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My plasma is High Def.

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Dear hdf members,
This is my first time here, so, hi to everyone. I am from MA. Anyways, I really have an issue here. I recently bought a Element ELCHW321 hdtv which is pretty good for me. Problem is, I have two older pcs. One is Emachine T3504 -3.2 processor, 1gb RAM, and ATI Radeon™ Xpress 200 graphic card and the other is Compaq SR1922X with GeForce 6150 LE graphics card. None of those computers have any dvi port. So I am stuck with vga. So, I bought vga to component adapters from ebay and hooked up my PC to the HDTV. I connect the adapter to the vga output found on the G-force LE card, and then, connect the three component cables (Red, blue and green), to the TV input. After hooking everything up, and turning on the TV, I saw all my dreams falling apart, you see, I have been dreaming with it for days. But, I have absolutely nothing! The TV sayd no signal. I tried changing the cables, but that didn't work.

Now, the definite question ; What should I do? Do I have to download any new driver, do I have to buy something else? Or, isn't there any compatibility between the PCs & HDTVs? Should I use a vga to hdmi cable like this that can be bought on ebay?

Should I get a vga to hdmi adapter and then use hdmi cable to connect the pc to tv?

Should I use vga to composite cable?

Someone Please help me. I have a HDTV, and can't watch it, due to this problem. I bought a pc internet software that isn't being used either. How can I make the image get through? Crisp and clear (well, at least visible)?

My kindest regards to anyone who can save me,

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