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  1. HDTV tuner with HDMI switching?
  2. samsung home theater, hd plasma tv, cable box, ps3 hook up
  3. What Motorola tuner box from Comcast?
  4. running HDMI cable worth it?
  5. JVC AV-27F703 Help
  6. Bestlink Netware? Anyone use them?
  7. Switched from input 6 to 1 and green flashing sreaks across
  8. Connecting my PS3 in HDMI on Sony KP46WT520
  9. Anyone got a FYRE adult top setup box
  10. Hieneken "BEERTENDER" commericial: Who sings that song
  11. Yamaha amp/blu ray question...help help!
  12. The Princess Bride (1987)
  13. Looking for Sports Bar HDTV Installation in Atlanta
  14. Projecting Subtitles?
  15. ?
  16. How do i get HDTV?
  17. .mov to yuv format
  18. Picture in Picture and sound questions
  19. Motorized mounts? Anyone?
  20. Hdcp
  21. home theater furniture advice
  22. No sound on some 720p and 1080p movies
  23. New To The Forum Need Help!!!!!!!!!
  24. ghosting
  25. JVC HR-S7000 versus 9000 series.
  26. What's worse than unmoving banners?
  27. Listings
  28. HD programming
  29. Recommend a 20-22" LCD monitor
  30. For Sale Brand New Nokia N96 16Gb , Apple Iphone 3G 16Gb at the cheap rate
  31. Mysterious White Dot On 1 Channel
  32. Vote I like the New HDF or Old HDF
  33. Help hooking up PS3/Surround Sound/STB/TV
  34. non HDTV
  35. Article: New wireless HD standard to compete with other proposed technologies
  36. question: DVI vs HDMI related to interlaced/progressive
  37. Hydrogen Fuel Cell advocates are leading us down the Wrong Path
  38. Mitsubishi WS 73903 lens cleaning
  39. Steaks............. Who's a good Griller?
  40. HDTV Semi-Noob question
  41. high pitch hum
  42. Samsung HDTV vs. Vaio notebook
  43. Best t.v. for around $1500
  44. Help Please!!
  45. Movie lines that should have been left out...
  46. panasonic gear, when trying to upscale it zooms picture, what i doing wrong
  47. I have a feeling my Samung TV was used
  48. Anyone else tired of basically only one tech / equipment color option?
  49. Want a DV, miniDV, Super VHS player/recorder?
  50. Sony 41w4100
  51. Noob Picture Question
  52. Weird question
  53. Heineken Commercial: Who sings that song
  54. Samsung LN46A650 question
  55. Well kids, I returned my sony and bought a Samsung
  56. Panasonic SCBT100 setup
  57. Artifacts on Sony KDL40w4100
  58. 780P plasma....and a blu ray should I bother?
  59. SUPER VHS - never realized it could look like DVD!
  60. Noob question
  61. A new game was found
  62. CAN U TELL ME, is 120hz WORTH IT? DO IT WORK?
  63. DTS v 5.1 on HD
  64. HD Noob Issues
  65. HDTV Tuner for pc good accept BLURRED MOTION on hd channels? Why?
  66. Why do most components not have coaxials but rather fiber optics
  67. Why does it seem most components dont have coaxial outputs but rather fiber optic
  68. Blu-Ray DvD Players Generally Slow?
  69. n00b question on HDTV picture quality
  70. 1080p Upscaling DVD Player for a 720p TV?
  71. Looking for a Moderator!!4 HD calibration
  72. Monster Power AV700
  73. samsung LCD 4069 - screen freeze or blank screen
  74. Please help me in choosing web hosting
  75. h264 file problem
  76. Broken ant input HELP
  77. Need help with a JVC tv, AV-27F703, and I have no idea what I'm doing.
  78. No HDMI or Component Source
  79. Need help with my locals in hd with my tv
  80. Zenith 44" Rear-Projection LCD TV E44W46LCD
  81. HiDef replay not so HiDef??
  82. Netflix Profiles are going to stay after all...
  83. 1080i vs 1080p ??
  84. Smartvision U2728M HDTV
  85. 1080p picture quality question.
  86. Your Stories of Family, Friends and Their Technological Mishaps
  87. ?
