. Newbie- optical audio
  258. Crystal Ball into near future
  259. Size equivalent to replace an old CRT with HDTV.
  260. Audio Problem??
  261. New HDTV/XBOX 360 Question. PLEASE help?
  262. Projection options?
  263. The future of BIG HDTVs...
  264. Dillema Re: TV purchase
  265. Suggestions for universal remote......
  266. bluejeans, or Audio Quest...?
  267. HDTV Video Compatibility
  268. Anyone out there with a Toshiba DLP and a comcast box?
  269. First time buying an HDTV could use advice
  270. 60hz refresh rate = 60Fps?
  271. What is the difference between...
  272. Finding the Perfect TV
  273. SD Poor
  274. We certainly have a lot of newbies posting now!
  275. newbie- HDMI
  276. HD TV worries
  277. ***Volume CONTROL!!!***
  278. Confused? I am !!
  279. A High Def Splitter - HELP!!
  280. A Gob of questions concerning HDTV
  281. HD vs Digital
  282. New with important question?
  283. HD Newbie
  284. Why no HD commericals on broadcast TV
  285. Quick (noob) question about DVD's on HDTVs
  286. Video Signal Loss???
  287. 1080i and games? please help
  288. Over range
  289. Can't receive emails
  290. A point for the smaller screen
  291. HDNet commercials XBox 360
  292. Avia Home Theater Setup DVD?
  293. DVD - Wide Screen v. Full Screen
  294. My old 32" JVC t.v. fell on its face...
  295. What amplifier should I get?
  296. A Complete List of TV Manufacturers ???
  297. Best Way to Dub Home VHS tapes to DVD
  298. Extended Warranty Issue
  299. LCD Tv's, proggressive or not proggressive?
  300. Opinions Please:cable Vs. Direct
  301. Need help on getting OTA HD Receiver
  302. How would I go about selling a like new but used HDTV?
  303. Question about component DVD & xbox360
  304. HDTV Recommendations for a newbie
  305. Pixellation
  306. LCDTVs.com? Anyone?
  307. Purchasing Help
  308. I need some sort of HD adapter/switch?
  309. Please Help me understand
  310. UK hi-def latest
  311. Newbie needs HD connection options.
  312. HDTV signal questions
  313. what type is best CRT, LCD, rear projection?
  314. Screen Captures from ProgScan Videogames
  315. How to to mount my plasma to brick wall?
  316. Lcd
  317. HBO Disappointment
  318. Help me troubleshoot??
  319. Whither HDTV?
  320. red push on tosh 51hc85
  321. Hung the Plasma, myself.
  322. http://www.titantv.com
  323. Coaxial Cable
  324. Sub woofer cable
  325. Gray Diagonal bars in HD pictures
  326. Proud owner of a brand new hitachi 42pd7200 needs help
  327. Receiver / Setup / Comments requested
  328. Question About Cable Splitters
  329. DVI or HDMI
  330. Avia vs. THX Optimizer
  331. No signal when using HDMI to DVI-D cable?
  332. hdtv plasma sets
  333. who has most hi def channels
  334. 1080i vs. 720p Question
  335. Is an Apple M9177LL/A 20 " is good
  336. Satellite and CableCard
  337. TVs with EPG
  338. Sound Breaks Up
  339. Selling HD Content to Channels
  340. Philips 30PW8402, should I get it?
  341. Calling Orlando,FL........
  342. Tile or Laminate Wood Flooring
  343. i bought an Hd tv and i dont know how to set it up
  344. help needed regarding HDTV and new tv
  345. Yamaha Receiver Need Help
  346. Looking for a professional 19" CRT monitor for graphics
  347. Help with connections
  348. VGA conversion
  349. Anybody Have a Solid List of HD programming?
  350. I'm confused with HD Ready & DVI in t.v's!
  351. Fiber Optic Splitter?
  352. Problems with new Hitachi 42HDF52
  353. How can I do this?
  354. NEC 4205W Setup
  355. Best TV for video games?
  356. hd readt or hdtv ready
  357. Site add on
  358. HD-ready and DishNetwork/DirecTV
  359. Strange white blur?
  360. New to HDTV and need HELP!
  361. Are digital cable programs copy protected?
  362. Can you cut coax cable and add more ends safely?
  363. needing help w/first high def tv buy
  364. Your Favorite Stuff to Showcase Your Home Theater
  365. Need some pointers
  366. Horizontal Scroll Bars?
  367. ESPN C-band HD 2006 soccer world cup
  368. Is 720p better than 1080i?
  369. Not Much HD Content, So Why Get HD TV?
  370. recording HDTV on computer
  371. World's Largest "HDTV"
  372. Cable or Satellite? That is the question.
  373. Hitachi 42pd5000 HD question
  374. Filming 720p v. 1080i
  375. What is going on?
  376. Samsung Plasma with DVI output
  377. How to select a TV technology?
  378. Power Conditioners vs. UPS
  379. Good undercabinet kitchen TV that receives EDTV or HDTV signals
  380. HD Movie channels are they a scam?
  381. Question regarding SD Cable on HDTV
  382. Do It yourself Projection Screen Project $300
  383. How far can I run a cable from the antenna?
  384. Canadian TV Stations availability in California?
  385. Channel master 4228 will it get VHF?
  386. Amplifiers for antennas
  387. Why is ESPNHD so much better?
  388. 720x480 or 852x480?
