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Default For anyone about to post a "Please help me decide thread"

The suggestions will be as follows based on the curent state of todays HDTV technology....

1. Panasonic plasma: Great PQ, better product reliablity and customer service;

2. Pioneer Plasma: No longer in production but can still be found, and is still the King of PQ and black levels

3. Samsung Plasma: Very close to the Panasonics, more prone to image retention poorer customer service and customer reliablity

4. Toshiba LCD: Better blacks and viewing angles make this the most refereed manufacturer of LCD here at the forum

5. Samsung LCD/LED: Although deeper blacks and excellent color reproduction they still suffer from limited viewing angles and loss of detail in dark areas

6. Sharp and Sony LCDs: Just slightly behind the Samsungs in PQ

Anything else, Septre, Dynex, Insignia, Philips, JVC, LG are going to get virtually no positive feedback at this time..

Hope this helps/did you guys notice No Puke........

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