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Wii 480p looks good to me

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Originally Posted by BrianO View Post
1080/60i is only 30 1920x1088 frames per second while 1080/60p is 60 1920x1088 frames per second, so 1080p/60 takes twice the bandwidth that 1080i takes. And that bandwidth is consiiderably more than one 1080i sub-channel plus two or three 480i/p sub-channels. Your math is faulty.
1080/60i - approximately 10 Mbit/s
480/60i - ~4.5 Mbit/s
480/60i - ~4.5 Mbit/s

Now eliminate the two subchannels and you get:
1080/60p - 19 Mbit/s

Plenty of space. "There was not enough room" is not the answer IMHO. "The processing power was not available in 1995" is probably a better reason for why it's not in the ATSC spec
528x480i/30 4:3 Standard Screen: WFFF ----- Note that this last format is non-standard but is used by WFFF to broadcast its CW channel. (Note that 528 is 3/4 of 704.) This sub-channel is noticeably blurry compared to all of the other SD sub-channels.
That's weird. I'm surprised DTV boxes are able to understand that format, and I'm also surprised the FCC lets them send a non-ATSC-compliant format.

Does ATSC have a provision for 240i or 240p low-definition broadcasts?
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