  88. Indiana Jones Blu Ray Petition To George Lucas
  89. HD movie encoding
  90. Sanyo Service Menu How?
  91. Sony XBR No Picture
  92. Wiring for HDTV
  93. Using HD cam over internet
  94. A Recording Question
  95. Help With Annoying Brother in Law
  96. Hello all.......
  97. PS3AVCHD ISO files...
  98. Cable card returning?
  99. DELL2408WFP 1080p only in DVI ? or VGA ?
  100. Impressive 3D HD medical device
  101. Battery Backup and Samsung 6 series plasma
  102. HD free to air (FTA) satellite box
  103. PriceMad is my new go to Tech store
  104. NetFlix kills profiles
  105. burning hd dvds
  106. contrast ratios
  107. Please help me with my VoD-Survey
  108. Setting up my Sim2 D80 projector
  109. Panasonic 42px60u aspect
  110. Could plasma tv cause skin irritation?
  111. HDMI Switching Delay
  112. Light Snow with HDMI Cable
  113. cable management
  114. I get no sound on one local station HD signal. Why?
  115. What D to A chip is in the Zenith DTT 900
  116. Does Samsung BD-UP5000 come with cables?
  117. Color and Picture settings Question
  118. PS3 questions
  119. Optical toslink to PS3 is it supposed to be more snug
  120. 52" Zenith Projection wont turn on
  121. ROKU Netflix player
  122. Digital Converter and DVD or VHS recorders hookup
  123. Please help a newbie understand!
  124. 42 lcd
  125. Only one channel ?
  126. Something we all should take a moment to look at...
  127. HD Content Display Software
  128. Winegard dealers
  129. Longest range am radio station you've been able to pick up?
  130. a question from a basic cable user with a hdtv lcd, thanks
  131. New Ice Road Truckers Tonight!
  132. hook up onkyo receiver/ ps3/ hdtv/ hdcable box
  133. is it possible to ...
  134. Best resellers?
  135. Why Gefen's HDMI switch is do expensive?
  136. Have a Vizio, can't convince parents to get HD service!
  137. Congratulations GLOW!
  138. volume display stuck on 65in (Mitsubishi Medallion)
  139. Staple Gun
  140. I found pricemad to be very honest in their dealings with me.
  141. A decent HDMI cable I can get anywhere, for a good price...
  142. Xbox 360 hd dvd drive help
  143. 16x9 sd
  144. IPTV, XTV boxes. Anyone have one?
  145. Some general questions for you guys; CHECK IT OUT
  146. Help!
  147. How to Make a "Graduation" DVD?
  148. Why dont TVs have a 'crap' mode?
  149. Think twice about bringing ipod or a laptop across the border
  150. portable hdtv
  151. No Digital sound on Toshiba 42-HP95
  152. Is it worth to get the extended warranty on all these
  153. I'm getting in trouble thinking about NetFlix Instant view movies.
  154. What To Buy Next?
  155. Broken T.V. was replaced but now it can be fixed.
  156. My Home Theater has given a new life to my old movies
  157. Old Hitachi Plasma
  158. HDMI cable thoughts
  159. Horror stories in the movie theater
  160. Can somebody help? Picture stays minimized...
  161. Is Fantastic Four BD an Extended Cut?
  162. Are Plasma's Really That Delicate....
  163. Selling off a bunch of cables
  164. Problem! No video but I have audio...
  165. Broken Samsung LNT4061F 40" 1080p LCD HDTV
  166. Qoodaa Successfully Solved Video Downloading problems
  167. horizontal lines
  168. Harmony One or BD?
  169. Why does my HDTV show Laker purple as blue?
  170. is it an HDMI problem
  171. Is this possible? Help please
  172. denon 557 hdmi dvd player
  173. What is the diff.between HD & Digital?
  174. Happy Birthday Rbinck!
  175. mac compatible wireless keyboard / trackball
  176. First Time Buyer of HDTV: Need Tips!
  177. Toshiba 46XF550 vs 46RF350
  178. ts (transport stream) to bluray or hd dvd? how can I do this?
  179. Blue squiggly lines
  180. HD Video Game recording/rendering with Sony Vegas
  181. multiple HDMI switchers
  182. Toshiba Regza 42hl167 1080/24p????
  183. PC & Portable dvd player to lcd?
  184. Sony Bravia 32' to Dell Laptop
  185. Sanus wall mount
  186. Question about sharps warranty
  187. buying08
  188. Netflix sounds great!!
  189. Squiggly Lines when watching HDTV Programs
  190. Advice on purchase please
  191. Just purchased a "Philips HiDef switcher" PH61150...
  192. Image Trails on Sony Bravia HDTV
  193. want to know more!!!
