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Wii 480p looks good to me

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nonmctubber: I was discussing uncompressed video, not compressed. :-)
Originally Posted by DTV_Engineer View Post
A couple things: the most important is you forgot to take the frame rate into account.
Oh of course. Duh. Corrected:

1920x1080 pixels
24 bit color per pixel
~60 fields per second
1/2 frame per field(interlaced)
1493 million bits/second

That's more realistic and matches the numbers I've found on the internet (1.5 Gbit/s). Thanks for the help. And just for the sake of completion, here's the raw bitrate for 720p/30:

1280x720 pixels
24 bit color per pixel
~30 fields per second
1 frame per field(progressive)
664 million bits/second
Also, you will find that HD-SDI (high definition - serial digital interface) uses 20 bits per pixel, not 24: half for luminance, half for chrominance.
Interesting. 1024 shades of gray and 1024 different colors. That seems rather limiting compared to a 24 bit palette with 16 million defined colors.

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