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  1. Insulation questions..Would these 2 ways have the same results?
  2. Canadians: Please advise re all costs to ship a US-based HDTV to Canada
  3. Samsung HD TVs and the filmic look
  4. The Tuner Inside the Flat Screen TV
  5. Has anyone joined the CEA consumer group?
  6. Media sharing/storage device
  7. Wireless Video??
  8. Motorola cable box/LG LCD 42inch
  9. Need Help with Decision
  10. Question about upscaling.
  11. Viewing external video's on my HDTV
  12. external digital tuner or new dvd recorder?
  13. Merry Christmas, Longs2Watch aka L2W Sure do miss ya!
  14. PS3 video question
  15. First post and question
  16. House in construction, what cables to install
  17. How many lights for a 20 x 20 open shed?
  18. Kinda worried about input lag and that sort of thing, Need some help.
  19. DCT3412 HDMI & Component Video out at same time?
  20. rule of thumb - how large a set to benefit from HD ??
  21. HDMI Cable question
  22. Advice with my Sheds
  23. HELP : i dont know whats wrong with my HDTV
  24. 3DTV & HDMI question ??
  25. Conver 2d panasonic to 3d
  26. Does a larger size TV = a lower quality picture?
  27. Randomly getting no signal on TV
  28. What the heck am I seeing wrong?
  29. Panasonic G25 XBOX problems
  30. Advice on wiring up my garage, shed, and other things I plan on building
  31. Audio Return Channel question
  32. Pioneer PRO 151FD - 60" Elite KURO vs. Panasonic Viera TCP50VT25 50" 3D 1080p 600Hz
  33. DTV Express Scam!
  34. Remote sensor help for Samsung TV
  35. Samsung LN-T4061F - 42 in NTSC / PAL question
  36. Happy Birthday PFC5
  37. Newbie
  38. Newbie Guidance
  39. Blu Ray "gadgets"
  40. NEWBIE"S INQUIRIES suggestions to help us provide you with ANSWERS Quicker.
  41. Just splurged on a HD TV...what next?
  42. 120Hz Samsung TV Playing At 60Hz?
  43. lip sync off
  44. Poulan 4000 chainsaw . What size chain?
  45. Anyone use powergrids?
  46. What are people's thoughts on the aaxa tech m2?
  47. Ever had a can of liquid wrench that wouldnt spray
  48. Winter.........what do you guys do
  49. Want to watch American channels
  50. Question regarding HDMI display from laptop to HDTV (Couldn't display 1080p)
  51. How do you guys lift your Riding Mowers?
  53. Black friday shopping, anyone?
  54. US xbox on a European HDTV?
  55. Threw my boots into my new HCTV screen... scuffed - NOW WHAT!?
  56. looking for a site to find LCD panel for samsung
  57. Husqvarna YTH1542XP maintenance questions
  58. Bar and Chain oil or Motor Oil
  59. New Purchase and a couple questions
  60. Our rights, morality and DRM
  61. Our rights, morality and DRM
  62. Why Direct TV not 1080p?
  63. TV Scaling
  64. Advice needed on doing this AC/Heater wall unit
  65. Cable/DirectTV Streaming Legality Question.
  66. age?
  67. Should I return this VT25 and grab a far cheaper G25?
  68. Archive AVCHD
  69. Question about the movie Frequency?
  70. broadcast flag on the net
  71. HELP! IR emitter doesn't work with my extender
  72. Splitting HDMI Brighthouse to 2 TVs
  73. LCD question
  74. Tow Trailer and Chainsaw questions
  75. Stump Removal
  76. Ants on my osb........Why and how do I get rid
  77. Best Way to distribute 3 HD sources to multiple TV's via coaxial cable
  78. suggest me an ultimate surround system for all my needs?
  79. Coaxial -> Cat5?
  80. Warning: Pricepleased.com sells refurbed TVs as new
  81. Amplifying / Boosting HDMI Signal
  82. Help guys. Turning my carport into a lounge and want some advice
  83. New house means new TV choices
  84. Sony BRAVIA W-Series KDL-46W4100 46-Inch 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV Review
  85. Drill Bit questions
  86. My Love for HD started because of my daughter
  87. 52" plasma or 61" Dlp?