  194. Vertical line in middle of screen
  195. Best way to be heard by HD providers?
  196. GPS Owners
  197. As a followup...
  198. wireless keyboard / mouse for HDTV monitor
  199. Newbie here
  200. New Blockbuster Store Review
  201. turning my HDTV into Computer monitor
  202. crazy problem
  203. Too Much Writing On The Screen? Complain!
  204. This may be the best price on a TH-50PX80U
  205. QAM tuner
  206. image burn
  207. Where should I ask to point a HD antenna (what forum)please
  208. How to clear DVR space
  209. Help - Samsung hpt5054 and PS3 80GB - "mode not supported"
  210. Maximum length for S-video cable?
  211. 2 HD questions re: HD vs. regular channel brightness differences etc
  212. hdmi cables
  213. 1080i input for 720P HDTV?
  214. Future Shop HD-DVD's on sale
  215. dtv converter box question
  216. ikea dioder
  217. can only capture 1080i to pc, need 1080p
  218. New HDTV and no digital cable/satellite
  219. No image at all... help
  220. Anyone lose access to Highdefdigest forum?
  221. Question on audio to tv using HDMI thru A/V reciever
  222. Anyone Know about Album / LP Values?
  223. HD cable boxes
  224. Help Choosing the right ...
  225. Connecting to my SA Explorer 4250HDC via the web
  226. Will HBO Boxing Be In HD?
  227. new 40" wall mount
  228. what to buy?
  229. PLEASE HELP! Don't know password...
  230. My TV has a blue light on the top-left, can anyone help me?
  231. My new Home Theatre set up!
  232. Which Video Card
  233. HDMI to DTV
  234. HDTV antennas
  235. VCR Conundrum...any guesses?
  236. How to convert HD mpeg files into mkv files?
  237. what is HD?
  238. Am I nuts? (long Post)
  239. PS3, Now need Audio advice.
  240. Which To Use For Decoding?
  241. Hd clips jerky problem
  242. Picture help for a samsung LN-T4065f
  243. DTV switchover in 2009
  244. Should HD DVD players come with component cables?
  245. Sony KDF-E60A20 problems please help
  246. Grainy Image with Plasma TV and upscaling DVD player
  247. Any Reccomendations?
  248. Lies People Say When They Don't Want to Acknowledge the Greatness of High Definition
  249. LG DU42PX12X Has red vertical lines on screen???
  250. Anynet Disconnecting Problem
  251. Transcoding H.264-HD to DivX-HD possible ?
  252. Picture problem with my Phillips LCOS 55"
  253. Sound Sync Problems
  254. Ughh, Circuit City
  255. Vintage home theater
  256. IT'S A MIRACLE. The 5 Freebie's actually arrived!!
  257. poor black levels
  258. New to the forum with a SONY BRAVIA
  259. Recommend a TV for mainly standard def
  260. Caller ID and HDTV
  261. FTA picture quality
  262. need a new avr with switcing and hdmi
  263. Looking for some info.
  264. Cable question re: old A/V receiver with new HDTV/DVD
  265. HD Channels vs. Digital channels
  266. we need a hometheatre channel
  267. Old Movies on BD Format - make sense?
  268. New Idea: the SmartDisc
  269. HT-SR800 onkyo 7.1 settings help& general info
  270. Do I still Get Charged after Feb 17th For HD..??
  271. hd vs sd
  272. Audio Cable Hook-up Question
  273. What does 1080p 24Hz Translate?
  274. Cheapest Import Site for HD DVD ?
  275. hook up instructions
  276. not impressed
  277. new to high def and in trouble
  278. Blurry horizontal move.
  279. Streaming Movies Through Netflix??
  280. please help with the setting on my tv
  281. Converter Boxes: How do they display HD broadcasts?
  282. how can I post pictures?
