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My plasma is High Def.

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Default thanks for the reply

Originally Posted by lsilvest View Post
Does your TV accept VGA or DVI input? If so, try that and see if you still have a problem.

I've had a similar problem with ATI cards and HDMI and changing the driver (either a newer or even older catalyst version) may cure it. I always use the drivers on the install disc first on the assumption they have been tested (not always a good assumption).

Are you using dual output (to a monitor and to the TV)? If so, catalyst has a theater mode (not with single output, though).
No, I just have the 1 HDMI going to the TV.

Originally Posted by lsilvest View Post
There are a lot of adjustments you can make in catalyst, but I usually have the best luck just with settings dictated by whatever prgram you are using - you might want to check that.
I am not exactly sure what you mean there, I am guessing software for DVD playback. I have not actually tried a DVD yet, and haven't bothered to install powerdvd or anything yet. Hulu and netflix are running through Firefox. Hulu uses Adobe 10 (I think) and I have no idea what netflix uses.

Do you think that running it through the Media Center with the NetFlix plugin might make a difference? I can't imagine how it would.

I did find last night that catalyst does recognize my TV as 1080p, so it is probably pushing that and I won't have to force anything. The only thing I changed in Catalyst is changing the overscan to 0 so it would fill the screen.

Originally Posted by lsilvest View Post
I tested Windows 7 with output to a 32" LCD, but I had a dedicated video card. I used VGA instead of HDMI because of Win7s pathetic sound output options. The mobo was an ASUS like yours only the micro version. I'm in the process of reinstalling XP on this system and running HDMI, so if I get it done shortly I'll let you know how the HDMI works from the onboard 4200 (very good during setup with DVI to a 22" LCD monitor with 1920x1080 resolution.

Hope any of this helps, but it could be Win7 and the ASUS drivers - I've seen a lot of posts on the Win7 forums about HDMI problems, especially with sound, although more seemed to be with Intel than AMD.
I will hit the win7 forums and do some reading. I really think this might be a win7/ati driver issue like you stated. As stated earlier, the display was amazing on Linux, so the poor quality has to be software related (Win7 drivers).

EDIT: I should also note what I mean by "poor quality." If I had not first launched this machine on Ubuntu I would probably not have noticed the quality issue. If in doubt, boot your Win 7 HTPC from an Ubuntu disk (you can boot from the disk without doing an install and it won't mes up any of your windows stuff...) and I suspect you will notice the quality difference as well. For me it is very noticeable.

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