  88. HiDef picture question from a newbie
  89. Restrictions on recording
  90. JVC Everio HD camcorder question-Fisheye Lens!?
  91. LED TV Health Problem.
  92. wireless signal transmission
  93. Is it the Blu Ray, 240, or 1080p?
  94. Recording Question
  95. No picture,sound with Sony Bravia
  96. Do we have any cell phone experts here?
  97. Need Help - HDTV Acting Strangely
  98. PANASONIC VIERA TX-P42S20B 42" Full HD Plasma purchase for xbox 360 gaming
  99. Why did the quality of recorded picture not show like the Displayed picture
  100. Cable box shows different resolution than TV does
  101. Looking for 3000+ lumen 1080p projector
  102. No sound from laptop after using HDMI
  103. Why is my New York Giants messageboard lagging so much while using firefox?
  104. On Demand through Cox not working
  105. Whole House Media
  106. Should I do it?
  107. At what point does the micromanaging end and the sheer entertainment begin?
  108. From Camcorder to DVD in the field?
  109. Netflix Streaming Judder. Anyone Else ?
  110. Sound issues with HD tv
  111. How to set up/wire a family room?
  112. Movie from Standard to HD
  113. What's the best way to access my media and the internet from my TV in the living room
  114. RCA RT 2870 low volume from TV great volume from radio
  115. Robin Hood (2010) on Blu-ray
  116. Receiving HD without cable box
  117. full screen on wide screen
  118. Does anybody You Know, do video better than "THIS"
  119. Which setting on my Amp as for Input signal????????????????
  120. DTH program
  121. Either faulty HDMI or my bluray player SUCKS
  122. 2 concerts in one week, my observations...
  123. Can new generation iTouch playback HD Movie?
  124. Flushing my Coolant system, 95 GT mustang
  125. Sony 2200 error message?
  126. Instrument Cluster on my 92 S-10, sorry ............
  127. HDMI to analog...help please..
  128. Leawo Free YouTube Downloader
  129. Better quality on a SDTV than HDTV?
  130. Can I put audio from Youtube on a disc?
  131. PS3 through receiver with HDMI
  132. Showing pictures and movies on HDTV from Canon camera
  133. Home Theater setup/help
  134. Green Stripe on Sony HDTV
  135. what do I need to upgrade to use a 3d Tv?
  136. (Cheap) Power Distribution Options?
  137. Help !! is the mitsubishi 60638 a Good buy?
  138. Encoding Home movies..
  139. Sharp HDTV/mac mini / no audio
  140. have directv eq: any hobbyest uses?
  141. Have a Paramax P 510-No Speakers, what to do?
  142. General HD question
  143. Anyone running any DVDO products??
  144. Tuners Here and Overseas
  145. Audio toubles
  146. I'm in the mkt for new TV
  147. Netflix streaming speed for hd
  148. Can't find a song , why can't you just take the audio from the video
  149. vizio GV42 L HDTV channel up down problem
  150. Sound level(s)
  151. Best HD Converter
  152. HD Projector
  153. External HD Tuner Help
  154. Need to build a projector set up ~ $5-6k
  155. Crunch Amplifier
  156. Is there a way to test RCA plugs?
  157. What Color to Paint the TV Wall
  158. Help in choosing an HDTV!
  159. If you had $7,000 to spend on your Home Theater, what would you buy?
  160. For my Panny G25, Should I Stick with the Panny THIB?
  161. Mini Museum Theater project
  162. HDMI with a Component projector
  163. questions about setup for Samsung PN50C550
  164. New guy on the block
  165. This place will never be the same...
  166. Fast HD Encoding Program
  167. A day of silence i honor of L2W
  168. Upscaling question
  169. Can you edit 1080p together with 720p?
  170. tv Headset advice Please help
  171. Happy 4th of July Weekend!
  172. VideoFilter between SonyDVDRecorderRRGX257& Scientific Atlantic TW Cable box 8300HD?
  173. HD antenna?
  174. Panamax SP8-AV
  175. High Def on my computer
  176. Non HD Question - Rabbit Ears
  177. G20 / PS3 / Direct TV / Desktop internet setup....
  178. Beautiful Inn Crappy TV
  179. Concern about HD monitor
  180. Why do I get a white blank screen when I enlarge a video
  181. frequency out of range error message
  182. Plz help an HD Noob
  183. 2 Odd HD problems
  184. Help >Setting up HD Home setup (tv+ps3+avr+htpc)
  185. internet tvs....
  186. HD Audio Question
  187. HD tv background
  188. HELP!!! 2006 RCA model#HD61W66
  189. Squished picture?
  190. Panasonic should be held responsible for Plasmas 'blinking lights of death'
  191. Samsung UE40B7000 - DLNA , media player or External Hard Drive.
  192. Suggestions to clean black glass Tv stand?
  193. connect hdmi computer to dvi monitor
  194. Help W/Connecting My Dell Laptop to My Panasonic HDTV?
  195. laptop to my HDTV?
