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Originally Posted by electrictroy View Post
Why would a modern LCD display flicker?

Movies run at 24 frames (or slower in older films), and they don't flicker. How come?
Some people do perceive flicker with 24fps film... and whether they are conscious of it or not, that is part of the "film look". As it happens, I am aware of it... which is one reason I seldom go to movie theatres, unless I want to leave with a screaming headache. The other reason is, I make better and cheaper popcorn.

I almost overlooked the original question about why an LCD monitor would flicker, and I can think of several reasons. Compared to a CRT monitor with relatively persistent phosphors, an LCD is capable of extremely rapid level changes. Depending on the signal you are displaying, and how it interacts with the original frame rate and the display's refresh rate, you can easily get discernable flicker effects that would have been masked on a CRT.

-- Jeff

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