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Originally Posted by junehhan View Post
Just in case you havn't seen it, but the automatic Fusion actually gets significantly better fuel economy than the manual transmission does

I have a 2010 Light Ice Blue Ford Fusion Hybrid with the medium stone interior and every single factory option including the powercode remote start. I am currently averaging 39-40mpg in mixed driving, and am getting 45-54mpg when i'm doing mostly city driving. Damn incredible considering that my vehicle only has 1300 miles on the odometer now. It is even more incredible when the EPA rates it at 36highway, 41 city.

It is still hard to believe that i'm getting 45-54mpg in the city as I am NOT hypermiling, and those are Toyota Prius'like fuel economy numbers for the city. The guys on the Fusion forum insist that fuel economy will improve even more after 3000 miles, which is similar to what the factory manual says. I find it funny that Ford beat Toyota at their own game.
I was anxiously awaiting your report .

One question, are those mpg numbers from the vehicle computer or are they calculated by you after you fill up?
A guy at work has a Prius and I would tease him about the 58mpg he said he would get. I challenged him to actually calculate it and sure enough actual mileage was 4mpg less. From there on out I refer to it as "Toyota" mpg vs. "actual" mpg .
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