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Originally Posted by dhman06 View Post
Dear hdf members,
This is my first time here, so, hi to everyone. I am from MA. Anyways, I really have an issue here. I recently bought a Element ELCHW321 hdtv which is pretty good for me. Problem is, I have two older pcs. One is Emachine T3504 -3.2 processor, 1gb RAM, and ATI Radeon™ Xpress 200 graphic card and the other is Compaq SR1922X with GeForce 6150 LE graphics card. None of those computers have any dvi port. So I am stuck with vga. So, I bought vga to component adapters from ebay and hooked up my PC to the HDTV. I connect the adapter to the vga output found on the G-force LE card, and then, connect the three component cables (Red, blue and green), to the TV input. After hooking everything up, and turning on the TV, I saw all my dreams falling apart, you see, I have been dreaming with it for days. But, I have absolutely nothing! The TV sayd no signal. I tried changing the cables, but that didn't work.

Now, the definite question ; What should I do? Do I have to download any new driver, do I have to buy something else? Or, isn't there any compatibility between the PCs & HDTVs? Should I use a vga to hdmi cable like this that can be bought on ebay?

Should I get a vga to hdmi adapter and then use hdmi cable to connect the pc to tv?

Should I use vga to composite cable?

Someone Please help me. I have a HDTV, and can't watch it, due to this problem. I bought a pc internet software that isn't being used either. How can I make the image get through? Crisp and clear (well, at least visible)?

My kindest regards to anyone who can save me,

What is the native resolution on your TV? Make sure the resolution you are using is one the TV will accept. From the model number I would guess it's a 32". If so, 720p will look fine on it. Does it have a VGA input on it? If so, try the VGA connection. Even if your TV only supports 720p by VGA (or 1366x768), you should get an excellent picture. I use VGA on my 32" LCD and it's great.

I believe both your systems are onboard video, and the ATI 200 should be a lot better than the 6150, but either may be hard pressed for HD output. Try the ATI and see if it works any better. Might not hurt to try updating the ATI drivers if the present ones don't work.
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