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Originally Posted by DIRECTVMAN View Post

When you need a brake job done do you buy new brake pads and brake fluid at Walmart and take the parts to the dealer to be installed ?
I bought NAPA pads for my Superduty to replace myself but took them to the Goodyear place when I was in need of tires or rotation. They didn't have a problem, other than the old pads were still in good shape and they told me not to worry about it yet. The NAPA pads + installation was cheaper than the just the pads at Ford. The factory Ford parts were high quality however; got rid of the truck with 122K and the brakes were still in good shape.

I've never thought about buying quality oil and taking it somewhere since I always change that myself, but it sounds like a good idea if you have a good shop you deal with. Probably save a bunch with a diesel, and you get to chose the exact oil you want.
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