  196. Possible Conversion of Guest Bedroom Into Game Room - Questions
  197. HD Question
  198. Dennis Hopper is dead
  199. Part of the screen is darker
  200. Online TV guide problem
  201. Need some advice on my setup
  202. Exile On Main Street Reissue on 180 gm vinyl??
  203. Laser Pico Projector reviewed
  204. Light Switches, Rocker switches vs. regular standard On/Off switches
  205. CD R's, differences
  206. Used ps3 games anyone ever bought off Ebay
  207. :: Pioneer Elite VSX-21TXH video settings ::
  208. High Speed Internet
  209. Will this work, Grill question
  210. Please Help I got T.V Problems!
  211. PC to HDMI plasma
  212. Home Theater Set-up Suggestions
  213. S/pdif
  214. Tube Amp pros and cons
  215. Do you view at optimum distance?
  216. VIZIO SV472XVT problem
  217. HDMI Switch Box
  218. Is this Tv's size affecting the room temperature in this room
  219. converting 1080 graphic
  220. Room lighting for LCD HDTV
  221. Flatscreens, Hotels and HD programming
  222. Cinemotion
  223. About to Move
  224. What should I buy with my 100 gift card?
  225. hdmi problem !
  226. What happened to my signal?
  227. Check my knowledge on 3D projectors
  228. What do you guys use to clean the brick on your house
  229. LeeStewart Please Help 3d question
  230. Another Best B rip-off
  231. Conversion, PS3 and HDTV Oh My....
  232. Should I wait?
  233. Has anyone bought an item from us-globalmerchandise.com?
  234. HD Over Coax
  235. Question
  236. Basic install troubleshooting for HDTV, AV Receiver & Dish receiver
  237. Reasonably Priced Home Theater Seating
  238. Brands vs other Brands: Help..............
  239. Lord of The Rings Trilogy *Theatrical Edition* Tuesday - Buy or Pass??
  240. Newbie Sound question
  241. High Def. T.V.
  242. H.d. T.v.
  243. Last "Brick & Morter" Video Rental Store In My Area Closing.
  244. Moyea Blu-ray Video Converter Ultimate is upgrated
  245. A DVD Review: EVERYBODY'S FINE (Miramax)
  246. Back lighting?
  247. HD playback on old computer
  248. Such a newbie question...
  249. Why have 2 x HDMI ports on a desktop is there any benefit?
  250. Samsung HDTV picture help
  251. Scanned Images to HD Video?
  252. Monoprice vs. Overstock.com
  253. What sort of HDTV should I get?
  254. HD 24fps vs 60fps (Not "difference between" question)
  255. "Ready to Buy"
  256. Is it possible to force my HDTV to *not* upscale?
  257. 3D movies complaint
  258. Trailer Hitches, anyone know about how much they go for, Mobile Home Hitches
  259. RG11 snafu
  260. Any Option to Comcast Cable HD Box(es)?
  261. Just wanted to share with you guys what a Technical Woman said to me today, your thou
  262. Sony Bravia KDL-46V3000
  263. Vizio has HDMI but DVD player don't
  264. Calibrating Samsung UN40B6000VF LED TV
  265. Power Center for my setup.
  266. A new low for Discovery HD Theatre
  267. Connecting a turntable to a modern system
  268. Can someone help me out with the cable or cables I will need to hook up my pc to my
  269. Hi-Def, Comcast and Remote Controls
  270. HDTV Having Problems
  271. Streetdance Movie
  272. DIY build problem
  273. ps3 component to hd ready tv problem!!!!
  274. needing some advice
  275. LG 20LS7D problem
  276. HELP! i connect my pc to my HD READY TV
  277. LG 32LH40 Picture Doesn't Fit Screen?
  278. Dvd recorder sony rdr gx7
  279. help
  280. rca model
  281. Screen protectors
  282. Olevia 437-S11
  283. Can I Ask Netflix Questions On This Site
  284. Whatever happened to ..
  285. connect HDTV to an analog TV, possible?
