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  1. Did the fonts change?
  2. GDPR compliance notice
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  4. Call me stupid
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  15. We Need To Do An Update
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  18. New mobile site?
  19. Feliz Natal
  20. Ads from cdn.mezaa.com showing as virus
  21. Posting Errors
  22. Database errors
  23. Search Criteria
  24. Youtube Tags semi-broken
  25. Please delete my account, I can't find the option anywhere!
  26. How to delete my account?
  27. Forum not usable anymore
  28. What is with the damn advertisements?
  29. OT. Forum update?
  30. Forum Search funtion
  31. Dating service ads, meeting Asian girls, etc.
  32. Home cinema apps
  33. Popup sound ads are evil
  34. Name Change?
  35. Proposal For New Hardware Forum - Ultra High Definition TVs
  36. Search tool - FAIL
  37. bump
  38. Blu-ray forum pros/cons and EVIL ADMINISTRATORS
  39. Where is the fta or free-to-air forum?
  40. spam allowed/and other BS
  41. "Like" links in posts?
  42. being routed through roxyjeedbush.org
  43. Malware Detected When Accessing Site
  44. Please delete my account
  45. My Computer is Being Attacked Every Time I Enter HDF
  46. Tapatalk? (Iphone app)
  47. No audio forum?
  48. security pin installed by installer so we didn't even know it
  49. Acoustic thread?
  50. Revisit The Edit Time Allowed Rule?
  51. Help - tried to post a new thread?
  52. Invalid thread link errors
  53. Suggestion for new Topic
  54. www.highdefforum.com contains malware
  55. Samsung hlp 5063w
  56. HEADS UP - to the forum moderators\site admins
  57. New here!
  58. why was i banned?
  59. changing user name
  60. Mark all forums read not working
  61. 150 Mile Antenna Ads
  62. I was warned of supicious activity on this website
  63. TV Widgets?
  64. Time of day is off by 1 hour
  65. + ?
  66. Annoying "Skimlinks" Ads
  67. Introduction Thread
  68. Youtube...no full screen
  69. social networks
  70. spam from member through pm
  71. spambot
  72. suggestion
  73. question
  74. Can we get HDF to be accessible through Tapatalk?
  75. AVS Forum linking
  76. HD-DVD Reviews???
  77. YouTubeHD embedding
  78. Being able to see photos without being logged in.
  79. Hey Guys,
  80. Can we add an icon command for spoiler tags?
  81. Yet another sticky suggestion
  82. my signature
  83. "Preen" Ad at top of page
  84. nickName
  85. True FTA Discussion?
  86. Wow, It's Very Laggy Today For Me!
  87. April Fools!
  88. Favorites List Graphic Glitch?
  89. About The Forum Search Feature.
  90. EHD's
  91. private "opportunity"
  92. My thoughts on the for sale section:
  93. Polling system for A/V retailers
  94. Email response down?
  95. Why 5 posts prior to posting links?
  96. Too many Ads for Me
  97. Thanks it is amazing...
  98. New sections: TV reviews, Supplier reviews, Internet TV
  99. Controlling displayed forums in New Posts
  100. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays
  101. Can we activate the following??
  102. Possible EVDO and 4G forum
  103. S-l-o-w
  104. I Was Wondering Why We Don't Have A....
  105. Telling me I can't post URL's when I'm not trying to
  106. Problem posting new threads here at HDF
  107. Separate Sticky Threads
  108. email notification of reply?
  109. Create A New Forum - The 3DTV Forum
  110. Change No Topic Forum description
  111. Can we add a linkable to the visitor messages in our profiles?
  112. Change the name of the ISF Calibration Forum
  113. YouTube Isn't Working!
  114. Happy to be a Member, BUT...
  115. Forum is running slow (not loading)
  116. No More Birthdays?
  117. Thread Post Title Fix
  118. Tons of Database Errors Today...
  119. Splitting "Flat-Panel TVs" forum
  120. YouTubeHD embedding
  121. Arcade - No Card Games!
  122. Forum Colors Change
  123. Idea to share - Weekly sales
  124. A Request . . . FORUM JUMP "thingee"
  125. HDF Forum Needs more Smileys
  127. Screen Shots!
  128. Spam Received At E-Mail I Used For HighDef Forum Registration
  129. Poor Taste Avatars
  130. Can We Post JPEG Slideshow On This Site?
  131. Crackdown on alt Accounts?
  132. Can we increase the number of posts per page above 15? Many other sites allow more.
  133. How Do Mods Choose Which Private Messages To Read?
  134. Remove time limit to edit posts
  135. Can we add a TV Shows discussion section?
  136. Any chance to add title options to sticky threads?
  137. Slooooooest night ever
  138. A Request to Use URL Links to Just One Other Forum
  139. Visitor Messages ???
  140. Site Running Slow
  141. What Happened?
  142. How to Attached Images
  143. How do you set a GIF as your Avatar?
  144. [Off Topics] Natal 2008
  145. High percentage of single posts
  146. Move/delete threads
  148. MP4, MP2, MP3 - Thread
  149. Firmware/Updates.. etc for our equipment
  150. Any chance of getting this for movie reviews?
  151. What is a Sponsored Link?
  152. We need an international tech section.
  153. social club question
  154. New Forum Version Bugs... Plz state them here.
  155. Tonights Forum Upgrade
  156. url - 5 post rule
  157. I cant reset password
  158. YouTube Embedding - Thank you!
  159. How do you edit a title?
  160. Suggestion
  161. User Title list?
  162. Pop up's??
  163. Can we please have spoiler tags?
  164. HDF versus HDD
  165. search
  166. deleting an old thread?
