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Originally Posted by fryet
They are paying for the Direct TV service, so I guess they would automatically get a conversion box from Direct TV when it was required.
It Depends. Do they get their locals over SAT from DirecTV or over the air with an antenna?

The elimination of analog transmissions only applies to OTA VHF/UHF. It has no impact on closed systems such as DBS/DSS and Cable technologies.

Simply put if they get their locals from DirecTV no equipment changes are needed.

Let the market slowly switch from analog to digital over a period of 40 years. In that scenario, government would stay out of the switch, and wouldn't need to pay a cent for the conversion.
The reason the government is involved is because the people own the airwave spectrum allocation and they want that space back. There are big bucks involved in reclaiming that spectrum and auctioning it off again.

Read this:
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