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I had a few issue's after the 3.0 firmware, and one of them was the controller. I did some searching and found this option below, and since then I haven't had any issue's. You can try it if nothing else helps...

-------------------- I don't remember where I got this from, I think

1. remove all cd's,memory or anything you have connected to the ps3 on the usb's

2. turn on your ps3 from the back switch but leave it with the red light on(on the front).

3 now press the power button (where the red light is)and hold it, you will hear the initial single beep then you will hear a second single beep after that you will hear a double beep. when you hear hear the double beep release.

4. a menu with 6 option will appear. select option #3

5. when the ps3 comes back up. repeat step 1,2, & 3. but now select option 2

6 congrats you fix the error.

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