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What is HD?

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Default Onkyo TX-SR606 HDMI Switching headache

I have this receiver with and Motorola HD Cable Box DVR, Directv HD DVR and a Blu Ray Player. They are all hooked into the HDMI inputs of the receiver and then being transferred via HDMI cable to an older Samsung EDTV. The problem I am having is with the TV being able to tune in the HD signal quickly and easily. When I turn on one of the devices, the TV will flash "No signal detected". I know that my TV is not HD at 1080p but it will display 720p or 1080i. I have the receiver set to transmit at 720p always instead of native resolutions. I have all 3 inputs set to HDMI inputs. To make it work, I sometimes have to turn off the tv and then back on so it can try to connect again with the receiver. Or go back into the HDMI settings of the receiver and re-do the HDMI input settings (even though they are already set to HDMI).

This is so frustrating...can anyone help here??

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