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Getting HD OTA currently

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Hi everyone. I upgraded to HD last year. Do to the location of my dish (finished side of my basement) and the location of my only high def TV, the DirecTV installer simply switched out the dishes and ran the HD line directly to my TV in the den. (he kept my 2 SD lines intact and running to a 3X4 multi-switch) I now have a HD TV in the basement and would like to put my other HD receiver there. However, I can't hook up a 6x8 multi-switch, since the 2 standard def feeds are the only ones coming into my current 3x4 multi-switch (on unfinished side). Because of the direction of my ceiling beams, there is no way to run new lines from the dish side of the house to the unfinished side (where the multi-switch and distribution panel is). The only 2 ways to handle this is to either move the dish to the unfinished side and run 4 lines from the dish to a 6x8 MS (not easy for me since a roof install would be best) or install a SWM system and use one of the existing RG6 runs currently carrying standard def signal. The problem with the SWM method, is that I have 3 older standard def receivers. Is there any way to get a SWM setup to work with my old SD boxes? Did I read correctly that there are 3 “legacy” outputs? I read in the beginning of this thread about certain legacy boxes that would work, but I’m pretty sure none of mine qualify.

Here’s my current setup:
Dish: AU9-S Ku/Ka
Receivers: RCA - DRD430RG (old as dirt), (Tivo) - R10, (Tivo)DVR - DSR708, HD-DVR - HR22-100
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