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Originally Posted by HD Goofnut View Post
I've been using mine for 13 months with no issues. I hope it's safe to assume that mine is not part of that bad batch.
I wouldn't know... I got mine in July of 2008. Which wasn't too far out from the release date. I don't know how many units were affected, or how long the production cycle of the bad units was.

Loves2Watch confirmed that there was a bad batch, but didn't specify if it was known as to how many units were affected. What I do know based on posts over at AVS was that they initially did not know that the part itself was what the problem was. Many people initially had the HDMI Daughterboard replaced, only to have the same problem creep back up on them within the next few months. Again, unlike most things electronic, it's not a sudden thing. It just happens over time. It takes longer and longer for the handshake to complete. I say mine eventually just wouldn't. It's possible if I just let it sit there for 15 minutes, it might finally go through. I'm not that patient.
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