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Us Mustang lovers also know that there is a rumor that Ford will once again be introducing a turbocharged I4 at some point in the Mustang's future, likely around the next major redesign.

One of the reasons cited for MT choosing the Fusion as the car of the year is bandwidth across the market. I wonder if Ford is going to try for the same thing with the Mustang by offering an engine for just about every single customer preference possible. However, it is hard to see whether a turbocharged I4 could beat the fuel economy of the upcoming 305hp V6 considering that the Mustang will still weigh around 3500lbs.

I wonder what the plans are for the Ecoboost V6 as I would also love to see that engine in the Mustang. The Ecoboost gets 25mpg in the new AWD Taurus SHO which weighs over 4200lbs. I bet it would get significantly better fuel economy on par with the upcoming V6 since the Mustang is only RWD and weighs 3500lbs.
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