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Originally Posted by Sparky638 View Post
I recently made some changes to my rual location that finally brought my internet capabilities up to what is currently available in metropolitan areas and it allowed me video connections previously unavailable to this area. With this, I seriously reconsidered installing an OTA antenna with the thought of cutting the connection to the overpriced, undervalued Direct TV receiver that has entertained my family for the last five years plus partaking in the new digital reception that's "all the rage".

My reason for going with DTV was my fear of roofs after falling off while fixing my old analog system for the umpteenth time due damage caused by high wind occasions that occur more often in rual areas that use deep fringe antennas.

I had heard about the Digitenna about a year ago and after searching on Google I realised that the manufacturer is very close to my location - only five minutes away. During the last year I asked around to see if anyone has any experience with this product and although there were only a few they all had nothing but good things to say. We live about 60 miles from Milwaukee, WI in one direction and the same distance from Green Bay, WI in the other so it has always been a challenge to get good reception. My in-laws installed one recently and it is beyond comparison to Radio Shack, etc.

Regarding the Digitenna product, the reason this antenna seems costly is its superior construction. It has no folding elements and connections are almost nonexistent. The smaller range antennas are shipped fully assembled and the larger ones are designed to conform to shipping requirements while minimizing problamatic connection errors to guarantee unequalled performance.

Another thing to consider is that each antenna comes with a lifetime warranty! I honestly don't know of any other antenna with that kind of guarantee but I welcome any corrections.

Folks, visit their site or give them a call and ask for the owner, Brad Eckwielen. This guy is an antenna expert who makes a great product. And no, I don't know him or do I have any gain for saying this. My interest is informing you about a product that you may have unfairly judged.
Can I have some bread with that spam?

As I have said before and as others has said now - the laws of reception has not changed much in 60 years and there is no miracle antenna that is small that can receive like a big antenna or do better then a big antenna that is the proper length to be properly tuned to a certain band or frequency.

If a person lives more then 48 miles in most instances they are beyond a normal line of sight and no matter how hard they try, will not get any better reception no matter what antenna they use unless they get some sort of gain from a pre amplifier and or height on top of the roof or on a tower or unless the transmitter antenna is abnormally high up on a mountain with lots of power to shine down into the valley..

65 miles in a mountainous area is about as far as most reception will go on a normal day to day basis where reliable reception is a must to be able to receive a station 90% of the time.

If that antenna works for you then all I will say is what ever chokes your chicken, is of no concern to me. When you buy junk and it doesn't work and the shipping is as much as the antenna - more times then not - you will end up giving away the antenna to a friend, family member or garbageman.
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