  283. Olevia 237T as Monitor
  284. How to play SlideShow?
  285. QAM VS ATSC Differences???
  286. Olivia TV blue LED on when TV is off.
  287. Bell 6100 hdtv satellite receiver problems??
  288. FANS... as in CoooLing FANS... CLEAN them !
  289. Battery backup
  290. Please Help..Setting up Denon 1907/Comcast DVR/PS3/LG 1080P LCD
  291. Re: the "Blu Ray is Doomed Thread"
  292. Digital Photo Frame
  293. Olevia 237t as monitor
  294. Best Buy
  295. National chains-Retail?
  296. Ok to use "Swiffer Duster" or something similar for LCD TV dusting?
  297. HDTVs have audio/video LAG TIMES...
  298. eye/vision issues tv viewing
  299. Blu-Ray & HD DVD logos - hi res wanted
  300. HD programming being removed
  301. ReplayTV - Do I have to use this with my Panasonic DVR?
  302. Purchase and setup critique please!
  303. HDMI upconversion question
  304. Digital converter boxes
  305. Surge protector/cables
  306. Rookie in desperate need of technical HD advice
  307. Blu-Ray too good?
  308. Help with HD A30 settings
  309. DVD Quality: 420p or 720p?
  310. Mix of HD and DVD edits
  311. Stage6 To Shut Down Feb.28/08
  312. Sony SXRD XBR1 Green Tint! Please Help!
  313. Should I buy this Hd Tv? Please help
  314. Suggest me TV's to look at?
  315. HDMI (splitter's switchboxes)
  316. Can somebody help? HDMI Audio issues here...
  317. Information/Definitions-HD Televisions
  318. What would be a good size for a bedroom?
  319. The more I read the more confused I get
  320. viewing distances
  321. Question re: native "on" or "off" and true HD
  322. pc to hdtv question 129876.2
  323. Setup and Yamaha 661 1080p/24 questions
  324. New To This Forum, Have 1 Quick Question...
  325. 768p or 1080p Nativ Rez For New TV Purchase?
  326. Comcast Blocks Video Downloads (and other P2P traffic)
  327. 720p or 1080i?
  328. What Resolution Do OTA Local Channels Broadcast In?
  329. two AWESOME DEALS! which one should i pick
  330. calling all video techies/na´ve groupie on the block
  331. HD re-modulation
  332. How important is contrast ratio
  333. Please help me hook up a DLP tv Bluray player and a onkyo ht sr 800 receiver.
  334. Viewing Quality Questions
  335. Standard Def & Digital Transmission
  336. Need help getting started
  337. Thanks for the help
  338. HD setup
  339. I think LCDs look like crap.
  340. Remote Control Storage
  341. How long has Hollywood been shooting in HD for?
  342. A Warner Bros., Netflix, Walmart, Sony word game
  343. Sony KDL-40v3000
  344. Appreciate it all
  345. NBA on TNT HD
  346. Can someone show me a side by side comparison of an upconverted dvd and non upconvert
  347. Need Help with comp connect to many LCDs
  348. Question...
  349. Looking for Hd provider) Help me
  350. Center speaker location.
  351. Cleaning your LCD tv
  352. Broadcast 1080P?
  353. HDMI cables for 720p/1080i
  354. Who determines what TV series get to DVD
  355. Im curious, whats with the Blu-Ray hate here?
  356. SA 8300HDC Recordings, Can I copy them?
  357. Is there any idea?
  358. what cables to use
  359. Motorola DCT5100 and HDMI setup
  360. I love HD-DVD, this is for you
  361. dual receiver
  362. Sci Atl 4250HDC HDMI surround sound issue
  363. Color Wheel Problems Samsung DLP HL-R5067W
  364. Threads
  365. vertical green line on right side of screen
  366. I need a better image program than Paint.
  367. where to find a DVD recorder with VCR+?
  368. HD Radio
  369. Have you heard of HiDef LifeStyle
  370. Connecting my new LCD to my computer
  371. Cheque cashed Jan21. When can I expect my movies?
  372. connect dvd recorder to sky
  373. downscaling high def
  374. A few questions, New to HiDef!
  375. which cable is better?
  376. It was Great
  377. why are HD-DVD advocates so cranky all the time?
  378. 1280x800 1080p support?
  379. Screen Problems
  380. use HD box as OTA tuner only?