  389. Blue shadows on DLP Projector and Pro-Scan DVD Player
  390. What is the Future?
  391. BestBuyPlasma
  392. Newbie help with Home Theater
  393. HD for Old movies?
  394. Converting DVD to HD
  395. What's the difference?
  396. What type of HDTV antenna should I get?
  397. Toshiba 57H84 TV & Directv H10 Reciever / HDMI ?
  398. Closed Captions w/ Explorer8300HD
  399. Viewing 1080p on Computer Monitor...
  400. HD channels in black & white?
  401. HDRIP - Help with specification
  402. OTA HDTV Help
  403. HDTV's Question what do you need to recieve HDTV?
  404. Analog TV cut off date?
  405. Harmony 659 Remote Problems..
  406. Is there a list of which shows are filmed and broadcast in HD?
  407. Thanks for great HDTV Sony KDF-E42A10
  408. HDTV doubt
  409. best way to abjust color
  410. Sky/hdmi
  411. What do I need for my HD PJ setup????
  412. Freelance Editors
  413. Comparing HDTV technologies
  414. 1280x720 vs. 1024x576
  415. 1080i picture isn't right, need help please.
  416. Top Seven HDTVs by CNET.com
  417. I need MAJOR HELP!!
  418. A/V Gear Cooling Fan Options
  419. Channels You'd Love to See In HD(Besides All of Them)
  420. Very Good Article and Preview on Upcoming 1080p Sets (and more)
  421. The State of the HD union
  422. Advice on LCD HDTV?
  423. Harmony Remote with projector
  424. Which One To Buy
  425. Radio stations are going digital
  426. 1080p: A discussion
  427. Other A/V Forums and Reviews
  428. broadband limits for comcast cable
  429. HD Picture size variance.. why?
  430. Proper HDTV Antenna for viewing HDTV?
  431. Suggestions needed
  432. Plz help! The things I need in an HDTV!
  433. HDTV Newbie: Please Help Me
  434. Tennesseevalleyhd.net In Exile
  435. Home theaters that cost more than your home
  436. First Toshiba SED TVs to have 50-inch diagonals
  437. Top 10 Home Theater Mistakes
  438. Just curious
  439. What the ....?
  440. Why are most college football games not in HD?
  441. Hdtv, Uk 2006
  442. **Newbie Question**
  443. Channels that Broadcast in HD
  444. What Do You Think Will Be The Next Big Thing...
  445. Need help with a power inserter
  446. in box hdmi cables for hr10-250
  447. Fujitsu Plasmavision P50XHA40US vs Pioneer 1120HD Elite
  448. Noob to HDTV... PLEASE HELP!
  449. Waiting on 1080p so looking at xbr960 and samsung LCD?
  450. Just bought the Mits WD52725 52 in DLP.. Need Input
  451. Just bought the Mits WD52725 52 in DLP.. Need Input
  452. Mind Boggled and Shopping
  453. Advice Please: Buying my first HDTV
  454. Trouble Playing 720p .Mov
  455. Difference between DVI-PC and DVI-HD?
  456. How can I know if an Online dealer is an Authorized SONY reseller?
  457. PLASMA vs LCD vs Rear Projection.. I need help
  458. Viewsat VS2000 Sat Receiver
  459. Aight i am going to pick a fight, step inside!
  460. Does the PS2 have the ability to play football in widescreen format?
  461. Best hdtv in the uk?
  462. Apc Ups
  463. The first home DVD burner with a 1Tb HDD
  464. Article: Disc Calibration
  465. Will a UPS make my picture look better?
  466. Where is the best place to sell my Hitachi
  467. HDTV for CCTV
  468. 720p or 1080i
  469. HDMI Connection Issues (need help)
  470. anyone know why my hdtv picture doesnt look good?
  471. 3D Displays gaining momentum?
  472. Needed: Lion King 1 or 2 Screen Captures
  473. Plasma Entertainment Center's
  474. Std Def to Hi Def Debacle
  475. I thought I knew everything...
  476. Aspect Ratio and DTV
  477. Terrible experience with Sparco.com BEWARE
  478. Using PIP with High Definition Service
  479. 3 doors down on a old sharp???
  480. Please advise on low end hd tv
  481. 1080i and 1080p
  482. Searching for bikini girls shoot in High Definition
  483. Speaker location in room. Room setup is somewhat odd.
  484. Richard Gray power centers
  485. Installing plasma above fireplace a bad idea??
  486. analog to hdtv converter thoughts
  487. Component out from a Receiver (Do I really need one with my Equiptment)
  488. TV-top component shelf for plasma HDTV?
  489. Channel bugs & logos
  490. c band hookup help
  491. 3dTV
  492. Workflow choice - Advice Please
  493. DS Nitris
  494. What computer
  495. A nice resolution chart.
  496. S/A 8300 DVR from Cablevision
  497. problem i hope someone can help me with,please!
  498. First impressions are lasting ones
  499. Let me know what ya think of my setup.
  500. What picture format should I have it set on?