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Originally Posted by danbrinkheide View Post
no you do not need a splitter. The extra "signal to ird" port on the power inserter is what makes 8 on a swm8 splitter. The splitter is not necessary. But a download (0,2,4,6,8) is very important. holler if more questions
You absolutely do NOT need to do a download to use SWM, unless you are trying to install an older receiver that has never been activated. Any SWM-compatible receiver that has been installed and running with a non-SWM system will run with SWM. And if for some reason the box is running very old non-SWM software (such as the software that was loaded at the factory on some of the H20 receivers) , the only way to get a download is to connect it to a non-SWM dish, download the software and then connect it to SWM.
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