  381. HDMI to HDTV Connection
  382. Need help with a new home theater
  383. 2 TV's , one sat. box
  384. Connecting DVI to Sony fwd50px1
  385. new to HDTVs
  386. TV for gaming/action
  387. Try some HD Radio channels
  388. Let's make it clearer...
  389. Hd Cvi
  390. MonoPrice & HDMI Cables
  391. Viewsonic PJ503d projector doesnt recognize video input
  392. I love my new Digital VHS recorder (JVC40000)
  393. Predictions that didn't quite happen.
  394. Another black bar question...
  395. Station Identifiers/Logo Getting Out of Control?
  396. Need Help With My Panasonic Universal Ipod Dock.....
  397. pictures to you tv
  398. My New HDTV Makes Static Noise When I Turn on my XBOX 360... HELP!!!
  399. I live in the middle of a pine/cedar forest;antenna...
  400. Free Hd Dvds
  401. January 25th, 2008. A historical monument in our nation's history
  402. Hello All
  403. glitchy
  404. high def production classes in new york city
  405. Help with Sony HDTV 1080
  406. Signal Amplifier_Location
  407. 1080p hd picture qualityon 37 and 40 inch lcd screens
  408. Yes another surge protector question
  409. Support HD DVD film
  410. No volume need help
  411. Power conditioners
  412. apple tv question
  413. Native resolution question
  414. Home Theater setup help
  415. Apple now offering HD movie rentals
  416. help for a newby
  417. Some Newbie Guidance Needed Please
  418. How to make a CD that can play in my DVD player?
  419. 3 prong flat back prong for my front projector
  420. LFE Question
  421. What is correct cable for Viewsonic PJ503D projector ?
  422. MX-810 Remote...Very Cool $399
  423. Anyone used a LD player with a high-def display?
  424. Problems with HK AVR 247
  425. Question about HK AVR 247
  426. Brightness Adjuster for HDMI Signal
  427. HDCP Compliance with WinDVD High-Definition Advisor
  428. Need a new TV, no nothing of new choices....Help!!
  429. Philips 34pw850h Questions
  430. TiVo/Amazon crazy?
  431. Samsung Le40m87bdx 40" Lcd Tv
  432. Optical Digital cable
  433. woofer hookups?????????????
  434. Need serious help!!! THANKS
  435. CES goodies
  436. HDMI connection Problem with Bose lifestyle 48 iv series and panasonic TH-50PZ700E
  437. ps3 with samsung 30inch slimfit
  438. Help in setting up my av system
  439. SONY BRAVIA 32" S3000 vs Sharp Aquos 32" LC32D62U---WHICH ONE?
  440. HD Channels, TVs and upconverting DVDs
  441. picture quality question
  442. thin blue line fix, 27" lcd westinghouse
  443. How do I get rid of the thin blue line on lcd tv scree?n
  444. westinghouse 27" lcd tv
  445. lcd sreen
  446. trying to connect my gaming adapter to my pc for use.....
  447. Golden Globes telecast to be pulled?
  448. I heard that MyFilms supports HD now?
  449. Plastic scratch removers?
  450. Have you bought large items on-line?
  451. Addicted To AC3
  452. New SAmsung 4669 Picture stutters
  453. Blu-ray vs HD DVD replication costs revealed!
  454. New to HDTV, Can You Help Me Out Please?
  455. Anyone going to CES in Vegas next week?
  456. IMAX vs HD
  457. Surge Protector/Line conditioner?
  458. HD display question
  459. hd noob multiple questions help please!!!
  460. Best Cassette Recorder?
  461. Options for Recording Movies?
  462. Buttkicker, tactile transducer
  463. HD problems with TV or Signal?
  464. Black Bars question
  465. Audio "buzz" on LCD from HD players
  466. Forgive the Noob...
  467. Best Brands for stretching 4:3 programming?
  468. Multi-format HDTVs?
  469. Can HD-DVD really survive much longer ?
  470. Help deciding on what to buy ASAP
  471. I HATE Best Buy!!
  472. need help connecting my Motoralla HD box
  473. WANTED - T-210 Super VHS tapes
  474. Newbie:nothing from HD box
  475. Sony KF50WE620 Problems connecting computer
  476. Need Help For a Sharp Aquos 37" 1080p
  477. Hdmi
  478. How to get 1080p???
  479. Newbie to HDTV.. i just got a Plasma for Xmas... a few questions tho.. help!
  480. Best prices this time of year?
  481. Setting up my A3.......lil help
  482. Kaleidescape'esque' HTPC
  483. Bravia as a monitor
  484. hd upconversion question?
  485. 720p vs. 1080i
  486. How do I get the video resolution displayed
  487. help: My sound cuts out and sometimes pops
  488. This website logged me out twice
  489. Open letter to Sony....
  490. Anybody record the final episode of Journeyman?
  491. Best Buy Extended Warranty
  492. Toshiba A3 + Sony STR-DG 510?
  493. DIY: LCD touch screen on the cheap
  494. 1366 x 768
  495. Sliding faces?
  496. A Christmas Wish...HDF
  497. Another look at DIY HD video projectors.
  498. Another look at DIY HD video projectors.
  499. I need some advice
  500. Ces 08?