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Originally Posted by thecalvin View Post
Also having this same problem for about a month now -- going from source into amp and out to TV gives me "No Signal" message on both the TV and amp, and then it finally shows up after maybe 5 minutes or so, give or take. Going from HDMI source straight into TV works just perfectly though. I Tried all 4 HDMI ports, as well as TV, swapped out different cables on both ends, and tried all the Upconversion settings (it usually is disabled), but same "No Signal" message. Not sure what's going on, any thoughts?

40" LNA550 Samsung
Xbox 360
1 thing I would try is to go into the video setting of the 606 and change it from 1080i (or whatever) to video passthough.

If that does not help...... Is it only your cable box that you are having handshak issues with or is it everything? If only the cable box I would connect it to your 606 via component video and optical and you will not have the issue anymore. At least with the cable box..
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