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What is HD?

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Default Need Help! I want to watch ESPN 360 Football on my HDTV!

Need Help! I want to watch ESPN 360 Football on my HDTV!

Hello!----I'm brand new to the forum and I need help and suggestions!!

I love Nebraska Football----but I live in VIRGINIA now----and trying to stay up with the Huskers on Saturdays out here on the East Coast is tough.

Along comes the miracle of ESPN 360 on the internet and virtually every Nebraska game this year has been available on it. So I hooked a laptop with VGA out to the VGA in of my HP MediaSmart SL4278N 42 inch High Def (1080p) TV.

The laptop had a Turion Z-80 dual core processor----4 gigs of RAM and Radeon 3200 onboard video----so I believed it had plenty of horsepower to run the 1080i TV (the laptop did NOT have DVI out or HDMI out. (The laptop rates at 4.4 on the Windows 7 user scale).

I also ran a network cable to a gigabit switch and disabled the wireless on the laptop....

Results----it was better than NOTHING----but I thought it was really dissappointing.

Loss of frames
some bad pixelation at times
sometimes it would freeze

The sound came through beautifully---never any problem there----and the problems seemd to only appear when I ran it in full screen mode. In the half screen default mode with all the controls and espn advertising-----the picture seemed fine with none of the jumpiness, lag or frame rate jerkiness....

I ran the same game simultaneously off of ESPN 360 in my garage on my 22 inch monitor and my Inte Core i7 machine in full screen mode and it was quite good the whole time.

What could be my issue and can you make some suggestions to make this a more watchable experience???

Is the processor not powerful enough?
Is it Internet bandwidth issues?-----seems unlikely as this same gigabit switch sends a internet to my Roku box that feeds to my HDTV for Netflix and Amazon Video On Demand----and looks gorgeous on it!
Is the Radeon HD 3200 Onboad Graphics not powerful enough to run the 1080p big screen??
Is the analog VGA hookup not nearly as capable??? Would digital HDMI be MUCH better??
Is it the Screen refresh rate of the HDTV? My specs say it is 6ms Pixel and 60 mghtz refresh on the Hi Def TV

Don't care about gaming----just want to have a watchable TV experience off of ESPN 360

If I need more horsepower-----with spare parts I have lying around and about $300 I can build a great little HTPC box with an AMD Callisto 550, DualCore, 4 gigs of RAM and HD 4200 Onboard Graphics with an additional 128 Sideport memory soldered in. The board would have HDMI out. For $150 more I could even go an i5 route with a dedicated fanless HD 4670 (but I suspect this is way overkill)

Help or suggestions most appreciated.
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