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Originally Posted by ISTINK View Post
Have you done the new "optional" update. Mine was doing the same thing after the update it fixed the problem.
Yup, I am sitting pretty thanks to Pinoy and it still does it

Originally Posted by EddieDZ View Post
Yea i use to get that problem.. havent gotten it in a good long time now though. that would happen to me usually if my controller would completely die in the middle of gaming cause i ignored to charge it, then when i would plug it into the PS3 to charge i could not press the home button on the PS3, it would not sync. then if i would unlpug it it would not sync either. i would do trail and error to fix it so i cant remember how i fixed it a few times it happen to me. it was very few though. in the past 3 years i would say it happened no more then 4 times.
Thats not bad eddie, unfortunately for me I have experienced this 10+ times in the last week.

Originally Posted by kamspy View Post
Troubleshoot to see if it's the console or the controller.

Console -> update firmware

Controller -> buy a new one
I updated firmware and I only have one controller, what others way could I troubleshoot this???
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