  286. Sony Bravia EX700 wireless setup
  287. Help With Splitting Insight HD Box Signal
  288. Sending TV Signal
  289. Reliability of 6thave.com
  290. All-in-one systems for under $400?
  291. Klipsch Rp-5s
  292. NetFlix on Sony 460 Blu-ray Player
  293. DVD disc changer alternative
  294. My wedding photography
  295. Help with HP - Pavilion Laptop Model: dv7-3165dx
  296. JVC HD-ILA Shadow
  297. noob question about HDTV upconverters for Viewsonic n3760w
  298. Does my HDTV have to be Australian?
  299. New system. Questions re: hook up of components....
  300. SD commercials audio
  301. New to HDTV. Please help with cable question!
  302. Random specs of white on movie
  303. We Have The Best Disk Now What is The Best Format + or -
  304. need advice
  305. hitachi 61 hdtv 1080 question?
  306. Went from Sony xbr-5 to samsung 8500 55" and...
  307. HD streaming from a website
  308. What DVD Do You Use 4.7 or 8.5 and Brand
  309. 720 or 1080?
  310. Pre HD quality test
  311. pioneer pro-151 problem
  312. 57uwx20b
  313. Panosonic/Motorola cable box issue
  314. Samsung 40inch 6[6000 LED
  315. Cable name...
  316. External HD Tuner Help
  317. Figuring out how to make my HDtv useful.
  318. Looking for video converter to iPhone
  319. Is HD possible for me??
  320. Cooling AV cabinet?
  321. What is the best HDTV for my cat?
  322. Geek Squad extended warranty - 15 day credit?
  323. cable thru dish???
  324. What to do with busted LCD?
  325. Question about Labeling the video input sources for the TOSHIBA REZA 46Rv530U
  326. Surround Sound Help
  327. Surge Protector: Energy EPC4200...any experience?
  328. Best DVD to MKV converter? (And/or any format)
  329. New Vizio VO370M LCD HDTV 480i????
  330. The Choice of a TV: Simplified
  331. The FCC needs to increase power for HD Radio from 1 to 10%
  332. What's the best for my needs?
  333. Sony Bravia KLD-32L5000 problem
  334. Problem with Philips 42pfl3704d/f7
  335. Photos of home theater
  336. Will my Amrican LCD TV be supported in European?
  337. New Sony TV - Sound Not In Sync
  338. 4x2 HDMI splitter
  339. New to the forum
  340. What do you do with your old equipment?
  341. missing the blues
  342. Streamed Blu-ray
  343. it isn't really high def...but still kinda neat
  344. Fast scenes produce weird "aura" around objects
  345. Moving a Mits WS65819
  346. Recording from Blu-Ray
  347. problems please help
  348. HD Media Drive
  349. great AV CES report
  350. Do I just have bad luck with electronics?
  351. here is a question: Will Youtube implement a 3D button?
  352. Samsung Led - Dynamic mode vs Film mode
  353. HDTV zoom glitch
  354. Analog audio out vs headphone out
  355. DV 9500 pavillion hp laptop - 720p???
  356. What CODEC is M$ using on the XBOX360 & Zune?
  357. CES wishlist or predictions?
  358. 1080p vs. 1080i HELP
  359. Help with connecting everything- a few questions
  360. Been a while
  361. Problem playing Wii games on plasma
  362. Best display for gaming/blu ray
  363. Need Help With Hdmi Setup
  364. LED Tv.s good/bad?
  365. Please help...need quick decision
  366. Question about refresh rates and frame rates
  367. My Bluray player shows DTS but the DTS light on my receiver is not lit
  368. Pro Logic and Dolby digital
  369. samsung LN-S2738D screen turning to black and white
  370. hdtv makes weird cracking static noise?
  371. Sharp Aquos internet conection
  372. Connection question for a new TV
  373. Newbie needing picture quality help - Please take a look
  374. HDMI and optical possible together?
  375. Protecting my setup... help.
  376. 47'' Philips lcd HD 1080p and ps3 help
  377. Distorted blu-ray play?
  378. Sony BDP-S560 no sound DVD over HDMI
  379. Harmony One question
  380. Splitting cable wirelessly? Possible?
  381. can too much bass crack windows?
