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Originally Posted by loudog View Post
i think it is what was being discussed.. and by your answer it seems that theres more to it than copper and electrons. a good example is hospital equipment - go into any ICU and take a look at the cables on ventilators, heart rate monitors, automated drips... all that stuff has beefy cables and most of it is power conditioned as well.
But we are not talking about a commercial environment where a multitude of high power drawing equipment will be used, we are talking about a home where even if it is setup like mine with six separate power amps I draw nowhere near the current not have anywhere near the interference due to other non-standard equipment being used in very close proximity. Quit attempting to make this come out as you want it by tainting this discussion with irrelevant comparisons, compare apples to apples which is what I have done and continue to do.

BTW, hospital equipment like X-ray machines, CAT Scanners, MRI machines, heart monitors and such operate at much different frequencies and draw 10 times or more the power that home audio equipment does. And lastly, most equipment used in hospitals is 240 volt and sometimes even 3 phase. Not a valid comparison at all.
Just where are the speaker wires in a hospital anyway, in the ceiling? 22 gauge? Yeppers, that is correct...

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