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Originally Posted by sarah_9 View Post

Hey buddy thanks for sharing such a useful tips, here are few tips that can help in improving the mileage of your car:

1. Always follow an authorized service center for maintenance service
2. Avoid AC
3.Make sure that your tires are properly inflated
4.Always use a good engine oil
5. Avoid accelerating on steep road
6. Drive in right gear
7.Keeping your highway speed at 55 mph can improve you gas mileage by as much as 25%.

these are the few basics that one should follow while driving it is good for your car.

1. If your car is new, take it to an authorized center. Otherwise, do it yourself or find a local mechanic that is not the dealership (otherwise known as the stealership).

3. Also check the condition of your tires, look for cracks, depth of tread, etc. It's a good idea to have your wheels rotated every oil change too (there is a specific way to rotate, see owners manual for details).

4. Using a good filter is just as important as the oil quality. Spend the extra $4 for the expensive filter.

7. From my experience, going 55 on a highway is dangerous. Especially when people drive 75-80+ mph and the police are rarely enforcing speed limits.

Instead, learn how to take your foot off the gas pedal when you anticipate slowing down (most newer cars have a feature called DFCO, deceleration fuel cut off which will sense when you are not giving the car gas, and will stop injecting fuel into the engine).

I would also add that you should take care of the exterior of your automobile, keep the finish protected from the elements and wax at least twice a year.
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