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Originally Posted by junehhan View Post
Out of curiosity with us on the subject of navigation stuff, do we know yet how reliable these newer hard drive based navigation systems are going to be? I know that the previously used DVD nav systems were usually dead reliable, but I often wonder what the long term reliability of a hard drive is considering the kinds of conditions it will be subjected to in a car. Hard drives have a tendency to fail in my experience.

The plus side of these systems is that they often have extra space(usually 10gigs) to rip your CD's and MP3's for use as a jukebox which is so neat and definately beats the old CD changer audio systems.
I don't think that will be an issue. Probably a million hard drives are road-tested everyday on ever kind of transportation imaginable.
I can't say I remember more than having one or two hard drives fail in decades of computer use. Luck of the draw I guess.
Hard drives have only got better IMO, and they can be 'hardened' for special environments. Like the ones used in the Panasonic Toughbooks'.

Solid state hard drives are already in use in NetBooks...they may also be a prime application for GPS systems.
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