  167. Any chance to get a pic server to embed pictures to speed up the site?
  168. Firefox Issue Update
  169. The "New" HDF
  170. Private Messages got a storage boost?
  171. Slow...??
  172. Hello All I am new to this thread
  173. Moderator for the For Sale/Trade Forum.
  174. Pop-up Ads
  175. Advertisers
  176. Would reducing the size of the database help?
  177. Embed YouTube Videos
  178. Request to increase the time you remain logged in & fix cookies
  179. New Logo!
  180. OK - 1 More Request
  181. Suggestion: Delete Post Option
  182. New Servers - State Bugs Here!
  183. Linking To High Def Digest
  184. So Far So Good! . . . The Move
  185. how about adding a separate section about High definition products review
  186. Ugh, Ads
  187. Missing Site Icon
  188. Anyone else having problems editing posts?
  189. Add Another Forum?
  190. Mitzubishi lcd 2005 52(?)" bulbs?
  191. Surge Protectors
  192. Delete Post?
  193. Would an Arcade work here?
  194. Where do you do most of your posting?
  195. registering...great site but...
  196. How about a Camera/Camcorder Sub-Forum
  197. Replying to threads
  198. Great site but....
  199. Signatures
  200. How Are We Doing Here At HDF?
  201. Cable Providers Filter
  202. HDF Logo
  203. High Definition Movies & Video Clips
  204. Referrals?
  205. help feature
  206. Would it be possible to hide "ignored users" completely?
  207. Change Req: "Number of Posts to Show Per Page"
  208. The forum is excellent
  209. Samsung DLP Color Wheel Problems
  210. please ignore - I need 5 posts to post links
  211. Thank You Mods for your action
  212. Delete Post Option
  213. Trolls
  214. How do I track my posts?
  215. How to report to moderators
  216. New Announcement On All Forums
  217. Is the logo going to change?
  218. Cass - A Special Happy Thanksgiving To You An Yours
  219. Suggestion for improvement
  220. Are We Losing New Members because Of The "Broken" Save/Committ Issue?
  221. I think we need a new area - a Blu-ray/HD DVD Smackdown area
  222. Question for the mods
  223. Profile Picture
  224. To Help Prevent Spamming...
  225. More smiley requests
  226. "Creepy" Kuro Ad Here At HDF!
  227. Where is the edit post option?
  228. the Directv forum really needs ONE thread about the coming HD channels?
  229. New Dual Format Players Cat.?
  230. Could we *PLEASE* get an "lol" smiley?
  231. New Home Theatre Topic?
  232. Is the "High Def Forum" logo supposed to be a joke?
  233. Problem - EDIT - SAVE
  234. This forum needs two things desperately.
  235. Lee Stewart!!!
  236. I have a suggestion!! You can Edit your own posts!!
  237. A Formal Apology To The Members And . . .
  238. New Main Topic suggestion.
  239. Cat. For Theaterical Movies?
  240. one of the things i value in this fourm...
  241. What's The New Stuff At The Top Of The Thread?
  242. Forum Logo...
  243. Is "see this users gallery" ever going to be fixed???
  244. Top Ten Lists?
  245. Anyone Noticed The Names At The Bottom Of Active Members Is No Longer In Alpha. Order
  246. Suggestion For New Cat.(s)
  247. Multi-Quote Function
  248. All these people and not a single general off topic forum? :)
  249. Can't get to this website!!
  250. Would someome please explain to me . . .
  251. Anyone Else Having Problems With The Quick Reply?
  252. Classifieds/For Sale/Trades Forum?
  253. Maybe we need "another" Forum Category
  254. Moderators - Where are they?
  255. New Sony Ad covers thread tools
  256. Suggested New Forum Category . . .
  257. weird that pirate sites are openly discussed here?
  258. Can we please get...
  259. For Sale/Trade/Want to Buy Forum
  260. Upcoming display technologies subforum?
  261. TV Commercials Forum
  262. 4sale thread
  263. Site Logo
  264. Wait 30 seconds between searches
  265. Cable or DSL?
  266. Anyone here know how to turn off ContentLink (Kontera)
  267. Mistakes and misconceptions are just as useful as "truths" in stimulating thinking
  268. Is there a buy and sell forum?
  269. Outdated vB
  270. * Separate HD Disc Player Sections *
  271. network media players
  272. Whoops, made a mistake!
  273. Nice upgrade to HDF guys