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Congrats on your new plasma!

What model did ya get?

To your question the difference between 1080i or 1080p.

It is the same info just delivered a little differently.

A 1920x1080i odd/even signal will get to your TV at 960x540 "odd lines" every 60th of a second and 960x540 "even lines" every other 60th of a second.
Your TV then puts the two together so every 30th of a second you have a 1920x1080 signal of 2,073,600 pixels of information on your screen.

A 1920x1080p signal will get to your TV at 2,073,600 pixels of information every 60th of a second and then send the same info the next 60th.

So every 30th of a second, whether you are getting a 1080i or a 1080p signal, you are getting the same information.
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