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Originally Posted by awol View Post
My 606 is currently at the local repair shop due to what I thought was HDMI handshake problems. The AVR worked fine for over a year, then slowly started showing problems when switching between HDMI inputs on the AVR. It seemed like the AVR itself had to "warm up" before I could switch from whatever the last input was to another one. Eventually, it wouldn't switch inputs at all. So when that happened, I called Onkyo and they said take it for repair.

Unfortunately, there was apparently a bad batch of 606's that were released. The problem is with the HDMI daughterboard in the AVR. Mine was not the only one at the repair shop either. There were two others with the same problem on the counter when I dropped mine off.
I've been using mine for 13 months with no issues. I hope it's safe to assume that mine is not part of that bad batch.
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