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What is HD?

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Lightbulb CAR AUDIO : Determine Your Ampere's Pull

This is all Information I myself have gathered from the MECP Installers Guide book.

Alright Here's the Question!

I am trying to figure out how much pull on my alternator I am getting from the amp.

Here is the formula We use to figure this out

I = (Po - n*Po + Po) / V


I = amperes

So for me its:

I = (3000 - .8*3000 + 3000) / 13.8

So I do this

3000*.8 and i get 2400




260.87 This is my amperage draw correct?

and if I'm correct for everyone else heres an easier equation for this:

I = (2-n)Po/V

So for me this would go

1. 2-.8 =1.2

2. 1.2*3000=3600

3. 3600/13.8

And there we go. 260.87!!!!!

Now, We must remember that Most Class D Amplifiers have a 80% Efficiency Rating and Most Class A/B Amplifiers have a 60-70% efficiency Rating!
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