  382. Sony KDF-E60A20 issues
  383. Proper Set Up Of Home Theater?
  384. who's that big Phillipino or Thai guy that played in some of the Van Dam movies
  385. Can motherboards/circut boards be changed
  386. HDCP Compatible???
  387. Whats This
  388. Winter Storm delays my first HDTV!
  389. HD Radio - where to find HD2 stations online (aggregate)?
  390. HD Nation at Revision3.com
  391. I need a High Def Hobby?
  392. Another part of the system...
  393. Another part of the system...
  394. Intro and setup idea
  395. Base Home Theater Connections
  396. LG 42LB4D Sound Issues
  397. Hauppauge WinTV-PVR-USB2: Recordins take too much space
  398. Hauppauge WinTV-PVR-USB2: doesn't work with TV set top boxes?
  399. Thanks for all your help, especially...
  400. Merry Christmas HDF
  401. SD signal upconverters
  402. New to HD, movies look like crap!
  403. HDMI switch
  404. questions on HD tvs and Dvds please help
  405. New here
  406. My non-technical first post
  407. A DVD Review: THE TAKING OF PELHAM ONE TWO THREE (1974; MGM/20th Century Fox)
  408. How do I get 1080P HD full screen?
  409. D-box?
  410. TV Tuner or directly to my monitor?
  411. audio question
  412. Vizio changing tv resolution question
  413. going Hi-Def again
  414. Lcd tv pricing
  415. DTS HD Hi Res
  416. Buying HD-TV for the first time
  417. CA TV energy regulations
  418. Looking for small Kitchen counter TV
  419. Network Switch for my tv/xbox/dvr?
  420. Help with Surround Sound & Cable TV please
  421. how do play acer laptop blu-ray to vizio lcd.
  422. Mitsubishi Unisen LT-40153
  423. 46' Sharp Aquos LC-46D64U - HELP please.
  424. Do We Have Ant Bar Code Experts Here?
  425. Still confused about resoloutions 720 vs. 1080???
  426. Who orders 50"+ T.V. from an eStore?
  427. Help pick first HDTV!
  428. Planning/design for overall home entertainment system?
  429. Very strange question concerning inputs and aspect ratios
  430. installing a receiver
  431. New to HDTV -- Some Questions
  432. Trying to find a series: "Beautiful Lanscapes of Japan"
  433. Massive video projections for the Orlando Magic
  434. Riddle Me This...
  435. p&p
  436. Comcast HD problems
  437. 7.1 Setup w/ COuch on Rear Wall.
  438. Help decision on TVs
  439. Antenna input question (US to Europe)
  440. lcd hdtv picture settings
  441. ventalation on components
  442. connecting pc to hdtv
  443. [Help] trying to convert H264 to avi
  444. Pioneer Kuro Speakers
  445. Awesome Contest from OPPO Digital.
  446. 50" Kuro or 58" Samsung Plasma for same price?
  447. Antenna Mast Help
  448. Where can I buy padding/cushion to go under my Futon bed's cover
  449. Corel Pro X2 Videostudio question
  450. Corel Pro X2 Videostudio Question
  451. Component stands?
  452. Can't get vcr/dvd combo to work on hdtv, any ideas?
  453. Help me with my 7.1 setup please! Back Speaker dilemma
  454. Home Theater Setup questions
  455. screen size wont return to normal
  456. FEAST - UNRATED (Dimension)
  457. Aspect Ratio II
  458. Issues with comcast hd channels
  459. .TS format
  460. Movie Theater Curtain
  461. DLP help
  462. VIZIO mystery Problem ?
  463. Go ahead and laugh.
  464. Aspect Ratio of Dark Knight Blu-ray Disc
  465. Yamaha receiver help
  466. Pioneer receiver help
  467. getting too many channels
  468. Help me out...
  469. Electronics Expo?
  470. My 95% Completed HT Room
  471. vga & hdmi.....am i missing something?
  472. iPod Dock and Menu Issues (Panasonic Setup)
  473. Another black bars dilemma
  474. Connectivity Issues
  475. Percent of local news stations using HDTV
  476. Sony HDTV Replacement Bulb
  477. New to DirectvHD, hooking up surround sound
  478. Power Conditioner - Voltage Regulator - Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
  479. Picture and Sound out of synch
  480. "No signal" message but audio OK on my Philips
  481. Problem with Samsung AV-R720
  482. Connecting HD-DVR Through Optical?
  483. Digital Discs with Blu Rays
  484. Elyo TV
  485. I filmed this film clip using my Hd camera
  486. Resolution question
  487. Cleaning Grills
  488. 720p or 1080p source for my 1080i CRT Direct View HDTV?
  489. Anybody got news of Jason Bourne?
  490. bad quality with PC HDMI
  491. What type of batteries do you guys use in like remotes
  492. Trying to help a neighbor that's being scammed
  493. hello
  494. Need Some Help
  495. Good Deal????????
  496. ABC Poor PQ
  497. TV sales at Walmart the morning after Thanksgiving anyone remember how much off they
  498. Remote battery for Dish Network keeps eating batteries REAL fast
  499. Neon lights/backlighting
  500. Onkyo TX-NR905 Questions