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Is is an intersing fact about the 1963 Corvette:

The AMA (Automobile Manufacturers Association) had a corporate racing ban in effect in 1963. Corvette engineers made an end run around the ban by offering the Z06 option. Although technically available to anyone, in reality it was intended for racers. The option included:

•Fuel injected 327 cubic inch motor
•Heavy duty suspension, including competition shock absorbers, stiffer springs, and thicker (.94") front roll bar
•Aluminum knock-off wheels
•Special brakes with upgraded cooling
•36.5 gallon fiberglass fuel tank
•Positraction differential

A total of 199 1963 Corvettes featured the Z06 option. Initially all were coupes, which were better suited for racing. Indications are that only one Z06 convertible was made which did not include the 36 gallon fuel tank. The price of $1814.45 was high - almost half the price of the entire Corvette. Changes in the option occurred during the production run. At one time the larger fuel tank and knock-off wheels were dropped, lowering the price to $1293.95 and accommodating buyers who wanted to use the car on the street and did not want to sacrifice luggage space.
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